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04 December 2017

Olay 28 Day Challenge

Thank you to Olay for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.  

We are closing in on just under three months until our wedding day! We have had what has felt like a life-long engagement. Really, it hasn't even been a year yet though. I'm just so anxious and giddy to marry my best pal. I'm ready to take his last name and I'm ready to start our new life together. Although, seeing as we live together I assume it's really the same life together, just a little more tied to one another than before!

POINT BEING, I'm simply thrilled.

People keep asking how the wedding planning is going. Well, I can't say I've done too much. I really need to stop eating out so much and working out more. That will be my goal for the next three months. I've already started bringing my amazing photographer and foodie friend Ally on as a contributor for Dallas Love List. This way, I can focus a bit more on myself and my body, and less on how many calories I can consume in one week.

Another thing I've really been focusing on to get wedding ready is my skin. I've told y'all many times that only recently I decided to make skincare a priority. Up until about a year ago, I would consistently go to bed with makeup on, I was stage 5 level of lazy. It was bad. Upon turning 30, I vowed to never go to bed with my makeup on ever again. I certainly slip up on occasion, but for the most part I've completely revamped my skincare routine over the past year.

A while back ago I told y'all on Instagram about taking the #Olay28DayChallenge. For 28 days, I replaced the facial moisturizer and eye cream I was using, and instead exclusively used the Total Effects products in the following 2 Step regimen: Step 1: AM apply the Olay Total Effects Moisturizer with SPF 15. Step 2: AM and PM apply Olay Eyes Deep Hydrating Eye Gel.

Ok so truth, I wasn't using an eye cream before. I know, I know. Go ahead and yell at me. I am totally obsessed with Olay Eyes Deep Hydrating Eye Gel. Right after I wash my face, it always feels super tight and dry. I have the driest skin, especially in these cold months of the year. Forming a new habit of using new products both morning and night was actually really easy. After this 28 days, I legit just reach for the products without even thinking twice about it.

The eye gel made the skin under my eyes feel so much softer, it was crazy the difference it made. At night, after washing my face it was an instant softness after application, followed by a morning that needed far less concealer than normal. I cannot believe it took me so long to use eye cream.

Previously, when I put on foundation, my forehead would look really flaky. Since I started using the Olay Total Effects Moisturizer though, I don't see any flakes whatsoever. My skin is soft to the touch and stays that way for the entire day. It's a noticeable difference, I'm being honest when I say it has transformed my skin. The 28 day challenge has since turned into a lifestyle change.

I'm now inviting you guys to participate in the #Olay28DayChallenge by starting your journey with the Olay Skin Advisor, the most precise skin diagnosis available to the public. The Skin Advisor really works, 95% women agreed that product recommendations felt “right for her!”.

I also have a unique code for the first 15 of you guys to visit the Skin Advisor you'll get $40 off your purchase of recommended products by using code: 28DAYS8391.

So tell me, have you taken part in a skin care challenge before?
Do you think this would work for you? Are you going to give it a go with me?? If so, share your results!
I promise, it's so simple and you'll form a new routine before you know it.

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