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23 August 2018

The 6th Annual All Girls Fantasy Football League


All of your instagram DMs and twitter messages are about to be answered...
YES!!! It's time for the....
6th Annual All Girls Fantasy Football League
| A Few Important Things to Note |

1. The draft for LEAGUE ONE will take place at 8PM EST on TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 4, 2018.

2. The draft for LEAGUE TWO will take place at 9pm EST on WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 5, 2018.

Please make sure you are available to draft your team at this time.

2. You are required to update your roster each week.
If at any point, your team goes 3 consecutive weeks without a roster update, you will be disqualified from winning any money. With that said, I of course understand mistakes from week to week, I've made large ones in the past.

3. This is first come first served.
I've already had tons of people inquire about our Fantasy Football league this season, so sign up below. First come first served.

4. This is NO LONGER a giant league
In prior years, I set the league up for 20 roster spots so that I can accommodate the maximum number of women possible. Like last year though, I decided to just bite the bullet and admin two leagues. I don't love doing that, but - I JUST CARE TOO MUCH ABOUT Y'ALL'S FANTASY FOOTBALL HAPPINESS!  

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5. Come prepared with an A+ Fantasy Football Team Name

6. Buy In || Pay Out
Buy In = $20/person
Pay Out= $200 to 1st, $60 to 2nd, $20 to 3rd
All money will be collected through VENMO upon signup.

Going forward, we will now be using the ESPN platform for our league. No reason other than after six years on Yahoo, I feel like switching things up.

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Get it? Got it? Good.

...If you want to play in the...

Signups will automatically close when league is full.
If you signed up, be on the lookout for an email from me when the league is full with extra details.

The leagues will go in direct order. The first 13 spots will be in league one, the next 13 spots will be in league two. I will be spot 14 in each league!

Questions? Holler at me in the comments below!



17 August 2018

5 Small Adjustments I'm Making For My Overall Happiness This August

[This post is sponsored by Olay, all opinions are my own]

My life ever since the wedding has been so wheels off. Workouts have been few and far between, food has been prevalent and my IPA and wine consumption has been just way too much. Why must I be so obsessed with IPAs, why can't I love green juice or kale salads with no dressing. I've been doing so many damaging things lately and simply put, don't feel good. 

My anxiety has been out of control and I've been wondering WHY. Well, duh it's because I don't do anything to take care of myself. I go to comped dinners for Dallas Love List where they shower you with nearly the entire menu, and it's always BOMB. I'm not complaining, getting free food and booze is the holy grail of life and I'm so lucky. If I keep going at this pace though, it'll ruin my happiness because I'm so uncomfortable in my own skin. 

So, this August I'm going to do 5 different things that I think will really help me restart and reset and try to find peace in my own skin again. 

5 Things I'm Doing This August For A Self Love Boost

A few months ago I bid on and won a 30 day unlimited Studio Hop Membership at a silent auction. The certificate has been collecting dust on my desk ever since. I finally punched my free code in and now have 30 days to various classes around Dallas. Spin, here I come. 

Not looking forward to the return of the spin bike crotch pain on the next few visits, but it's a small price to pay for feeling better in the long run. 

Breaking news: Texas is hot. I've been consistently straightening my hair for months and months, way more than I've ever straightened it in the past. So much so that I don't think people realized my hair was even curly. 

I'm ditching the flat iron, freeing up 40 minutes of my mornings and embracing my curly hair for the entire month. It's been so long since I've worn my hair curly that I forgot how much I dig it. It makes me feel unique. I pretend I'm channeling my inner Carrie Bradshaw. 

Side note, I hope this will help with my habitual lateness.

I've been blogging for nearly six years and weight watchers is my go to. The last time I was really successful with it was right before I met CB. Time to get back on the wagon. 

Now is the perfect time because I don't have many blogger dinners scheduled, so I'm setting myself up for success with the lack of road blocks. 

I'm not going to go as strict with this as I did last year during the 24 day challenge, but at the very least I'll do a kick start week without the sauce, then make a conscious effort to cut back the rest of August. 

Cutting down on booze will also help me get to the gym more for early morning classes. 
Furthermore, IPAs are probably the worst possible beer you could drink for your waistline. 

I wish I could say I was joking but since I moved in with Drew I've just been using the bar soap that Drew buys. I'm not lying to you, I'm going on year three of using Drew's bar soap. Face palm.  

Olay sent me their brand new Olay Foaming Whip Body Wash to try out and I'm IN LOVE. Its not like any other product on the market because it creates such a luxe, incredibly thick lather. It's so thick that when you flip your palm over, it stays there. It smells so incredible and feels like a blast of hydration on the skin.

You guys already know that I'm a big fan of the Olay brand (I've been a brand ambassador with them the past year) and they really knocked it out of the park on this new product that retails for just $4.99 at most retailers. The body wash comes in three amazing scents, it’s truly hard to pick a favorite: Birch Water & Lavender, White Strawberry & Mint, and Shea Butter. If I had to choose, I’d pick the White Strawberry & Mint for summertime because it’s such a sweet, refreshing scent. If I didn’t already love this product, it retails for right under $5 and you get 30+ washes per bottle. You can find the Olay Foaming Whip Body Wash at HEB or on Olay's website. A little product goes a long way, and I don’t know about you but I can sleep a little better at night knowing that not all of the product is actually ending up in the drain.  

Changing from bar soap to the Olay Foaming Whip Body Wash is honestly pretty fancy for me. It is a complete shower upgrade that I'm oddly excited about. I’d love to hear which scent you’re dying to try, let me know!

