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13 June 2012


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Why is it when I am watching a sporting event, I feel like my actions will directly impact the outcome of the game. Why would little ole me... 473 miles away from a game I'm watching on television, have any impact whatsoever on the winner or loser simply by switching t-shirts at halftime.

I'm sure you have heard the superstitious routines many professional athletes perform before games or while in a slump. For example, Jason Giambi, a FORMER power hitter, used to put on a golden thong before the game to relieve a slump. Yes, a 6 foot 3, 240 pound man with gold string shoved up his butt... no wonder he slumped (hah).

Now, I understand an athlete having a superstition that he believes will directly change his performance. But why would something I say or do a bajillion miles away have any effect on a team I am rooting for? I change out of a generic t-shirt into the jersey of my favorite team at halftime---BOOM quarterback gets sacked hard, breaks his collarbone, fumbles and the defense runs it in for a quick score. OR I send a text that says, "the boys are looking good" with a minute and a half left in the game and what happens... the other team makes one of the fastest, most well executed comebacks of all time.

I guess moral of the story is I need to sit in a corner and shut up while games are on.

I must be the most powerful fan of all time.

Or else just severely jinxed. I'm sorry to all those who support the same teams I do. I will try and not move one inch during the next game on television.