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29 February 2016

Like Everyone Else, I Watched the Oscars

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Last night our friend Heather invited us over to her house to watch the Oscars. I can't say I care about the Oscars, like at all, but she said the following words: pizza, wine. When you say those two words you can pretty much get me to do anything. 

You: "Let's go jump off a bridge
Me: "Ew, no."
You: "I'll bring pizza and wine..."
Me: "What time should I be there? What bridge?

CB is the same when it comes to pizza and wine. Although I believe he wanted to watch the Oscars about as much as he'd like to watch an all day marathon of Real Housewives Potomac, he said he would go. We grabbed a veggie tray from the grocery store, because a veggie tray takes every party to the next level, and headed to watch the show. 

Aside from the pizza and wine being promised, I agreed to come with the understanding that the red carpet pre-show being a part of the mix. To keep things brief, here are some thoughts I had during the red carpet pre-show which I embarrassingly watched every second of, starting at noon. 

1. Holy red dress boobs. That supermodel -- oh, and don't think I didn't notice they never once called her a "plus size super model" simply, "Supermodel Ashley Graham" which I thought was awesome -- had the most sturdy breasts I've ever seen. I'm sorry but I heard absolutely nothing that was said anytime she was on the screen. CB earned bonus points with me too when he kept going on and on about how hot she was. Good work, CB. Good work. But really she and her giant boobs were super hot.

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2. Can someone please give the chick doing the interviews by the stairs a lesson on the English language? You had one job, to speak English into a microphone. She goes, "I'm graciously trying to walk down these stairs." Girlfriend. No. I thought she just misspoke, until she said it AGAIN, GRACIOUS, during the interview. The word you're looking for is GRACEFUL. Dear lord. Did anyone else see that? 

Ok, I'll keep the rest of my thoughts brief and sum it up into two bullet points:
3. Dress I hated thought was offensive to all 5 senses: Heidi Klum
4. Dress I want to be buried in: Cate Blanchett

As the red carpet show was wrapping up, we filled out our Oscar Ballot predictions. This was really humorous to me because I hadn't seen a single one of the movies listed, in any category, other than Star Wars. I had no idea what any of the movies were about, and I started making my picks based on totally ridiculous reasoning. This, I imagine, is how many people pick their March Madness brackets... "I have no idea who any of these teams are but I'm going to go with Valparaiso because I really enjoy the way the word Valparaiso rolls off the tongue.

As you can imagine, I got like zero picks correct. Actually, we left around 9:45 and crawled in bed so I honestly don't have any idea how many I got right. Based on the fact that I had no correct selections at the time we turned the television off, and had selected Matt Damon for best actor, I assume I ended the evening by not getting a single guess right. 

At least in basketball they give you a hint based on the seed each team is. Someone should have told me that. Some one should have informed me that Son of Saul was a number 1 seed, and Theeb, my selection, was a distant 5th seed that no one in the Academy even bothered to go see. Crap. 

So yes, I was asleep before any of the big awards had even been given out. I of course know Leo won, but other than that I have no idea who or what won anything else. Did Christian Bale win? What movie won best picture? I'm sure you guys will tell me and save me the trouble of searching google for what I'm sure will take about a millisecond. 

I'll finish this post with two last words: Staci Dash?

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26 February 2016

When Your iPhone Becomes Unresponsive

iPhone Case From HERE 

So here I am sitting at the sushi restaurant at lunch yesterday, minding my own business, when my phone just up and stops working. I did not drop it, I did not get it wet, nothing. The screen just became totally unresponsive, and white, bright horizontal flickering lines darted aggressively across the top of my screen. 

Now I'm not going to blame this sushi place for breaking my phone, but I do have a love/hate relationship with this place. 

By love, I mean it is the best sushi for the best price I think I've ever found. If you're in Irving, Texas I'd actually recommend you go to Edohana Sushi. For those who don't know, I work for a Japanese company and the guys who travel to Dallas from Japan have given me an acceptable list of sushi restaurants. Edohana is not on there, I assume because it is slightly more of a faster style of service, rather than a full on sit down restaurant with a server. Either way, I get a giant, fresh and delicious rainbow roll + edamame for $10. That is very, very good. 

