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30 September 2014

TomorrowWorld 2014 // What I Learned From My First Electronic Music Festival


Oh, my bad. Sorry about that I just had to pinch myself to see if this weekend was all a dream. I love a good adventure, so when Helene asked me several months ago if I wanted to go to TomorrowWorld as her guest in an official media capacity,  I had my flight booked and gold tattoos packed faster than you can say Steve Aoki! 

///Side note/// if you ever need a partner in crime that will say yes to anything and everything, I'm your girl. I'll try anything once. (*disclaimer- no skydiving. That is where I draw the parachute line) 

As you guys know already, Helene likes EDM as much as I like sports. I feel comfortable making that comparison, I think she would agree there. I kid you not though, Helene knew more about each artist than all of the other media personnel in attendance. TomorrowWorld made a no-brainer decision by inviting her. Not only did she hold her own in any conversation, she was more knowledgeable. Girlfriend has a very bright future ahead of her in the EDM world. , and I hope I continue to play the beneficiary from her passion and extensive knowledge.

Now let's take the complete opposite side of the spectrum. I knew nothing about electronic music, other than the things I've learned from reading Helene's blog. So I thought I would bring you my trip recap today, from an newbie's perspective. 

Did you know that? When we first got there, before I became an expert and all (jk,lol), I kept saying,
"What time do they come on?" 
"What stage are they on?" 
But most of the time when I said they, it was actually just a him; only one person. That doesn't mean that there weren't duos, or even groups... there were. But the majority of the time when you think the name sounds like a group of people, it was merely one DJ! 

Here are some pictures of Sound Remedy's set, a solo DJ, and Helene's favorite performer of the weekend. He was so passionate, he sucked you in and his joy and excitement was so palpable that it pretty much slapped you across the face! I loved him too! 

I love love loved the DJs who played a lot of Trap music. I'm a big fan of rap, so naturally this had me jumping and screaming like a super fan! Here are some pictures of the Mad Decent stage, which featured a lot of Trap artists! 

This was pretty sweet perk. I loved that we didn't have to wait and lose our music high in between acts, which tends to happen at most concerts I attend. It was simply one DJ to the next in just a matter of minutes. Here are some pictures of us having the time of our lives at the main stage!

I wish I did a better job at snapping some of my favorite signs and flags, but alas, here are some winners that wound up on my camera roll! 

 But really.... I've never seen anything like this place. 

Now back to the real world... aka my very intimidating email inbox right now!


25 September 2014

Does All of You, Love All Of You?

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I get so self-conscious over everything. I got self-conscious over having to take these pictures in public with my tripod (hence why that first attempt at a picture was in the safety blanket of my very private, very locked apartment), I got self-conscious when I uploaded these pictures to my computer and saw them for the first time, I got self-conscious when I edited them, I got self-conscious when I uploaded them to blogger... 

What are they going to think about me...What is she going to think about me...What is he going to think about me...What are they going to think about me...What is she going to think about me...What is he going to think about me...What are they going to think about me... Those three phrases usually run through my mind about 4 trillion times per day. 
Here is the thing... I do love myself. I love who I am. I'm proud of who I am. I'm proud of what I've accomplished and what I know I'm going to accomplish. 

Yes I have a tendency to make things weird and super awkward in uncomfortable situations. I get overly excited and put all my eggs in one basket before it has hatched (or whatever that expression is). I am a non-stop worry-wart, constantly overthinking every situation. I'm a horrible cry baby. I'm fully confident that I can bring a smile to anyone's face by making them laugh. I tend to be absurdly cocky when I know I'm right. Self-absorbed would be putting it nicely at times. I'm overly emotional, I cry at every military advertisement and puppy abuse commercial on television. But with all of those traits said, I wouldn't want to trade my personality, flaws included, with anyone's on this planet.

That "what are they going to think of me" worry has 100% to do with looks, and zero percent to do with who I am inside. Are they going to think I'm fat. Are they going to think I'm ugly. Are they going to think the way I styled this outfit is unfortunate? Are they going to think I'm a Georgia Bulldog fan?  

So, my first question here is.... can you say you love yourself, but still be self-conscious? Does that actually mean that you don't love yourself, because you don't love all of you? (this is where I really need John Legend's help)

I've heard people say, "No one can love you if you don't love yourself." I'm not sure how I feel about that statement. 

So my second question here is... Why can't someone loving you, someone who can see the things your negative, self-conscious mind won't allow you to see, be a wonderful and very real thing that most certainly can happen? Particularly in those times when you just don't love all of you?

Simply hearing, "Don't you know how beautiful you are?" can change the way you feel about yourself in a split second. Your confidence level can go from Rosie O'donnell to Beyonce real quick (real quick). 

For example, say you put on a body-con dress that looks horrible (to you) in the bathroom mirror. You immediately walk to the closet to take it off.... but then your man catches a glance through a cracked open closet door and does a "damn" double take at you in that same dress you just thought looked horrific on.... 

Are you going to change out of that dress? Nope, your whole attitude just went from zero to Beyonce, real quick, real quick

I don't have much of a final summary point here, other than that I do think someone can love you, even if you don't love all of you. Someone can love you so much, and find you so damn beautiful, that you might even start to believe their crazy ass one day!


Before I sign off for the day, I've got this pretty girl below, Rachael from The Rachael Way, who agreed to do a Q&A with me! Make sure you go say hey girl hayyyyy on twitter and insta too! 

Tell us about your blog - When did you start blogging and why? What do you love to blog about? My blog is called The Rachael Way and is your basic lifestyle blog; nothing is off limits in my little space of the interwebs! I write about my expat life in China, self improvement, dating, friendship, and life in general.

What are your favorite and least favorite parts about running a blog Favorite parts: actually writing, getting my voice out there, making friends (seriously, the blogging community is AWESOME!) Least favorite parts: the technical stuff, the drama (you know it happens sometimes), and the fear that maybe I will say something that offends someone. The good outweighs the bad though, that's for sure.

You just moved to China!! What are you doing there? I am teaching seventh grade English and Geography at an International School-- meaning I teach in English, but my students are bilingual. I have to say, my job is my favorite part of my new life in China.

How is the transition going - what do you love and what are you struggling with? Overall, I'm doing really well. There are some things I miss (LIKE THE FOOD!), but overall I'd say I'm doing a pretty good job and it helps to have a lot of coworkers who are going through the same transition as you. There has been a fair share of weird things I've experienced living here, though...

What's one thing readers should know before visiting your blog? I always keep it real. Whether is talking about depression, dating disasters, or struggles, you'll never find me acting like my life is perfect. Just not my style!

Which form of social media do you use the most? The easiest and best way to keep in touch during my China adventures is instagram! All other social networks are blocked (seriously...) So instagram is the best!

What gif best sums up you/your blog?

Direct us to a favorite post or two you've written. 
My post Enough is still one of my favorites that I think all women (and especially bloggers!) deal with-- comparison. No matter who you are, you ARE enough! I also just graduated college this past may, so my post about things I learned in college is one of my favorites, too :)
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