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22 September 2016

A Cute Inexpensive Dress For Fall

Just going to rip this post off like a bandaid... HERE ARE SOME PHOTOS OF ME WEARING CLOTHES AS A "MEDIUM - aka that weird no-man's land size between 8-12".

Fashion friends, titling a fashion post is hard. What do I name these kinds of posts? I feel like the Ricky Bobby equvalent of I don't know what to do with my hands right now. 

How about, "A Cute, Inexpensive Dress for Fall" ?!?!?!?!?!?!?! 
How many times can I name a post the exact same thing. 

I'll come back more prepared for class next time (aka- see what everyone else names their blog posts) until then, you get the post title of: A Cute, Inexpensive Dress For Fall. 

Yes I posed in front of 3 different walls and accidentally left my DSLR at work. I am new to this, be kind to the learning curve. Ok, I'll pretend to be out of excuses so we can move this post along. 

I don't really care for that last picture, but I just wanted proof that it really was THREE different walls. *Face Palm*.

You guys promised you didn't care if I shopped at TJs or Marshalls or in this case ROSS as long as I linked similar items! Yup, dress and shoes both from ROSS.... ROSS I TELL YOU! Dress was $14 and shoes were $15 on clearance.

I hate my legs, they are hands down (errrr - legs down?) my least loved part of my body. I think these booties make my legs look somewhat ok though. Reason why? They don't come up real high on my ankle. Taller ankle booties cut my legs off making them look even heavier. I hate heels, but these are an absolute breeze to walk in!

DUDE - I normally have no problem writing on this blog, but describing booties and why I like them is like, the hardest thing I've ever done.

Forget it. That's what you get for now.

Open Toe Backless Low-Ankle Booties: 
Sorry, I don't have any fancy apps yet to show you what the shoe looks like *insert sad face here*

1. Try and track them down at Ross, tough but certainly not impossible! 
I was at the Ross in Irving, Texas if you'd like to road trip for a pair of booties. There is a great TJ/Homegoods giant mega store next door that you should hit while you;re there. 

"Peasant" Dress:
Yes, I just put peasant in quotes as to not offend any 18th century peasants who might be reading. Just the style of the dress, peeps. 
 1. Again.... Try and track them down at Ross, tough but certainly not impossible! 

(also available on Rent The Runway for $24, SCORE!) 

Fringe Cross Body:
Not from... no idea where it is from. H&M, I think?
Here are some alternates that I'm digging! 

(actually wait, just look at all of these from Francescas they're all affordable and cute) 

(I'm not enjoying writing BODY BAG over and over again....)

(See what I did there? Felt better using Self instead of Body bag again)
(is anyone even reading at this point? prob not. k bye.)

Watch yo self... I can actually link to these directly!
1. Sunnies I wear all the damn time: HERE

Maybe I'll have a fancy app to help me link to things going forward, maybe I won't.  
Maybe I'll stick to one wall per outfit, maybe I won't. 
Maybe I'll stick to my diet today, maybe I won't. 

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