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28 October 2019

5 Ways to Fight Creative Ruts as a Content Creator

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Stash Tea for MMI Agency. All opinions are 100% mine.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Stash Tea for MMI Agency. All opinions are 100% mine.

I create content for a living. I'm in charge of creating content for hotels, restaurants and bars. I currently have 26 accounts under my umbrella at Makeready Experience, plus another four for City Love List and of course my own personal page. That is A LOT of content to drum up every single week. It's honestly tough to come up with new ways to make cocktails, dishes at restaurants, coffee shops and lifestyle images for hotels exciting, creative and unique.

I'm teaming up today with my friends at Stash Tea to talk about how I fight creative blocks as a content creator. They're actually the PERFECT partner for this blog post because their brand message is all about standing out and being vibrant in an otherwise dull category - tea! Their stance is that they know tea so well that breaking the mold is the key to their success. They don't want to be associated with those "cozy" tea photos we see all over instagram, but rather associated with high color, vibrant personalities who enjoy tea as a partner for creating a brightly colored life and career. I for sure like to think that is me in a nutshell.

Stash Tea offers over 60 flavors that all exist to brew boredom out of the world. I’ve tried the Lemon Ginger, Chai Spice, Asian Pear Harmony, Ginger Peach and Pomegranate Raspberry Green Tea. My personal favorite is the Lemon Ginger flavor which give you the morning boost you need without any caffeine. I love hot lemon water, and this flavor takes that to the next level while still staying easy to drink and with bolder flavors.

So, in honor of this partnership with Stash Tea (p.s. they sell them directly on their own website HERE and use code ‘sarahmize15’ for 15% off your order) I wanted to talk about 5 tips I have for fighting content creation ruts as a blogger and social media director.



Don't sleep on Pinterest guys, it really is just the greatest platform for building mood boards and finding inspiration for specific images or campaigns you need to shoot. I constantly Pinterest search "restaurant photography" for finding new ways to shoot restaurant dishes or "cocktail photo inspo" for new ways to incorporate garnishes into pictures.


I find that learning something new gets me excited to get out there and create content. It can be a passive way of learning something new like listening to a content creator's podcast or subscribing to an email blast and having new tips + ideas delivered right to your inbox. I personally enjoy Later's daily social media management emails to get my day started in a creative way.

OR - learn something new in a much bigger way by purchasing a course you can take in your free time. I had a lot of success learning professional restaurant and food photography tips and tricks from Foodtography School . It left me PUMPED to get to work at City Hall or French Room (two of our restaurants) and start styling some images.


After I meet with friends who do the same thing that I do for a living I feel SO INSPIRED to take on the world. I actually have a ton of friends who blog or work for themselves full time doing social media freelance. Their passion and drive excites and motivates me. Sometimes getting together for a brainstorming session to talk about what's working and what isn't is just the creative block removal you need.

Don't have friends in your area who blog? Try searching your local city's blogging hashtag - for example I look up #DallasBlogger to find fellow creatives. Slide in the DMs, I promise it isn't weird. We are all looking for friends who double as business allies.


Switch up your routine. If you normally work from home, find a coffee shop in a hip area of town. If you work at an office, see if you can spend the day working from home. I find that constantly switching up my environment keeps me on my toes creatively. I like to work from home on Monday, at a coffee shop Tuesday and Friday and I'll work at an office Wednesday and Thursday.

Working from home is great, but being out with different people and personalities keeps your creative juices fresh. Shoot, it's possible to draw inspiration from a cool outfit you see or how someone snaps a picture of their latte art. Take a page from Ariel and BE WHERE THE PEOPLE ARE!


This is one is LEGIT, but I know it sounds weird. I do my best writing - either caption or blog post - and graphic design work with a cocktail at a hotel bar. I already have a massive love affair with hotels, so why not bust out the laptop and enjoy a dirty martini while rolling up your creative sleeves. Unlike a normal bar, no one will look at you weird for working on your laptop because they're mostly all solo travelers.

