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04 February 2016

The 5 Things Every Girl Should Know Before She Super Bowls

As I do every year, I'll go ahead and confess the team I'm rooting for. I'm sure this year's choice is highly obvious seeing my diehard allegiance to The University of Tennessee. Yes, it is The with a capital T, check the AP Stylebook if you don't believe me. See, I did too learn something in college! 

I got distracted.... back to The University of Tennessee. I'm clearly rooting for the Broncos come Sunday. The Broncos actually have 3 Tennessee alum: Defensive End Malik Jackson, Punter Britton Colquitt and a lesser-known QB you might have heard of, Peyton Manning. With that said, for the first time in a long time, I actually like both teams playing. If Carolina ended up with the victory, I wouldn't be one bit mad. 

So, as I always say, there's SO MUCH MORE to the Super Bowl than cheese dip and Beyonce. Don't get me wrong, those are two very important things, but there are a few more items every girl should know before she Super Bowls on Sunday. 

You would've thought that the Broncos started the season 0-7 based on the amount of criticism they received from the media day in and day out. In actuality though, they began the season 7-0, despite Peyton having a dreadful season with 17 interceptions and only 9 touchdowns. After a lengthy injury, Peyton is back and ready to shush the haters one final time, looking for his second Super Bowl victory. Should the Broncos win, it is pretty much guaranteed that this will be Peyton's very last game. If they lose though, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see P. Manning back on that field again next year. (Pro Tip: If that happens, I'd shy away from drafting him in Fantasy...)

Cam Newton has had without a doubt the best year of his career, but he's also had arguably the best year of anyone in the National Football League. I hear people all the time say how much they dislike Cam Newton (most recently it was my grandmother) and I'm blown away by that. Not only is he revolutionizing the quarterback position on the field with his feet and his ability to literally leap over gigantic defenders, but he's single-handedly changing the NFL fan experience. After every single touchdown, no matter home or away, Cam finds a Carolina kid in the stands and gives him/her that touchdown football. He is constantly doing philanthropic work, the vast majority of which is never acknowledged, and quite frankly, he is downright entertaining to watch.  Sure, he's showy and eccentric, but he's a damn good man and the NFL needs more "damn good men" in my opinion. 

...been a quarterback to win... 

The Heisman Trophy

An NCAA Title


The Super Bowl

This might surprise you, but Peyton did not win the Hesiman in college, nor did he win an NCAA Title. The year after he left the Vols, in 1998, we won the National Championship. 

Cam on the other hand? Well....

Heisman Trophy Winner - 2010

NCAA Title at Auburn - 2010

NFL MVP- ????

Super Bowl Winner- ????

The Denver Defense, led by former Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips is a force to be reckoned with. Von Miller (number 58), who you might remember from this post, is the ultimate defensive weapon with the ability to rush the passer, drop back and cover the field or play the run. The Denver D was the best in the league this year, and essentially shut down Tom Brady in the AFC championship game. Although Carolina has quite the impressive defense as well, this game will ultimately come down to the Denver Defense vs. Cam Newton.

|| Super Bowl 50 Hard Facts ||  

6:30pm EST

Levi's Stadium
Santa Clara, CA (49ers Home Field)
*First time a Super Bowl will be played on this field

Official Hashtag:
#gamedayvibes (wink,wink)

TV Channel:
CBS + streaming live at

National Anthem:
Lady Gaga

Halftime Show:
Coldplay + Queen B

Current Favorite in Vegas:
Carolina by 5.5 points

Here is another post from two years ago that might help you before you Super Bowl!

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  1. I am all for Cam Newton the man is amazing, and I don't understand why people hate him so much. Granted I do dislike people who are showy, but he's showy with skill so why hate on the man?? Am I right???? If he can back up his talk with his walk what is the problem? I am soooooo excited about the Super Bowl...third favorite day of the year after Christmas and my birthday :) Happy Super Bowl Week Sarah!

  2. I'm so excited for this game! I'm not rooting for either team, but it is going to be a GREAT game of football, no doubt.

  3. Go Panthers! Jared Allen was a Viking for a few years, I love Cam Newton because you can tell he loves playing the game and that he loves kids and Michael Oher is one of my favorites too!

  4. I LOVE how you succinctly described why Cam doesn't deserve the hate. As a Panthers fan it's impossible to go without seeing someone bitter about him in any article/comment section on any website. I'm a big fan of Peyton and wish the Panthers were playing ALMOST any other team, but I'm still super excited. I've been waiting for this since I was 4! (Let's ignore the other Super Bowl the Panthers made it to.)

  5. We're in a pick 'em league and I just can't decide who to pick. I like them both and honestly would be happy for either team, plus I just...Denver's D vs. Cam's really a toss up. Coin tosses worked for the Iowa Caucus, I guess, so maybe that's what I'll do here...

  6. I'm going to mention the thing about Cam being a Heisman winner and national championship winner to my husband and his brain will explode from being so impressed haha. Oh and I went to the THE Ohio State University, so I also know how important that THE is :)

  7. Oh gosh as a Patriots fan I obviously wanted them to be in the game, but as a UT alum I couldn't help but be secretly (I was surrounded by very upset Pats fans) ecstatic that Peyton had made it! PLus I had that Denver D all season long in fanatasy so I can't help but feel some allegiance there for taking me to the playoffs.....So hands down I'm rooting for Denver. P.S. I'm one who has never liked Cam, even when I watched him at Auburn. I only like the showy eccentric guys on my team lol. Team Peyton!

  8. I don't understand how you can dislike Cam Newton. He's a great quarterback, and he seems to be a great guy off the field.

  9. Nice fact.

    Here is a cool fact, Manning is trying to become the first QB since Norm Van Brocklin in 1960 to win a NFL Championship as the starting QB for two different teams.

    Here are a couple of more #SB50 related posts from the home area:

  10. I do like Peyton, he just seems like he deserves it. explain how you think cam newton is a "damn good man" he stole laptops. To me, that puts him in my book as a POS.


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