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02 February 2014

SLOW DOWN!!! Operation Get Fit Link Up

Now I generally won't listen to advice people give me. I do what I want and I am very stubborn. Your tips probably would help me immensely, but please refer to the previous two sentences. This includes but is not limited to: 

If you follow me on Instagram you may know that I have teamed up with Weight Watchers to review their simple start program. Since I am only a week into the two week program, I'm not here to fully review the program just yet. What I am here to talk about today is the aha! moment I've recently had. 

So my very first Weight Watchers meeting (which was over 2 months ago and I'm still going strong, yay!) the leader was talking about "putting the fork down."

I sat there thinking: "Yeah yeah yeah. Put the fork down. Whatever. Not gonna help."

I knew that it wouldn't work for me. I would feel the same whether I ate my food in 2 seconds or took 2 hours, and that feeling was.... "I'm still hungry." So I let the leaders words go in one ear and out the other.

You know what totally sucks about changing to a healthy eating lifestyle? (P.S. I'm not saying the word diet, that is a no no! Except I just said it and now the martians are going to get me, but it was a simple misunderstanding and I'll clear that up with them when they arrive).

What SUCKS about being healthy, is that you never have that Crap. I. Am. Freaking. Stuffed Feeling. I adore that feeling. I LOVE feeling that stuffed (pun intended) crust pizza rolling around in my belly, I love picking up one last chip with cheese slathered all over it and thinking... "Is there room for this?! I don't know but I sure can't wait to find out!"

You never need to unbutton your pants, you never need to worry if that last bite is going to be the bite that leaves you paralyzed to the couch for the remainder of the day. These are not concerns when you're being healthy.

As I'm sure you guessed, and have been patiently waiting, I have a point.

The other day I was at Chipotle and ordered a burrito bowl with black beans and brown rice and chicken and salsa and lettuce and corn and fantastic deliciousness... all of that for only 12 points.

I was on my hour lunch break, and if you're anything like me you use every second of that hour lunch break that has been allotted to you. So I sat down took a couple of bites and flipped through my twitter feed. 

Then I took a few more bites, put the fork down and flipped through my Instagram feed.  After about 10 minutes of that, I took a few more bites and remembered that I was a living, breathing 27 year old who hadn't yet taken a picture of her lunch and posted it for all social media channels to see and drool over. 

So I took another bite, then positioned my fork in the bowl to make it look artsy, moved my drink to the right so that you could see the Chipotle logo and began the covert operation of taking a picture of my food and not letting everyone around me realize that is what I was doing.

I snap 18 pictures as fast as I can in hopes that one will be appealing. I take a few more bites then spend 15 minutes deciding if I want to use Walden or Amaro filter (we all know I'm going to go with Amaro every time, let's be real here). 

After the heavy hitting filter debate settles, I hit post and smile when I finally get a like and realize my hard food photography work has paid off. 

I then settle in to finish the remainder of my food, while occasionally checking to see who is jealous that I am at Chipotle. 

My hour has come to an end, I get up, throw my food away, get in the car and realize.... holy crap I am stuffed. Like full. Like uncomfortably full. Like I wanted to take my pants off. What a great feeling that was. 

How did that happen? Did I eat a ton of food? No. Did I eat unhealthy? No. Did I stay in my points? Yes. Why am I so full. 

Aha! I put the fork down. I didn't go elbows up with the burrito bowl like the barbarian I sometimes pretend to be. I put the damn fork down and look what happened. I got FULL. I was on something we aren't going to call a diet, and I got FULL. 

So, next time you sit down to eat, just try it. Put the fork down. Fidget with your phone, read through my old blog posts (just a suggestion), phone a friend, take a picture of your food, make fun of people's grammar on Facebook, look at the popular page on Instagram and speculate how that no-name 14 year old has 1.8m followers.... let me know what happens. 

Venus Trapped in Mars

I was given a free one month membership by weight watchers and a smart phone to track my progress, but this post and these opinions are totally my own! 

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  1. Man I miss Chipotle. There none here in Germany. I have cut my caffine big time. I used to have it daily. Now I have it 1 to 3 time a week. I have notice that I don't crave it anymore. Yes there days I feel more tired then other and end up going to bed at 9pm.

  2. I say let the Martians in :) I can't imagine a world with no diet coke and no caffeine. Just keep doing what works for you. Excited for your review!

  3. I love this. I have heard about the whole put down your fork thing and like you it went in one ear and out the other. I will have to actually try it now though! I hate the feeling of not feeling full.

