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14 May 2013

It's The Blating Game! With Blateor Number 2!

Because as you know, I am required by Venus law to turn everything into a competition. My four ESPN level sponsors this month just happened to be 4 girls I freaking love. How bout we play a little game shall we? The best part, YOU pick the winner! 

How This Works:
I asked all 4 potential blateors to answer the same set of questions
Each blateor will be featured on their own day.
You tell me who I should go on a blate with. 
I'll judge who is deemed the most eligible blator based on the number of comments on their post combined with the voting that will take place after the last blateor has spoken. 

Don't forget Lisa, Blateor #1 and her answers here
And now for our second blateor....

Nadine from Back East Blonde! 

Ok Blateor #2 What is your idea of the perfect evening with me?

First things first, we'd hop on over and get a bang trim and a blowout. This way we're starting off in style. Also, I'm really bad at doing my own hair and I want to put my best foot forward on our blate. 

Maybe we'd take a car selfie or two on the way to our next activity? Yes.
Next, we'd head to a hockey game. A hockey game that we have free tickets to. Why? Because when the two of us are together, people just can't resist giving us free stuff.

Which team? I don't care. I'm there for the food and the fights. 

Though Venus has confessed she isn't a huge hockey fan, this is my chance to help her fully enjoy the entertainment that is hockey. I promise, no one will get slashed by a hockey skate.

Later, we'd head somewhere and get nachos. Not sure why, nachos just sound really good right now. Plus we'd need to refuel because we'd be on our way to our next adventure:

A country music concert. Zac Brown Band? Maybe Tim McGraw? We'd head on over there, drink tons of beer, and sing along to every song.

Oh, it needed to be something realistic? You should have clarified. 

Well, Blateor #2, I'm not sure why that is not realistic? At first I thought you said you were there for the food fights and I started to get really excited.
Question Number 2... Do you squeeze the toothpaste from the middle or from the end?

Middle. Duh. Until the last itty bit of toothpaste is left. Then I squeeze it from the end and somehow manage to make a quarters size amount of toothpaste last for weeks. It's magic, I tell ya.

3. If you were hosting a game night, what games would you pick and why?

King's Cup. West Coast version. Did you know they play it differently on different coasts? Cause I didn't until I got back to the east coast and found out they played it all wrong.

5 = Drive. Not Jive. Not guys. Silly east coasters. 

Oh, you didn't mean a drinking game? Scattegories then. And it better get out of hand. It always does. 

I'll sit here and pretend to know what King's Cup is. I look forward to a "refresher course" on the rules, for you know, those that don't know what that game is. So question #4, who is your favorite reality television star and why?

Oh this is easy. Khloe Kardashian. Homegirl started off her reality career with a huge no-no: a DUI. And somehow, she is now the most respectable yet most hilarious Kardashian. She tells it like it is and was willing to smell her sisters' va-jay-jay on cable tv. If that's not good tv, I don't know what is. 

Alright, I'll accept that. On to #5... How would you impress my family and friends?

Well I'd probably do the exact same thing I do in front of my own family: make an ass of myself. 

This can either come of as endearing and amusing or mildly offensive. Let me tell you, it was more than mildly offensive when I told my one aunt she was my favorite aunt, in front of my other aunt. Annndd that's when I stopped drinking at family parties. Oops!

In the event that your family is chill and fun, which I have to assume they are based on you m'dear, I've got a few party tricks up my sleeve. 

-My signature dance move is a delightful chicken leg looking number. 

-I have nearly all of old lady Grantham's witty lines memorized (not nearly as well as my British accent) and am willing to showcase that skill at any moment. 

-And lastly, I didn't discover cornhole until after college and clearly should have started playing earlier. Can you say natural talent?

I really need a cornhole player that can play while simultaneously doing the chicken leg so that is a plus. Number 6.. Besides me of course, who is your ULTIMATE BLOG CRUSH that makes you go weak in the knees

Besides you? Because whenever you talk about sports, I swoon. You're the cool girlfriend I wish I could be. 

Besides you though, I'd have to say Taylor from The Daily Tay. It is my dream to someday be as funny as she is. 

Ditto, friend. Ditto. Final question for you blateor #2, what pickup line would you use on me in an effort to get me to come follow your blog?

Click here to check out tons of pictures of the most beautiful blonde you've ever seen.

Which would inevitably lead you to something like this:

If that's not a convincing face, I don't know what it is. 

And now, true to the inner 7th grade version of myself:

And if you don't pick me? I'll make sure that I'm EMBEDDED in your thoughts forever!

Minus two points for Blatenor #2 for using that horrible, horrible word. But that doesn't matter because I'm not picking a winner! 

What do you kids think about blateor #2, Nadine from Back East Blonde? Does she get your vote???

Venus Trapped


  1. She had me at nachos. I love the blating game!!

  2. This is so funny! Hockey, Nachos, and country music? I love it!

  3. Nadine is hilarious! And you don't know what King's Cup is?!?!?!?! For shame!

  4. Love for nachos and making the tooth paste last forever. Those are two necessary life skills.

  5. Love Nadine! The two of you together could do a comedy hour. No, for real. Your date is to be IN a standup comedy show. I'd buy a ticket.

  6. is thieving puppies against the law? or just frowned upon?

  7. ha love nadine's blog! and i secretly (not so secretly) love khloe kardashian too. and any blog with lots of pup pics is fabulouso in my book!


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