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01 October 2016

Everything You Need to Know.... Delivered!

Happy Gameday yall! 

In the honor of my favorite day of the week (gameday, duh) I wanted to introduce you to Goalposte. Goalposte is a daily message, right in your inbox that summarizes the days biggest sporting news. It is always in my inbox by the time I wake up in the morning. 

If you're like me, you need a solid 10 minutes after your alarm goes off to stare at your phone. I'll scroll instagram, scroll facebook, then check my email. I'll then lay in bed and read Goalposte's rundown of what I missed the night before! 

One of my favorite posts is one from a while back, "How to be the Best Sports Fan Without Giving Up Bravo." In it I include different easy hacks to always be prepared with the latest spots news, and Goalposte is for sure an addition for that list. 

Plus, this past week I got the opportunity to participate on a Q&A this past week and you can check that out here

I think you guys will really love their site, I hope you check them out and add them in your daily inbox! 

Happy Gameday everyone! 
May your team be victorious in battle this afternoon (well, unless your team is Georgia. LOLSSS #GBO)

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