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23 May 2018

Our Wedding Day March 3rd || Getting Ready for a Dallas Wedding at The Adolphus Hotel

Our wedding day was the most perfect thing that ever happened. It was the perfect Dallas Venue (The Adolphus Hotel), the perfect DFW wedding photographer (Ellen Ashton), the perfect (+affordable) wedding planners (The White Boxread about my amazing experience with them HERE), the most perfect florist and dear friend Anna from Rose Moss Designs and the perfect Dallas wedding makeup artist (Becca from BA Beauty). 

We took a major gamble getting married the very first weekend in March. There was absolutely no telling what the weather would bring. The two weeks leading up to our wedding were DREADFUL. We're talking 40 degrees and dreary on and off rain for TWO WEEKS STRAIGHT. I was so nervous since we were getting married outside on the pool deck at The Adolphus. Although we had a beautiful backup room, I so desperately wanted our rooftop downtown Dallas pool party. 

That Saturday morning, I woke up to the most beautiful 75 degree day you ever did see, without a cloud in the sky. It was meant to be, it was magic. 

Getting Ready

That morning, I went to Drybar (read also: made a mistake) for my hair which fell flat about 5 minutes after I left.  In hindsight, I should have just done my own hair, but thank the good lord for Becca my makeup artist who saved the day and did a complete overhaul with just minutes to spare. 

I spent the day getting ready with my mom, my fabulous wedding party (seriously, my bridesmaids were the most beautiful 3 ladies you ever did see), and all of my closest friends including a familiar face you guys certainly already know, Helene! I felt SO LOVED, it was beautiful. 

We had literally the most magnificent suite in all of Dallas, the Hollywood Suite in The Adolphus. It had a pool table, giant living areas, two bedrooms, a giant window overlooking the pool deck and a HUGE outdoor terrace where everyone could hang and drink champagne while we got ready.

That day my three incredible bridesmaids got me the most perfect "Mrs. Mize" sparkly gold robe to get ready in, with my new initials on the front! I was so touched, it was the perfect addition to really make these photos fabulous. 

Here are a few images from the morning of fun, all from the talented Ellen Ashton.

Link to various items shown above!

Ok friends, that's all my brain can handle for round one of wedding coverage!
I'll be back with more though (hopefully not a month(s) from now lollllssssssssss)

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