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06 April 2016

What Happened To Her Eye??!?

Y'all we got to see VEENIE last night! Just an update from my mental image yesterday, it was not rows of doggie beds with cat nurses and kitten candy stripers. 

Side note: Kelly made a joke that her cat Angus thought I said "strippers". I then panicked hoping I didn't spell Candy Striper wrong. So I googled "Candy Striper" and it gave me tons of articles regarding different issues of Playboy magazine. This still left me unsure, so then I googled STRIPPER, to confirm that was how you spelled stripper, as in the lady who takes her clothes off, not the lady who brings you flowers when you're sick. 

That then confirmed that yes, it is indeed spelled STRIPER, not STRIPPER.  I really did the leg work there -- no pun intended. 

SO AS I WAS SAYING.... We got to visit Veenie last night! We walk in and I immediately spot her in her cage. She's my little girl after all, I'd of course spot her immediately in a sea of dogs.

She had her back to me, but her head was turned and I could see her left eye. I screech to the nurse, "OH MY GOSH WHT HAPPENED TO HER EYE?!?!?!" 

From where I was standing across the room, it looked all red and swollen, with possibly some blood tracking through her stark white fur. 

The nurse, clearly very worried that someone didn't tell me something I should've known already, frantically swept through the chart in her hands. 

CB just looked at me with this WTF face. 

As I walked closer to swollen eye Veenie, CB walked to a totally different cage. As I started to ask him where he was going, it was then that I realized that wasn't my dog. 

Dog mom of the year over here people. Dog mom of the damn year. 

In my defense though, they really shouldn't keep two all white Jack Russells side by side. OK FINE, YOU GOT ME, it was my fault. Sigh. I then walk over to my little Veenie girl who I of course would immediately spot in a sea of dogs. Yikes.

Her tail nearly wagged off her body when she realized who was standing in front of her, but her face told a slightly different story. I couldn't get her to make eye contact with me, but I'm not sure that I would make eye contact with anyone either if I was feeling mighty fine on pain meds. 

They asked if we'd like to feed her. I asked CB if he'd do the honors while I petted her little head. This was a big step, we really were rooting for her to WANT to eat. 

SHE GOBBLED THAT FOOD RIGHT UP. (Like mother, like daughter.... )

I gave her about 513 kisses right on her nose and we left to let her rest. 

The next big step was for her to keep that food down. Unfortunately she didn't. 
BUT... they tried feeding her again at 1am and 5am, and has kept both of those meals down! HOORAY! Great news. 

So that's your Veenie update today. We are going to go see her again tonight, and I'll try and do a better job of recognizing my own daughter. Let's hope they get that confusing double Jack situation cleared up by then though....  

OH, and since the Vet's office just called with a "total Veenie dollars spent" update, now seems like a super duper time to tell you guys I have a new template available in my shop! I freaking love the simplicity of this template, and I think it would be perfect for anyone wanting to showcase fashion or photography, since the pictures practically jump off the page! 

Don't forget... ALL TEMPLATES COME WITH INSTALLATION AT NO EXTRA COST! I install, you just sit back and enjoy! 


Also, I'm offering full custom blog designs again. I stopped offering these for about the past year just because I did not have enough free time after work to complete these. Now that things have settled down and CB and I moved in together, I feel much more confident that I can start offering custom designs again. 

To see my portfolio, check here

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  1. Aww. POOR PUPPY!! I hope she's doing better.

    (That is funny about the dog mix up though. Lol)

    Humor & Lifestyle //

  2. Sooooo many hugs for Veenie!!! Also, I told my boyfriend about your idea of what visiting hours would be like for Veenie and he had the HUGEST smile on his face from that image :)

  3. I'm so glad to hear she's starting to do better! I hope you get to take her home soon! I feel your pain with the bill, even minor health issues start to add up quick.

  4. I am SO glad she's on the mend. I hope you get to bring her home very, VERY soon!

    (And, honestly, anyone could make that mistaken identity mix up. You're NOT a bad dog mom!)

  5. SO glad she's been able to keep her food down! Cheering for Veenie! The dog mix up story is so funny! :)

  6. So happy to hear she's giving it her all! You are TOTALLY forgiven for the faux pas of seeing her. Stress does that!

  7. Yay Veenie! I'm hoping she continues on the good road and recovers real soon. Love the new template too. If I didn't already have a super awesome design I may consider it ;) haha

  8. That's such great news that she kept her food down this morning! Still sending prayers your way!

  9. Still praying like crazy for that little Veenie girl!(and mom too!) You're doing good, don't get down on yourself!

  10. What a relief that she's getting better. I will likely purchase a template from you next week!

  11. Angus is still waiting for those Kitty Candy Strippers to show up... he's waiting by the window, tail swishing with delight ;)

    So happy I could make you laugh in this situation. I am also truly happy that she's feeling better!!! oxox I am still praying!!!

  12. So glad you got to see her! I've been thinking about your little lady and hoping everything turns out well for you guys!


  13. thank you so so much for the update. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to hear she's okay. I love you and her. Oh, and this gorg blog design!!

  14. SO glad to hear your dogter is doing better! Sending lots of prayers her way.

  15. Thanks for the update. It is always hard when furbaby is sick. So glad she is doing better. Can't believe a toothpick. Your design almost makes me want to switch to blogger and have you do me one

  16. Aw I'm glad she's doing better and there isn't something crazy going on with her eye too! And that blog design is so gorge - you're so dang talented!

  17. YAY!!! This is great news! I'll keep on sending some positive vibes till she's 10000% okay.
    This is a really great design by the way! I've been looking at some similar ones! If only I had moneys...

  18. Fingers crossed you get to bring her home today!!

  19. I'm really sorry you're all going through this, but it sounds like Veenie is being a trooper! I hope she continues to improve. I know I would be a complete wreck if my baby, I mean, dog went through this.


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