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23 May 2018

Our Wedding Day March 3rd || Getting Ready for a Dallas Wedding at The Adolphus Hotel

Our wedding day was the most perfect thing that ever happened. It was the perfect Dallas Venue (The Adolphus Hotel), the perfect DFW wedding photographer (Ellen Ashton), the perfect (+affordable) wedding planners (The White Boxread about my amazing experience with them HERE), the most perfect florist and dear friend Anna from Rose Moss Designs and the perfect Dallas wedding makeup artist (Becca from BA Beauty). 

We took a major gamble getting married the very first weekend in March. There was absolutely no telling what the weather would bring. The two weeks leading up to our wedding were DREADFUL. We're talking 40 degrees and dreary on and off rain for TWO WEEKS STRAIGHT. I was so nervous since we were getting married outside on the pool deck at The Adolphus. Although we had a beautiful backup room, I so desperately wanted our rooftop downtown Dallas pool party. 

That Saturday morning, I woke up to the most beautiful 75 degree day you ever did see, without a cloud in the sky. It was meant to be, it was magic. 

Getting Ready

That morning, I went to Drybar (read also: made a mistake) for my hair which fell flat about 5 minutes after I left.  In hindsight, I should have just done my own hair, but thank the good lord for Becca my makeup artist who saved the day and did a complete overhaul with just minutes to spare. 

I spent the day getting ready with my mom, my fabulous wedding party (seriously, my bridesmaids were the most beautiful 3 ladies you ever did see), and all of my closest friends including a familiar face you guys certainly already know, Helene! I felt SO LOVED, it was beautiful. 

We had literally the most magnificent suite in all of Dallas, the Hollywood Suite in The Adolphus. It had a pool table, giant living areas, two bedrooms, a giant window overlooking the pool deck and a HUGE outdoor terrace where everyone could hang and drink champagne while we got ready.

That day my three incredible bridesmaids got me the most perfect "Mrs. Mize" sparkly gold robe to get ready in, with my new initials on the front! I was so touched, it was the perfect addition to really make these photos fabulous. 

Here are a few images from the morning of fun, all from the talented Ellen Ashton.

Link to various items shown above!

Ok friends, that's all my brain can handle for round one of wedding coverage!
I'll be back with more though (hopefully not a month(s) from now lollllssssssssss)

10 May 2018

Festival Style with Forever 21

Thank you to Forever 21 for providing the outfit in this blog post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

WATCH OUT, fashion blog post coming at you. Pick your jaw up off the floor, I can totally write a fashion post.

Totally kidding, I have no idea how to write a fashion post. I honestly just checked out some of my favorite fashion bloggers to see HOW they construct a fashion blog post. Do you need more than photos? What kind of words do I include here? What on earth is there to SAY about an outfit.

I often get stumped when writing food blog posts for Dallas Love List too. I am NOT a food critic, nor have I ever claimed to be one. I'm just a fan of taking photos of my food.

I tend to get on restaurant review blog posts and stumble through some variation of repeating the phrase, "IT WAS GOOOOOOD" 48 different ways. 

Perhaps that's how I'll tackle this post too. I THINK MY OUTFIT HERE IS GOOD. You can really taste the paprika in the denim.

Ok, I promise I'll do better than that. Truth be told, I haven't REALLY written consistently since I started at The Adolphus. I HAVE NO TIME. I'm lying again, I have all night long. I literally sit on the couch when I get home and watch reruns of Sex and the City while simultaneously being engrossed in Instagram stories from people I've never actually met. 

Side note, apparently I'm the only person who watches stories with the sound on. This blows my mind, what's the point without sound?? 

Anyway, outfits, y'all! 

Let's play two truths and a lie. 
1. I'm not too old to go to music festivals 
2. I'm not cool enough for music festivals 
3. I know just where to shop for a music festival outfit at any age. 

If you said 2 is the lie, then you are CORRECT! I'm V COOL, I'm certainly not too old (CB and I are ok with being the oldest there - aka us at JMBLYA in Dallas last weekend) and I have the perfect place to find cute festival outfits no matter your age. LONG LIVE THE MUSIC FESTIVAL ATTENDANCE!!

I bring you a place I'm confident you've heard of but might not have shopped at in a while: Forever 31. Errrr, I mean Forever 21, of course! 

And now here's where I start to panic when writing this blog post because I don't know what to say about the outfit...

Here are some fabulous shorts (GREAT FOR SUMMER)
An AWE SOME tie front t-shirt (GREAT FOR SUMMER)
An embroidered kimono - SO GREAT FOR SUMMER, Y'ALL!