I've designed websites, created logos, written blog posts and completed 30 day content calendars all projects that are hard for me to stay focused on during coffee hours. Plus, if you're a side hustle blogger like I am then you need an after hours work spot. Google "boutique hotels" in your area and pick a new favorite place to hang. If you're in Dallas I'd recommend The Adolphus, Joule, The W Hotel, the Stoneleigh or Hotel Crescent Court. They all have wonderful lobby bars with comfortable places to post up near a power outlet.

How do you fight a creative block? Are there any tips I missed that I should add to the list?

30 September 2019

The Best Casino to Visit if You Live In Dallas || Grant, Oklahoma

Thank you to Choctaw Casinos for sponsoring this post, all thoughts and opinions are my own

That casino LOVE is in my DNA! Like mother, like daughter. My entire adult life I've loved to play the slot machines but it wasn't until I met Drew that he helped me learn to love (and win!) blackjack and craps. For those of you who live in Dallas, you know we of course do not have casinos in Texas. We do though have a Casino just two and a half hours away in Grant, Oklahoma though. Allow me to introduce you to your favorite Oklahoma Casino, Choctaw Casinos

To get to Grant, you'll just take I30 East toward Paris, Texas. Bonus, you can stop on the way and see the {Texan} Eiffel Tower. We hopped on the road right after work on Friday and were there by 8pm! Plenty of time to have a full night of dinner, table games and a few cold beers! 
They have a few different dining options at Choctaw's Grant location. They have the Firehouse Buffet (duh, you can't have a casino without a buffet option), the River Bar & Grill, the Cove Cafe for pizza and sandwiches and my personal favorite restaurant of all time Chilis! 

They also have a fabulous pool bar, The Cove Bar, which is where we headed RIGHT after arriving! They even have firepits for when it gets a bit chillier in the short winter season. Choctaw Grant's pool is absolutely stunning, a resort pool I wouldn't be surprised to see featured in Travel and Leisure! 

Their cocktail menu has the classics like a margarita and Pina colada, and all of your favorite beers! 

That night after hitting Chilis for dinner we tried our luck at Craps and I was ROLLING HOT!!!!!

One thing I want to note about the Grant location of Choctaw is that the dealers absolutely made the experience something special. Not just one dealer, every single one of them made us laugh, feel comfortable to ask questions and honestly made the experience way more fun. Our favorite was one of the Craps dealers named Tammy. Goodness gracious she was a gem - CHOCTAW - if you're reading this Tammy needs a raise. She was our favorite and just so lovely!

Ok back to me rolling hot. If you've never played Craps, while it is a somewhat complicated game, don't be afraid to try it. I just attempted to type out a bare bones version and then I was just getting too deep and Drew was very adamant I delete it. LOLS! For craps, Choctaw offers 10 times odds up to table max

I want to REMIND YOU that the dealers will help you. If you've never played, please don't be afraid to get in there and give it a go. CRAPS IS THE MOST FUN and you could win big if you or someone at your table go on a heater. 

It's one of those games where if someone wins, the whole table wins. One of those games where you'll hear roars of cheers from across the casino and gives you that pang of jealousy where you wish you're playing.

After a very successful first evening, we went to bed to get some shuteye. The next morning after some coffee at The Cove, we had an early lunch at The River. The River had American classics like mozzarella sticks and nachos.

After the River, we spent the entire afternoon lounging in our own private cabana at their pool. The cabana even had a TV where we could watch LIVE P.D. (someone else please tell me they're obsessed with this show?!)

Recognize a familiar face who joined us?? My girl Susie Drinks - who I went to Tulum with last year.

Post pool, you KNOW what time it was... time for more food and more casino fun. We checked out the buffet that night before some Slot play and BLACKJACK!

Every month they do so many BONUS promotions too, promotions that extend well past simply flipping 21 or punching the slot machine max play button. Participating in promotions are perks of being a Choctaw Rewards Club member! While we were there they gave away $100k over the course of the weekend, just for gambling. You just have to be a Choctaw Rewards Club member and present to win. OH and they gave away lots of other stuff at the table games like a fancy grill and those awesome Choctaw hats shown above.

