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02 May 2013

I'm Minorly Offended

Spell check is telling me that minorly is not a word?
Well that is weird since that is how people seem to get to this blog...

Today we are linking up the crazy nonsense people search in google to get to your blog. 
Here is a quick tutorial on how to find what people have searched...

My craziest:
And by craziest I mean I cried a little.

Guess what post 99.9% of them are due to...
This one. Guess who is scared of the big bad spray tan now?

I'm just going to go ahead and list them, this link up is about you people who don't blog about spray tanning all the time!

Big Girls with Spray Tans
Minors Spray Tanning
Can big girls spray tan
Before and after of big girls with spray tans
Sex with a spray tan
Do black girls get spray tans

In Helene and Alexa's words.

So what are your craziest??? Helene and I will pick a winner and announce them on the blog tomorrow!!
Venus Trapped in Mars
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 I just can't wait to get to judging your search terms.

Grab a button and link back!
Remember, Helene and I will pick the best one and be featured on our blogs tomorrow!

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  1. "sex with a spray tan" hahahahaha - oh the posts that end up standing out thanks to Google

  2. hahaha awesome, and also your tutorial of how to find them is wayyy better than mine. but it's COOL.

  3. So funny! I said this is my post, but I think it's worth repeating...why are people searching for these crazy things!! Love this link up idea :)

  4. Love it! So hilarious! Sex and spray tans sounds like a totally different sight. I'd charge a subscription fee for that!

  5. So I looked and I have none! So sad. Ha!People search for the weirdest things!

  6. oh my gosh! sex with a spray tan. This is amazing.

  7. Oh goodness that is just awesome. I still think that I win with "All my friends are getting married and I love my dog" Soooo much truth in my life ;)

  8. yay my first linkup ever. reading the different searches makes me concerned for humanity and also makes me laugh!

  9. This is hysterical. I am so glad you two had this idea!

  10. I cringe every time something stupid comes up knowing a human being genuinely searched it lol I wish I could do this but my blog is way too new, but somehow I think I wouldn't want to know anyway haha
    new follower! :)

  11. "Do black girls get spray tans?" No, just black guys. Who ARE these people?

    Also, I just read your spray tan post and you may have convinced me to take the plunge and try it. I hate doing it myself and anything that requires me to veg out on the couch is perfection in my book.

  12. bahah can big girls spray tan... awesome. the best one i have found that lead people to my blog was 'jlo's big ass'

  13. Not only do I LOVE this link-up, but it lead me to you and now I LOVE this blog! Say hi to your new stalker.. HI! :)

  14. I totally forgot to link up.

    I mentioned Austin Powers on the blog ONE TIME. It is my #2 all-time search behind Rihanna flash.

    Flashing, naked, topless, and braless celebs are very popular Google searches. Everyone wants to see famous naughty bits.

  15. I've been visiting some of these blogs.

    So far, I see a clear winner.

    Insertion Spicy Mature

    I expect a feature on this one. With photos.

  16. I have people come to my blog searching for less than family friendly stuff. I blame it on my ouchless brazilian waxing kit review (basically a pair of panties 'moist' with numbing cream - pull up for 30 and get ready for deforestation)
    Now that I put the same key ords in ur comment box you will get the same GOOGLERS' coming to your blog too! You are welcome!
    Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style Delights Blog

  17. I mean seriously.... WHAT exactly are these people expecting to find when they google this stuff?!
    I will never forget this search that was linked back to my blog: girl pooping in their pants on props.

  18. hahaha, o I'm so jealous of all of these search terms I keep seeing.
    xoxo Aimee

  19. Where have you been all my blogging life? I just found you through Whitney's blog and so glad I did. New follower :)

  20. what will happen if i type in the most ridiculous of things and then also put your blog name with it? will it give you ridiculous search terms?

    i should try it.


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