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17 December 2014

The 28s

Today is my 28th birthday. 
This is a really long blog post, but in my defense, I've been alive for a really long time....
I bring you... the 28s of Sarah.

1// One Million 
:::December 3, 2014:::
2// My Life Could Not Be More Different 
:::November 12, 2014:::
3// Chalupa Batman
:::September 3, 2014:::
4// The Fixer 
:::August 5, 2014:::
5// 12 Times Gee Wanted to Go Back to the Pound to Try for a Different Owner 
:::June 24, 2014:::
6// Fan Friday One Year Anniversary 
:::May 30, 2014:::
7// Dear Match.Com 
:::May 14, 2014:::
8// Getting Down and Derby 
:::May 9, 2014:::
9// Meet My Boyfriend 
:::May 1, 2014:::
10// Jenny Francis
:::April 30, 2014:::
11// Dumb Loser 
:::April 16, 2014:::
12// 10 Things You Should Go Do Right Now To Help Your Blog 
:::April 12, 2014:::
13// Sarah's Nightlife 
:::April 10, 2014:::
14// Once Upon a Time There Lived a Dallas Blogger 
:::April 2, 2014:::
15// What Does Being Brave Mean To You? 
:::March 25, 2014:::
16// Pinterest is the New Black 
:::January 22, 2014:::
17// Don't Focus on the Negative 
:::December 23, 2013:::
18// Will it Ever Be Enough? 
:::December 4, 2013:::
19// I didn't Eat the Homework 
:::November 7, 2013:::
20// This Post is for Girls Who Think Football is Stupid 
:::September 27, 2013:::
21// Stop it Vogue, Stop it NFL, Just Stop It 
:::September 13, 2013:::
22// The 13 Commandments of Instagram 
:::August 20, 2013:::
23// The Devil Wears Ziplock 
:::August 16, 2013:::
24// 8 Reasons It Would Suck To Have a Blogger for a Daughter 
:::August 14, 2013:::
25// LOL 
:::June 26, 2013:::
26// Life is Hard 
:::June 18, 2013:::
27// How To be Awesome at the Gym 
:::April 19, 2013:::
28// Things Not To Factor When Filling Out Your March Madness brackets 
:::March 13, 2013:::

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A photo posted by Sarah Webb (@iamsarahwebb) on

A photo posted by Sarah Webb (@iamsarahwebb) on


A photo posted by Sarah Webb (@iamsarahwebb) on

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A photo posted by Sarah Webb (@iamsarahwebb) on

A photo posted by Sarah Webb (@iamsarahwebb) on

A photo posted by Sarah Webb (@iamsarahwebb) on

A photo posted by Sarah Webb (@iamsarahwebb) on

1// My Mom
2// My Family in Virginia
3// Chalupa Batman
4// General
5// Venus
6// My Job
7// Close friendships particularly this chick and this chick that just so happen to have blogs too
8// Love
9// Humor
10// The Vols
11// Moving to Dallas
12// The opportunity to earn a degree
13// This Blog
14// New Friends that have given me a new outlook on life in Texas 
15// Tennessee
16// Texas
17// Wine
18// Coffee (note the order here between wine and coffee please)
19// The year 2014. It was without a doubt one for the books 
20// Bravery 
21// Game Changers
22// Rainy Sundays
23// The Internet
24// The Colors in the world (honorable mention to the saturation setting in Afterlight)
25//  For the men and women who fight for our freedom. Always honor them, always clap for them, shake their hands whenever possible
26// Afternoons spent at the dog park
27// Stubhub
28// Cameras

1// Washing my face at night... you're 28 now Sarah. Face the music.
2// Get a thicker skin... constructive criticism really isn't that bad
3// Have more confidence... I can really be my own worst critic
4// Be more creative... It gives an excuse for a messy apartment. Creative minds are rarely tidy
5// Attempt to be more tidy... But really, you're really messy, Sar.
6// Have a greater attention to detail... write things down, stay organized and prompt
7// Give more compliments... you never know what a small compliment can really do
8// Take the dang stairs... You're so lazy sometimes, Sar. Just take the stairs, ditch the elevator
9// Don't let the good ones get away... they are few and far between. Cherish them. 
10// Dream big... and then actually follow through
11// Smile more... I think this one will be easy and fun
12// Be a better listener... don't just sit ready to pounce on your next opportunity to speak
13// Remember people's names... dear lawwwwd I don't know how I'll do this
14// Pet the pups more... Don't just feed and walk them, give all of the pets to those fur babies
15// Watch more of the boyfriend's crappy dude movies, it'll make him happy to share that with you
16// Stop being so compulsive... with literally everything
17// Stop obsessing over things out of your control... because, hello, they are out of your control
18// Stay more up to date on current events... and not just what you learn from Facebook
19// Win final Jeopardy more often... Ok but I never ever win final Jeopardy
20// Stop obsessing over grammar...  If someone uses me when they should've used I, it'll be ok, Sar 
21// Spend more weekends on the couch... you've made up for lost time by now, stay in and cuddle
22// Start Saturday Sessions again... You used to enjoy it ya know!
23// Don't stop blogging... You love it, but take a break if you need to! Quality over quantity 
24// Buy less... invest more
25// Remember, you don't even like Fireball... pick something else
26// Work smarter... not harder. Well how about smarter and harder! You can rule the world!
27// Always be grateful for what you have... life is good. Don't ever forget that. 
28// Stay true to who you are... remember why you started in the first place
Ok 28. Bring it. 



