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26 May 2016

Monday Marks Two

My mom and CB's mom came over for a little dinner party on Monday night. My mom -- although she flew back to Virginia yesterday -- was in town over the weekend and CB's mom who lives over in Arlington drove over so we could all hang out together. I offered to cook my favorite low calorie dish that I honestly make anytime someone comes over. It is excellent for you, looks fantastic and tastes even better. 

As I'm cooking, one of the moms (I was intensely focused on cooking, I can't multi-task while cooking so I'm not sure which mom it was) asked me what made me start wanting to cook after all those years. I said I genuinely wanted to cook for CB. Being a girl power, don't need no man kind of girl, I felt weird saying that. I feel slightly embarrassed telling you guys that now. It is true though, I wanted to cook for him. I now want to make a home with him. He completely changed my attitude on what love and marriage is all about.

I cook he cleans. Anytime I'm cooking he's never just sitting on the couch, he's doing something to make our house better. I'm not slaving away in a kitchen while he barks orders at me to have the dinner on the table when he comes home from work. It's not even remotely like that. 

I also get an odd thrill when he RAVES over what I've made. I realize I'm always just following a recipe, but it makes me feel proud. This proudness is a feeling I honestly didn't know I was capable of, but it's cool. I dig it. 

(I also sometimes break my arm patting myself on the back over my own cooking, but that's neither here nor there)

They say people can't change, and I'm not saying CB has changed me. I do feel like he's made me more of a believer that real, equal love does exist. It is possible to find your best friend and love someone as much as they love you. I honestly wasn't a believer in totally equal love before I met him. I didn't think I wanted it, and I truly didn't think I needed it. Now I'm certain I can't live without it. 

We aren't flashy, or in your face - obviously, we aren't anywhere to be found together on the internet. I like to think that we don't make anyone ever feel uncomfortable around us. I think we have a very simple kind of love. 

I guess I'm feeling a little sappy because this coming Monday will mark two years of being together! 
Maybe we'll wind up getting each other the same card again.... 

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25 May 2016

10 Frozen Cocktail Recipes for Summer

Nothing is better than a frozen cocktail during the hot Summer months. You'll love these 10 boozy frozen cocktail recipes to keep you cool all Summer long!
Summertime Frozen Cocktail Recipe

You guys know by now how much I love making cocktails, right? Although I waited tables for nearly 10 years --dang-- I never bartended but always wanted to. You might also remember that I want to open my own bar someday. I've learned over the last couple of years that I love entertaining, and I love handing someone the perfect cocktail that you'd normally only order in a craft cocktail bar.  

If you come over to our house for a party, there will be no shortage of booze available. Whiskey, vodka, gin, tequila.... you name it, we'll have it for you. I pride myself in my bar cart, and love to make something delicious that will get you feeling loose! I guess I just adore playing the role of barkeep

CB and I will be going to VA Beach to see my mom for the July 4th week. Now, her street on the beach does a ton of block parties which is pretty cool, but the July 4th block party takes the cake. One of the activities for the evening is a blender party.

By blender party I mean BLENDER CONTEST.

Everyone votes on their favorite blender concoction. 


I understand that July 4th is over a month away, but NO REST FOR THE WICKED. I've gotta find my winning blender recipe. 

Here are 10 ideas that I've found on Pinterest, what looks the best to you?
Which one do you think that I should recreate, put my own spin on... AND WIN THIS THING?

1. Frozen Peach Bourbon Mule || The Kitchn

2. Coconut Margarita || Gimmie Some Oven

 3. Mimosa Smoothie || Lemon Tree Dwelling

4. Skinny Pina Colada || Venus Trapped in Mars

5. Creamy Frozen Mudslide || A Night Owl

6. Frozen Bloody Mary || Martha Stewart

7. Texas Twister || HGTV

8. Frozen Jack and Cherry Coke || Food Network

9. Hemingway Daiquiri ||

10. Frozen Pink Salty Dog || Martha Stweart

As of right now, I'm leaning toward the Pink Salty Dog or the Texas Twister to represent TEXAS y'all!

