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18 September 2014

Things We Do On Instagram That Are Just a Little Creepy

1. Following of the husbands
This is number one for a reason. Have you ever been on Pink Peonies or Gal Meets Glam's Instagram accounts? Click over to their husband's pages the next time they link to them. These guys have thousands of followers. And anytime they post a picture of their wives, the fan girls come running and liking and commenting. Just a little creepy...

2. Where/how/when/why/what did you get that
Big fashion blogger posts picture of dying grandfather, while visiting him in the hospital.

Fan girl: "Oh my gosh I LOVE that necklace where did you get it?!?!"

Let's have a dash of respect. Just a dash? Or nah?

3. Go to husband's page to ask that question
Let's take number one a step further.

"So your wife, I saw that picture of her at her grandfather's funeral, and she didn't answer me back but I'm wondering if you can ask her where she got the shoes she wore to the funeral? And if you could give me the link to those shoes? Oh--and my condolences."

4. Car selfies
There, I said it. Just a little creepy. Why does everyone think they look so good in the car?

Personally, I think I look really good in the dressing room at TJ Maxx --- but really, how can I get that exact lighting for my bathroom mirror? Maybe I'll ask TJ's instagram account? Or maybe their husband's insta account where they got their lighting from.... --- But in the car, no.

We, yes that is a collective we, do not look good in the car. Unless your seatbelt strap is Kate Spade and you're using "Like.To.Know.It" to link to said Kate Spade seatbelt strap,  then instagramming a car selfie is just a little creepy.

5. But literally every. last. item. we see them wearing / not wearing....
We hound them for.

Ohhh where did you get your....
floor tile
clothing hanger
chicken noodle soup

Can you please answer us???!!! I don't see tags to these items? The Like.To.Know.It email didn't link to your cat's litter box, PLEASE TELL US WHERE YOU GOT YOUR CAT'S POOP BOX FROM, PLEASE!! 

6. Go to absolutely absurd lengths to take a picture
Sometimes I scroll through my insta feed and certain accounts grab my attention and the only thing that crosses my mind is to ask them, "Ok but, how long did this picture take you?"

7. Have conversations as if the person is not right there
Some of these big bloggers will post a picture, and some girl will say something bitchy about the blogger that posted the picture. Then a super fan will come white knight to the blogger's rescue, then original bitchy girl will come back and defend her statement, then more super fans will white knight for their bestie fashion blogger they've never even spoken to before.... Um, this is the original instagrammer's account. You guys know she is right there, right? She can read all this......

And then finally, here is something creepy that I do....

8. Something I DO that is just a little creepy
I like to look into the reflection on people's sunglasses to see who is taking their picture.... like it is a Magic Eye poster and the longer I stare at it, the sooner the photographer will reveal him/herself.

And just like that, I'm a *super creep, super creep (she's super creepy)*. Creepy to the max. I win this round of the creep contest. But for the next round of "Things We Do On Instagram That Are Just a Little Creepy", what are some entries you would like to submit? What do you do on Instagram that is just a little creepy?

Hmmm.... better not wear sunglasses anytime Chalupa Batman takes my picture, now I've given you people ideas....

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  1. haha oh I love this so much, I'm never going to be able to look at a picture of someone with sunglasses on without also looking into it a little bit too much! xx

  2. I actually feel less creepy now, because I totally, 1000% look into people's sunglasses too. Usually all you can see are their outstretched arms, because #selfie, but occasionally you can see things they probably didn't mean for you to see and then I laugh. So I actually feel better now, HAH! Thanks Sarah! ;)

  3. All of these! But mainly number 6. Most of the IG accounts I scroll through these days have photos that looked super staged / set-up. It's just a little (really) annoying.

  4. hahahaha capillaries! i totally look in sunglasses reflections as well! i dont like to post mine when you can see in my reflection but then the other day i was like eff it. it's like trying to hide the tampon you're carrying as you walk to the bathroom - it's not like we don't know about periods, who gives a shit. so it's not like everyone didn't know i took the damn photo myself, haha.

  5. Did someone actually say that about the funeral pic??? Thats horrible.

  6. Bahahahahaha!!! this true...I'm a sunglasses creeper too. But I never visited #1, so I'm curious and may have to go check out their accounts. Really? The husbands though..that is weird. And nothing is worse than the women that don't even ask properly anymore they literally just go, "Necklace??" "Shoes??" lol its hilarious to me.

  7. I tend to make fun of their hashtags the minutes I see them; which is a terrible thing to do! But I just can't help it! then I usually make up some sarcastic, bitchy hashtag that I think should be there instead lol #nojudgement?

  8. this is 100% spot on. i am laughing so hard. i always look at the husbands. especially the really nerdy ones. but I never FOLLOW them. it is weird. and yes- i love to look in the sunglasses!

  9. This is FANTASTIC. I'm just shocked by the fact that so many husbands evenHAVE Instagram. They're so trendy.

  10. Omg..I'm totally guilty of looking into reflections!!! Hahaha. I've probably also gone to absurd lengths for pictures. It's in my nature though,..I love pictures. I don't do it just for IG though. Hmmm..I'll have to think of some other creep-a-leak things I'm guilty of.

  11. Honestly, you had me at number one... Except I only have a boyfriend right now, so I can't even imagine how it'll be when I have a husband. Also I have a tendency to act like I know everyone I follow on Insta. Like oh that's Sarah she blahblahblah.

