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28 May 2013

Fan Friday Link Up... All the Details

  • Favorite team
  • Favorite Band
  • Favorite Musician
  • Favorite Actor
  • Favorite TV Show
  • Favorite player
  • Favorite college
  • Favorite coach
  • Favorite Water Boy
  • A game you attended
  • A concert you attended
  • Favorite sport
  • Favorite genre of music
  • Teach us something about a sport
  • Current events in the Sports World
  • Sports related movies
  • A game you are going to attend
  • Something happening with your favorite team right now
  • Fantasy Football (when that starts)
  • Athletes you think are hot
  • Athletes you think suck
  • Teams you hate
  • How awesome you were/are at sports
  • A sport you play
  • A musical instrument
  • Your favorite celebrity style
  • How to get celeb style
  • Think to yourself, "Would Venus write something like this?" If yes, you're on the right track.
  • Alcohol mixed with sporting events
  • If you used any of the following words, link up: football, baseball, basketball, soccer, quidditch, tennis, golf, hunger games, chess, beer, television, espn, hockey, playoffs, world series, fantasy, volleyball, badminton, olympics, college, tailgate, drunk 

  • Write a post about anything listed above (or make up your own)
  • Grab a button. (It's glittery, would you have expected anything less?)
  • Follow me so we can be friends
  • Meet new friends who also like sports and drinking and being a fan
  • Hop, hop, hop.... hop around.

Starts THIS Friday... May 31st.
Venus Trapped in Mars

Venus Trapped


  1. LMFAO QUIDDITCH! I love it!

  2. I'm so in. P.S. I freaking ROCK fantasy football.

  3. Oh, with these rules I can surely linkup!

    1. The way I can drik would be considered a sport in and of itself!

  4. wahoo. What a cool link up :) I will rock this link up when its time for FOOTBALL. My hunny and I have season Indianapolis Colts tickets && i usually join 4-5 fantasy teams

  5. Wait till you see the post I have planned about the Quidditch tournament I was in!

  6. Oh god. Your forcing me to think about sports. I hate you.

    Except I love you.


  7. I really hope that someone writes a post about hunger games. Mainly because I could use some tips on how to win... I'm fairly certain that during hunger games or a zombie apocalypse I am a goner for sure.

  8. This is so so awesome!!!
    I am so excited to write my first post!!

  9. No joke, the college I work at has a freaking quidditch club, and it is not unheard of to see people running around campus wearing capes and with brooms. It is some weird shit.

    I am totally writing about the time I picked my husband's fantasy football team because he was at a work event and he WON THE ENTIRE LEAGUE. Clearly I am a FF genius.

  10. OHHH I am excited to do this link up!!! <3

  11. If I can get to a computer since mine is BROKEN, I will link up. If not, it'll be next Friday!

  12. the mere mention of fantasy football has me chomping at the bit.

  13. I'm late...but this is cool! I want to do it Friday...and how fitting because I'll be at a Braves game for my birthday! Can I do this then? OKay I will. Thanks.

  14. The hubster joined me in Fantasy Football. It takes me 3 seconds to make my picks. Takes him hours and chatting with friends. I'm ahead of him by 3 wins. :)

    I'm in, in October, haha!! Thanks!

  15. I probably just wrote the most controversial blog post that will ever be on my blog for this link up.
    Chicago football fans are torn on who should be the starter this weekend- I cleared it up very scientifically.

  16. so glad i found this. going to link up!

  17. So we are allowed to post about anything we want? :)


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