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02 September 2014

Um.... A Post About Shuffleboard?

Helloooo there Tuesday! Monday looks really good on you! Can we make this a regular thing? Monday is the new Sunday. Sunday is the new Saturday? Yup, I'm on board, I'll write a letter....

And speaking of Angelina Jolie.... true story, I had no idea they weren't already married. *GASP*. 

Ok, glad I got that out of the way. Now, on to the three day weekend recap, which was glorious by the way. I can't wait to show you guys all of the pictures I took. So I better just get started right away, there are a lot of them. 

I went back and forth for several hours debating which order to introduce these pictures in. Shuffleboard followed by blurry brown table. Or brown table followed by shuffleboard? Or post the shuffleboard picture twice, then follow up with the blurry brown table? I just wasn't sure how much drama you guys could really handle this Tuesday morning, so I went with the safe bet of shuffleboard followed by blurry brown table. You're welcome. I seriously had a fabulous weekend, and this is all I have to show for myself. Blogger fail. 

I'm such a liar. I have so many more pictures on my camera roll from this weekend...

Worst blog post ever.  



  1. best weekend ever? our g chat shall be interesting today!

  2. Nope, that's the best weekend ever. And who knew they weren't already married? Kind of an anticlimactic wedding when I thought it already happened. My weekend consisted of 3 nights at work and sleeping Labor Day away. But at least I wasn't laboring people at work, right? Happy Tuesday...Friday is closer than usual woo!

  3. That is so funny I stumbled across this post when I played shuffleboard for the first time this weekend!! It was crazy fun, even if I am truly horrific at it so far... practice makes perfect!!

  4. Way to not care about what Brangelina are doing.. I love it!

  5. not only are you a blog tease even the dogs look like they are smirking with, haha I now everything

  6. Shuffleboard............what it shuffleboard...................heard of it don't know what it is some kind of game right

  7. you mean, best blog post ever.

    Shuffleboard is the bomb-diggity. Yeah. I sad it.

  8. Can't be a bag blog post with pictures of the dogs lol. I posted a instagram video over the weekend of my cat now thinking she is a dog cause she will fetch.

  9. I think a weekend spent with those furballs can't be bad!

  10. Shuffleboard! What a great game. The salt, the heavy shuffley things you toss.. It's similarity to curling...
    I had similar pictures from my weekend.. just one drunken selfie that I would never share and a picture of the floor. Good times.

  11. You crack me up!

    I haven't played Shuffleboard in ages!


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