This brings me to the hate side of my sushi house conflict. I barely have the door to the restaurant open before they yell across the crowded room, "Ohhh Rainbow Roll, Edamame!" 

You know, this is offensive to me. 

CB thinks it's the greatest thing ever that they remember my order every time, but I absolutely despise it. First of all, don't jump to the conclusion that I'm there every single day. I probably only go about 1-2 times a month. Second, it makes me feel like Miranda  in SATC calling for Chinese food, when the Chinese food lady goes, "Same order, every time hahahahahahahhahahahaha!

Like Miranda, this makes me super pissed off. What if I want, I don't know, a shrimp tempura roll this time. Or maybe I want a Philadelphia roll.  Or perhaps a spicy tuna... the world is my oyster and you've now limited me to a Rainbow Roll and Edamame. 

Which is indeed what I want, every time, but that is neither here nor there. This is America where we have freedom of speech and freedom of choosing and speaking aloud our own sushi order. 

Yikes. Ok so back to my phone. 

I'm just sitting there, trying to scroll Instagram when the screen just stops becoming responsive. THEN, out of nowhere, it starts opening apps for me!! 

I kid you not this is what happened....

*Phone opens instagram*
*Phone opens screen to post new photo to instagram* 
*Phone accesses camera roll* 
*Phone selects most recent photo*
--please note: most recent photo is a photograph of my scribbled grocery list which includes tampons, dryer sheets, counter top spray, and turkey pepperoni. 

*Shock fades when Sarah finally remembers her basic motor functions and hits the lock screen button*

Now I know we are all bloggers here, so I feel comfortable saying that we are all psycho nutcases when it comes to what we post on Instagram. Flowers, puppies, flat lays, skyline views, starbucks, pizza, tacos, cocktails, wine, etc., etc., etc... these are all acceptable items -- after full edits, of course -- to post to instagram. At no point did I name a scribbled shopping list that included super absorbency tampons as item numero uno. 

No doubt, had it posted, I would have had my Instagram account suspended and my blogger card revoked without the possibility of blogger parole. Whatever blogger parole is. 

So any who, I will be hitting up the apple store on my lunch break. This will be the first time I've gone to the apple store and it wasn't actually my fault, i.e. shattered screen or dropped in a pitcher of beer (which happened). I don't believe that my phone is under warranty, so I've worn a little extra mascara in case I find myself in an eye-fluttering situation. Please say a little prayer that I don't walk out of the apple store unable to afford food for the rest of the month. 

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25 February 2016

A List of Posts That Will Make Me Click, Every Single Time

I'm a tough one to win over when it comes to clicking links on the internet. It's not that I'm nervous over virus sites or anything (why would i be? I'm a mac user) I just am not easily impressed. Take "how-to..." or "10 tips for..." posts for example, I think I would attribute this to the fact that pretty much every post seems to be the exact same thing that I've read in a million posts before it. 

WHOA... I should drink more water to lose weight?!?! MIND EFFING BLOWN. You my friend, must be some sort of sorcerer. Tell me more about your magnificent secrets you've managed to keep hidden from the rest of the world all of these years. 

So like I said, I'm a tough crowd, and apparently, based on that last paragraph, a bit of a negative nancy. All of that aside though, there are some posts that make me click EVERY single time. The vast majority of these posts say all the same things as the hundreds of posts that came before them, but I don't care. Reading these topics never gets old to me.... if you post it, I will come. 

Here are a list of posts that will make me click every single time, plus some great examples of posts that I've already clicked and loved. 

