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22 June 2017

On Trying to Change Your Spots

This may sound dumb but I feel like I can treat VTIM like this secret diary that no one from my Dallas Love List world knows about. I feel like I can go to Dallas Love List events, pretend to act like I know what I'm doing, but then come over here and tell you what really went through my mind.

I love DLL, but it is a TOTALLY DIFFERENT WORLD from lifestyle blogging. First of all there are two types of people in the world of foodie/local instagramming. Well, I take that back, let's say three types of people, if you include myself.

Type of Person #1- The Foodie  
These are my favorite people. These are the bloggers/instagrammers who have a love for the ingredients, flavors, spices and the art of cooking. These are the people who can swirl a wine, sniff and remark with, "Ohhhh, this juniper is tickling my 8th ventricle tastebud
Or, you know, something along those lines.

Alternatively, here's me:  

The foodies are the people I gravitate to. Although I don't know nearly as much as they do, I love learning from them. They always have something fascinating to add to the dinner conversation and I consider them to be goals.

They are in it for the love of the food, not for the free stuff.

Type of Person #2- The Socialite   
This is absolutely NOT me. I did not get into this gig to be a Dallas socialite. This person is all about associating themselves with the most popular, fashionable and chicest people in Dallas. Although the events I attend are generally saturated with this type of blogger/instagrammer, I haven't met them yet. Not really my speed, but they are always dressed impeccably and they intimidate the crap out of me. I'm way too shy to ever fall into this category.

Plus, I thoroughly enjoy standing in the corner with CB and I'm totally ok with this.

Type of Person #3- The Instagram Lover 
***note, this is me.  
I love running my Dallas Love List instagram account and I don't care who knows it. I love taking pictures, I love editing the pics, I love interacting with people on insta, I love having events to share. I REALLY love it when someone tags a friend and says, "You should follow this account." It makes me totally giddy.

This person (me) is more concerned with getting great, bright, colorful photos more than anything else.

I personally aspire to be the foodie, but as of last night's event I'm reminded that I'm just not there yet.

Last night I went to an amazing event at a place called Saint Ann's. They were previewing their new wine flights, and they had a sommelier there to answer our questions. I of course had no questions - because, "THIS IS A WHITE."

When I go to wine events, I generally rotate the same adjectives and phrases: delicious, ohh tasty, oh wow that's good. Sometimes, I bust out the word CRISP, but I try to only reserve that big word for special occasions --- aka, when I think the wine is very cold.

(side note to foodie friends I've met along the way: I'm confident you're dying right now. I imagine there have been a few "bless her heart"s that have run through your mind.)

Well, last night I did my best impression of pretending to be in the foodie category. We were trying the last of the three wines. This one was a petite sirah - aka, code for, mmm, that's tasty. They were passing around hors d'oeuvres - one of which was a melon wrapped in prosciutto.  I tried to bust out a foodie phrase and said, "Oh wow, be sure to try the prosciutto then take a sip of the wine. It is clear they go together, the flavor palette of the grape totally shines through when paired with the prosciutto." 


Do you ever have a simple task that everyone else does well but you just do awkwardly so you know to avoid it. For me, that's giving the middle finger. I cannot give the middle finger, it is the most awkward feeling in the world for me and I just look and feel so dumb when I do it. Some people look really cool giving the middle finger - I look like I confused my pointer finger with a different digit.

That's how I felt after talking about the damn prosciutto and grape flavor palette crap. WTF SARAH!?!?!?!?!?! SO AWK.

STOP TALKING, take the damn photo of you holding your drink in the air and just be quiet when the adults are wine tasting. 

So, the moral of the story is that you shouldn't try to spread your wings and become a Hufflepuff if the sorting hat places you in Slytherin.

20 June 2017

Terrified of Happiness

photo cred by my bestie Magen  

I've written multiple posts about having this crazy feeling that I can't embrace. It's the being "terrified of happiness feeling" or better known as that moment in SATC when Charlotte finds out she's finally pregnant.

Why do we women want to sabotage ourselves when we are happy??

I'm terrified to talk about how happy I am, because I somehow feel like I will jinx myself and the flood gates of bad news bears will unleash their wrath.


