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08 August 2012

Victoria's Secret NFL Line

Every year I wait for VS to release their sports lines. Every year I get sad. I don't want an ill-fitted crop top tee that is blinged out with giant letters that says "Win Me Over." That makes no sense what so ever, for any sport.

I had hope for the NFL line this year, because some pieces from MLB line were pretty darn cute. One minor/major problem was all the good stuff sold out within a couple days. All that was left was the blinged out crop top. I'm not wearing that.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces from the NFL line that was just released. Better hurry though if you want one in your size, because it will go quick!

4. New Orleans Saints Hipster Trimmed Panty Actually LOVE all the Saint's gear

At first glance, I hated the jerseys because of the rhinestones. But once I saw them on the models (of course they make everything look better) I decided I loved the jerseys and had to have one!

Cute, right! 

So hurry over to VS, but please leave the Cowboys gear in my size, thank you kindly.

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Wow Your Man Wednesday: {T.O. to Seahawks)

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You may remember Terrell Owens, he was that loud mouth from that show on VH1, The T.O. Show. Oh and he was that loud mouth from the Philadelphia Eagles, oh and he was that loud mouth from the Cowboys, oh and he was that loud mouth from the Buffalo Bills, oh and he was that loud mouth from the Cincinnati Bengals.

Then he was the loud mouth on the Allen Wranglers in an arena football league (um, excuse me? The who what wranglers?)......... Where he was recently cut.

Cut. From an arena football team.

Just a bit of a side note, T.O. is was actually an incredible football player. He was a 6 time pro bowl selection, which is like the all-star game in baseball. Plus, he still is in the all-time top five for many receiving records. Basically, the kid was good. Oh how the mighty mouthed have fallen.

No one wants to deal with the bull crap that comes out of his mouth. Scratch that, the Seattle Seahawks apparently do? Wait, AND they want to pay him *ONE MILLION DOLLARS* (dr. evil voice)

T.O. keeps getting cut from odd jobs and has not played in an NFL game since 2010.

So here we go to the part where you can wow your man...

I found some awesome analysis of the situation on twitter. Feel free to use any of the following jokes, out of the blue, on your man. His jaw will drop.

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06 August 2012

I Missed My {blog} BIRTHDAY

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VENUS TRAPPED TURNED TWO and I missed it. How does this happen? In real life, not imaginary blog life, you would never miss your birthday. Perhaps you may repeat celebrating your 21st birthday for the 5th time but you would never forget the  date.

July 31st was my blog's birthday. I'm so so so so so sorry, blog. I love you. Forgive me? Just incase, I'll take a note from Kobe. Here is a diamond for you to show my sincerity.

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Happy Birthday :)

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