  4. Chipotle is my favorite "fast food" place ever. Not only is it "stuffing" but it is also made with healthy ingredients and it's not that expensive. A Chipotle burrito is almost the same price as something similar at taco bell and Chipotle is obviously better. And then they have the fresh lemons so I can have lemon water.. Mmmmm. :]

    Anyways. I'm really glad you managed to realize that eating slowly helps you feel fuller. It takes your brain awhile to process that "I'm full" feeling so if you just gobble everything up in a few minutes, you are still going to feel hungry and want to keep eating, even though you stomach may not have room.

    Personally, my school schedule doesn't give me time to eat large meals so I am constantly eating little snacks throughout the day.

  5. Yay! I love your little epiphany moment. I'm the world's worst about eating mindlessly in front of the tv and doing the same thing. I try to use small plates to keep me from overeating though. That seems to help.

    As far as your things you know are healthy but aren't going to do, I have some (unsolicited) opinions about things I've learned in my years of trying to be healthy.

    Salt is fine as long as you're not using an entire shaker with every meal! Cutting salt will keep you from bloating as much though.

    I did a sponsored post a few months ago on Lean Cuisine Honestly Good meals (I'm sure you've seen them) and they're really not that bad as far as frozen meals go. They're a little more expensive and there's not as much variety, but I really liked the one I picked.

    I hate running too. Couch to 5K makes it easier. I've almost completed it two or three times.

    It doesn't matter how late you eat -- it matters how long you're awake afterward! If you eat 7 and then go to bed at 7:30, yes that's bad. But if you stay awake long enough to allow your body to digest it, how late you eat really doesn't matter a single bit.

    Coffee is good for you as long as you're not drinking like 5 cups a day. Don't cut out the coffee completely. :)

    Don't you love it when know-it-alls take over your entire comment forum?! ;) Good luck with your healthy lifestyle -- I've enjoyed reading about it!

  6. What works for one person might not work for another, so I'm with you on ignoring that advice. When I first made spaghetti squash it was an epiphany for me. I stuffed myself with like 2 or 3 bowls of it, had a satisfied full belly all night, but then realized that it was only like 150 calories. Whaat?! It's one of my go-to meals now.

  7. time out - I shouldn't be marking wine as a fruit? ridiculous.

  8. I can not for the life of me give up Diet Coke though I try to limit it to one 20 oz a day. Putting the fork down or distracting yourself while eating is the best thing. It gives your mind time to catch up that you are full.

  9. I would die with the don't eat after 7 rule. lol

  10. now you got me cravin chipotle!!

    for what it's worth, ive heard all those things too and ignored most of them but 2 weeks ago i became convinced that diet coke & caffeine WERE in fact killing me with a little martian, because i woke up with a crazy panic attack in the middle of the night and i just like that quit diet coke ... i miss it every day :( and i know people talk about quitting diet coke but i literaly had probably 1 1/2 two liters (at least) a day -_- .. oh, but my point is that i quit drinking diet coke and caffeine and drink probably easily 100 ounces of water a day and i have been running 5 days a week for the past 2 weeks and ive gained weight! sooo fml! haha..but you just have to find what works for you and it seems like you're doing well without everyones advice.

    but PS ...i really am a huge proponent of running ... it really does suck for probably a month at first, but once you get past that you just feel so good about yourself for doing it!

  11. Cutting out caffeine would kill me. I mean, I don't drink it too often (maybe three times a week) but the minute you tell me I CAN'T have something, is the minute I start craving it.

  12. Ughhhh I wish there was Chipotle in France! There's one in Paris but I go there, what, once or twice a year? And that's about how much I visit the states x)
    After all the times I've done (and still do) that overeating which leads to that stuffed feeling you describe I'm starting to learn how to stop when ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.
    Your post is inspirational.

  13. So funny, and the best part is there are so many health "rules" out there but you gotta find what works for you. Putting the fork down is a really good tip!

  14. "You should try running you'll like it" is just a flat out lie. I don't believe people who like running. They must be insane. There is absolutely nothing fun about running.

    That's a great epiphany! I definitely think that I eat too fast and need to work on that too.

    xoxo Jenny

  15. Since I got married in August my husband and I have been trying to create a healthy lifestyle. Basically I told him, I won't give up coke, and if it's someone's birthday I am not turning down cake. I've learned that I can eat the things I love and still be healthy. Everyone is different. Am I seeing amazing results ? No. But I feel better when I eat mostly healthy and do it in a way I can continue to do without getting burnt out!

  16. I never understood why people drank diet coke…it tasted bad :( I do allow myself one carbonated soda a year though :P Often it's orange flavored
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  17. We have been wanting a Chipotle here for so long!! We have nothing that is a healthy option in our little town. It's my all time favorite no guilt fast food joint!!