Then my anxiety kicks in and starts flooding my head with the most terrifying what ifs. What if something happened to CB? is generally the first what if that starts. I then get petrified that something will happen and start stressing myself out to the point of being unable to sleep at night worried about losing my best friend.



Does anyone else do this. I've had some really great news at both work and here on VTIM/Dallas Love List and yet, I'm too scared to get excited because I find something to worry about with it. A lot of times, when someone emails me for a collaboration that sounds too good to be true I just assume I'm being catfished and I'll never see the money.

Which again, is INSANE.Why can't I just be happy when there is cause for happiness. I'm engaged to my favorite person in the whole world - what could be better than that? Why am I so scared that something bad is going to happen?

Does anyone else tip toe around their happiness terrified that if you make too much noise, the bad will be awakened?

19 June 2017

Simple Nighttime Cleansing Routine for Your 30s

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Olay. The opinions and text are all mine.

Y'all I am the absolute worst when it comes to taking care of my skin. I spent the first 29 years of my life RARELY washing my face before bed. When I turned 30, I vowed to make a change and start washing my face every single night. I know how horrible that is to sleep in your makeup, but I'm just lazy. There, I said it, I'm soooo lazy and I just want to crawl into bed after brushing my teeth. 

Lazy is not a good excuse though, and being lazy will lead to skin that ages way faster than it should. So, when I turned 30, changes happened. I started going to bed with a glass of water every single night and I switched to silk pillow cases. Cotton pillow cases strip moisture and can leave sleep lines and wrinkles. Cotton can also tug at your skin, encouraging wrinkles. Makes sense, right? Silk pillow cases are expensive, yes, but the benefits extend past just skin deep, your hair will thank you too. 

I also now do my best to give my face a break during the week. Unless I have an event, I won't wear any face makeup to work. Sometimes I'll throw on some concealer if I need it, but I mostly just keep me makeup simple since I do wear a lot more on the weekends.

Even if you're not wearing a ton of face makeup, you still need to get your skin clean at night no matter what. I knew I needed something simple though, something that didn't require a ton of steps. I don't want to use multiple cleansers at night, I need simplicity.

p.s. how cute are these PJs my girlfriends gave me -- they have my new initials on there!! SWOON!  

Have you guys heard of Olay Daily Facials Daily Clean 4-in-1 Water Activated Cleansing Cloths? These are what I've been using lately and I'm totally loving them. The cloths are totally dry and are activated with water. I've had makeup remover wipes in the past where I accidentally left the case open at night and I woke up to a completely dried out wipe that was worthless the next day. You won't have the problem with these cleansing cloths.

Instead of having to use a separate makeup remover in addition to your cleanser, these are specially textured with soft cleansing pockets to gently break up and lift away dirt, oil and makeup – even mascara – for a clean that is two times better than basic cleansing. The result is skin that’s gently exfoliated and smoother in texture in less than one week!

I mentioned not needing a ton of steps, and these include 4 steps in just one cloth: a cleanser which washes away dirt and makeup, a toner which tones skin with an essential cleansing formula, a mask which hydrates with specialized Olay conditioners and finally a scrub that exfoliates to smooth skin’s surface.

*Having CB take photos while I washed my face = hilarious and embarrassing. 

Since they're a bit different than you might be used to, here is how to use em:
1. Wet with water
2. Rub to lather
3. Cleanse - it's even safe around the eyes
4. Rinse, I'd recommend using a cloth
5. Throw away - but don't flush.

These are simple, easy and Sarah lazy proof! Plus, they're super easy to travel with since they are already dry. When I'm done, my skin doesn't feel tight like a lot of soaps would normally cause. This is a soap free formula and perfect for all skin types. I'd recommend trying it for a week and I bet you'll love the change you see.

Olay daily facials are the first step in my mission to go makeup free during the work week! Which is perfect because Olay's campaign is called #NoMakeupRequired.  Other than a cup of coffee and a swipe of mascara, I don't need any other makeup to look put together for work since they do leave my skin moisturized and exfoliated.

Less steps at night means more time to rub Veenie's belly in bed....

