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31 January 2014

XLVIII Link Up: Super Bowl Football Questions, Answered.

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XLVIII Link Up: Presented by my girl Karly Kim and yours truly! 
(Shameless plug: I redesigned her blog too, you should check it out)

God y'all I really need to get another picture of me throwing the football. This one is played the F out. 

So I told you guys I would vlog the answers to the questions you asked in last week's Fan Friday post. Yeah well, I was also told that Santa Claus was real and look how that turned out. You shouldn't believe everything you're told, kids. You're just setting yourself up for disappointment. But if you want to see the one vlog I've ever done, it is 11 seconds long and located here.

Q1: Kelli - Can the Super Bowl end in a tie? I'm guessing not, but what are the OT rules for the big game?

A1: Brace yourself for this statistic, but NO SUPER BOWL HAS EVER GONE INTO OVER TIME! Whoa, right? But in the event that you witness the first OT in Super Bowl history, no it will not end in a tie and here is how it works!

Q2: Comes from EricaWhat meds is Sherman supposed to take, but clearly forgets to take them everyday?

A2: Sherman is supposed to take Gushers each day. When he neglects to take his Gusher medicine, Sherman gets quite angry without access to his explode-in-your-mouth-with-flavor treat. This was evident in his terrifying interview with Erin Andrews. 

While on his Gusher medication:

While off it:

Q3: Also from Miss EricaWhen was the last time each team won the SB?
A3: Broncos - 1999  Seahawks - NEEVVAAHHHHHHHHHH (sad face)

Q4: April asks: I have the hardest time differentiating a "holding" call or a "pass interference" call vs. normal contact. Is there an easy way for spotting them?

A4: Holding is when you hold on to the guy's jersey before the ball is thrown. Pass interference is when you clearly are inhibiting the receivers opportunity to catch the ball. You gotta give the guy a chance. If there is contact, and the defender's back is to the ball, it will be pass interference every time. But if there is contact and the defender is facing the ball, trying to catch it, that is just good defense!

Q5: Janna asked me: What is a 2 point conversion?
A5: After a touchdown is scored, the team has the choice to either kick an extra point (this happens 87% of the time, and yes I made that number up) or to go for two points. If they decide to go for 2 points, they'll start just 5 yards away from the end zone. So all they need to do is run for 5 yards, or pass for 5 yards and they get 2 points!

Why would you go for 2? Well, think of it like in Price is Right.

Contestants, how much do you bid for this new bedroom suite?
Sarah: $1900
Jim: $2260
Tony: $1200
Candice: $1901 Bob (or Drew, whatever)

And Sarah is sitting there thinking F$#@ YOU, Candice. F YOU! GO F YOURSELF AND YOUR NEW BEDROOM SUITE.

It is all about strategy, you only go for two when it wouldn't benefit you to just get one point, you gotta have 2 by any means necessary.

Q6: Comes from Michael: How do I get rid of Erin Andrews and/or Pam Oliver and take their job?
A6: You call your friend Sarah, we split the cost of a hit man, maybe find a guy that has a 2-for-1 special going on. Then blackmail the producers into giving us the job. That was just an idea, of course.

Q7: Carissa asks: How many types of "backers" are there? Or is there only one, and different teams make up different names for "backers" depending on what schemes they run? For example: I thought you could only be a linebacker, but I've heard the term Devilbacker, SAMbacker, Spur linebacker, Will backer...and so on and so forth.

A7: Well, there are backs like half, and tail, and full, and nickel, and dime, and slot.... but specific backers, like you listed, are types of linebackers. Like strong side and weak side and to all of that I say:

Q8: Miss Meghan asks: How do they decide where the Super Bowl is held each year?
A8: The location is usually picked 3-4 years in advance. Cities actually bid to host the Super Bowl. The selection committee then makes a decision based on the cities ability to host (i.e. can the city handle such a huge event), how nice the stadium is and up until this year it was assumed it would be in a dome or in a warm city!

Q9: Helene asks: Why are football games so long??
A9: And to that I will come back with another question for you, my dear. Why aren't games longer?

But in all actuality, they are long because you are playing so many fewer games in a season, than every other sport. I mean, baseball games take 2 hours and you play a million of those a year. Three hours, 21(ish) times per year is nothing!

Q10: Nicole asked me: Is Richard Sherman the best? And should or should I not talk about him?

