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13 February 2014

Valentine's Day Drinking Game

I'm officially putting in a request for a Saturday Sessions Tutorial. How to manage your blog when traveling for work. I had the best post idea to linkup with Jackie and Karly's pets are people too linkup. But alas, I've been working like a dog and have had zero time to blog. 

So how do you do it? How do you maintain your blog when you are traveling for work or thrown off from your normal routine? It feels impossible. Well, I have one idea up my sleeve, ask for help from your buddies! So today I have Kristyn from Chits and Giggles taking over with a Valentine's Day drinking game. Cheers!

I hate Valentine's Day. I always have and probably always will. Luckily Jeremy feels the same way about Valentine's Day, so I guess that's a win? Anyways, I have created the ultimate in Valentine's Day fun. A drinking game! Woo hoo!

So here we go.

v-day beverage game-1

v-day beverage game -2

v-day beverage game -3

How many beverages did you end up drinking?

Go blame Kristyn for your V-Day hangover on her: Blog // Facebook // Twitter


Well, it may just be "drink one", but when a blogger has a vday post may just kill us all since Helene and I will be hosting our Valentine's Day Linkup tomorrow! And to that I say, ELBOWS UP! See you guys tomorrow! 
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  1. Love this! Definitely a great way to keep on your schedule without having to rush and throw up just anything! And fun drinking game! Might just have to play it :)

  2. seriously, you and i will die tomorrow if we play this game!!

  3. I think I would be drunk in about two minutes if I played this with my facebook open.

  4. Oh this is exciting, I'm so ready to play. John and I are going to dinner, I don't have facebook, but I'm going to leave instagram open while we drink!!

  5. Even without the blog related Vday posts, I'm pretty sure we'd all be in trouble just for opening any social media account tomorrow!
    Eva Marie

  6. I would pass out drunk 1 hour into Valentine's day! Haha!

  7. I would pass out multiple times and I have a fairly strong alcohol tolerance! To be honest, a lot of it would be due to my own postings.

  8. Easiest way to get drunk EVER. Cheers!

  9. I loathe Valentines day. This is the perfect way to spend it haha *please excuse me while I get the drunkest I've ever been* Seriously haha this would be madness

    Makeover With Aspen

  10. Oh man... I'd probably only last 5 minutes! hahaha

  11. Yikes I'd be wasted in no time!

  12. hmm I plan on doing this tonight. I bet it will lead to one interesting night for sure!

  13. One whole beverage for each time someone posts something Valentine's related on FB? There is no way I will remember my night... Also, when you figure out how to manage your blog while on vacation you should definitely let me know. I'm going to Europe for 2 weeks in a few months and I have no idea what I'm going to do!


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