  18. heck yes. if diet coke is bad then im bad. M y body is made up of about 70% of it.
    and that's so awesome. im constantly starving.

  19. I think you've got a good point here! I always take longer than people around me to eat because I talk, fidget, get distracted, and the like. I also always seem to eat a lot less than the people around me. I'd never really made the correlation before.

    And that Chipotle looks delicious - I may have to finally try out the one in our city.

  20. These tips are amazing - the martian is going to get me one way or the other!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  21. So true. I never put the freakin' fork down, especially when I was working. I usually just inhale my food. I still do. Hmmm.. I like this idea. Just take my damn time eating.... I'll give it a try.
    Now.. Sarah- is today a write off because it's the Super Bowl and you are by far THEEEE biggest football fan that is a female... I have ever not met..?

  22. LOVE. THIS. POST. When it comes to exercise and weight loss everyone is an "expert." I do what works for me and smile and nod when people give me advice.

  23. I drink Coke Zero or Pepsi Max but to be honest it took me a while to get use to the taste, I am walking every day even though I suffer from terrible back and knee pain and often find each step agony

  24. This made me laugh so much! But yes, put the fork down! I remember learning that in one of my early meetings and once I started doing it...oh my, the difference.

    And yes, some of those things up top are ridiculous. How are we supposed to work without COFFEE??

  25. Bahahahaha this is SO my same list in my head!!! Love it!!

  26. Yeah, whenever I try to restrict my caffeine intake, it actually doubles because I hate restriction so much. Screw diet rules! Ugh I miss Chipotle so much... I was walking in a tube station in London the other day and saw some random advertisement that was using the Chipotle font and got so excited and then so sad when I realized it wasn't really Chipotle :(

  27. Totally feel you on the soda thing. I keep saying I am going to give up soda, and it doesn't happen. I will cut back to one a day and that is about the best I can do lol.

  28. Well you hit that one on the head! Now I want qdoba queso. I'm sure that wasn't the lesson from the post but that's what happened. Eating less and healthier is hard! Good for you! And how do those tweens get so many likes and followers?

  29. Great post. I need to try to do this more often too! My 2 year old is a slow eater (because she's a kid) and she is always annoyed when we are done eating before her. Gotta slow down and just savour the food :) Wish we had Chipotle in Canada!

  30. Do you have any tips on cutting out Diet Coke?! I'm willing to go to rehab!! Haha. But seriously nothing does it for me like Diet Coke :/

  31. I'm in the process of cutting out Coke (I like vanilla) and it is H A R D. I crave the bubbles. I crave the ridiculous sweetness. I HAVE noticed that when I get super thirsty is when I crave it most, so I try to constantly be drinking water.

  32. Putting the fork down makes a huge difference. And it's a super simple trick to use!

  33. I never thought of this either. I'm starting my journey to be healthy today ( cause that d word can go to hell) and this is really good advice. I'm eating my turkey sandwich and strawberries as I read blogs and already I'm feeling a little fuller than I normally would.

  34. I've actually started my "healthy lifestyle" today so this is great advice! I love that you figured it out on your own instead of someone else telling you how to do it! Will definitely be putting this tip to use now!

  35. I try really hard to remember to take my time while eating. Especially if I am there enjoying food with my husband or girlfriends! I take time and talk or listen and am not constantly shoving my face like I used to. You really do notice how much quicker you have that full feeling! I also try to remember that I don't HAVE to finish everything on my plate. My mom isn't there to yell at my five year old self!

  36. Sick of my comments yet. I totally agree with this. I did it today at my lunch, and got pleasantly full. Not overstuffed gross. Also now 4 hours later I'm not STARVING like I usually am. I will say on the subject of coffee...since I started doing my breakfast smoothies, I'm not even finishing one full cup anymore. Which is odd because I usually was drinking like 4-5. Maybe something to try? :)

  37. If anyone told me that I would need to stop eating Chipotle, I would first laugh in their face and then slap them for offending me.

  38. Haha I can never put the fork down at Chipotle! In other news, I read an article today that antioxidants actually make cancer WORSE, so I've officially given up on all things "healthy"

  39. haha!
    Well I have no advice.. you've shot them all down already.
    Except the no eating after 7pm.. psh!
    I have a hard enough time stopping at 8pm

  40. Awesome post! I really am going to try this. We were just discussing over lunch at how fast we chow down our food when we have an entire hour to enjoy it.

  41. Yup, if I could listen to you and put my fork down more often, I would eat SO much less! I don't know why I think that every meal is a race that I need to win (which I totally win, every time!)



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