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27 May 2013

Creating the Perfect Bar Cart + Where to Buy!

I have a bar cart obsession that has been going on for over a year now. 
The bar cart in my apartment in an old luggage rack that I spray painted gold and replaced the straps with glitter (naturally) ribbon. It makes me really happy, and thirsty, just looking at it. 

This leads me to my point of today's post... how to stock the perfect Bar Cart! 

My recommendations:
1. Local Vodka (Texas) - I'll admit it, I pick bottles based on the design. I judge books by their cover. 
I like: Starlight Vodka, Rue, Tito's Handmade and Deep Eddy 

2. Mini Champagne Bottles - these could not look cuter, or be cuter for entertaining your guests
I like: Freixenet (great price), Moet or even Korbel
3. Rock Candy- For your champagne flutes....
4. Tequila. For YOUR bar cart, not mine. You will not find that one mine.
5. Pretty straws! 
I like the straws here // here // here // here 
6. I'm the GIN queen. 
I like: Segrams (don't hate, it's cheap and delicious), Bombay Saphire or Tanqueray 
7. Great Rocks Glasses - Personally, I find the coolest rocks glasses at the goodwill (see below)...
I like: here // here // here // here
8. Decanter - find the best ones at a local antique store for cheap.
But here are some options online I like
here // here // here <--- but="" cool="" don="" p="" prob="" spend="" t="" to="" want="">
Happy Memorial Day!
Thank you to our Veterans, especially my Dad. 

Venus Trapped


  1. I love this. You will also NOT find tequila in my bar. No no and no.

  2. I am a fan of all these except maybe vodka. I can't do plain vodka...flavored yes, plain not-so-much. But tequila...oh tequila is my friend :) So is gin...and whiskey...and rum...I promise I'm not an alcoholic ha

  3. Yes I am reading this. And I love it. I want a bar cart SO EFFING BAD but our apartment is so tiny and our dog would ruin it all. So when we get a new apartment that will be the first purchase made!

  4. I do so love Tito's. I must get some rock candy for champagne, how fun!

  5. You had me hooked as soon as you mentioned rock candy! Time for me to purdy up my bar cart!

  6. Perfect tutorial! Funny how you will definitely NOT find vodka in mine, but you will find plenty of tequila!


  7. Love this! I need to make one of these when I move into my new Apartment!! The only Tequila allowed on my bar cart is Coffee Patron. yumyumyumyum.

  8. How have I NEVER heard of putting rock candy in champagne? You're a bar cart goddess.

  9. the rock candy! Love your bar cart. :)
    xoxo Aimee

  10. No whiskey!? What's wrong with you lady!?

  11. Tito's!! Texas love <3

    And I love the rock candy. I should make my bar cart but currently my bottles are all almost gone so it will look ghetto. I should get to shopping!

  12. I have a bar cart obsession, too, and my bar cart looks similar to yours. Well, because there's a ton of alcohol on it. And pretty straws and accessories. :) My bar cart does have tequila, though, and I keep my champagne in the fridge.

  13. your bar cart is so cute! i need to dress mine up and take photos of it. i actually got my friend those mr. & mrs. glasses for their wedding and i want to steal them asap.
    -- jackie @ jade and oak
    -- jewelry giveaway

  14. i should probably put more booze on the cart i bought to store it on. i just drink it too damn fast. UGH.

  15. sign me up for a gin and ginger ale please. maybe throw the rock candy in there just because it's cute!


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