If you love cocktails -- particularly of the margarita variety -- as much as I do, and will be in the Dallas area this weekend for Memorial Day, I have THE BEST GIVEAWAY EVER today!

I have TWO FREE PASSES to giveaway to Margarita Meltdown this Sunday, May 29th at 4pm! 

I'll probably be bringing a notepad and pen with me, hoping to learn a few tricks to get a leg up on my July 4th competition!

To enter my giveaway, just leave a comment letting me know what frozen cocktail you think would WIN my July 4th blender competition, and enter via the Rafflecopter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you want to get a group together to go this weekend, assuming the event doesn't sell out during presale ($40), tickets will be available at the door for $50! 

Contest will end tonight at midnight!

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24 May 2016

30x30x30 || Weight Loss Challenge

Before a day or night out, I'll get dressed and check out whatever ensemble I've thrown together in the mirror. I love clothes, but I'm unfortunately very cheap and prefer to spend my money with any of my 18 favorite bartenders in Deep Ellum... or with the pizza hut delivery guy. I swear to you, I'll get dressed and although I won't necessarily be thrilled with what I see in front of me, I'll be ok with it. 

My mirror pep talk usually goes something like... "Ok, you don't look horrific. Congrats.

I'll then do my makeup and hair which gives me a bit more confidence and I'll head out the door, ready to go see one of my 18 favorite bartenders.... or perhaps the pizza delivery guy, if I'm really lucky. 

Then comes the terrifying part, the part where I feel like I am looking kinda pretty and I'll either ask CB to take a pic or I'll get a pic with the girls. After nervously trying to figure out what angle to make my arm bend that won't show up on camera looking like a ham hock, I get situated and the photo is taken. 

The camera will be returned to me and I swear I just look at it, every time and think, "Dear lord in heaven is that what I look like?! That is NOT what the mirror showed me!!!!!"

Why is the mirror such a LIAR? I'll see one thing, and a camera shows me something completely different. Something that is honestly heartbreaking and puts me in a mood that I have a hard time recovering from. 

I know I've said this one billion times, but sadness consumes me over it. 

Just go fix it then. 
Alright. Ok. 

I read a quote the other day from P!nk (of all people) and it really made me think. 

My first thought was, yeah P!NK! Agreed! But am I REALLY happy? I'm having fun.... yes. Pizza is my happy place, but is a few slices of pizza worth the pain and mood change that occurs when I see a photo of myself? 

Honestly. HONESTLY, no. No it isn't. 

I need to find my happy weight. A weight where, sure, maybe there is some squish there, but overall I feel confident. Feeling confident would make me feel happy. These are very basic, simple words, but meaningful nonetheless. 

On December 17th I will turn 30 years old. 
I've set a goal to lose 30 pounds in 30 weeks by age 30. 

I had the idea of 30 pounds by age 30, then I when I looked up how many weeks that was from now, there sat the number 30. 30x30x30. It all just kind of made sense. 

I've already been working out, but if I want to reach this goal, I have to just quit eating crap ALL THE TIME. I suppose I'll need to write my 18 bartenders besties a letter telling them I might be seeing them less often. 

If you want to join in with me (and man would I love the support) here are the details I've got nailed down so far: 

1. Hashtag I'll use on social media || #Fit30x30x30

2. $20 Diet Bet || New one every month: VTIM May Challenge 
Starts TUESDAY (a week from today)

3. One update per month on my progress. Maybe, if anyone is interested, we could bring back the Operation Get Fit Linkup from a couple years ago?

Turning 30 is a big deal, and I want to wake up and feel better, prettier, sexier and more confident than I've ever felt before. 

I can do it. 

23 May 2016

The CB Charade

I posted a photo on my personal Facebook page yesterday, it was the same one that I posted on VTIM's Facebook page. It was a photo of me and CB at the horse races yesterday, where he had the program in front of his face, because, it's CB and he's crazy. 

