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14 April 2016

Guest Bedroom Essentials

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CB and I moved into our house back in July of 2015. We've done so much to it, I mean it has been a complete overhaul since the day we moved in. We started with the dining room, finished that, and continue the overhaul from room to room. New paint, new floors, new couches, new tables, new decor, new light fixtures.... you name it, we did it. I really have an eye for design and style and a passion for DIY that just won't quit. I get downright giddy over working on the house, and devote every free moment I have to sprucing up our little love shack. 

LOLZ. Totally joking. 

We put in a gallery wall and bought a dining room table many months ago, and that's literally all we have done. Oh, and I feel like I've got my office looking pretty spiffy thanks to that Cowboys video we recorded in my office back in September -- you know, the one that they still won't give to me to show y'all

What can I say, we like to go out and have fun rather than work on the house. Every weekend, we honestly have good intentions to stay at home and work on the house, but then someone's like, 

"BEER!" and we run to them as fast as our little legs will allow. 

We are also super cheap, which causes problems when you're trying to decorate and style a new home. A couple of weeks ago, we did splurge on FIVE new pieces of art for the house at the Deep Ellum Arts Festival, one of which was that print in the picture above. We agreed that print would go in the living room, but dang if it doesn't just look so perfect in my office! 

So needless to say, when it comes to decorating the house we are not the most diligent of couples. If it is taking us this long to hang art in our living room, it'll probably take us at least 5 years before we even think about decorating something like our guest bedroom. We do have several guests coming to stay with us this Summer, including my best friend from Knoxville, Lisa who I haven't seen in years. 

I want guests who stay with us to feel welcome and at home, so I made a little welcome basket that will permanently stay in the guest bedroom so we will be prepared anytime someone comes to stay with us, even if it is last minute. I feel like this basket gives the guest room a bit more personality, even though we don't have much in there other than a tv and a bed! 

Guest Bedroom Essentials

1. The Wifi Password
In my world, nothing is more important. 

2. Fresh Flowers
Will compliment the instagram image nicely

3. Extra Blanket + Pillows
I keep our house as cold as CB will allow. I'm always hot, but I do realize that my guests might not appreciate the fact that they're in Texas and a cold home on a 100+ degree day = heaven. 

4. Local Magazines
I subscribe to D Magazine, which is essentially a monthly guide to what's hot in Dallas. While I do appreciate a good pair of Cowboy boots, there's so much more that our guests should know about the Big D.

5. Ibuprofen 
If you come to stay with CB and me, I promise we're going to show you a grand ole time. Thank me in the morning for including this in your welcome basket. 

6. Toiletries
Eye makeup remover, bobby pins, razor, perfume, cotton swabs, etc.
Most of my friends and family are from the East Coast, and will be flying rather than driving and might have been restricted in their carry on. 

7. Snacks
I'm always so shy when I'm visiting someone else's home. No matter how many time's I'm told, "Make yourself at home, grab anything you want!" I never will. Plus, anytime I go to a hotel and see a welcome bag of free candy and chips I lose my mind and feel like royalty! 

This is where the basket of snacks comes in. 

In our basket, I included crackers, chips, candy and gum. Wrigley's new Extra® Gum Spearmint and Extra® Gum Polar Ice® from the checkout line at Walmart are good options for your welcome basket because they now have more gum, since they come in packs of 35! Give extra and get extra, win win! Extra® Gum Spearmint and Extra® Gum Polar Ice® are also durable and made from recycled packaging.

Both Extra® Gum Spearmint and Extra® Gum Polar Ice® can be found in the checkout aisle at Walmart! 

Now keeping your guests entertained, that's up to you. If you're in the Dallas area, you can't go wrong taking out of town guests anywhere listed in my complete guide to Deep Ellum

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  1. Replies
    1. The original one they gave us had percentage and pound signs in it and was like 45 digits long..... not sure that was totally necessary!

  2. What a cute idea.

  3. This is such a great idea! Your welcome basket is perfect. You've really thought of everything. Wifi password, Ibuprofen AND snacks - I'd love to be your guest :D

    Jen x | City Girl Stories

  4. very cute idea! thanks for sharing

    Check out my blog!

  5. I know your wifi now! ;) We have each of these things whenever we expect guests, such a great list! I also like to put a cute little local Postcard as well - not that my friends will use it, but it says "GREETINGS FROM FLORENCE, ALABAMA" and they all think it's super cute! The guest bath is fully stocked as well - I always put my "dentist goodie bag" in there from my last visit. Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss etc - Extra little things for ladies and some shave gel for the dudes as well. Hair spray etc... fully stocked (and it comes in handy for when I run out of tampons and/or need some floss!) PS I always put TUMS in there too!

  6. Guess what my wifi network is? GOPOKES! I wish my password was Lily, but we went with Stillwater lol.

  7. This is awesome! I'll keep it in mind for when I have a guest bedroom! (one day....)

  8. I don't usually chew gum, but today one of my students gave me a piece of Extra Chocolate Chip Mint. Off the chain, good!!!!

  9. You had me going on that first paragraph... I was like WOW she is putting me to shame. We've lived in our house FIVE years and still haven't updated things how we'd like. It's expensive to do all at once like you said- def a work in progress ;) Love your goody basket for the guest room, totally with you on the snacks in hotel rooms. ROYALTY!!

  10. come over and decorate my house. k thanks!!!

  11. What a cute wifi password sign! Great idea!


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