Since I'm sure this post will circulate on Pinterest, be sure to check HERE for their latest promotions before you go. I'm sure they're running something EPIC.

To book your next casino getaway to GRANT OKLAHOMA - check their room rates here! What's your favorite Casino game??? Let me know in the comments below.

03 September 2019

The 7th Annual All Girls Fantasy Football League


All of your instagram DMs and twitter messages are about to be answered...
YES!!! It's time for the....
7th Annual All Girls Fantasy Football League
| A Few Important Things to Note |

1. The draft for LEAGUE ONE will take place at 7PM EST on WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 4, 2019.

2. The draft for LEAGUE TWO will take place at 9pm EST on WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 4, 2019.

Please make sure you are available to draft your team at this time.

2. You are required to update your roster each week.
If at any point, your team goes 3 consecutive weeks without a roster update, you will be disqualified from winning any money. With that said, I of course understand mistakes from week to week, I've made large ones in the past.

3. This is first come first served.
I've already had tons of people inquire about our Fantasy Football league this season, so sign up below. First come first served.

4. This is NO LONGER a giant league
In prior years, I set the league up for 20 roster spots so that I can accommodate the maximum number of women possible. Like last year though, I decided to just bite the bullet and admin two leagues. I don't love doing that, but - I JUST CARE TOO MUCH ABOUT Y'ALL'S FANTASY FOOTBALL HAPPINESS!  

Related: How The Waiver Wire Works in Fantasy Football

5. Come prepared with an A+ Fantasy Football Team Name

6. Buy In || Pay Out
Buy In = $20/person
Pay Out= $200 to 1st, $60 to 2nd, $20 to 3rd
All money will be collected through VENMO upon signup - VENMO @IAMSARAHMIZE

Going forward, we will now be using the ESPN platform for our league.

8. Strategery || You Might Also Like...
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How To Make Football Even More Fun

Get it? Got it? Good.

...If you want to play in the...

Signups will automatically close when league is full.
If you signed up, be on the lookout for an email from me TOMORROW MORNING when the league is full with extra details.

Questions? Holler at me in the comments below!

Signup for a league HERE!!!!

02 May 2019

The Best Place to Watch the 2019 Kentucky Derby in Dallas

Ok friends, it's that time of year - Kentucky Derby Time in Dallas! If you live in Dallas, I have just the Derby party for you. WAIT, I take that back, this is THE ONLY DERBY PARTY YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT IN DALLAS. Think delicious Mint Juleps from Maker's Mark, the best Derby watch party with a huge projection screen and even costume contests, including for dogs! Plus, great drink happy hour pricing drink specials through the end of the Kentucky Derby.  If you're looking for where to watch the 2019 Kentucky Derby, look no further than Dallas Love List's Kentucky Derby Watch Party in Deep Ellum at Mama Tried. 

If you aren't lucky enough to make it to the actual Derby, Dallas Love List is throwing a big party in our very own backyard of Deep Ellum, Texas!

Subtle brag coming in 3...2...1.... I actually went to the Kentucky Derby thanks to this little blog of mine back in 2014.  It was one of the greatest experiences of my entire life and most certainly a bucket list checkmark!

Dallas Love List's big Kentucky Derby party is going to be as close as we get to the real thing here in Texas, and here is why...

There will be TWO COSTUME THEMES. One is fancy, one is getting down and DERBY!

1."Millionaires Row" Ticket - find an amazing hat, grab your prettiest dress, pull out that seersucker bowtie because you're going to the fancy side of the Derby - Millionaires Row. Go all out, because best dressed wins great prizes! THIS TICKET INCLUDES A FANCY, CLASSIC MINT JULEP UPON ENTRY.