1. Packing Tips

Photo + Post || The Everygirl

I already know how to pack a bag: choose clothes, place in bag. I don't know what it is about these posts though, they are insanely therapeutic for me. Maybe it's the fact that everyone's luggage is so much nicer than my parent's hand-me-downs, or maybe it's that I'm infatuated with pictures of items scattered neatly all over a white duvet. Whatever it is, if you post packing tips, I'll click. 

2. Beach Waves tutorial

Photo + Post || The Beauty Department 

I know exactly how to do beach waves. Not to toot my own horn but I think I've perfected the beach wave. To top it all off, I even have my own tutorial on how to get beach waves. If you've got a beach wave tutorial though, theres a 100% chance you'll get a click from me. I think it dates back to the days of college when I used to fall asleep to hair infomercials... just try and tell me that wasn't the most therapeutic thing to ever watch.

3. Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow
Photo + Post || Helene in Between 

*First checks to see if @iamsarahwebb was listed* #UGHasIF
*Stalks every account* 

4. Ikea Hacks
Photo by Oh My Dear || IKEA Hack Post by Yes Missy 

Probability that I'll do any of these.... ZERO.
Probability that I'll click your post and pin... 100.
5. Swimsuits that will flatter EVERY body type

Photo + Post || The Huffington Post 
It's all bullshit. Total bullshit that I'll click and read every single time in hopes that I find a swimsuit that doesn't bring me to tears and send me running for the cold pizza in the fridge in order to cope with my negative body-image. 

Bonus points if you don't try and stick me in a black + flower print one piece with a skirt on it. 

6. Anything about lipstick
Photo + Post || Gal Meets Glam 

I'm a totally dummy when it comes to picking both lipstick and nail polish colors.... oh and while we're at it, let's go ahead and group paint colors into the mix. Please just show me a photo of your red lipstick and give me a name and a brand. Thank you in advance for your assistance. 

7. How to roll your jeans with boots

Post + Photo || Babble 

Why am I so dumb, that I'm incapable of rolling a jean properly?? You'd think you just roll them, but what the hell am I doing wrong here? Mine don't look like yours. Please teach me your ways!! 

8. Anything that includes the phrase, "Lazy Girl Hacks"

Post + Photo || 

What kind of millennial would I be if I didn't try and take a short cut at every turn? 
Can I get an amen? 
9. Book recommendations

Photo + Post || Simply Shellie 

I'm nearly finished with "The Luckiest Girl Alive" someone please help guide me toward my next obsession!!!! No war novels tho, k? Thanks, Management. 
10. How to perfect the Flat Lay
Photo by The Pink Diary || Post by My Domaine 

Part of me is highly embarrassed that I'm part of a world where there are a million tutorials on how to lay items on a white background. The other part of me wants you to please explain to me how to lay items on a white background because I can't figure it out!!!!!!!!! HELP ME PLEASE!!!


And for my next trick, maybe I'll take my own advice and write each of these posts.
Well, not the flat lay post. 
And not the lipstick post.
Oh, and not the rolling of the jeans post. 
Ok dang it, someone else just write them and I'll give you all the pins and clicks. 

If you've read any great posts on any of these topics, or if you've written a post on one of these topics, leave the link below for us!

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24 February 2016

On Nearly Making a Massive Mistake

Did you know that two years ago I almost made the biggest mistake of my life? 

Let's talk about my main squeeze, CB today. I without a doubt feel like I've found the perfect person for me. Not only did I get so lucky to find the guy that enjoys everything I enjoy (minus Real Housewives), I am confident when I say that I too, am perfect for him. We have a mutual respect for one another, and a completely equal love. 

I think I feel luckiest for that last fact. 

Everything is equal. I couldn't say I love him more, or he loves me more... it is the exact same feeling from both parties involved. 

When I first joined (how we met, read this post for more details) I thought about what exactly I wanted from a relationship. The only conclusion I continued to draw was that I wanted a partner in crime. 

At the time, what I believe I meant by that was that I wanted someone to grab my hand and take me skipping through the streets of Deep Ellum, popping in and out of watering holes until 2am. If we are being completely honest here, I clearly wasn't looking for a relationship, but rather a bestie to party with. 

