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28 October 2016

The Best Tailgate Playlist

The best tailgate playlist to get your tailgate poppin!

Growing up a baller (yup, just went there) the best pump up tunes were absolutely essential during pre-game warm ups. I was always the one in charge of making the team's warm up mix. Without fail, each warm up mix kicked off with Jock Jams - Let's Get Ready To Rumble followed by Eye of the Tiger.  

After that, it was a careful curation on my part. A little bit of the Love and Basketball soundtrack here, a dash of the Space Jam soundtrack there, topped off with a pinch of whatever I was able to hit the record button in time from the Top 8 at 8. 

PAUSE-- who remembers making mixtapes by hitting record on your cassette tape right as the song would come on the radio?  If you are too much younger than me, you might be asking what a cassette tape even is. You really missed out on life, kid. You missed out. The struggle was real. 

These days technology makes it much easier on us, and building a playlist is as easy as click click click. For this week's collaboration with NFL Fan Style, since I have these sweet Cowboys headphones from the NFL Shop to jam out with before kickoff, I thought I'd let you in on some songs that get me pumped up, and make my tailgate (or homegate) the place to be! This list is a great mix hitting nearly every genre, so everyone will be included. 

The Ultimate #GamedayVibes Pump Up Playlist

I hope this list helps get your tailgate pumped up! 

I'll be checking (ok - stalking) scores  on my phone all weekend because I'm headed to New Orleans for Voodoo Fest! EEEK! Follow along on the fun: Insta // Snap // Twitter // Facebook!

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27 October 2016

"Medium" - Love It Or List It?

I've been listening to Amy Schumer's book on my tedious rush hour drive home in Dallas traffic. If you're not familiar with Dallas traffic imagine an old lady using a walker in Nauturalizer comfort shoes zooming past making you wonder if that was the road runner or not. BEEP BEEP.

That is Dallas traffic during rush hour. 

So I've been listening to Amy's book (highly recommend) and there was a chapter about how magazines label women's bodies. She talked about how -- without her knowledge -- they included her in an article about great style at any size. She was not happy about it. She didn't understand why it couldn't have just been "Great Style" why did the any size part need to be included? 

She's got a point. She then went on to dive deeper into the size labels we place on women. I'll let you read for yourself, but it really got me thinking about what I've since coined as a "medium", sizes 8-12. Is that wrong of me? What would Amy do? Would she approve or hate that? 

I think the reason I use the term medium, if we are being totally honest, is that I feel that if I call myself a medium then I am beating everyone to the punch and no one will body shame me. Kind of like Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect. Actually -- JUST like Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect. 

When I say body shaming, I don't necessarily mean someone saying to my face or even behind my back, "Oh look how big her butt is, or look how fat her legs are." In this day and age, I honestly don't feel like anyone would do that. It makes you look like a terrible person, and it is just frowned upon.

My issues stem from what goes through a persons mind. My mind immediately jumps to the conclusion that someone is thinking to themselves, damn look at her thighs, yikes. I constantly think about what someone else is thinking.

How ABSURD AM I Y'ALL?? I'm 29, almost 30 years old and have a boyfriend who loves every curve and friends who love and support me.... how ABSURD!!!!!!!!!! 

I'm just being honest, though. It is how I feel. 

No one has ever said to me, "Wow, you're fat." Never, ever. I'm certain that they think it though. I have no proof. I obviously can't read minds. So silly, who cares. 

So back to my "medium" coined  term. What are y'alls thoughts?

I personally still like it, but I don't want to continue labeling and being counter productive to us simply JUST being WOMEN and being BEAUTIFUL.

Medium - Love It Or List It?
(yes, that was an HGTV joke)

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26 October 2016

Cute Gameday Shirts for Women

I've always said I prefer tickets over flowers, but this shirt takes it to another level! 

My friend, and fellow #VFL (short for Vol For Life - Without the Possibility of Parole) Meredith started this new line of gameday tees for ladies at the beginning of this season and I'm so pumped to introduce them to you today. There are tons of options, even if you're not a Vol fan. If you are a Vol fan though (hooray, go you, I like you) welcome to your new favorite Etsy shop. 

I'm always so impressed by my friends who have an idea, and bring it to fruition. That is just what Meredith did with Gameday Darling. She's all over the Knoxville area and I'm hoping you guys will check out her stuff, it is really cute! She is also on Facebook and Instagram, be sure to tag @gamedaydarling on insta to be featured!

