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28 September 2016

A Raleigh Wedding

This past weekend kicked off my whirlwind, trip-filled Fall. I seriously have so many scheduled (College Station, Knoxville, New Orleans, work photoshoot in Florida, NYC) that I'm thinking I might just hibernate on the handful of weekends that I am actually in Dallas. 

I sayyyyy that, but then Tennessee Football plays and I'm dialing up a group text to invite everyone and their brother out to a bar to watch it with me. One day I'll be content watching football on the sofa screaming in the privacy of my own home, but for now, I prefer to scream in front of a room full of strangers while holding an over priced miller light. 

To each his own. 

This past Thursday after work, CB and I hopped a Raleigh-bound Southwest plane that no one offered to give up their seat on so that we could sit together even though I made the world's largest pitty party production. I'm really such a grouch. I bet if CB ever wrote a blog, it would be stories on the things that happen on a daily basis that transform me to grouch mode. 

It is usually dumb stuff that sets me off... 
for example at Subway they give me a tiny cookie on my plate and it drives me absolutely bonkers. I am at Subway and not Cici's pizza for a reason. I would rather be at Cici's pizza pigging out but I'm at Subway and trying to be good so keep your DAMN cookie to yourselves and stop ruining my life. I won't even get into the day that the Subway lady yelled at me for not getting cheese, "That's the BEST part, she said." Thank you, I know it is the best part, that's why I'm not at Cici's. 

In the words of Amy Schumer (if you're reading her amazing book) ANYWHOOZLE...... 

So we were in Raleigh for one of my best friend's vow renewal. They originally married five years ago, with the intention of doing a big reception at a later date. After two precious little boys, that later date was finally here last weekend. 

The night was absolutely gorgeous. The bride was breathtakingly beautiful. Perfect weather. Perfect company. The bride had thought of every single detail, including the rickshaws that took us all to the bar after the reception. Tell me that isn't precious?!?! 

Here are a few photos from the evening! 
We had ZERO fun as you can tell in these photos LOLLSSSS

Finally, since I think we are all about the same age, I'll leave everyone with this HILARIOUS parting story from Brunch the next day..... 

It was Saturday morning, the day of the Tennessee / Florida game. We were talking about the 11 year drought the Vols have had against Florida.

My friend Laura goes...
"Wait, so we never beat them while we were in college?!?" 

I let her down gently, but not gently enough because the look on her face after I said this was pure heartbreak.

"Yes, Laura. We did beat them in college. We were in college 11 years ago."

The truth is hard to hear sometimes. 

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