  1. Happy Birthday lady! Bahaha I love #26 ..I would just die lol

  2. Happy birthday!!!! Hope you have a wonderful time celebrating (and not losing haha)

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have the best week celebrating ever!

  4. Oh this was a fun read! Happy Birthday chick!! Hope year 28 is wonderful!!

  5. Happy Birthday Sarah! Mine was yesterday :) Sagg and December babies are the best! ;)

  6. Happy Birthday, Sarah! The fireball one cracked me up. I know exactly what you mean!

  7. Awesome list! I love the pics, especially the one of General and the Starbucks cup! And the one of the dogs giving you pup kisses, that picture is pure joy! Happy Birthday, hope it's your best year yet!!

  8. Woo! Happy birthday! Hope 28 is all you can hope for.

    My 28th is in exactly a week, so I'm close behind. ;)

  9. FIRST this is one of my favorite posts ever. So good. I'm serious. There is so much to comment on but I'll TRY to be brief.
    I love so many of these posts but I think one of my faves was don't focus on the negative and dear
    You are my fav instagrammer but the pics of us are the BEST. sorrynotsorry.
    Your goals are so good, i especailly need to remember to wash my face. it's so hard though...
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love you so much and I can't wait to celebrate tomorrow!

  10. happy birthday lovely! hope this is your best year yet.
    i can't believe you were at derby this year and so was I and I didn't stalk you / track you down. you should go back next year.
    love that picture of you and your dad - i am so sorry for your loss.

  11. Happy Birthday! Question: How did Ian Somerhalder NOT make this post?

  12. Happy Happy Birthday!! Hope it's a wonderful year for you!

  13. Triple love this post girly!
    Happy birthday!! Ugh, I'm turning 28 this upcoming year... really not looking forward to being closer to 30.

  14. SO much goodness in this post I can't handle it. First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Second, the Instagram pics of the dogs are always my favorite..sorry, too funny..straws, Starbucks cups..I love it. Third, I'm glad you shared all those old posts- a few I haven't read so that was awesome. Lastly, good list of goals..I especially like the Dream Big one ;) Have a great day!

  15. Happy Birthday! This is such a fun post.The Veenie straw photo makes me laugh every time I see it.

  16. Happiest Birthday of all time to you my dear!!!

    To help with future goal #1 - I swear by make-up wipes. When I am super lazy I use about 2 and then splash water on my face. (Lazy as in drinking all night, or just want to get to bed). Most times I will use them, to get all the make-up off, use the 2nd wipe to get off any left over make-up, and then I wash and moisturize my face for real (on the not so lazy days). If it makes you feel better I'm a decade older than you and i've only been doing this for about 2 years but I've seen a big difference in my face vs. not washing. AND... my pillow stays cleaner AND well... I can always now tell when I don't wash my face at night which is a downer but we only get one set of skin right?

  17. Happy seventh anniversary of your 21st birthday!! :) Great idea for a birthday post!

  18. Happy, happy birthday to one of my very favorite bloggers! Hope it's the best one yet...and I suspect it will be with CB around. ;)

  19. Happy birthday! Hope it's filled with all the wonderful things and champagne. You're two years closer to being thirty, flirty, and thriving!

  20. Happy birthday, girl friend! I am ashamed to admit that I did not follow your Instagram until our blogger loop yesterday, but I very much enjoyed seeing this recap of your life thorough pictures. Could Vee get any cuter?


  21. Happy Birthday!! I hope 28 is a great year for you!

  22. Oh I love this!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH!!!! :D :D <3333333 XOXOXO


  23. Happy Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating. I loved your lists!

  24. Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a great day filled with lots of cake and pizza! Also I think starting back the Saturday Sessions is a great idea

  25. Happy Happy Birthday... enjoy every stinking minute of it!!!

  26. Happy Birthday!!! Wising you a blessed and fun birthday enjoy those 28 years of life.

  27. Happy Birthday, lady! Hope you enjoy 28 and that it treats you as good as 27 did.

    Loved this post, by the way.

  28. Happy, happy, happy birthday!!!! Looks like it's been a STELLAR year - here's to the next one being even better!

  29. Happy Birthday Sarah!!

    I love all those posts too and yay for bringing back Saturday Sessions! Also, I learned recently that when you don't wash your face at night, you age 17 days!! now that's some motivation right there :)

  30. Happy Birthday, Sarah! I think it's wonderful that you have had such a great year and have so many wonderful memories. I promise, being in your late 20's isn't so bad. :) I also love all of your goals - and girl, washing my face at night is one of mine! Here is my trick - wash your face immediately when getting home from work. That way you won't be too tired to do it when it is actually bedtime. It has been working for me so far…when I do it. Lol.

    ~ Christina

  31. happy birthday girl!!! hop you have a good one

  32. Happy birthday, Sarah!!!! So long, but so worth it. Cheers to 28 more years of fabulousness and then some!


  33. Great post! Looking back and looking forward. I hope you had an amazing birthday!!

    PS...I don't know if you mentioned this (or if you want to share) but how did you meet your man? Just curious. :-)


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