A10: So, this is a touchy question. While yes, he is the best, I would advise that you should only talk about him if you can do it without opening your mouth. Soooo, like if you do a ventriloquist act, it is ok. But other than that, I would urge you to avoid discussing the level of his athleticism at all costs. Jim Harbaugh mentioned, via opening his mouth, the level of Sherman's talent....  then he got butt slapped.

Heard this song on the Beats by Dre commercial and now I can't stop, won't stop.
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  • Why you like football more than your man?
  • Tell us why you hate / love / why you're mad your team didn't make it this year.
  • Which do you like more: the game or the commercials?
  • Do you secretly wish you were an NFL star?
  • Do you love Tom Brady? 
  • Who should be MVP in your book?
  • Guess the final score of the Super Bowl  and we'll send you a virtual high five
  • Super Bowl Drinks
  • Super Bowl Foods / Dips / Concoctions
  • Drinking Games
  • Games to Play During the Super Bowl
  • Which team's colors you like better (although I'll (Sarah) will be judging you if you do this) 
  • Anything that starts with F and ends with ootball

    1. So a fun post. I'm going to do my best to watch the Superbowl. I say that because it will be coming on at midnight here in Germany. Have a great weekend

    2. You are God's gift to women, Sarah. Thanks bunches!! Enjoy this weekend, as I know you will!

    3. I'm going to have to study this to wow all of the guests at my parents' Super Bowl party!

    4. You have no idea how thrilled I know my husband is that I told him I found your blog and how you pretty much guarantee he'll thank you for it. I promised I will be taking an interest in his love of football (specifically Da Bears). I need some Gushers.

    5. Sarah.

      I am now going to blow my fam outta the water with my new found knowledge.

      Thank you Sensay!

    6. Great post! Have to say I am routing for the Broncos. Work with a bunch of people that recently moved here from Seattle so been fun routing against them

    7. Great explanations! Especially about Sherman... Can't wait for my Seahawks to crush it this weekend!

    8. Fun link-up and may the beer flow freely for you on Sunday!

    9. so much knowledge was dropped on me in this post. i mean that. mind = blown. still think they are too long tho, SORRY/ it's already been broughten. also i think im going for the seahawks because of richard sherman.

      Here's a knowledge bomb for you, Aloe Blacc is the voice behind Avicii's wake me up.
      See we help each other!!

    10. Great post! I love the OT rules graphic!

      (If only baseball could get back to 2 hours! I'm looking at you, AL East!)

    11. Great post! You're such a smart lady =)

    12. Richard Sherman needs to be careful not to OVER medicate. Too many gushers can make you pass out from all of the fruity explosions happening inside of you.

    13. Okay. I definitely have to go back and reread these on Sunday. Thanks for the help!

    14. Cannot root for Peyton. Just can't! Also I saw this article on BuzzFeed and it reminded me of your blog :)

    15. I'm really proud of how many of these I already knew. I'm also laughing WAY too much at that last gif.

    16. Oh my gosh! You answered my questions! I am so excited! I will invest in Gushers to help my man Sherman, I really like him and his crazy, even if I am not supposed to (my ventriloquist dummy said that not me).

    17. You had some great questions come your way! I love how you give the most detailed lady friendly answers -

      Oh and that song has been on heavy rotation on my playlist - D laughs at me when I sing it.

    18. I love it, especially the Sherman answers! I'm excited for this weekend, I think it'll be a good game!

    19. I think i need to go eat some gushers to go get on Dick's level. I wonder if his friends call him dick?

    20. I'm ready to see some good football, some Bruno Mars + RHCP and some great commercials. Last year's batch was LAME.

    21. I heard that song this morning and had no idea what it was but I liked it. Thanks to you now I know!

    22. girl. this is the second week in a row that I've listened to your song more than once.

    23. Sounds like a solid plan. We'll discuss this in private obviously.

    24. Michael's question was valid, I'd take Erin or Pam's job any day. I had no idea the Super Bowl had never ended in a tie.

    25. Gorgeous girl that knows her are every mans dream my friend! Hope you have a great weekend full of food,football,and especially good beer !

    26. Totally need to bookmark your blog on my phone, so I can bust out a cheat sheet when the game is on… I'll be like "Pssh. I knew that already"

    27. Laughing at all the Sherman questions...but wasn't Jim his coach in college?


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