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16 May 2013

Yes I'm Alive from The Tornado. But just blately.

Don't everyone freak out. I'm alive. I can't tell you how many calls (0) and texts (0) and morris code beeps (0) and  telegrams (0) I had waiting for me when I woke up this morning asking me if I was ok from all the Tornados. Everyone calm down. I'm fine. Maybe just a little sore, but that is probably because I had a dog sleeping on my face and not in any way related to the Tornados.

So I am probably going to bring you TWO posts today. #boom #bloggeroftheyeargoestome #areyouabletoreadthishashtagIhopeIdonthavetopeetodaybecausethewomensbathroomatworkisbroken

Hashtagging is fun.
I'm bringing something back later on today that I'm excited about. So come back and see me later (you know, just to follow up on your initial concerns about the Tornados that ripped through no where near my apartment.)

The final contestant of the BLATING GAME!

How This Works:
I asked all 4 potential blateors to answer the same set of questions
Each blateor will be featured on their own day.
You tell me who I should go on a blate with. 
I'll judge who is deemed the most eligible blator based on the number of comments on their post combined with the voting that will take place after the last blateor has spoken. 

Don't forget Lisa, Blateor #1 and her answers here and Nadine and her answers here and Jill and here answers here.

And now for our fourth and final blateor....
Muh Guuurrll Sara (no H) from Pearls and Curls!
{See what I mean now? How awesome are these 4 Blateors!?!?}

So, Blateor #4…...
 What is your idea of the perfect evening with me?

Hm the perfect evening...well we'd obviously have to start with a trip to DryBar for a fresh blowout. Then after we're both pretty-fied, drinks on a patio somewhere are a must because let's be honest, patio drinks are the best. Then we'd mosey on over to a baseball game. OH and for this evening, we're in Atlanta so the baseball game will be a Braves game. We'll have an amazing time watching from the 755 Club, even though our favorite player, Chipper, is retired. After the game, it doesn't stop there, nope. More drinks & dancing until an ungodly hour of the morning. Go big or go home, right?

Yes go big or go home. Girl, you better confirm there is a drybar in Hotlanta! I'll need it with that humidity. 
Next question blateor #4 ... 
Do you squeeze the toothpaste from the middle or from the end?
This is quite the great debate but I've found a way around it. I don't buy toothpaste in a tube, instead I get the kind in the plastic bottle soooo I guess I do neither.

Whoa. Mind Blown, Sara (no H). My mind is blown.

Question 4... If you were hosting a game night, what games would you pick and why?

Game nights are my favorite. They start off all innocent with let's say Apples to Apples & Cranium but as the drinks flow, the drinking games are bound to happen. Circle of Death, Beer Baseball, Beer Pong, Flip Cup, & my personal favorite, f*ck the dealer.

Who is your favorite reality television star and why?

I'm really nervous to answer this question because I feel like it will disqualify me from this game and/or evicted from blogland but...I don't watch reality tv. I can't stand the Kardashians, I don't watch Bravo shows, and I never got into The Bachelorette/Bachelor. I think the only show I watch that's considered reality tv would be Duck Dynasty and in that case, my favorite would be good ol' Si Robertson. Work hard, nap hard y'all.

I'll allow it. I hear reality tv rots your brain, but LOOKY AT ME! I'm doing ok??
#5- How would you impress my family and friends?

I've been told that I've never met a stranger, this is a trait I get from my Dad. Because of this, I'd probably just become insta-BFFs with all of your folks. I have an uncanny ability to connect with people so it's basically a done deal.

My grandmother and mother, too, have never met a stranger.
Next, besides me of course, who is your ULTIMATE BLOG CRUSH that makes you go weak in the knees?

That goes to...Whitney from I Wore Yoga Pants to Work. When I got back into blogging in December she was one of the first bloggers I re-discovered and I just love everything about her.

Ditto x34523
Last but not least for blateor #4, what pickup line would you use on me in an effort to get me to come follow your blog?

 "If you like bourbon, glitter, and pictures of one ridiculously adorable cat, come on by!"

Sara (no H), substitute JACK and I'm there. 

SO WHO SHOULD I BLATE??!?!?!?!?!??!?!??!
Leave comments and help me out! I'll announce the winner tomorrow.

Venus Trapped


  1. Hashtagging is fun and I'm glad you're alive. :)

  2. Si of Duck Dynasty for the win! give me some sweet tea ya'll

  3. Duck Dynasty AND blowouts! Yes!

  4. whoo hoo! we are alive!!! i got so many texts too (0)

  5. I sent you smoke signals - yet get no credit? Rude. Plus, I love Sara and I love the naked cowboy. I think I'm going to put that on my blog just for fun.

  6. UMMMM. first. none of yo girls mentioned cards against humanity for a delicious game to play on game night. so make sure to pencil that in with whoever you end up dating.

    i'll be re-reading and then tweeting my decision. stand by.

    p.s. glad you're alive.


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