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29 April 2016

Fan Friday || Notes from the 2016 NFL Draft

Last night (we live tweeted the NFL Draft with you guys) was one of the most fun nights I've had watching sports in a long time. Let it be known that I started this blog with the intention of teaching my girlfriends the rules of sports in hopes that I would have more buddies to go to the games with me. I am a firm believer that a female can teach another female about a sport far more effectively than a man can. 

Do you understand how quickly that approach to my blog changed though?? You guys already know your shit, especially in the world of football. 

When I find another sports loving female, I feel like I've hit the jackpot in female friendships. Last night while hosting the #girlsgonedraft with Ashten, I had tons of girlfriends to talk to about how awesome, ridiculous and amazing the NFL really is.

So yeah, last night was a damn good night. We've gotta do that more often. 

Speaking of the NFL draft, I want to note some of the important things from round one. Last night had to have been the most eventful draft I think I've ever personally witnessed. Let's discuss.

1. Ezekiel Elliot's Crop Top
The 5th overall pick by the Dallas Cowboys sported an interesting outfit. Thought crop tops were just for us ladies?? Think again. Love it or hate it? I love it, I think he was trying to tell Jerry that he was totes cool with the 100+ degree Dallas temps. Or maybe he had a white snake music video to film after the draft, who knows?

2. Roger Goodell Got Booed
A lot. He got booed a lot. Like, every time he walked on stage. As a point of reference, he walked on stage around 31+ times.

3. Johnny Manziel watched the draft at a bar before the Justin Beiber Concert 
Yikes. Two years ago he was a first round draft pick. Yikes.

4. Bad News Bears for Laremy Tunsil and Ole Miss
If you're an Ole Miss fan.... YOU. ARE. FUUUUUUUUUUdged. 

Let me break this down if you haven't heard all of the drama. 

1. Tunsil tweeted a video moments before the draft showing him smoking a bong while wearing a gas mask. He claimed he was hacked, but at this point, no one was buying that story. We all thought he was just a moron.

2. Tunsil is shown on camera, waiting to be drafted, and looks like he is absolutely on the verge of tears.  

3. He finally gets drafted by the Miami Dolphins. He was projected to go as the sixth pick in the draft, but fell all the way down to pick number 13, costing him potentially millions. 

Someone made these memes... oh the joys of the internet. 

4. Someone, presumably the same person, hacks his instagram. At this point we all believe, ok this guy really is getting hacked. We also wonder if his password is "12345" or "password" or "laremytunsil". 

Here is what was posted to his instagram.... 

Datssssss not good, folks. Dats not good at all. 

5. To make it even worse, Tunsil is asked in an interview if there was an exchange of money between him and his coach. 

What you should say at this point: "NO COMMENT"
What he said: "Yeah"

My emotions for this kid were all over the place. 

When I first saw the bong picture all I could think was what an idiot. 

Then when I saw him almost crying I wanted to hug him and tell him everything would be ok. 

Then when he got drafted I cheered.... out loud. 

Then when I saw the Instagrams I put my fist in my mouth and bit down. Yowza. 

Then I ended the night with a facepalm during the presser. 


Man oh man, what a night. I don't know what is in store for Ole Miss or Tunsil, but I'll for sure be following along. What was your favorite part of the draft last night?!? What are your thoughts on Tunsil?? 


Tonight I'm switching from football to hockey, and transforming into a super mega die hard Dallas Stars fan since I have a ticket to the second round of the playoffs! Whoop!


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  1. I for one am very happy to see the demise of Johnny Football. I literally HATE that guy.

  2. First of all, SO FUN! Loved it. Secondly, OF COURSE Manziel was watching from a bar, where else do we see him these days? Third, aww poor Tunsil. I say poor Tunsil but then I kick myself because is this guy a complete moron? I just don't know what to think about him but would it surprise me if the Dolphins drafted a future flop-like Manziel? Probably not...

    1. At the very least... I really REALLY hope he learned NOT TO TAKE VIDEO OF HIMSELF DOING A BONG, regardless of it it will be posted to social media or not. SAY NO TO PICS AND VIDEOS!