What do you guys use at night? Are you lazy like me? Have you had a skin epiphany recently to treat your skin better? Let me know, please tell me I'm not the only one that waited 30 years to make my skin a priority!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Olay . The opinions and text are all mine.

Adult Game Idea for Your Neighborhood Game Night

CB and I are obviously planning a wedding, so we are always on the lookout for ways to stay IN and save money. It seems like every time we go out we end up spending way more than we meant to. Food and drinks, even at a mid-level place, end up costing upwards of 50 bucks. Seeing as two of our very best girl friends live right down the street from us, we vowed to have more nights in and save a litte dinero. I mean, the more money we save, the more pizza we will be able to serve at our wedding. You feel me?

Meeting at each other's house for game night is our favorite way to get together and hang out. We've been stuck in a rut playing the same games over and over again, so I was pumped to head over to my friend Heather's house this past weekend with a brand new game for us to play, Codenames: Deep Undercover

I loaded up my bike basket with some flowers for the host and a new game for us to dig into. I sometimes shy away from new games, just because of the learning curve, but I can only play the same old games so many times before I need something different. 

You might have heard of the game Codenames, but this version is a spin-off of the original with all-new words, art and mature play. Codenames: Deep Undercover is available exclusively in North America at Target and 

In addition to having game night at home, we also love bringing our games to one of the local breweries and posting up for an afternoon of fun. With the adult theme of this version, it makes it perfect for playing at home or at a bar. Sure, we were borderline inappropriate guessing and giving the clues at times but who isn't borderline inappropriate at times at a bar? *Totes Guilty* 

To play the game you need at least 4 people. Although, I personally think 3 would be fun too, where you choose someone to be the permanent spymaster for both teams. The spymaster gives their team a one-word clue, plus a number. The number given - let's say 3 for example - is the number of words that work to that clue. Your team then has to guess all 3 words. If you miss, you lose your turn and the other team gets to go. There are of course more details involved, but that's the game in a nutshell.

The clues and the guessing get pretty darn hilarious.

For example, if the spymaster says FRUIT-2. Then the team guesses what two cards on the board could possibly be the right answer to the clue FRUIT.

One of the clue words on the board was "Kitty", so as I'm sure you can imagine the word that was given as a clue for that. I won't get into that here on this blog!

I loved this game and I think you will too. It did take us just a bit of time to understand the rules on how to play, but once we figured it out we played for hours and hours!

Do you think you'd like Codenames: Deep Undercover?
Have you played the original Codenames before?
What's your favorite game for game night?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

15 June 2017

A Foodie Friend Date Night at On The Border

I was asked to participate in the #PatioVida campaign, sponsored by On The Border. Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own.

On The Border is easily one of my favorite Mexican restaurants out there. They are all over the country and have all of your favorites like nachos, guacamole, enchiladas, tacos and fajitas! I knew they had a killer Happy Hour so I called CB and a couple of girlfriends to see if they wanted to meet me for dinner and drinks this past Thursday!

That was an easy sell, I got 3, very quick, "ABSOLUTELY" texts back saying they'd love to join me. I told them we should grab a spot on the patio, because I've heard that a bunch of the locations even have live music on Thursdays for their current promotion, #PatioVida! Plus, I saw on their website, their happy hour specials are valid on the patio and in the bar area!

But for real, how good is this happy hour??


Select Grande Domestic Drafts

House Margarita (Regular Size)


Grande Dos XX® Draft

Grande House Margarita



Grande Strawbrrrita

Grande Mango Tango


$10 Select Domestic Drafts

$12 Dos XX® Draft

$12 House Margarita

There's also food on their happy hour, all of these are each just $3! $3 Cup of Queso Make it a Duo - add guacamole for just $1 more Guacamole Appetizer Cheese Quesadilla 2 Mini Chimichangas Ground Beef or Chicken Tinga

Although I started with a $3 Grande Dos XX® Draft, I saw a drink that someone at a nearby table had that gave me drink envy. On The Border has a seasonal special called the Watermelon Margarita which someone at a nearby table ordered and I knew I had to have one! It is only 4 bucks on Thursdays! Not bad at all.