Just a quick backstory for those who don't know why I don't call him by his real name and why his photo isn't on this blog. He owns his own company and he wanted to keep his personal life just that, personal. He doesn't have social media, although I'm sure after nearly two years of being with me (2 year anniversary a week from today!!) he would fashion himself a social media expert. In the beginning, I don't think he knew what to expect from my blog. I guess he thought I posted every last detail about my life, and being a part of this blog would essentially  be his life in a tabloid format. He really didn't want any of his employees being able to access all of his weekend shenanigans all over the internet. I personally don't think I overshare, but I had no problem respecting that wish of his. I get it, not everyone is a blogger.   

I would be mortified to write a post, bragging about a weekend I spent blackout drunk or partying out of control. In the beginning, I tried to explain to him that I was proud of my blog, and would even include it on a resume. It's an honest sliver of my life, one that I'm not ashamed to show my mom who reads every day. CB of course reads religiously, and now sees that being a part of this blog is not what he was initially thinking. 

Want my honest opinion? Bless his heart, I think he actually wants to drop the whole CB charade, but  feels like it's gone so far now that everyone would be disappointed to learn he is just a normal dude.

Bless his heart again, but you all already know he is just a normal dude. But he is MY normal dude and I freaking love that kid more than anything in this world. That's all you guys care about, I know that for a fact. 

Breaking news: I am not Blake Lively, and CB, although I think he is quite handsome, is not Ryan Reynolds. Whew, glad we got that out of the way. I've been so nervous to tell you that *face palm*

Man, that was an intense backstory........ SO I POSTED THAT PICTURE RIIIIIIIGHT? 

Well this sweet guy who came to visit our friend Larissa last weekend jokingly commented on my photo and said something along the lines of.... "Where is ____ face???" He of course used his real name, because you know, why the hell would he have called him CB? 

You should have seen the amount of panic on my face. I deleted the comment and then sat there panting while beads of sweat rolled down my face. Not really, but you get it. 

Meanwhile, my mom who is in town right now, gave me a major eye roll and pleaded with me that it really isn't that big of a deal. She was right. If someone saw CB's name, does that REALLY matter at this point. It might even be a good thing, it might be the nudge forward to dropping the whole bit. 

Maybe? Possibly? Pretty please? 

I have to say, in the world-o-snapchat, would you believe I've only slipped one time on having CB in the video? ONE TIME! Thirteen of you saw CB before I caught it 5 minutes later. I assume you probably had no idea it was even him.  

Anyway....... I've ranted enough this morning, here are some snaps from our awesome weekend! 

I picked my mom up from the airport on Friday after work and we ate dinner at my second favorite pizza place in Dallas, Enos.  

The next morning we pampered ourselves with strawberry toast and cold brew from a new coffee spot down the street, Cultivar, and mani/pedis before heading to the AT&T Byron Nelson Golf Tournament to cheer my favorite golfer on, Sergio!

Sergio won, BTW!

It was about a trillion degrees and 10000000% humidity, but we still had a ton of fun. I also had a couple of the Real Housewives of Dallas following me around, begging for a photo. So rude, right? I had to tell them 100 times that I just couldn't take photos with every single fan of mine, there wasn't enough time in the day. 

The next morning we went to one of my favorite spots, the Dallas Farmer's Market to buy flowers for our back yard. My mom insisted that it was time that I grew up and did things like plant flowers. Yikes. More on this whole "adult flower thing" later in the week....

We finished the weekend by playing the ponies at Lonestar Park. 
As you might remember, CB and I will always have fond memories of Lonestar Park! 

My momma will be here through tomorrow, and then one of my very best friends who I haven't seen in more than two years will be coming in from Knoxville and I'm so excited my head is going to EXPLODE.  

And now to tackle this short work week.........

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18 May 2016

Instagram Dreams

I can't believe I'm going to tell this story, but oh well. If you can't be honest and absolutely bat shit crazy on your own sliver of the internet, then where can you be? 

And no, I'm not talking about what I found in the microwave on Snapchat lastnight. Although that too was embarrasing.... for Gee. Poor little guy, so awkward. 

I woke up in the middle of the night totally in a panic. Or at least I thought I had woken up. It was one of those times when you think you've awaken from a dream, but it turns out you're dreaming about waking up. I hope I'm not the only person who does this. 

So here I am, thinking I'm awake, and like I do on most mornings I lean over and grab my phone. I check email, then move on to instagram. I open instagram and I've got a decent amount of new likes, about the same amount of likes I'd receive on one photo.