  12. But see, I was the creep checking your weekend photo sunglasses reflections to see if Chalupa was hiding in them. Guilty of all the car-photos. *hangs head in shame*

  13. I am always all up in the pictures with reflections, creeping on who took it, and what else you can see. It's hilarious, and sometimes frightening. One thing I find totally creepy is when people post pictures of their naked children on there. First of all, that kid is going to grow up one day, and probably realize that their bits and pieces were put all over the interwebs when they were little and that will be like 12 different kinds of traumatizing, and secondly, just eww. Pervy people look at Instagram too, and I definitely wouldn't want some creepy pervo that I don't know looking at my kid naked. Diapers and shirts all the way, people!

  14. Reflections are my FAVORITE thing to look at. I also get really distracted by what's happening in the background of pictures.

  15. I definitely do the sunglasses thing! Guilty of being a creeper.

  16. Here's one for you...Reading the comments on Instagram posts, clicking over to stalk the photos of someone who commented, as you piece together who is friends with whom, or who knows *insert name celebrity*. Guilty as charged.

  17. PLEASE tell me you made up the grandfather's funeral thing and that is not a real thing that happened. PLEASE.

    1. I have seen a youtuber post a picture of herself and son at a funeral.

  18. I do #8, I think its totally normal ;) xoxo, ganeeban

  19. Haha.. this is awesome!!!

  20. YES to #1! My husband's IG account is private and it's so weird when randos ask to follow him.

    I also think its weird when people go back and like 9384798275 of your pictures in a row. I assume they're trying to get your attention but it's comes off creepy.

    I too look in the reflection of sunglasses and mirrors to see who is taking the picture. We can be creeps together.

  21. I will have to say I will sit and read all the conversion that happen on some big youtuber IG page.

  22. I do number 8 too, not just with sunglasses but also with windows if the happen to be available.

  23. I find taking pictures of your dying grandfather and posting them to instagram weird in itself, just the things people share... I do the last one as well, not so much on instagram but just with photos and films in general I always try to find the camera reflection- it's a bit of a weird addiction!
    Helena /

  24. I'm feeling like people just ask questions about a particular item when they have nothing else to say but really really really want to make a comment. Yes? All this pales in comparison to your eyelashes in the above photo. WHEREVER DID YOU GET THEM!?

  25. Just WHERE did you get your eyeballs?! haha-- I do the exact same thing with the sunglasses too. I'm glad people started taking pics of just the reflections in their sunglasses, really took the work out of it.

  26. OMGSH! How in their right mind would ask the funeral one! I swear some people drive me crazy! Haha confession I do car selfies sometimes! lol

  27. Hey Sarah!!! Oh my gosh I LOOVE this!! I see these offenses ALL the time and all I can do is just wonder how people do this. Although.. I totally do the last one .. Hellooo reflections!! lol I just cant help myself either!! Hope your having an amazing last days of Summer girl!! Talk soon! ;D XO


  28. #1 reminds me of fandom. Specifically real person fandom and the following of the — usually the girlfriends, because most of the real person fandoms I've been involved in were focused around dude musicians. People are absolutely AWFUL to female celebs on social media and the girlfriends (sometimes wives) of male celebs get some of the worst bullshit. I mean, some of them have fans, which is weird, but whatever, not that much weirder than being a fan of a youtuber or a blogger, let's be real. But some people need a wakeup call.

    #7 is... I hope that never happens to me. I don't really follow celebs on instagram and I was kind of unsurprised-but-still-disappointed when I saw some of the comments people left on a media kit client's pictures. It wasn't people talking among them, but it was the same level of, you do realize this is a human being who doesn't need to know your every thought about them, right? Like who gives a crap if you think her hair looked better before or whatever? SO rude.

    I avoid #4 because I think my best lighting is bathroom lighting, and that would be weird to tweet. I don't have a car, but the last time someone drove me somewhere, I did take a shit ton of selfies there. To be fair I was heading to a shoot with full makeup and I looked AWESOME but like. I did really like those pictures. mAYBE CARS ARE MAGIC.

    1. (Also, apparently using tech in a car gives me a migraine so if anyone else is like me, they're probably bored out of their minds while in a car. So it makes sense that they'd turn to selfie-taking.)

  29. I always look in the sunglasses or mirror reflections if there are mirror/windows in the picture. Weird, I know.

  30. I'm convinced people take so many freaking car selfies because it's natural light without being in direct sunlight and they got to work ten minutes early but don't want to work ten extra minutes.

  31. This is hilarious although completely true too! Love it!


  32. I look in the sunglasses too to see who the photographer is. It's actually funny sometimes. Does that make me creepy? I'm on Instagram at karen_runwright. Occasionally, I add weird pictures. Fodder for Instagram creepsters :-)

  33. the dying grand father comment was a bit dissapointing

  34. I have done the sunglasses one before. Or someone took a selfie but tried to do the trick where they hide their arm. (Not speaking from experience or anything..) and then you can see their arm extended in their sunglasses.. I'm all like- busted! Although, I think everyone knows the 'hide your arm' trick therefore, it's not much of a trick......
    I have one celebrity on my Instagram feed and it's Drew Barrymore. She gets hundreds of comments and I often wonder if she even has the time or cares to look them all over. Imagine her notifications... she MUST turn that shit off. I also have wanted to comment about something and then think better of it. I'm glad I haven't because I think that would make me a 'fan girl'...

  35. I agree to so many of these. I see them on accounts and cringe. It's kind of ridiculous that we don't as a general society have some basic ground rules for social media. Although I have to admit - I am completely guilty of car selfies. Oops.

  36. haha OMG this is so funny. I actually look into peoples sunglasses too. I don't know why. Maybe it is just a reaction to look into someones eyeglasses since you can't see their eyes in the picture. I'm glad I'm not the only one LOL.

  37. # 5 and #7 hahahaha yessss. this happens a lot on youtube also!


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