We hit the location out in Lewisville, and it was a completely enclosed patio which was nice because there was a bit of rain in the forecast. There were a few fans going which created a nice breeze, seeing as it's already in the 90s here in Dallas now! They also had a variety of different music genres playing in the background. They change the music playlist each week based on a survey they ask their fans to take! There were also a ton of TVs. This of course excited me because I wanted to cheer on the Predators in game 5.

*editors note to Preds fans: I'm sorry I bandwagoned. I'm a jinx and I'm pretty sure I am the reason you guys lost. My sincere apologies, but you hooked me in when you played Rocky Top during game 4.

The patio started to fill up as the sun began to set. Our server took our order after we had the chance to look over the menu. My friend Larissa ordered the grande fajita nachos, which was tostada chips topped with refried beans, fajita steak or chicken - she got steak- and melted mixed cheese, plus guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo and pickled jalapeños on the side. My friend Heather ordered the taco salad, which I was immediately jealous over. I'm not a big fan of taco salads that come in a taco shell, mostly because they make me feel like a barbarian as I tear my BOWL apart and eat it. This one came served as a normal salad, but with taco shell pieces on the side, instead of a taco bowl. It was a much more civilized way of eating a taco salad, if you ask me! I ordered the classic burrito which came topped with signature queso and it was DELISH! CB got the street style steak tacos which came with plenty of avocado on the side! I also got the guac/queso duo for the table because why the heck not, it was on happy hour!

Check out an On The Border in your neighborhood, and be sure to sit on their patio! Be sure to tag your Instagram photos using #PatioVida while you're there, Plus, take this quiz to find out which food and cocktail pairing is right for your next visit! I got the watermelon marg - clearly it was meant to be!
This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of On The Border . The opinions and text are all mine.

13 June 2017

Old School Blogging and Instagramming

Does anyone remember vintage blogging? No? Well let me tell you about it.

You basically just wrote whatever the heck was on your mind. Sometimes it was really dumb. Sometimes it was really funny. Sometimes it was super genuine and heartfelt. 

I also used to have a million blog post ideas written out at any one time. I could sit down and just crank out blog posts, left and right. I didn't need *NEW* photos to pair with what I was saying, I could just use photos I already had or even use none at all. Shockingly, back in the day, you could even just throw a bunch of GIFs on a post and call it a day. 

If you work full time like I do, your weekends are spent taking photos for upcoming posts - regardless of if they are sponsored or not. Either that, or I come straight home from work and get to work on a flatlay for some post idea I have coming up.

Blogging is not as simple as just writing your thoughts out anymore. 

I miss just being silly on the internet. I miss sitting down and always having something to write about.

I feel like, these days, if I don't have a set of 10 styled photos to accompany a post, then I don't have a post. 

Take this post for example - Life is Hard - it's probably my favorite of all time. The only pics are some quotes I put on there from Pinterest and it had 61 comments!!!! I have way more followers now than I did then (nearly 4 years ago) and I rarely get that kind of engagement! 

It's just crazy how much this world has changed in 4 years. I used to beg and plead and tell everyone I met that, "You should be a blogger, it is just so much fun and so rewarding!" And now, everyone is a blogger. 

Don't even get me started on vintage instagram.

I legit posted photos like the one below and felt good about it! This is a picture of Kent Smiley from the Real Housewives of OC reunion. It was an iphone photo OF MY TV 🤦🏻‍♀️.

And guess what, I thought it was a hilarious thing to post at the time.

A post shared by Sarah Webb / Venus Trapped (@iamsarahwebb) on

It didn't matter back then though because we weren't staging everything.
We were just being ourselves.

Do you ever find yourself wanting to start another instagram account that only your friends know about where you can just POST WHATEVER YOU WANT? Where you can post a photo of you and your girlfriends on a trip and not worry about who unfollows. I guess I use my facebook page as my own personal old school Instagram. I don't care what I post there. I post selfies, pics of my friends, memes that make me laugh and even, yes, photos of my TV sometimes.

I used to think that Venus Trapped in Mars was my own sliver of the internet where I could post anything I wanted, but now blogging is all about branding and being an expert on everything and having multiple interns and using like to know it to make money.