What I found on though was an equal, perfectly suited for every single aspect of my life.... that I nearly passed on. 

The crazy thing about CB was that he was not what I thought I wanted. I've always dated guys that are well over 6 feet tall, and for some reason I was obsessed with finding a guy that was at least that tall. 

CB is about 5'10, I'm 5'8. I remember reading his profile and thinking, "Man he owns his own business, seems like he has a lot of fun with friends, big into being with family, loves sports... but he's only 5'10. Ugh.

Will someone please go back in time and smack me right in the face?!?!! 

I would've passed on the easiest, most romantic, funnest, carefree, deepest love I have ever felt, or could even have dreamt of feeling, because I thought I wanted, no - needed, someone 5 inches taller. Dear lord, looking back on it that is insane. 

On our second date while CB was driving me home, sitting in standstill Dallas traffic, we had what turned out to be a very important conversation. He talked about the way someone's looks, and your physical attraction to a person can change dramatically as you get to know them. Neither of us remember why this came up, but man is it the truth. Every day, every second I spend with CB, he gets sexier and more attractive to me. I can't look at that man and find a single thing I want to change now, because I'm in love with him. 

Proof that first impressions, like someone's height or their looks, just don't matter in the grand scheme of things, only personality and how that person makes you feel. 

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23 February 2016

My 48 Hours In Nashville

This is my first full work week back in the office since the week of January 18th. To be perfectly honest, I'm ready for it. I desperately need some routine in my life. Just to recap, I've been traveling for both work and fun for the majority of January and February. I hit up Toronto for work and Denver for play in January (which I still need to tell y'all about) then headed to Miami for 10 days, followed by Nashville this past weekend. I still have a girl's trip to New Orleans planned in two weeks, followed by a romantic getaway to San Antonio with my man a couple of weekends after that. Plus, I found out I have a free hotel room that is going to expire on March 4th, a few of the girls and I are trying to figure out how to use that this weekend. 

Long story short, I believe I will spend the month of April in a solid detox. 

Seeing as I clearly have no desire to rush right into recapping the Denver trip, let's talk about Nashville this past weekend. My best friend Magen celebrated her 30th birthday in style, as we hit up some of the absolute best restaurants and bars I've ever been to. 

Friday my flight didn't arrive until 10pm, but luckily I was still able to meetup with everyone for a drink at Robert's Western World. Just like that vast majority of bars in Nashville, you will hear live music at Robert's, but it certainly has an older vibe to it as classic old school country fills the bar. We ventured to the bar upstairs and had a couple of PBR's (when in Nashville!) before calling it a night. 

The next morning, we walked a short couple of blocks to a super cute restaurant called Puckett's. Puckett's has quite the southern country vibe, with a big emphasis on MERICA! Their coffee and fried chicken were calling my name. 

Yes, I had fried chicken for breakfast... no, I did not lose weight on this trip. Oh also, no I didn't take a picture because that would make me a GOOD blogger. Instead, please refer to this picture I borrowed from their instagram page. Please substitute home fries for those grits because, duh.  Oh, and also, if you want to make yourself insanely hungry, check out said instagram page.  

After breakfast we walked back to our hotel to get ready for our pedal tour later that morning. On the way, we passed the cutest little flower shops and boutiques. Nashville has something adorable around every corner.

So, what is a pedal tour, you ask? It is basically a gigantic bike that 15 people can ride down Broadway while drinking beer. Your tour guide - also known as your driver and bartender - plays some fantastic tunes, steers your bike and generously refills your drink as needed. This was THE MOST FUN ever, and I'm already trying to get a group together to do this in Dallas. 

After working up an appetite, it was time for a late lunch (and of course a cocktail) at Merchants, an adorable little restaurant packed with charm and character located right on Broadway.  