On another, but highly related note, Meredith is also a big Cubs fan......

Now, I realize that game one of the world series came and went and I didn't even touch on it on the blog. Perhaps I'm just bitter, because I feel like my Rangers got the major short end of the stick by being forced to play their first two games smack dab in the middle of the work day. Or maybe I'm bitter because they haven't refunded us for the four ALCS game one tickets we bought yet. Yeah, if we could get that 4-hundo back that be greeaaaaaaaaaat. 

Or maybe I'm not bitter at all and I'm going all in on the CUBS. You see, I went to Wrigley once and fell in love so much that I changed OUT of an Atlanta Braves shirt and IN TO a Cubs shirt. Full post on that HERE. Go ahead and shake your head at me - if you're shaking your head, you've probably never been to Wrigley. It's magical. It's magical and cursed.

I thought I'd dig up a couple of graphics from the archives, just as a reminder for those who are not aware of the Cubs curse:


All of this can be explained by one of the most famous curses of all time...

The Curse of the Billygoat

The Cubs have now obviously won the NLCS (National League Championship) but will they break the curse for good and win their first World Series since 1908? 

They'll have to put in some work. They are down 0-1 against Cleveland, who looked totally dominant last night. Game two is tonight with an early first pitch: 6:08pm CST on Fox! 

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25 October 2016

The Best Bloody Mary Recipe

Messaging below is intended for ages 21+ and is intended to be enjoyed responsibly, in moderation.
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The best Bloody Mary recipe that you need in your cocktail arsenal!

This weekend I'm headed to New Orleans for Voodoo Fest. Let me state the obvious here, get that out of the way... YOU MUST FOLLOW ALONG ON SNAPCHAT AND INSTA. I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume that there will probably be some cocktails flowing this weekend. 

New Orleans + Music Festival + Sarah = Cocktails. 

These days, I get vicious hangovers. Hangovers that wipe me out for an entire day. I remember the good old days when I was 21 years old in college and could stay out all night, sleep till noon, grab a burrito from Moes (just steps from my apartment - talk about clutch) and be on my way to a productive day of classes. Gone are those lovely times, here to stay are the 29 years old times of incapacitation for 24 hours. 

Is that even a word? incapacitation? I dunno, this is a post about booze, just lighten up and go with it. 

I'm sure we will have some very late nights this upcoming weekend, and will have to get up EARLY to do it all over again the next day. Not only am I doing the Voodoo Festival, but my best friend also lives in New Orleans and I've gotta carve out time to spend with her. It will be a JAM PACKED schedule with no room for a hangover. 

I have a handy little trick packed up my sleeve though, and it's called Never Too Hungover Prevention and Never Too Hungover Boost, prevention and boost are each different varieties available! This is THE BEST way to rehydrate in a flash, neutralize toxins and restore vital nutrients to get you on your way to being a productive member of society again and not a big fat blob on the couch - aka me during a hangover

Even if you aren't a big drinker, it's a great way to get a healthy energy, electrolyte and multivitamin boost! Never Too Hungover should be consumed before/while drinking for optimal results, and comes in two flavors: limeade and berry!  

This weekend there are NINE (omg, yes NINE) of us staying in the cutest little - well very large - Air BnB! Y'all it's a yellow house with wrap around porch, be still my heart! 

Since we will all be in the house together, I plan on making my mom's world famous Bloody Mary for everyone on Saturday morning to really kick the party into full gear all over again. This is her recipe, I won't try and steal her thunder here. 

Tell her on twitter how awesome she is when you make it for your friends! I personally shopped at Sam's Club for all of my ingredients, and will do so again in Nola since I'll be making this drink for so many people! 

Here is what you'll need:

|| Ingredients ||

Full Glass of Ice

1/4 tsp Old Bay 
plus full plate to make seasoned rim for glass

1/2 Tsp Horseradish 

1 Tsp Worchestire Sauce

Salt and Pepper to taste

1.5 oz Vodka 
(I used Bacon marinated Vodka - I let 8 slices of crispy bacon sit in 2 cups of Tito's vodka for 7 days)

Half a lime + Lime Wedge for Old Bay Rim

2-3 Dashes Hot Sauce

Tomato Juice

(I used olives, celery and shrimp) 

|| Directions ||

Start by taking your lime wedge and running it along the rim of your glass. Then place your rim in the plate of old bay seasoning and turn, coating entire rim. Fill glass to brim with ice. 