2."The Infield" Ticket - Dust off the ole' jorts because you're ready to party, INFIELD style. Think apparael for a Nascar race: jean shorts, cowboy boots, flannel shirts with the sleeves ripped off (because you flexed, I assume). THIS TICKET INCLUDES A BEER AND A SHOT OF BOURBON UPON ARRIVAL.

This is obviously a come as you are party, but feel free to wear a costume too. It is basically just an excuse to get us all in the same place to make new friends and have one awesome party in the name of the Derby!

- Entry into the party with a big watch party screen for the greatest two minutes in sports
- Complimentary Maker’s Mark Mint Julep Or a Lonestar Beer + Shot of Maker’s, depending on which ticket theme you choose!
- Drink specials all afternoon including $2.50 beers, $6 Maker's Mark Mint Juleps and HAPPY HOUR PRICING through the end of the race! ⠀⠀
- Two ticket themes - Get Fancy 👗 in “Millionaire’s Row” or Get down and dirty 🍻 with an “Infield Ticket” ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
- Dog friendly with prize raffle benefiting @OperationKindness for a staycation @TheAdolphusHotel
- Costume contests for great prizes!

Grab your tickets HERE so you don't have to buy them at the door!  

P.S. - You might also like: The Girl's Guide on how to bet on horse racing HERE!

01 May 2019

Five Murals in Dallas to Fall In Love With

Thank you to on behalf of nutter puffs for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.  

For those who don't know, I LOVE MURALS! I can't get enough of them. Anytime I travel to a new city I scout out their best murals to visit. Some of my favorite cities for murals are Austin, Denver, Miami and of course my town - Dallas! The street art scene in Dallas is on FIRE, there are SO MANY,  but that doesn't mean that I don't have my favorites. 

Today's post is all thanks to one of my favorite new snacks, nutter puffs by popchips. If you love peanut butter, I assume that is everyone, then you'll love nutter puffs as a great at home snack, or even on the go. Their whole brand is about happiness in every bite, especially if you have a deep love of peanut butter. I was thinking about what brings me happiness every time, and that's street art. So I thought I'd bring you my five favorite murals in Dallas! 

Seriously though, nutter puffs are a great snack any time of day. They'd make a great post-gym snack, dessert or shoot, even for a grab and go breakfast. When you snack on them, they feel indulgent, but they're totally not, which is the best part. They have 5g of protein, made with real peanut butter and, the peanut butter flavor, is even vegan. They come in a few flavors including chocolate and peanut butter, and straight peanut butter flavor! Plus, nutter puffs won't derail a low calorie lifestyle either, since it's just 130 calories per serving. They can be found at your local grocery store, or on amazon!

Now that your stomach is full (and happy🥰)  I bring you my five favorite murals in Dallas! 

1. Palm Tree Mural just past Trinity Groves
📍Singleton BLVD across from Tacos Mariachi - Mural by Drigo

2. Colorful Bird Mural in Victory Park
📍Victory Park Parking Garage across from The W Hotel. Mural by Lesli Marshall

3. Cowgirl Mural in Foundry Distrcit
📍Fort Worth's Foundry District - Soooo worth the drive and FULL OF MURALS all in one place!
Mural by Neon Courtney + Haylee Ryan

4. Cactus Mural in Deep Ellum
📍We got engaged in front of this mural, of course it made my list. Located on Commerce St., Across from Bomb Factory. Mural by Lesli Marshall

5. Taco Emotion Mural
📍Deep Ellum on the side of Vidorra. (BTW- Get their queso while you're there it's amazing)

So there you have it! Five murals in Dallas that make me smile from ear to ear every time I see them. What are some Dallas murals you love that you'd like to see added to the list?

And don't forget to pick up some nutter puffs - you know, for the next time you get hungry on a big mural hunting afternoon!

25 April 2019

5 Little Wins I Had When Traveling in NYC

I’ve been traveling on and off now for the past month, that is a lot for me. I am usually in Dallas, so to be on the road for nearly a month straight has been a bit hectic. I’ve been in Savannah, Mexico, NYC and hitting the road to Arizona as we speak! I love love love traveling, and even though there are major pains (I’m looking at you security line in Laguardia airport) I’m all about finding simple joys when on the road.