I don't remember posting any photos though, what was this surge about?  

So I click over to my profile and there sits about 14 new photos that I have no recollection of posting. The photos include a picture of the bandaid on my food, a picture of the bandaid peeled back and the wound on my foot, a photo of a baindaid torn off and lying on the floor...

Essentially, on my Instagram page sat a documentary of the lifecycle of Sarah's bandaid. Each of the 14 photos had a handful of likes. Each of the 14 photos had been posted for several hours. Panic set in and breathing became difficult. Right as I went to check the number of unfollows I'd received, I shot awake. For real this time.

The amount of relief I felt was downright embarrassing. I told CB about how horrible my dream was and he so kindly provided sympathy. By sympathy I mean he died laughing, as he should have. What a ridiculous dream, and what a ridiculous thing to feel relief over. 

Aside from the fact that I'm sure a documentary on the full life span of a bandaid whose work is totally under appreciated in today's society would be riveting, it would have meant losing what I would estimate to be 1,000+ followers. Followers that I honestly worked really hard at getting. Go ahead and judge my anxiety over such a stupid thing, I can take it. I know I'm ridiculous. 

But in the words of the legendary poet, Yo Gotti, "I Love The Gram, I Love The Gram, I Love the Gram... I'm addicted to it, I know I am.

It is what it is. I love it, I hate it. It's stupid. It's awesome. It's ridiculous. It doesn't matter. It matters. It's just instagram, and I have a blog. It is what it is. 

If we're being honest, I think the dream bandaids represented every weekend morning that I wake up, check instagram and confirm that I didn't post a photo of myself hammered drunk in the front row of a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert wearing a Tuxedo T-shirt. What? I like to party.

Or maybe the bandaids represented CB, who I live in constant fear that I'm going to accidentally photograph and place on the internet. 

Alright, you're right. I'm a nutcase. 

In other, far less crazy news, can we talk about my friend Helene real quick? As you know, Helene and I used to be in real life buddies right here in Dallas but then she moved to my other favorite T state. 

Well HELENE launched the absolute COOLEST site for bloggers on the internet yesterday called Blog Boss Babe and I am tickled pink to be a part of the site as one of the mentors. Blog Boss Babe not only offers everything you could need as a blogger from instructional videos on building your blog and social media (pro tip: no bandaid photos) to an online forum and built-in community of literally hundreds of other bloggers. It is hands down the best way to grow your blog and make some new friends while you're at it. 

Plus, for those of you who have already joined, did you know you get an extra 20% off on my blogger templates? Just check out the "discounts" page under the members section! 

You should for sure check it out, Helene worked her butt off on this site and you'll be able to tell right away. So check it out now

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17 May 2016

Fix Pin It Hover Button Not Showing Up in Blogger

Pin It Hover Button Not Showing UpPin it hover button not showing up on your blogger blog? When you hover your mouse over an image, has the pin it button disappeared? You need this post that will fix the Hover Pin It Button Issue on Blogger Blog. Also, if you need the original tutorial for installing a pin it button on your blogger blog, you can find that here: Install a Custom Pin It Button On Your Blogger Blog

I first noticed that my blog's pin it button magically disappeared last Friday when I went to pin an image for a sponsored post. Being a firm believer that nothing just stops working without explanation, I set out to get the issue fixed.  I quickly realized that the coding from Bloggersentral was down. 

I then set out to find another way of having a custom pin it hover button. NOTHING. 

Seriously people, nothing. If you have a custom pin it button, and you are on blogger, then your pin it button is currently not working. Every single tutorial I found on the internet linked to Bloggersentral's script. I tried emailing them, I tried tweeting them, I also noticed that other people were trying to contact them over the issue as well. All with no response from them. Yikes. 

After what I swear to you was HOURS of searching, I found a solution on twitter of all places. I searched "pin it hover" and saw a tweet from an account called Georgia Lou that seemed promising. The link in their tweet didn't work, but I managed to track down the post with their solution to the problem. I had to tweak the code a bit to get it to work on my blog, but I finally got my pin it button up and running again. I swear to you I had tears in my eyes. Ok, maybe not, but I was overjoyed.

