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30 September 2016

The AT&T Stadium Secret You Need To Know Before Your Next Cowboys Game

So I imagine a few of you were coming here for me to explain myself and my snapchats (@iamsarahwebb they're still up, if you missed them) last night. Sadly though, you're going to have to wait until Monday for that event recap. A girl needs her time to edit photos and such, you know the drill! It'll be worth the wait, I promise. 

Today I thought I'd let you in on my super secret, AT&T Stadium trick for maximizing your Cowboys game experience on the cheap. I first learned about this secret when I partnered with the Cowboys last year for their Female Fan Gameday Ritual promotion. 

There is this place in AT&T stadium, ON FIELD LEVEL, called the Draft Kings Lounge. When I say field level, I mean you walk out and you see football player's butts in your face. 

You have your very own bar with little to no wait, seating, and you are right there on the sideline, looking at the other team's bench. Close enough to yell whatever you so choose at Eli Manning or Kirk Cousins.

What do you think these field level passes cost?


What if it told you it was just a $125 add-on to any ticket at AT&T stadium, including the standing room only tickets?! 

A standing room only ticket will run you about $29. So you can be FIELD LEVEL for $154. 

Why am I being so nice and telling you all of this? Well, I dunno the answer to that yet. 
*Insert contemplation face emoji here*

There are also other "experiences" you can add on to your ticket, including:

 || Miller Lite Club Pass  ($150 extra) || 
Located on the Cowboys sideline at field level, rather than visitor sideline (hence why $25 more than DK Lounge)

BONUS - the Cowboys have to go THROUGH the Miller Lite Club in order to get to the locker room, so you'll see them up close and personal pre-game, halftime and post game. 

 || High Five the Cowboys Before Warm Ups ($250 extra) || 
Meh. not as great of a deal, but it's an option for you if you have money to spend

 || Miller Lite Corral VIP Mezzanine - Pregame ($100 extra) || 
Includes light snacks, beer, soda and water for the 3 hours leading up to kickoff

 || Postgame Field Pass ($150 extra) || 
Run and hop and skip and jump on the field after the game... it's a lot of fun, I did it last year

You can also get VIP Sideline Pre-Game Passes ($500/person) and even enter an auction to win the opportunity for your group to hang out in Jerry Jones' Perch 30 minutes

"SO--- Sarah, you have all these great things for us, how the heck do we get them??!?!"

How to Purchase Cowboys Experiences

Step One: Download the AT&T Stadium App from the App Store
Step Two: Open app and select "Cowboys Experiences" at the bottom
Step Three: Create an account 
Step Four: Click "Shop Now" located just under the headline "Make Every event more memorable with Cowboys Experiences"
Step Five: Starting the Wednesday before the game you want to attend, purchase your experiences directly on the app. 

That's it. My super secret trick to maximizing your Cowboys experience on the cheap. Just don't forget, you need at least a Standing Room Only ticket in order to purchase an "Experience" -- cool, right?

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