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29 August 2014

The 18 Stages of College Football Season

I'm slightly unprepared for class today, so with the help of myself, circa this time last year, I've still got a Fan Friday Post for you today! Plus, I really miss posts from the archives, it's nice to take a little walk down memory lane every once in a while. Oh, and happy college football weekend everyone! And by that, I clearly mean, GO BIG ORANGE!

1. You see a 68 pound ball of fury screaming expletives at the 369 pound right tackle's mother

2. When a friend asks you if there is a game on Saturday?

3. Saturday Morning waking up with College Game Day on tv, and mimosas in the kitchen.

4. While waiting for the new rankings to come out after a big win.

5. A Number One falls to an unranked team

6. Your QB is doing the post game interview

7. You find the perfect tailgating dress, in the perfect combination of your team's colors

8. A co-worker starts talking about her school's 35 point win last weekend

9. Your team gets shut out

10. The Kicker loses the game.

11. The Kicker Wins the Game

12. You make a new friend that loves the same team you love

13. Your team ends the season with only 5 wins... not 6.

14. Plans after a win

15. Plans after a loss

16. Trying to eat tailgate food after you've already had too much to drink

17. How you feel in August

18. How you feel in January

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May The Sparkle Be With You #ineedsparkle

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26 August 2014

That Just Seems Wrong...

I constantly scroll Pinterest and see all sorts of different things, from DIY projects to healthy recipes and I just sit there and say to myself, "That Just Seems Wrong." So I decided to make a new segment on the blog where I try and recreate something on Pinterest I've seen that just seems wrong

Side note: It should be noted that I have zero culinary skills, nor do I have any DIY skills (yes, Sarah we all know this). Take, for example, that time I tried to make these melting snowman cookies... 

So perhaps I'm not the best person to experiment with the "That Just Seems Wrong" recipes and crafts on Pinterest... but as I've said 12 billion times, this is my blog and I get to make  sad snowman cookies if I want to, dang it.

So without further delay.... Enter, exhibit A: The Cauliflower Pizza....

The Cauliflower Pizza can be found all over Pinterest, but I'm using this recipe which I picked because she had a pretty blog. (naturally) 
So, Pinterest people, you want to put my boyfriend in the form of cauliflower? I don't know about this. That just seems wrong.

So here is a picture of my boyfriend, jk I'm so out of cauliflower's league it isn't even funny the other girl's cauliflower finished pizza... Not bad looking right? 


So how did mine come out? No filters have been used for your viewing pleasure.... 


Sooo yeah. 

That just seems wrong.

And it is wrong. 

Cauliflower + Pizza = the greatest tragedy of our time.

If there is something you've seen on Pinterest and thought... "Man, That Just Seems Wrong" leave me a comment and I'll try and recreate it for the next segment! 

25 August 2014

WIN $100 to Lululemon!

Today I've asked my ESPN2 girls to introduce themselves, their blog and give us all some ideas of the perfect weekend plans, for when you have no weekend plans! Because, Monday. #blehhh.

Always Ashten

:::Start Here::: Things I Know For Sure // Lifestyle vs Fitness: What They Mean To Me
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1. Netflix marathon (always)
2. Stay in pajamas all day
3. Avoid responsibility at all costs.
4. Naps on naps on naps
5. Become one with the couch.

All of these make me a lazy bum and I don't care.

The Growing Up Diaries

:::Start Here::: How Not to Talk to the Bride to Be // Confessions of a Crazy Dog Mom
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1. Eat a lot of pizza.
2. Spend some time exploring a new park with my dog, Izzy.
3. Take a road trip to somewhere I've never been just to bring home a souvenir (read: coffee mug)
4. Spend at least a few hours on the couch watching Food Network or Criminal Minds when I should be doing something more productive.
5. Complain about how badly the house needs to be cleaned, then decide to do something out of the house so I don't have to look at it anymore.


:::Start Here::: I'm Basic, and That's Ok // Dear Neighbors
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1. Eggs Benedict at my favorite local brunch spot, because a good weekend always should start with a good meal.
2. Shopping, because seriously, who doesn't love new clothes, shoes, or accessories? No one, that's who.
3. A relaxing massage, manicure, or pedicure, because I would need to take a load off after some serious shopping.
4. Hit up a happy hour with my man, Sangria and some chips and guac sounds like an unbelievable combo right about now.
5. Grab Indian takeout and catch up on Netflix for the rest of the night... because let's be real, there's few things better than a good Netflix marathon. ;)

 Seeking Sunshine

:::Start Here::: That Time My Dog Got Loose On The Plane // Wishing I Could Talk the Talk
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1. Dog park! There is nothing I love more than to see my pup run free, chase balls, and have a grand old time.
2. Go kayaking with my husband. This has been a 2-year-long plan that we have never gotten around to.
3. Sleep in because how awesome is a good snooze on a Saturday morning.
4.Make the best Bloody Marys ever and drink them. Tomato juice, vodka, horseradish, lots of tabasco, a dash of Guinness, olives, pickled asparagus, and more tabasco. Yes please. 
5. Make all of these plans, and get distracted by the internet instead.

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