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16 September 2015

How The Waiver Wire Works in Fantasy Football

I've gone two full years of writing this blog, and getting very few questions about Fantasy Football. If we're being honest, that kind of disappointed me, because I love to help and talk football 24/7. This season though, you guys have been asking tons of questions and it makes me kind of giddy! Karina asked me on twitter if I could explain how the waiver wire works in Fantasy Football. I'd be happy to, let's do this! 

|| There are TWO Types of Players in Fantasy Football ||

 || There are TWO Types of Free Agents in Fantasy Football ||

1. A regular Free Agent
It'll just say FA next to their name. 
These players you can pick up, and will instantly be a member of your roster. 

1. A Free Agent Available on Waivers
It'll say W (date) next to their name
These players have a waiting period before they can be added to your roster, which I will explain.

|| Why Are Waivers A Thing? ||

Waivers give everyone in the league a fair chance to obtain that player, rather than just awarding him to the person with the fastest internet speeds. Waivers eliminate, "First Come, First Serve." 

In the opposite words of Ricky Bobby, "If you're not first, you still have a chance.

The person with the highest waiver priority is awarded that player on the date listed. So for the example above, Blake Bortles will be added to someone's team who attempts to claim him, on September 19th. 

|| Who Gets The Highest Waiver Priority? ||

(Note: There are actually a couple of ways waiver order can be determined, but I'll discuss the most common.)

The Team in LAST Place will be FIRST in the Waiver Order. 

So let's say I'm in last place in my league, I'll get first dibs on any player I want. If I put in a claim for Blake Bortles, for example, I'll get him. 

The team in first place, will be last on the waiver priority.

Let's say that you are 8th on the waiver priority list, and you want Blake Bortles. You can still get him, assuming the teams in the priority order above you, 1-7, don't try and claim him. 

|| What Happens After The Waiver Period Ends? ||

After the waiver period is over, so in our example on September 19th at 3am EST, everyone is listed as a Free Agent (FA) until the end of Monday Night Football. 

You can pick up anyone you want, and it is based on a First Come, First Serve basis.  

|| How Do I Find Where I Am In Waiver Priority? ||

|| If you play on Yahoo ||

Go to League
Then Click Overview
Scroll down to "Standings" and look at the waiver column. 

*as this issue went to press, it was brought to my attention by my proofreader that she is the team in first place.  My proofreader is my mom. Go mom. 

|| If you play on ESPN ||

ESPN makes it easy on you! 
Click on the "My Team" tab, and it is located right on that first page! 

I hope I cleared up any confusion on waivers! If you have any other questions on waivers, or a request for a different football post, both fantasy and non-fantasy, just let me know and I'd be more than happy to help! 
P.S. I won $25 my first week on draft kings, and so did CB! It didn't cost me anything to play, and I has an absolute blast watching my team move up in the rankings with each game! If you've never played Draft Kings before, click here and use my link to get free entry in your first week. More info on Draft Kings, and how to play can be found on this post


  1. Thanks, I actually picked up James Jones this week! Also maybeeee I'll check out Draft Kings...

  2. oh wow I didn't even know the term waiver in fantasy football until this post!!

  3. Took your advice and headed over to Draft Kings last week and won some moola. Kind of excited to do it again this week. Maybe before the end of the year I can win some big bucks!!!

  4. You know what is SO funny about this to me?! Last year I didn't realize the waiver wire was really a thing at all... but that's because I lost SO TERRIBLY last season, like every freakin' week. So I was almost always getting whoever I wanted since I was in last, bahaha! This year I won big in week 1 (HOLLA) and was like seriously?! I have to wait around now!!? :) Love this.

  5. Thanks for sharing this info and congrats on winning.

  6. Ah! I freaked out when I saw my name :D thank you so much for the post!!! It really clearled up my confusion and explained why I was in last place in the waiver order! The guys are STILL mad about that. Definitely going to try Draft Kings! Thanks again!!! xoxo

  7. This is great! LOVE to know that other gals in the universe share the same love I have for Fantasy Football! ;)

    - Amanda

  8. I have never played Fantasy Football but your posts are making me want to! Might have to check out Draft Kings!

  9. Oh My Gosh! You are a lifesaver! I was just trying to figure out what the heck a waiver was for fantasy!

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