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11 April 2016

The DVR Wins Again

I've discussed my hatred for DVRing sporting events before, and yesterday during the Masters my hatred was justified yet again. CB talked me into DVRing the Masters Tournament so we could skip past the commercials. I reluctantly agreed, only because the Masters is his favorite sporting event of the year. I love the Masters, but I do find myself grabbing and scrolling through my phone mindlessly during the broadcast. The thing is like 6 hours long, I zone out from time to time. 

It should be noted that when Rory is on TV, I do not zone out. I've been known to rewind and replay on occasion. I'm not sure what it is (pecs, face, butt, smile, eyes) about him, but I just really enjoy studying his golf swing. 

You know, studying. You know, so I can improve my own game. You know...

So there we were somewhere in the first 9 -- if you watched my snaps on Friday night, you'll know the Masters has some crazy rules. i.e. it isn't called the front and back 9, it's called the first and second 9 -- and my mom calls excitedly, "ARE YOU WATCHING THIS??!!" She was of course referring to the Masters and I had to scream, "DON'T SAY ANYTHING WE ARE ONLY ON HOLE 8."

Again, I hate DVRing a sport. 

About 15 minutes later, my phone chimes... Duh Nuh Nuh, Duh Nuh Nuh 
(that's supposed to be the Sportscenter sound, for the record)

Knowing the Mavs and Rangers were both playing, I picked up the phone and looked. STUPID STUPID STUPID.

My phone excitedly reports, "Danny Willett wins Masters." At the time I received that message, Speith had a 5 stroke lead. 

It was like knowing someone was going to punch you, but not knowing when it was going to happen. Ok, that's a little dramatic, but you get the point. I didn't enjoy it. 

I didn't enjoy watching -- waiting -- for someone to blow a lead like that, especially someone I like. Well that might not be true, there are many, many SEC football teams I love to watch blow a lead. 

Man, poor Jordan. I feel for the kid. He's so young, and that was so intense. Not only do you lose something you could have easily won, but you've got to go crown the winner. Yikes. I think he is going to have a seriously difficult time getting over this. I know he is loaded and he can go cry into a giant pile of cash, but he is 22. I cried and pouted over everything when I was 22. (and now still at 29....)

The suspense was totally ruined for me though, because 
1. ESPN spoiled everything 
2. Our recording cut out around hole 17, so we didn't get to see Jordan finish or the green jacket presentation. 

In conclusion, that will be the last time I agree to DVRing a sporting event. 
Sorry CB, never again.

Did you watch?! How do you think Jordan handled himself?
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  1. I felt horrible for him! It was just one of those moments where my husband and I looked at eachother and at the same time said WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He handled himself with dignity and class with the awarding of the green jacket though. He made this Texan proud! :) (And - my husband was hit with Rory's ball at the Match Play here in Austin and I have a video my husband sent me with Rory talking and his ass in full screen, hahaha)

  2. Girl, I love me some Rory. All the heart eyes. I don't know what it is because if I saw a similar guy on the street, I wouldn't give him a second glance. But I cannot get enough of Rory (I actually found myself calling him Rors this weekend because obviously we are besties).

    I cannot imagine being Jordan and needing to put the green jacket on another guy when he was fully expecting it was going back on his body. I thought he handled it well, though I caught a screenshot where it looks like he is plotting Danny's death. Just say NO to DVRing sports.

  3. Say no to DVRing. Nope. Not allowed. You can even try to not be spoiled, but it is gonna happen. I'll take the 8 million commercial breaks over that.

  4. OMG my heart just broke for Jordan! What a loss :(

  5. Felt so awful for Jordan! Seeing him quadruple bogie that hole was like a sucker punch to the gut! And when walking to the clubhouse with all the cameras in his face (did anyone else catch him asking them to get out of his face?!?). I think being 22, he handled the whole situation pretty professionally-- I would have thrown all my golf clubs into the water where two of my balls ended up. :)

  6. I am not a Jordan fan, so I wasn't terribly upset when he didn't get the jacket! I was really hoping that he was going to have to put it on his friend, Smiley!!! I'm with you---Rory all the way!!!

  7. I watched! Are you proud of me?! But i kept saying, man he's gotta chill out. I think he was mentally tapped out. Wish he would have pulled it off!

  8. Rory McElroy is cute in his own sorta way. I love the freckles and he's got a great ass. And who doesn't love an accent?


  9. You need to just say no to that DVR haha! Oh man, I didn't realize how much I was really rooting for Jordan until that quad. My heart just hurts for him, and the jacket presentation after when he's just standing in the middle looking sad? Ugghh! Hopeful for redemption at the US Open!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  10. Oh that is just the worst!!

    I didn't watch any of the Masters, but I sure heard about it. So sad for Jordan!

  11. Ugh we DVRd the SEC championship game in 2012 when UGA (GO DAWGS) played Bama and almost won in the last 9 seconds. We recorded it because our church Christmas party was that night because we live in Ohio and these yankees don't care about the SEC championship. Or so we thought. One guy there was getting updates on his phone though and announced that Bama won very loudly! We still watched the game later but just like what happened to you with the masters, the end was cut off. UGH I was so mad!

  12. It's always like that when we we are watching a game, the unexpected will happen all the time and that too in a sporty fashion. I'm really sad for Jordan, being a 22 guy he may suffer hard to manage the situation, but I'm proud of him for one thing as he managed the moments so professionally. I do work for a resume firm online, but being a sports lover, I always try to manage my works and get some free time to watch the live actions. Anyway, we can simply wish the best to happen in coming matches for him.


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