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10 April 2018

Puerto Vallarta Honeymoon Sunset Sailboat Cruise

Oh hello friends, I haven't talked to you on this blog for about a million years. CB has been nagging me to blog again. I constantly look at him and say, with what time??? He then reminds me that I sit on the couch and watch Real Housewives multiple times per week, all of which is time that could be spent blogging instead. Touché sir, touché.  

So I'm really going to make an effort, I promise. Maybe if I stopped over extending myself on Dallas Love List every weekend, that would also free up some time but where is the fun in that??? 

We don't have our wedding photos back yet, so I'm off the hook as of now on needing to do a full wedding recap. Baby steps, let's talk about an adventure we took on our honeymoon instead. In case you missed it on Instagram WE GOT MARRIED AND WENT ON A HONEYMOON! Whoop! I say, in case you missed it on INSTA, because I clearly didn't talk about anything on this blog seeing as my last post was from early February. Oopsies. 

March 3, 2018 was the most beautiful weather you've ever seen on March 3rd, and the day could not have been more perfect for an outdoor, rooftop, pool deck wedding at The Adolphus. More on that at a later date though. With my track record lately, that later date will be never but imma promise to get it done. LOLS.

After the wedding day, we took that Sunday off to just be man and wife. By that I mean we spent a solid 6 hours attempting to deflate the giant pool floats we had at the wedding. One was a gold flamingo, the other a glow in the dark swan float that acted as our guest book. Six hours later, we had the swan deflated, and decided to knife up the gold flamingo. It's 2018 people, why is it so difficult to deflate a pool float for God's sake.

That Sunday evening we packed for Puerto Vallarta, Mexico while I sobbed heavily that the wedding was over. ALL THAT PLANNING and POOF! It's over. At least we still had Mexico on the agenda. This is why you have a honeymoon, folks. 

Although we booked at an all-inclusive resort, while in Mexico, we had a pre-booked excursion on the docket that I was so pumped about. A few weeks prior I had been contacted by TripAdvisor about working together to promote their "Things To Do" feature while on vacation, or even in your home town. While Dallas has some fun tours and tickets, I wanted to do something awesome while we were in Mexico. 

There were tons of walking food tours, city tours, cultural attractions and thrill seeking excursions. I have a very strict no thrill policy while on vacation (I.e. zip lining) so we went ahead and ruled that out. Everything else though looked awesome, it was such a hard choice on what to do. 

In the end, we settled on a sunset sailboat cruise with Vallarta Adventures that had an open bar and included light bites like cheese, wine, an instagram worthy setting, and cheese..... jk that wasn't a hard choice whatsoever. Done and done. 

We took a cab about 20 minutes from our hotel to the marina where the sailboat cruise departed from. Drew and I were the first to board the boat, so I immediately darted to the front for the best view. Sarah-1, everyone else 0.

After going over some safety procedures, we were off with a glass of champagne in hand. CB had beer. We cruised about 30 minutes out and just kind of let the wind guide us as we watched the sun begin to set. 

The boat was full of a variety of different groups, there was another couple on their honeymoon, a couple that I think was in a very new stage of their relationship, a family and a group of 20 somethings that appeared to be recently out of college. It was a lively group and the team with Vallarta Adventures were so awesome at keeping everyone entertained and giggling. 

But now, you're probably wanting me to shut up and show you these ridiculously good Insta-worhty shots we got during the trip?? 

Fine fine, have it your way. 

Not too shabby, huh? It was a wonderful excursion which probably took a total of 3-4 hours. I would absolutely recommend this getaway to anyone traveling to Puerto Vallarta. It's a great way to kick your feet up, see some insanely beautiful colors and snuggle up with your sweetie for a few hours while the sun sets right in front of you. 

Check out TripAdvisor for fun things to do in your area, or if you're headed on vacation and looking for a unique activity for some extra fun. If you want to book the same cruise I went on, click here!

Thank you to TripAdvisor for providing this sunset sailboat cruise, all thoughts and opinions are my own!