As you can imagine, we carved out plenty of time that afternoon for a nap before hitting The Southern for dinner, followed by drinks at my personal favorite Nashville bar, The Stage. If you've seen the movie Country Strong, you'll remember this is the bar where Tim McGraw goes to listen to Leighton Meester's character sing. And well, if you've never seen Country Strong, you need to fix that ASAP. 

After a much needed morning of sleeping in, Helene and Michael came and picked me up for a day of food and exploring! We were twinning in our hats *insert sassy girl pushing one side of hair up here*

ALSO- may I please just clairify that I DID use an iron before I left the hotel!! #SMH

Helene took me to a restaurant called The Flipside, and dear lord was it miraculous. By miraculous I mean it was the most instagrammable restaurant I've ever seen. Natural light filled the entire space, subway tiles and white wood planks adorned the walls, everything was either white or a beautiful shade of baby blue.... Oh, and if you're into this kind of thing, the food was good too. LOLZZ! 

Y'all are going to DIE over Helene's bloody....

Oh. Em. Gee, right? Catch an ever more fab photo on her insta, here

We talked, we laughed, we bored Michael to death with blog stuff... although I assume he was fully prepared to deal with that. It was a perfect afternoon of catching up with my long lost Dallas pal.

After having just the most awesome weekend with fantastic friends, it was time to head home. Going home was certainly easier though, knowing I'd have my boyfriend's smiling face waiting to pick me up! 

On another note, thanks you guys for inviting me to be your friend on fitbit! I now have so many people to follow, and even accepted invites to a couple of challenges which is really cool. I'm going to end this day by setting some very specific goals for the week:

1. Track Weight Watchers every day this week
2. No booze allowed until Friday
3. Hit the gym 4 times this week
4. Cook all meals at home during the work week. 

So far, after making it through Monday, I'm 4 for 4 including avoiding National Margarita Day.... *Snaps for Sarah*

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19 February 2016

Here Are Seven Things

How bout a good ole fashioned list post?!? 
Don't mind if I do...

Here are SEVEN things....
(oh, and as a warning, my editor -- aka my mom -- is on vacation. I am too tired lazy to edit this thing right now, so if you see something horrific, I apologize

1. UPDATE: On my goals I set to stay healthy while in Miami


I won't sugarcoat this (no weight loss pun intended) I failed miserably at everything other than bringing my own water bottle (which I filled with wine on occasion). I didn't workout, I didn't make good choices all the time and I didn't set half to the side. I did eat a lot of fruit, and didn't indulge at breakfast at any point.

Oh well, I'm not going to dwell on the failures. Instead, I'm just going to get right back on track.
On Monday...

2. I had planned on blogging every day I was gone

I clearly do not know the secret to blogging and traveling. My day in Miami started at 8am, and I was on my feet until 8pm. Then we would go to dinner, putting me back at the hotel room around 10 and extremely exhausted. The idea of getting my computer out was not even remotely an option. Furthermore, I seem to be incapable of writing posts in advance. I'm a one post per day kind of girl, my brain can only handle a minor amount of typing black text in a blank box per day. 

So, unless something changes, if I have a long trip planned don't expect to see me around here very often. 

3. I found a new site for tennis shoes that you will love

I bought my new Nikes from a website I discovered called 6pm. I'm not getting paid to write about this site, I was honestly just blown away. Not only were the Nikes I wanted sold out everywhere else in my size, this site has them priced $40 less and in stock! I'd never heard of that site before, so I thought I'd spread the good word to you guys!

That pizza gym bag was a gift from CB for VDay! #nailedit

4. We got each other the same VDay card

This literally happened. Just to clarify: we both brought our card with us to Miami. CB picked his out in Denton, Tx at a grocery store called Brookshires. I bought mine from the Kroger near work in Las Colinas. It wasn't like we both went to the hotel lobby where they had 20 cards to choose from or something.

Does this not blow anyone else's mind? I giggle every time I think about it. I saw he pulled out a red envelope, just like my card, and said, "Wouldn't that be hilarious if it was the same card?!" Clearly joking because what are the odds? No really, what are the odds? I tried to google that and couldn't find anything.