We used to write "weekend recap" posts, but now - myself 100% included - write posts about, "How to spend 48 hours in Dallas."

It's essentially still just a weekend recap post, but with 800x more work put into it to make it Pinterest and SEO friendly. We do this in hopes that it will go viral on Pinterest or perhaps help to foster a relationship with a hotel/travel destination in the future.  

To be honest, I do like where blogging has gone. I feel like it's far more polished, and I feel like my blog is now a portfolio that I've built and can be proud to showcase for potential collaborations.

IT IS JUST SO MUCH HARDER NOW! I feel like I beat myself up for not posting more regularly, but how could I? I just flat out don't have the time to take beautiful, insta worthy photos to pair with every single post.

What all of the beautifully edited images, interns and hard work put in by bloggers these days boils down to is that blogging is now all about collaborations. And we are all walking around scratching our heads as to why engagement is down. It obviously make sense. If everything has a sponsored element to it, of course engagement is going to be down!

I love the new world of blogging, I just sometimes miss sitting down and writing a post about the major bursts of moral anxiety I get over finding $10 on the ground while walking the dogs or tell you about the 28 things I'd rather do than attend my high school reunion

09 June 2017

How to Throw an Adult Piñata Party

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and Constellation Brands. All opinions are mine alone. The following content is intended for readers who are 21 or older. #SummertimeCerveza #CollectiveBias

Now, normally I would say country music and summer sunshine go hand in hand. Every Summer (by Summer I mean, early June because after that in Texas it's just too dang hot) I crank the windows down and blast country radio and sing scream at the top of my lungs.

Go ahead and think I'm weird, but I tend to listen to only rap music from September to April, then nothing but country May through August. Call me crazy, you might be right.

That is until this year when my Summer anthem has put an abrupt end to my pattern. My favorite rapper released a song that I will have on repeat for the duration of Summer 2017. I love that approach to Summer so much that I threw my own adult piñata vibes party where I invited our friends over for some cold Corona and an adult themed piñata!

Candy is great and all, but I took it one step further - because we are adults with jobs and can do whatever crazy piñata party we so desire!

|| To Create an Adult Piñata ||
1. Find a sophisticated piñata. I'm not talking a pink princess with streamers coming out of the top of the crown. No, we are adults, we need sophisticated piñatas. That is why I chose this super chic and mature donkey.

2. Fill it with candy. We aren't barbarians here, you still need candy even if you are an adult.

3. Fill it with skin care samples. I threw in tons of beauty samples. Adults = aging. Fight wrinkles while you fight your donkey piñata with a pink stick.

4. Beer. I obviously wasn't going to put glass Corona Extra bottles IN the pinata, so I used little rubber duckies to represent each Corona Extra bottle. One rubber ducky = one Corona Extra . However many rubber duckies you're able to grab when the piñata popped, was how many Corona Extras you got to take home!

5. Nail polish, because can you never really have enough nail polish on hand (no pun intended).

6. Confetti poppers, because INSTAGRAM

I also made Grapefruit Corona cocktails for everyone.

I couldn't get enough of that concoction! 
Here's how to make them!

Grapefruit Corona Cocktail
|| ingredients || 

1/2 ounce Simple Syrup

1/2 ounce lime juice

3 ounces fresh squeezed grapefruit juice

1/2 bottle Corona Extra 

Rosemary Garnish

|| directions || 

Salt the rim of the highball glass. I just run a lime around the rim of the glass, then dip it in a plate of salt to coat. Fill glass with ice, then combine simple syrup, lime juice and grapefruit juice. Top with Corona Extra and finish with a sprig of rosemary as a garnish!

We hung up the piñatas, iced down the Coronas and cranked up the Spotify playlist! We spent the rest of the afternoon laughing, telling stories and throwing smack talk on who would knock the piñatas down first! 

Want to throw your own Corona adult piñata fiesta? Grab a box of Corona Extra with the special Summer Vibes packaging! Plus, earn an $3.00 cash back on Corona Extra or Corona Light with the purchase of any chips or pretzels through this Checkout 51 offer!