I'm a little bit nuts when it comes to solving blog related problems. I can't stop until I've got a solution. If you have a blogger template from me that I've recently installed, I went ahead and made the change for you, so you're all good! 

NOTE: If you have a blogger blog, and you have a custom pin it button, there's a 95% chance yours is not currently working. This will fix it. 

1. Back up your current template
Before you ever make edits to your blog, do a backup. 
Download Full Template

2. Search for the code you'll need to edit
Go to TEMPLATE on the left side of your dashboard
Click Edit HTML
Click your mouse anywhere inside that text box full of coding that pops up. 
If you're on PC hit CTRL + F... If you're on Mac hit Command + F to open the search box
Search for "Bloggersentral

3. Find the following code:
WE will be replacing this code but FIRST, you'll want to copy the link to your pin it button, so you don't lose that. You'll find that link located in the 4th line. Copy that link into a text editor or somewhere you can access it in just a minute.

As you can see mine is:

4. Replace that code with the following code

Replace all of that code above, with this code: 

5. Make the edits for YOUR blog...

In line 3, where it says YOUR_URL_HERE be sure to paste that URL link to your pin it button that you copied from step 3.

*Note, be sure to leave the quotation marks surrounding that URL. 

Also, under the URL, you can move the location of your pin it button. I always have mine in the CENTER, but you can also do the following placements:


6. Save Template
The code in the light blue box below is what yours should look like now. 
If it does, click Save Template

Now this is a little complicated, so just a reminder again to PLEASE backup your template before you start any heavy code lifting! If you have any questions, just let me know, I'll do my best to help. 

If this was helpful, I'd sure love it if you'd either pin this or save this post on bloglovin! It was nearly impossible to find the solution to this problem, and I think bloggers are going to be searching high and low for a fix to the disappearing Pin It Hover Button! 

16 May 2016

It's Time To Get Involved

In August I will have been in Dallas for 4 years, and over the course of those 4 years, I've lived in three different neighborhoods. First was Carrollton, which is actually not in Dallas, but rather a suburb of Dallas. I chose this because it was minutes from my work. Although I really LOVED my apartment in Carrollton, it wasn't the area for a 25 year old Dallas transplant to easily make new friends. 

So as soon as my year-long lease was up, I bolted to what is now still my favorite little Dallas neighborhood, Deep Ellum. From what people tell me, Deep Ellum has had its ups and its downs. This explains to me why the guys at work gave me a look of absolute shock and horror when they found out I was moving there. "But like, you'll get stabbed." was what they were thinking. This was two years ago and the change that has whipped through Deep Ellum in a mere two years is incredible. Unlike its neighbor to the North, Uptown, Deep Ellum doesn't judge. Deep Ellum is chill and awesome and accepting and just overall the greatest place on earth.

I'm a little obsessed, can you tell?

Unfortunately though, CB and I didn't get a house in Deep Ellum. Although finding an apartment isn't difficult, there are very few homes in that area. The homes available were very historic -- read: way out of our price range -- or were loft style living. After spending the majority of my adult life walking a dog twice a day every day,  I was ready to be able to just open a door and have them go out into a yard. Hence, loft and high rise living were ruled out. 

After looking at every possible option from the suburbs to the city, we found the house we loved in a neighborhood called Oak Cliff. 

Now, I didn't think people could come up with more horrified faces than they provided me for Deep Ellum, but I was wrong. The look I got when I said 'Oak Cliff' conveyed: "How many gunshots did you get when you toured the house.

Oak Cliff is an interesting neighborhood. Again, not being a born and raised Dallasite, all I have to go on is what people tell me, and people tell me Oak Cliff used to be THE neighborhood to live many, many years ago. Well, until it wasn't. 

Our home, like many homes for sale in Oak Cliff right now, was a complete gut, overhaul and flip job. Yes, some streets are better than others. Some streets have been overhauled, some have not. Both CB and I loved every single thing about our house and jumped at it, especially at the price point. In Oak Cliff, you're going to find one beautiful house located right next to two homes that look like they might be abandoned -- even though there are 48 cars in the driveway.  