  3. I was totally rooting for him to finally get drafted! I felt really bad for him. When the coach said it was an old video, I just wanted to believe it was old and someone was sabotaging him. I mean, clearly someone was... but ugh what a mess when the instagram thing happened! I don't know what to make of it.

    1. Someone REALLY, and I do mean REALLY has it out for that kid. He must have ticked off the wrong customer!!!

  4. I am a BIG Ole Miss fan, and last night just tore me up. First, I'm feeling so sorry for Tunsil. The video comes out, and he's about to cry. Hugh Freeze is up there hugging him, and my husband and I are staring at each other in disbelief as the picks keep coming, and none of them are Tunsil. Supposedly, he really was hacked. According to several news sources I've read today, it was definitely Tunsil in the video, but it was from a few years ago. The Instagram text conversations are a whole different story. The Ole Miss faithful are trying to spin it that Tunsil was confused at the press conference and with questions coming from everywhere, he wasn't sure which question he was answering....Hell, I don't know! I am just hoping and praying that Ole Miss can work it out, because I am excited about our upcoming class--I hope they don't have to pay the price for the coaches breaking the rules!!!!

    And Johnny Manziel...bless his heart! :)

  5. Okay, I'll admit that I didn't watch the draft last night and watched Friends reruns instead. But I WAS enjoying your live Tweeting!

    I, too, am so glad to see Johnny Manziel crash and burn. I mean, it's too bad to see a promising career go down like that, but he is such a mess and needs to take some time to get over his ego and learn that the world doesn't bow down to him.

    As for Tunsil...Ooof. That's just bad.

  6. I'm a Buckeye through and through. (Meaning I actually graduated from the university...I don't just live in Columbus...but I digress.) I enjoyed seeing all the antics last night. Zeke wearing the crop top the NCAA banned him from wearing last year...all those Buckeyes getting drafted...and the foolishness of the bong/insta/press conference debacle. I feel for that boy, but parents why are you putting him in that position?!?!?!? I would NEVER do that to Boomer. You can't wait a few years til the boy gets drafted?!?!?!

  7. The booing was incredibly depressing. And oh.... the crop top. Poor Tunsil. Also... what about when they randomly cut to that AWFUL shot of Jaylon Smith screwing up his knee? I was not prepared. It was when Jalen Ramsey got drafted. They were like... "speaking of Jalen's...." and then BOOM. I would have been perfectly happy to never witness that awful clip again.

    The Midwest Darling

    1. OH GIRL, no kidding on his Knee. I actually didn't see that last night but saw it TODAY when someone shared it on social media and I was BLINDSIDED.... that kind of thing makes me need to vom!!

  8. you will love Hockey and all those good ole wholesome boys...

  9. That my single signed CAL placard of Jared Goff went up in value. Also, a friend of mine called and wants to pay me for a cool pic I took (it is a selfie of Goff-Just him) at CAL All Sports back in August.

    On Tunsil-He doesn't need to be on any social media the rest of his playing career. Not a good move.

    Oh and Go Sharkies. They don't have any pressure from the media in Bay Area for once because of the Warriors. It is helping their play.

    1. I'd SAY it went up in value!! That's bomb!! As I was writing this he for sure deleted his instagram at least. This kid is NOT smart, someone needs to step in and be his PR ASAP!

  10. omg manziel! wow. that's nuts. i think it's ridiculous that players get to act like this. and yes, they get to do it just because they play football well. it's bullshit. this just shouldn't be allowed. it sets a bad standard and precedent for the millions of fans they have watching them. the whole coach giving him money... still no. maybe he wouldn't be smoking a bong if he took himself more seriously.

  11. Oh goodness. Johnny Football. When he decided to go into the draft early I told my husband it was a horrible idea. Turns out i was right.

    Two of our Gator players went first round! One to Tamp and one to Atlanta, we are excited for them! Hargraves I think could have stayed a Gator at least another year but we will see.

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