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15 May 2013

Better Blate Than Never.

The subject is not relevant. Just the only pun I could think of this rainy morning. 
How This Works:
I asked all 4 potential blateors to answer the same set of questions
Each blateor will be featured on their own day.
You tell me who I should go on a blate with. 
I'll judge who is deemed the most eligible blator based on the number of comments on their post combined with the voting that will take place after the last blateor has spoken. 

Don't forget Lisa, Blateor #1 and her answers here and Nadine and her answers here

And now for our third blateor....

Jill from Girlfriend Jill! 
Who just got a brand new blog design made by yours truly... be sure to go check it out
 *wink wink nudge nudge*

Let's get this party started!
So, Blateor #3…...
 What is your idea of the perfect evening with me?
       Well It would take place in Knoxville, of course, your old college stomping grounds. 
There are two different scenarios:

A.   It’s gameday baby! We rise around 7:00 am, and arrive on campus by 8AM at the latest. Then we proceed to drink heavily while tailgating and flirt with some young frat daddies for more free boos. After a long day of jello shots, corn hole, flip cup, a bottle of Jack, and barbecue, we make our way towards Neyland. We see The Pride of the Southland perform and are in our seats in time to hear those famous words: “IT’S FOOTBALL TIME IN TENNESSEE!” The rest is history and the Vols win by a landslide.
B.   IF it’s not gameday, then I would begin the evening by taking you to Nama. I know how you like those pizza rolls! Then we would probably stay downtown in Market Square or on Gay St. hopping bars and making bad choices together.

Well that sounds perfect (minus the vols winning by a landslide because we all know that'll never happen) Next question blateor #3 ... 
Do you squeeze the toothpaste from the middle or from the end?

Ooo Definitely the middle.  The boyfriend gets mad at me because he thinks that I should squeeze it from the end. So I squeeze from the middle partially because I’m used to it, and partially because it’s funny getting underneath his skin sometimes.

Question 3... If you were hosting a game night, what games would you pick and why?
 Hmm… If it’s a night of debauchery I would choose flip cup, circle of death, musical chairs, asshole, and f*ck the dealer. If it’s a more low key night then probably Corn Hole, Spades, Scattegories, Spoons or Rook.

My favorite thing you said AND rather than or when listing out the drinking games. LOVE.
Who is your favorite reality television star and why?
 Several people come to mind. I will probably have to go with Kristin Cavallari. I grew up watching her mean antics on Laguna Beach and The Hills.  (I know, I’m a baby)  And she gets to bang Jay Cutler… Lucky bitch!

Yeah.... but he sucks as a QB. (But so does Romo..) 
Question 5
How would you impress my family and friends?

I would show up with a couple of bottles of Jack in hand and would also bring your mother flowers.  I would impress them with my wit and charm and storytelling abilities. After the ice is broken we would all take shots and play Truth or Dare. This is where things would really get fun.  After a night of shenanigans, your mother confesses that I am a perfect BLATE for her daughter.  Sounds perfect, eh?

My mom is going to go nuts when she sees this. +5 imaginary Blate points for you. 
Next, besides me of course, who is your ULTIMATE BLOG CRUSH that makes you go weak in the knees?
   Oh Sarah, there is no one besides you!
In all honesty, I love Holly, from Where We Can Live Like Jack and Sally. I began reading her blog before I was ever a blogger. She cracks me up!

Last but not least for blateor #3, what pickup line would you use on me in an effort to get me to come follow your blog?
 Hmm… This really hott girl designed my blog. She kinda looks a little like you but way cuter. You should check it out. I’ll buy you a gin martini with stuffed bleu cheese olives if you click on my button… Ha! Dirty!

OK. I'll go visit Jill, and so should you. Now where is my martini?

Venus Trapped


  1. I will obviously be voting for Jill because: 1) She lives in Knoxville 2) I know her and went to high school with her! Go Jill!

    it's the incorrect name for it and it makes my brain explode.
    like the thought of anyone banging jay cutler does as well.


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