We both feel good about Oak Cliff. We both feel excited about the future of Oak Cliff. If we had it to do over again, we'd still choose our house in Oak Cliff. That house screams Sarah and CB. It's perfect. 

With all of that said, I get really defensive when I hear or see people talking crap about Oak Cliff. For example, there was a pop up Farmers Market announced on Facebook a few months ago, and so many people left comments saying they wouldn't be going because they feared for their safety in Oak Cliff. This Farmers Market was in a church parking lot on Saturday morning, come on people you sound ridiculous. 

We were super busy yesterday, but there was a huge craft beer event in Bishop Arts that I insisted we attend. Bishop Arts is the most popular area in Oak Cliff and is filled with adorable  shops and some of the best restaurants in Dallas.  As an Oak Cliff resident, it's important to me to support our neighborhood and hopefully change people's opinion on that side of Dallas. The more opinions that change, the faster the revival and the more our property will be worth. 

As I knew we would, we had an absolute blast. Aside from the fun we had though, I think we both really saw that event as an eye opener that we are adults now and need to be more involved in things we support and believe in. This might sound bad, but I've never been the kind to really get involved in my community.

I'm genuinely surprised that I learned a life lesson from attending a craft beer event, but I'm glad I did.  CB and I both need to change that, we both need to put effort and support into where we live. 

If you live in Dallas or are even just visiting, shoot me an email and I'll recommend my favorite Oak Cliff spots that I can guarantee will win you over and totally change your opinion on this bomb neighborhood that we love! 

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13 May 2016

Fan Friday || Win 2 Free Tickets to the AT&T Byron Nelson

Golf will always hold a soft spot in my heart, more than any other sport out there. Golf was my Dad's favorite sport, and some of my favorite memories the two of us shared happened on the golf course. I was a die hard, year-round basketball player, but I know he always wished that I had made golf my number one focus. I was pretty good considering I never practiced and would only go out and play with him every few months. 

When you're a little girl, it is very hard to remain focused for 18 holes of golf. One time, at Band Camp Disney World, we were playing golf and a rogue golf club (PSA: People get mad during golf and throw things) smacked me upside the head as I was doing cartwheels in the fairway. Obviously the guy who threw his club was in the wrong there, but maybe don't take a 9 year old obsessed with gymnastics to play 18 holes of golf in Disney World. 

As I've grown older -- and am no longer physically able to do cartwheels -- I've really started to enjoy both playing and watching golf. When I play golf and do well, I know my Dad is up there watching, starting a slow clap after a good chip shot. I picture him giving me a big, excited thumbs up from across the green when I take my time, line up a putt... then sink it. 

June 2nd will mark 10 years since I lost my Dad, and I've already asked CB if we could go golfing after work that day in his honor. I have no doubt that would be what he would want. 

Well, he'd also want Pat Summitt and the Lady Vols to win a National Championship, but seeing as Pat Summitt no longer coaches and UCONN doesn't know how to properly share National Championships with other teams, I think we'll settle on playing golf. 

If you haven't been keeping up with the PGA Tour as of late, you're missing some of the best golfers to ever play the game. Unfortunately, as you know, our household generally has to DVR the PGA Tour, but not next weekend! 

I'm really pumped because my Mom is coming in town and we are going to be able to watch it live and in person right here in Dallas at the AT&T Byron Nelson Tournament! Some of my favorite players have committed, like Dallas local legend Jordan Spieth, my favorite player of all time Sergio Garcia and one of CB's favorites Dustin Johnson.

I have TWO SINGLE DAY PASSES to give away!!!!! 

If you want to spend a day at the AT&T Byron Nelson Tournament watching some of the best to ever play the sport... just enter below! 

I'll be picking the winner first thing Monday morning! 

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Gym Bag Essentials For Working Out on Your Lunch Break

You guys remember when I told you I was going to kick this week right in the behind? Well I think I've done just that! I've been working out religiously both at the gym and at home, and I've also tried to get up as often as possible and take a few loops around the warehouse at work. Every little bit helps, especially when you're competing in more than one "Work Week Hustle" Fitbit challenge. 

