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06 May 2013

Sha-nah-nah-nah-nah-gins + a Giveaway!

Why are giraffes so slow to apologize?
It takes them a long time to swallow their pride.

As you can see I went to the zoo. My weekend peeked at feeding a giraffe. Needless to say, we fell in love and will be getting married in August. Please send gifts. I also mourned over the loss of an old(ish) friend who had the stuffing knocked out of him in a bar fight. Please take a moment of silence.


I also got a killer blowout at the nail salon! THE NAIL SALON I TELL YOU. For $25 my hair looked like a VS model. Now if only they could give me a VS swimsuit body blowout too. That would be super. I put a giraffe mask on and then I spent all day yesterday in that exact position with Gee Neyland, did not move. I was ok with that. 

Linking up with my friend, Sami today! DUH!

Don't forget, voting for best of blog land ends TOMORROW! 

And here is a giveaway. Enter it, before General comes after you like he came after the poor little guy in the collage up there. That would suck. 

Here are the ladies that are bringing you this awesome giveaway; make sure to go show them some love!

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9. Gayle // 10. Brandi // 11. Sarah  // 12. Chania // 13. Sara // 14. Dara


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  1. I love your beagle.

  2. ecuse me... why wasn't i invited to pet the giraffes?! rude.

  3. You are a model. Also--those giraffes! What are those nubby things on the tops of their heads?! They look made for petting (and I mean that in the most innocent way possible)

  4. I'm insanely jealous about the giraffe. I just don't even know what to say to express the jealousy. A freaking giraffe....eating from your hand.... I need to go sulk.

  5. I have total hair envy because yours is so long & pretty and mine is not, womp. Glad you had a fun weekend with the giraffes!

  6. The whole feeding/petting a giraffe is pretty freaking cool. No lie.

  7. i absolutely love your blog. I am confused about your sponsorship. lol
    How can i go about adding my botton to your blog and vi-sersa?


  8. Alright so you're taking me to get a $25 blowout at the nail salon when I'm in Dallas alright? You look like a supermodel! Giraffes are awesome!

  9. Please tell me you've seen Walk Hard the Dewy Cox Story? cuz he has a giraffe and I'm jealous. Also I would like to feed one. They're my favvvv

    Also I loled at the "swollow their pride" thing. So good.

  10. We need a salon like that round here. I'd be super nervous for any cut and style under 25! You my dear look fab!! VS model all the way :) Hope you shared the love with rest of zoo!

  11. Seriously keep the salon a secret! I love a good blow out! And giraffes are one of my favorites!

  12. you got to feed giraffes? that's cool; my local zoo keeps you like, 2 football fields away from them for some reason.

  13. Ok, seriously though, the hair looks amazing.

  14. Perfect blow-out! Want it, need it, love it!

  15. damn, girl - that hair! love it. also, i love the zoo and now i need to go.

  16. Glad I found your blog at Marquis's blog through the giveaway :) Looks like a fun time at the zoo!


  17. the hair. oh lawd the hair. except i'm a total noon to this blowout thing of which you speak. like you pay someone to blow dry your hair? is that the thing?

    ANYWAY - i'm surprised you didn't pack one of those giraffes into your car and take him home. if you need an alibi for your giraffe theft you know where to find me.


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