Oh, and I also got a really cute ruffled bodysuit that I'll wear with a cute skirt, because y'all know I'm the queen of skirts. 

Did I kill it or did I kill it on writing this fashion blog post? 
I hope it was SO GREAT! 5 out of 5 stars. 
Would shop on Venus Trapped in Mars again. 

08 May 2018

Veenie Takeover For Heartworm Awareness Month

Hey friends, it's Veenie here with you today. My mom was in Austin for Austin Food and Wine festival, so I thought I'd come on and say hullo to da hoomans, and do a little CATchup post! Get it, CATchup? Cuz I is a DOGGO. Ok, I won't bore you with cat puns today, I aPAWlogize.

So, let's see, what's new in muh life? Well I got a new collar (see, in the pic? it's so purdy) and I've continued my successful streak of defending the house against the mailman and the dood who pushes the cart of tamales and doritos around the neighborhood. Currently, I'm 3423883894 and 0. Really not sure what my hoomans would do without me. They. Are. Welcome.

Let's see, what else? Oh yeah, muh parents got married!! About doggone time right? They went on a honeymoon and didn't take me, nor did they take my brodder. Rude. I laid a kiss attack on them when they got home though. I was going to play coy, like I didn't care at all that they returned, but what can I say I'm a Jack Russell and just totally lost all control of my body after going a week without seeing muh favorite people. It was like Christmas, but with one less rawhide wrapped up in a bow.

OH, and another new thing! I've learned a new TRICK!! I have always admired my brodder's bark. He's a beagle, and he goes rooooo rooooo rooooooo, so I learned to go ROOO ROOO ROOO, just like him. Mom keeps yelling at me saying, "THAT ISN'T YOUR BARK, stop copying GEE" but I don't care. I think it suits me!

But for reals, doh... since Summer is coming, I wanted to talk to you guys a little about heartworm awareness month! We live on a double lot and have DUH BEST back yard in the neighborhood. It's filled with dirt to dig up, sticks, acorns to eat when mom isn't looking and the occasional neighbor's cat who is dumb enough to sneak over the fence. IMMA GET THAT CAT ONE DAY!

One other thing the yard has is SOOOO MANY FLEAS. Two years ago, Dad was not too pleased when Gee and I tracked fleas into the house. I thought they were my friend, I called one Edwardo and the other Franklin. We told tales of the good ole days and Edwardo would occasionally sing and play Nelly's Hot in HURRRR on the clarinet. It was quite lovely. Dad said they had to leave though, it was sad but in all honesty, Hot in HURR was my least favorite Nelly song so I was ok with it in the end.

In the event that your doggo also hates Hot in HURR by Nelly (or maybe just hates fleas named Edwardo) I figured I'd give you the inside scoop on Vectra® 3D for Dogs! It's a fast and effective monthly topical that kills and repels mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, lice, biting flies and mites (excluding manage mites) before they bite your doggo. It's PAWfect for anyone else with a big back yard, or maybe even if you just like to go to the doggo park from time to time! The doggo park (Mutts in Uptown to be specific) is muh absolute favorite. I like to chase the constructions workers building the high rise across the street - up and down the fence, and bark ferociously so they know not to come mess with muh mama or there will be hell to pay!

I got sidetracked, shiny yellow tennis ball syndrome I guess you could say.
Ok, back to Vectra® 3D which I'm using with my monthly heartworm preventive for a  Double (doggo) Defense against heartworm disease! The Double Defense Heartworm Protocol is using Vectra® 3D to kill and repel mosquitoes on the outside, and using the heartworm preventive my vet prescribed to kill heartworm larvae on the inside!

I know what you're thinking, my momma loves me so much and you want to shower your doggo with that same love and protection. You're also probably thinking, BUT VEENIE WHERE CAN I BUY Vectra® 3D??? I GOTS DUH ANSWER FOR YOU HOOMANS! It is available through your veterinarian. To find a Vectra® 3D vet near you visit HERE!

Your doggo needs to be on heartworm preventative AND Vectra® 3D, but don't just take my word for it, read this website about repelling and killing mosquitoes on the outside of your dog, and killing larvae on the inside! It'll protect us from heart worms better than simply using a heart worm preventive alone!

Ok, hooman friends. I gots to go, I see the tamale guy coming and he looks like he is going to try some funny business today. I can't allow our family's home to be vulnerable to attack because I'm on the interwebs. BYE FRIENDS, talk soon!