So, that is my shortlist for what I have planned for August. I'm not really a goal setter, I'm not a person who goes into a new month thinking about what I can change. I usually just go with the flow, but I'm hoping if I outline a few things I want to change, my self love in my own skin with change.

Have you made any small adjustments in your life that have made a big impact on your overall happiness? 

09 August 2018

Dallas Road Trip || The Most Instagrammable Place for Photos in Oklahoma

I had no idea that the best place for your Instagram photos was just an hour and a half down the road from Dallas in Ardmore, Oklahoma. If you're looking for an easy day trip out of Dallas, grab your bestie (mine happens to be a bomb photographer for Sweet Sweet Dallas) and get your camera ready because this is the best place for photos in Oklahoma, and only a 90 minute drive from Dallas. Located about 1 minute off Interstate 35 east is the coolest hidden gem called Cloverleaf Antiques.

When you take exit 31B in Oklahoma, you'll drive about half a mile and find the pink Instagram Mecca you didn't realize you'd been searching for your whole life. The lawn is filled to the brim with Insta gold pink props. You'll find everything from ice cream cones, to flamingos, to a pink RV, to pink pigs to neon signs. 

Clearly this is not a drill.

True to the age old saying, if you build it, instagrammers will come. They should really put a sign on the door that says no photos unless you crave Instagram likes for internet validation. I say this with love, as I too crave Instagram likes.

I've always said if you have lions at the front of your driveway, you've made it in life. Can you imagine the wealth and notoriety you'll display with PINK LIONS?

I can't even wrap my mind around the accolades you must posses. I imagine there is a collection of Oscars for best costume design for some foreign film back in 1997 and potentially a plaque hanging in your home office awarding you for eating five molten lava coated hot wings from your local dive bar for you to have such an affluent lion marking your home. 


Photo by Alexandra Minton Photo

If you don't like rainbows, happiness and a substantial collection of bald eagles staring and judging you for eating cheese fries for breakfast, then Cloverleaf is probably not the place for you.

Additionally, if you have a penis interested in women, also probably not the place for you.

So for everyone else, you're welcome for the intro to your new favorite Instagram backdrop.

02 August 2018

How to Take Your Social Media Career to the Next Level

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of DCCCD. The opinions and text are all mine.

So much has changed in my life since I started college back in 2004. Obviously life changes a lot in 14 years, but now I'm in a career that was not even offered as a major when I was in school. Although I think college was the most important 4 years of my life to shaping who I am today (read also, I was incredibly shy before college, painfully shy) I often think about the courses I really missed out on back then. Fast forward to today, I'd love to explore taking a few new classes at one of my local Dallas Community Colleges to help me out on my current career path with social media, a career that absolutely did not exist in 2004. 

I majored in Public Relations at The University of Tennessee, with a minor in business. I was 17 years old when I started school, that is a super young age to have to choose what you want to do for the rest of your life. I started as an advertising major, but was blown away with how much drawing was involved in that major. I could not draw AT ALL and I was struggling keeping up in those classes. So, I switched to PR. Here's the crazy part about PR though, I didn't want to work for a PR firm, I didn't want to be an event planner, I really just didn't know what I wanted to do with this major.

After working two jobs and running myself ragged for two years to barely get by, I finally caught a break and the owner of one of the companies gave me a shot at marketing. It was a small company, but I made it very clear I would work my butt off to learn everything I needed to know to kill it at that job. I had to teach myself graphic design and photoshop, but the creative ideas came naturally to me. It was cultivating the promotions, marketing campaigns and coming up with fun, original out of the box ideas that I adored. I also loved seeing my ideas come to life.

I continued to work in marketing for the next five years after I moved to Dallas. Then last year I made the jump into social media full time for The Adolphus hotel in downtown Dallas. I can credit getting this job entirely thanks to blogging for so many years, and having success from Dallas Love List. It's a new career for me, but I absolutely consider myself to be qualified for the position.

Like I said though, it is a new career. I didn't major in social media, I didn't major in photography. Photography is half of my job, and it's something I've had to teach myself over the years. I really want to explore the idea of taking some college courses to amp up my photography game.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to tour North Lake College, part of the Dallas Community Colleges system, and get a peek into their incredibly expansive photography department. Dallas Community Colleges can make dreams come true, with education for in-demand jobs and training to move you up in a career or get you into your dream career. For me, their photography courses could easily take me to that next step in content creation that I never would have been able to teach myself.

I was nothing short of BLOWN AWAY by their resources available to students. We're talking beautiful Mac computers with huge screens and the latest programming, photography equipment available to students including DSLR cameras, lenses and a dark room.

North Lake College has more photo programs than any other school. I thought this was really cool, the room shown below is specifically day-lit for photos!

All of the studio equipment all available to checkout, even MacBook Pros so students can tether as they shoot and see their photos right on the screen immediately. They told me that 75% of students don’t have cameras and couldn’t take the class without the rental capabilities that North Lake College provides. I toured during Summer session, when students are able check out equipment for the entire Summer. During regular semester, students can recheck weekly!

At North Lake College specifically they actually still teach antique process from 1830s to 1970s!

At the time of my tour one group of students was studying in HAWAII! WHAT! How cool is that?

Dallas Community Colleges of course offer a massive selection of courses, and tuition is only $177 for a three hour class. Can you believe that?? Check out their map of locations, seven in the DFW area, here.

The programs I'm currently checking out are of course Photography, Graphic Design, and managing and growing your small business.  There are also a few programs where graduates can make a high salary - Digital Forensics and Computer Information Technology - and programs areas in which there are a lot of available jobs for graduates here in Dallas - like accounting and health care programs.

If you are interested are ready to make your dreams a reality and take your career to the next level, or even completely changing your career path, APPLY HERE! You never know what is next for you, it's never too late!