I'm not a morning workout person, I never have been and I never will be. The problem isn't getting out of bed, it's the total feeling of being sleepy, weak and unmotivated before I've had my coffee. I much prefer to be awake for several hours before tackling any heavy lifting. I know I've mentioned this before,  but I always try to maximize every second of my lunch break. One idea I've had is to hit the gym at lunch on days when CB and I have plans in the evening. I go to Planet Fitness and there is one just minutes away from my office. 

I wish I was a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader who could work out in the dead of Texas Summer with my hair down without getting even a bead of sweat, but that is not me. Here are a few essentials that I would pack in my gym bag for a lunch time workout! If you're a DCC, feel free to go on to the next blog post, this one isn't for you. 

1. Insulated Water Bottle 
Fill your bottle up at work before you leave and don't waste time filling it up at the gym. 

2. Fitbit || I own the Alta, it's not too expensive + BONUS: shows your text messages and phone calls
Do you have a fitbit? If not, you're doing it wrong. It is the single most motivating thing I've ever owned. Just last night I was 400 steps away from my 10k step goal and proceeded to jog around the house like a crazy person. I love this thing and would recommend it to anyone who will listen!

3. A Great Fitness App
Time is limited, so to keep yourself focused use an app while you're there. I personally use Couch to 5k (yes, still working on making it to that 5k.......) paired with Spotify.

4. Workout Headphones
Like nearly everyone on this planet, I despise the apple headphones that come with the iPhone. They fall out of my ears and I have to put the music on full blast to even be able to hear it. You don't have to spend a lot to get decent headphones for the gym. The ones I linked above were just $10, work great and won't slip out of your ears.

5. A Timed Playlist
Set your Spotify playlist to be exactly 30 minutes, that way you know when it's over, it's time to hustle back to work. Have you ever browsed the workout section on Spotify? If not, you should! My favorite playlists to workout to are Hype and Intensity... OH... and my own playlist which is always getting updated: Earn Dat Pizza.

6. Dry Shampoo
I have brown hair so it took me forever to find a travel sized Brunette dry shampoo. I finally found the one shown in the photos above at Ulta, but the full sized version is on Amazon as well.

7. Braided Hairstyle
Braids are the only way I can pull off a mid-day workout. I'll usually just pull my hair straight back into a simple pony tail braid, but sometimes I'll do a more fun crown braid like this one from Pinterest.

8. Deodorant
Obviously. You knew that one already but.... a deodorant touchup is always a good choice.

9. A Small Gym Bag
Mine just happens to make a statement perfect for lunchtime... After this we're getting PIZZA!

10. Cottonelle® CleanRipple Texture Flushable Cleansing Cloths
Cottonelle® CleanRipple Texture is a proprietary innovation on all Cottonelle® toilet paper and flushable cleansing cloths that is designed to clean better than the leading value brand. Pack these cleansing cloths in your gym back for clean confidence to be able to easily pop right back into work, feeling confident after any workout! Only Cottonelle® has CleanRipple Texture designed to clean better, so you’re clean enough to Go Commando. If you pack nothing else in your gym bag for a lunch break sweat sesh, pack Cottonelle® CleanRipple Texture!

Also, get this, Cottonelle® is giving away a trip to Wanderlust 108 in Miami on October 22nd. Wanderlust 108 is a field day for your mind, body and soul and includes activities like yoga, meditation and a 5k.


I'm doing my first one ever on Saturday. It's a Strut Your Mutt 5k benefiting the SPCA and Veenie will get to run with me. Am I ready? NOPE, I am not. The bright side though is that there will be beer at the end of it and if I totally suck I can blame Veenie! 

"Ohhh, yeahhhhh. I'm going to walk with her, she really needs to take it easy after her surgery -- that surgery that she has been cleared by the vet and is completely recovered from that was well over a month ago."

BUT at the gym yesterday I did a 3min run followed by 2 minute walk combo on the treadmill and I'm proud to say I made it through! Maybe I'll do ok after all!??!?! Wish me luck....

Follow along on Snapchat to see if I live through the race to even collect my free beer!!

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