My trip to NYC was for work. The French Room team, one of the restaurants in The Adolphus I do social media for, was cooking in the James Beard House. Traveling for work can be super long days, long nights and overall EXHAUSTING. With that said, it’s all about perspective and making the most of your free time.

Speaking of making the most of your work trip, today I’m teaming up with a brand-new product line called joy razors and glee shave prep gel. Their whole brand is focused around little wins and creating joy in your everyday routine. In my case though, they helped bring joy to my work trip to NYC. I knew I had this great new product in my luggage, so I called the Kimpton Eventi hotel I was staying at in advance, attempting to get a room with a soaking tub.

Now, this is NYC y’all!! They don’t just have bathtubs floating around for everyone. I called a week in advance, again the night before, then asked again at check-in. LOLS, #SoShePersisted. Well, it worked, and they hooked me up with one of the only rooms with a tub in the whole hotel! That’s how you do it y’all. Talk about little wins!

Let me tell you how special this 30-minute bath was for me. I walked 30,000 steps that day, then was on my feet all night for work. My puppies were screaming (is that the right expression for your feet hurting, I forget) and my back was aching. I ran the water, threw some bubble bath in the tub, grabbed a magazine and just RELAXED FOR 30-MINUTES. I don’t even do this at home!!!

But more on these great products. The glee shave gel was super thick and surprisingly creamy and luxurious for a gel. It also smelled like a dream, I believe the fragrance was listed as cucumber and aloe… delightful! I really loved the packaging too, super cute and something I’d totally gravitate to on the shelf. The joy razor (also offers refills) features five blades for a super comfortable shave. It also has a non-slip grip for when you are using it in the tub and is offered in both pink and teal colors.

Like I said, this product is brand new and JUST hit the shelves and is only available at Walmart. I’d for sure recommend picking the joy razor and the glee shave gel (or mousse, they have that too) on your next razor run.

Since the brand is all about finding little wins throughout the day, I thought I’d also show you five more little wins I had on my NYC trip. These were all unexpected finds from just walking around. I oddly enough never really had an agenda – I honestly just left the hotel and started walking in one direction or the other.

1. Missed turning right on a street I was supposed to turn on and found the greatest bagel of my life from Zuckers Bagels. I got the everything bagel with plain cream cheese and it was heaven! I’ll bee-line here next time I’m in NYC!

2. I walked past a WeWork and found literally the greatest girl power jean jacket of all time. Who goes shopping at WeWork???? That would be me, and please look at how cute this is. I didn’t even know they sold clothes, such a score!

3. I was just walking the streets, aimlessly, because that’s just how I rolled this trip and I saw a lady taking a picture in front of me. I turned around to see what she was taking the pic of, and it was the flat iron building! I had cut through a park and had ZERO idea that was to my back. Had she not taken that pic, I never would have gotten this great shot! Another tiny victory for Sarah.

4. I had totally forgotten about all of the Ashley Longshore Art located in the basement of Bergdorf’s, until I was walking with my boss in the skincare section and there sat – ALL OF THE ASHLEY LONGSHORE ART IN THEIR CAFÉ! WHAT! Score another for the away team! I’m obsessed with her, if you don’t follow her on Instagram – change that ASAP.

5. Our reservation for cocktails at the very famous “Please Don’t Tell” was 30 minutes delayed due to a table lingering longer than expected. Since we had time to kill, we got a hot dog at “Crif Dogs” which wasn’t even on my radar. Well, this was the best hot dog I think I’ve ever had, and a MUST HIT NYC HOT DOG SPOT! So many of you messaged me on Instagram saying how this was your favorite spot! SCORE SCORE SCORE!

I want to send a big thank you to joy and glee for sponsoring this post, and for reminding me to find joy in the everyday and to appreciate the little wins. Be sure to grab joy + glee on your next Walmart trip, or by clicking HERE!