Either way, I think it was pretty damn adorable.

5. I got to throw beads from a float to celebrate Mardi Gras

This was one of the coolest things I've ever gotten to do. My friend Larissa who lives one neighborhood over from us asked if we'd like to join their neighborhood association's float for the Oak Cliff Mardi Gras parade. I'm not exactly a neighborhood association kinda girl, so I have no clue if our neighborhood had a float or not. Either way, my answer back was HELL YES WE WANT TO DO THAT. 

It was Super Bowl Sunday, so of course I was reppin' my boy Peyton

We got a little inebriated before hand (it might have involved fireball at 11am) (hello, mardi gras) and had an absolute blast. Once we reached the end of the parade route, we all insisted on riding around Oak Cliff, chucking beads at random people on the sidewalk. I think the general group consensus was that we wanted this to be an every Sunday event.

6. Fitbit 
I've been trying to get back into using my fitbit. I feel really dumb, with it and I don't have many friends. Add me on there if you want to be my friend and come to my birthday party. is the email I have listed. Is that the info you need? Is there a user name? See, I feel dumb. Just try and find me if you can! 

7. Nashville, here I come!
I'm headed to home sweet home TENNESSEE this weekend and I've got my cowboy boots packed!
Follow along on Snapchat and Insta

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18 February 2016

Colorado to Florida to Tennessee

I'm back from Colorado, I'm back from Florida, and I slept in my own bed last night. Have I ever followed up and mentioned how obsessed we both are with that Dream Bed I blogged about a few months ago? I know sometimes we get sponsored posts, write about the product, then go on about our day. This bed though, I'm still so in love. We had a party a few months ago and made everyone come lay on our new bed, we love it that much. Is that weird? Yes? Ok, you're right it was a little odd. 

I thought my hotel bed was nice, but as I climbed back in my own, squishy cuddly bed, and snuggled up in my nook next to my pups and my boyfriend, I realized how much I'd been missing for the past 10 days. I don't mind traveling for work, I actually kind of enjoy it, but nothing beats being at home with the ones you love. 

So naturally, I have plans to turn right around and leave again on Friday night for Nashville to celebrate my best friend, Magen's 30th birthday! Magen and I have been besties since the very first day, maybe even the first second, we met back in freshman year of college. It was my first night out with my new sorority sisters, and for some odd reason I thought all black New Balance tennis shoes were a good choice for a glam night out. Oh, and I was wearing a turtleneck too. I looked like a moron but Magen still befriended me without hesitation. We have been through A LOT together, and I do mean, A LOT. So needless to say, I cannot wait to go to one of my absolute favorite cities and celebrate such an important birthday! 

Nearly 10 years ago... we still look exactly the same, right?!? 

Plus, my flight doesn't leave until late on Sunday so maybe I'll get really lucky and even get to see this chick too while I'm at it! Needless to say, I'm looking forward to what I think will be an absolutely incredible weekend spent surrounded by some of my best pals. Also, I say YES to any excuse to bust out the cowboy boots! 

Even though I will only be home for about three seconds, I obviously found a way to make time for my two boyfriends: CB and pizza. Last night after my flight arrived and I had picked up the pups -- I used Rover again and it was so much cheaper and more convenient than boarding-- I met CB for the Grand Opening Preview Night of a new pizza place in Arlington called Blaze

The concept behind Blaze is to build a healthful, artisanal pizza in an assembly line style. Once you build and customize your own pizza, it it cooked up in their pizza oven in just 180 seconds. I got the Red Vine and CB built his own. They were both (clearly as you can tell in the pictures) fantastic. The service was great to boot. I'd highly recommend giving Blaze a try if you have one in your area.

So for now, I'm back in the office today. Shockingly, I was not able to leisurely cruise into work on a water taxi. Instead it was back to the gridlock traffic and unexpected street closings. On a more positive note: hooray for it almost being Friday! 

See you tomorrow, kids! 

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