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08 September 2016

They Let Females Watch Football?!?

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Oh hi. I have red hair now, we can discuss that at a later date because we have more important topics for today. 

Do you smell that? Take a big whiff. 

That is the smell of NFL Football in the air, baby. 

That smell is very palpable over here in Dallas. Actually, that might be the smell of uncertainty in the air, seeing as we are yet again throwing all of our hopes and playoff dreams in the hands of a backup QB thanks to Tony Romo's broken clavicle, wait, no, sorry that was last year back. 


Most of you are not Cowboys fans, though. You are Packers fans, Steelers fans, Panthers fans and Broncos fans. You are Browns fans, Giants fans (ugh), Eagles fans (ugh), Redskins fans (ugh) and Lions fans. You ladies who read my blog just for the sports posts are my actual heroes and you are as obsessed with the sport as any guy I've ever met.

With that said, I know y'all will appreciate this story. 

You might have seen that Helene and I got together on Sunday morning to take pictures with each other. We drove all over Dallas, and took turns in front of the camera. It was an absolute delight, and although I so appreciate CB helping me with pictures, I just felt very comfortable and not even a tiny bit self conscious with Helene behind the lens. 

On our very last stop of the day, we headed to a place in Dallas called Trinity Groves which has some of the best skyline views the city has to offer. I had on a cowboys tank top as we walked up the hill to the bridge. 

This guy (I'd use different choice words but we will keep it PG around these parts today) yells at me, "Are the Cowboys so bad this year that they had to hire a GIRL to represent them?

The saddest part, I think this guy was trying to make a light-hearted joke. As I'm sure you guys guessed by now, he joked with the wrong girl. 

Now, I don't wear hoop earrings (ears aren't pierced, pause for reaction) but had I been wearing hoop earrings I would have quietly taken them off, one at a time. I would have then handed my purse and hoop earrings to Helene who was standing next to me. Then I would have taken off my heels and handed those to Helene as well, probably uttering something along the lines of, "Oh hell naw, hold my bag."

But, I wasn't wearing hoop earrings, so I instead replied with, "I think you meant to say, the Cowboys are LUCKY enough to have a girl representing them."

Then I went on to educate this guy...

"Sir, I'm not sure if you are aware but several NFL teams have hired FULL-TIME FEMALE COACHES. Oh, and did you not hear about the Female Referee in the league?!? NHL too, they have a full-time female coach. So yes, the Cowboys are SO BAD that they have a female representing them." 

I then threw him over the bridge. JK JK JK JK. 

His wife gave me a silent, "You go girl" nod and as we walked away Helene told me I had handled that perfectly. 

How could anyone, in this day and age, not understand that FEMALES love the game just as much as their male counterparts?!? The NFL sees that, which is why I'm so honored to be part of the first NFL Fan Style (all female, duh) Blogger Fantasy League. 

So, my football and fantasy football loving ladies, get that roster set before kickoff of tonight's Super Bowl rematch between the Broncos and the Panthers. 

....A Few "Quick Hits" to know for tonight's game...

1. Trevor Siemian will be starting as Denver's QB. He has never thrown a pass in the NFL before and he will be facing one of the very best defenses in the league. 


2. Cam Newton, last year's league MVP is not heavily favored to be this year's MVP. This is a bit of a slap in the face to a QB in his prime, so we will see how he addresses that on the field. 

3. Tonight's matchup, if I had to guess, will be a defensive showdown. If you have Denver or Carolina defense, START EM!

4. Tag #GAMEDAYVIBES on Instagram so we can all link up our FEMALE Football Pics! 

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