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14 February 2014

Will You Be My Valentine _____?

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 But, I love you. Will you be my Valentine _____? 

1. Will You Be My Valentine WiFi?
So we can go everywhere together? Why are you so hard to find when I most need you? You play so many games with me. I mean, sometimes you'll say you are available, but then I am never able to connect with you. Why would you tell me you are available when you are clearly closed for business? Sometimes, you open yourself up to me, but then we move so slow together. Can't we just move a bit faster? Unlock yourself WiFi, give me the passcode key to your heart, WiFi. Please be my Valentine.

2. Will You Be My Valentine Ticket Oak from StubHub?
You have tickets growing on you, think of all the things we could do together if you were my Valentine. We could go see Dirk and the Mavs every single home game. We could have beers and sit on the 50 yard line at the Cowboys games, heck we could even go see Miley when she comes to the Big D! Please ticket oak, be my Valentine?

3. Will You Be My Valentine Gay man at Starbucks that calls me beautiful
The other day you said, "Oh girl, I love all your floss" and you were referring to my bangles and bracelets, and for that, my heart totally melted. Then on a day when I felt like I looked terrible, what did you say? You said, "You look beautiful today." And I died (add that to your list Helene) and felt I could take on my day. Can I please just put you in my pocket and carry you around all day every day and have you feed me compliments which are probably just lies to be kind and get me to come through your drive-thru again? Will you be my valentine gay man at Starbucks that calls me beautiful?

4.Will You Be My Valentine Sushi?
I want you every single day. I want you at lunch. I want you at dinner. Heck, I would devour you for breakfast if the mood was right. But you cost so much more than I'm able to give. You are wonderful, and I'm always wanting you, will you be my Valentine, Sushi?

5. Will You Be My Valentine Straight Across Bangs?
God I love you when we aren't fighting. When you lay flat on my head, calm and collected, we just are such a great team. But it is when you show your dark side, your wild side, your rebellious side that doesn't want to do a single thing I ask you to do, that is when we have problems. We fight. I try and iron things out between us, but you just keep on fighting with me. Won't you just sit down, calm down, relax and be my Valentine straight across bangs?

So, who do you want to ask to be your Valentine?

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  1. love all of these! I would love the gay man from starbucks to follow me around and compliment me as well. and I used to love my straight across bangs when I had them... well maybe like 40% of the time. what a fickle mistress.
    -- jackie - jade and oak

  2. OK, so tried to download for the phone but its too big... what did I do wrong?

  3. This is an awesome post!! You've got some great prospective Valentines out there!!! :) I too, would like for straight and neat bangs to be my Valentine *every single day of the year* :)
    Happy V-Day!

  4. I love that the Starbucks guy called your jewelery your floss! These are great, I wish sushi would be my valentine and that the price would go down.

  5. hahaha this is great. and since you didn't ask, yes I, HELENE will be your valentine.

  6. susssssshi. can we be valentines together with sushi?

  7. WIFI!!! Yes. Although we do have a bit of a love/hate dynamic in our relationship....

  8. I love this! This is so cute!! I really liked your one of asking bangs to be your valentine :)

  9. Straight across bangs can't be tamed for anyone! We are so on-again off-again ugh

  10. I'd like Frank Underwood to be my Valentine. And maybe some gelato.

    The second season of House of Cards is waiting for me with open arms.

  11. i really need all these things to be my valentine too.

    good f'ing call.

  12. Man, I want a gay man at Starbucks to tell me sweet things when I'm having a bad day! We really all need one of those.

  13. This list is hilarious. I have a gay man at Starbucks that compliments me all the time too!! I think he's just trying to get me to tip though, because there are days that I look FUNK and he's like "OMG! Your hair is supes adorbs!" and I just stare like, "Um. It's a ponytail.".....and yet? I throw $2 in the tip jar. Gah! I'm a sucker.

    xo Denise

  14. I want speedy metabolism to be my Valentine. Always and forever.

  15. Tehe this is so cute! I love it. your straight across bangs are amazing! I have the biggest issues trying to keep mine calmed down and just grew them out. I guess I broke up with them. Heres hoping they behave as your valentine!

  16. I'd never ask sushi to be my Valentine. It's like the ying to my yang, or something. It completes me. Don't tell my husband. Truly creative post! Loved it.

  17. This is super cute & creative! I think I'd have to ask my computer to be my Valentine. :)

  18. sooo..ummm..Yes. This is the cutest. Straight across bangs burned me so bad in 7th grade that I can't even think about a post-breakup coffee date with her. betch.


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