Add in horseradish, worchestire sauce, salt and pepper, vodka, old bay, lime and hot sauce. Then fill your glass with tomato juice and stir. 

Top with all of the snacks. ALL OF THEM! 

It just occurred to me you're probably at work right now looking at delicious photos of this bloody mary. My bad, y'all. My bad. 

Pin now, make later! 

Oh, and for all of my Dallas and Houston buddies, Never Too Hungover is not quite available in stores yet, but there is a limited time only Road Show happening in Dallas and Houston area Sam's Clubs.
Dallas friends: October 27-30, November 3-6, November 10-13
Houston friends: October 27-30, November 3-6

Be sure to check that out if you're in town for those dates!

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24 October 2016

PSHT - Downtime is Overrated

CB and I had an "off weekend" this weekend, meaning - we have a crap load of trips this fall and we didn't have anywhere to go this weekend. We dreamily talked all week about laying around all weekend, cleaning the house, snuggling, enjoying each other's company, taking the dogs on long walks on the beach and eating pizza delivery more than one time over the course of the two day weekend. 

While we did have Pizza Hut (only once) WE DID ALL OF THE THINGS AND DIDN'T REST FOR ONE SECOND. Sigh. For the record, I'm not complaining. Might be tired, but it was worth it. The whirlwind, event filled weekend started on Wednesday when we met the girls (when I say girls I mean our friends Larissa and Heather who live just down the street from us) for a State Fair run. 

Yes, I already posted fair photos, but you'll just have to suffer some more. 

Here I am with Big Tex in my cup. 

Here I am giving Big Tex some of my beer  

Here I am eating a fried red velvet cupcake 

Here I am eating a Mama's Stuffed wing. 

Then on Thursday night, we went to a Hoedown. Full details on said hoedown over on Dallas Love List's fancy new blog. I wore the cutest little off the shoulder dress... WHICH IS CURRENTLY ON SALE FOR $20.98. I paid more than that, yes I'm a little peeved.

Friday we had every intention of staying in and keeping it low key, but then I saw our neighborhood was having a fall block walk. I also saw a few of my favorite words - free food and free drinks - all lined up next to each other and decided it was a good idea that we go. I am SOOOO glad we did, it ended up being the best time.

I also landed some new sunnies that I got a smoking hot deal on. These sunnies are Krewe, a New Orleans based brand which my girlfriends introduced me to on our trip back in March. I still am not sure why this store was selling Krewe, or why they were so cheap, but I bought them and ran out the door as fast as I could before they had the chance to change their mind on the price.

Here are the sunnies on their website. I paid absolutely nowhere near that price. Sarah- 1, Sunglass Gods- 0.

Saturday morning we decided to go to the fair ----------- AGAIN! 

If you haven't done the math - carry the 7, subtract the 2, divide by 38 - that makes THREEEEEE times at the fair for me. Because, you know, who even really WANTS to be skinny? I only ate stuffed olives though this time, aren't you proud of me? 

On Saturday we went to Park and Palate at Klyde Warren Park. I'm only being slightly dramatic when I scream --- THIS IS THE BEST EVENT I'VE EVER BEEN TO!! The most incredible food, first class vino, rosé to die for and every kind of liquor you could ever need to boot. I'll be doing a full recap on Dallas Love List -- if you're interested -- but here are a few of my favorite snapshots from the event. 

Macaron cupcakes from Bisous Bisous Patisserie 

A little Rosé All Day action 

Streamers from I'm assuming The Color Condition. I pretty much go giddy for everything they touch.

I have sooo many more photos, but I'll save those for the post that goes live on Dallas Love List

I ended the weekend with a runway show for Toni&Guy. I've gotten my hair cut by Sharayah at the Northpark location since I moved to Dallas 4 years ago, and she invited me along as her guest. If you live in the Dallas area, I absolutely swear by Sharayah for cut and Ethan for color. They are both in Northpark, work as a great team and are very reasonably priced. I mean, I trusted them to take me red and they didn't let me down. Highly recommend! I'll be sure to post an event recap on Dallas Love List too! 

Is anyone else exhausted just from reading this. 
I am NOT DOING ANYTHING TONIGHT, so no one even think about asking me. 

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