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30 June 2014

Bloody Terrific

This weekend was fantastic because I pretty much just parked the car and hung out in my hood! Friday the pups and I enjoyed some vino on the porch... they drank red, and I drank white. They are so much classier than I am.

(JK of course... we all drank white) 

I'm moving to the other side of the building next week, and I'll be losing my patio. So I had to soak up all the views of the cotton bowl and fair park that I could! 

Poor Veenie pup woke up sick on Saturday morning, as you can see from this picture below. Doesn't that just break your heart. She has some sort of wicked cough going on. I'm trying to hold out on an unnecessary vet trip, but as of this morning, she still wasn't any better. Poor sweet pup!

Saturday night I had my first Pecan Lodge experience. This place has a lot of hype. It just opened a new location in Deep Ellum, and the line generally wraps around the building. We got there early, we're talking 5:45pm when the line was relatively short, and still waited in line for an hour. This place only sells BBQ until they're sold out, so it is possible you could be in line for an hour, only to be  told they're out of food. Whomp whomp. Luckily we not only got plenty of food, but beers and a great spot at the bar too! This place was delicious and I totally recommend it, but GO EARLY! 

And if you follow me on Instagram, then you know this happened.

Anvil Pub, which is steps from my apartment, serves the most incredible version of brunch ever. You have three choices, a 32oz Bloody Mary with onion ring and slider, a 32oz Mimosa/Screwdriver with a breakfast sandwich and pastry and fruit or the 32oz Sangria topped with a steak taco. Oh, and did I mention it comes with a beer too?

Dear sweet baby Jesus, just learnin shapes and colors. Who wants to go back and taste test the other options with me?! 


28 June 2014

Saturday Sessions: Great Fonts for your Blog

Here are some fonts I'm digging right now, that will add some pizazz to your blog posts! Most of them are free, although there are one or two in there that do cost a few bucks! Happy Saturday everyone! 

 Fab {Brannboll} // Love {Halo Handletter} // Confetti {Joelle}
Sparkle {KG All Things New} // B&W {Langdon} // Daisy {Libel Suit
Toast {Made With B} // Twelve {Matchmaker} // Hello! {Pea Snow}
Bling {Satisfy} // Martini {Sudestada} // Brush {Suilly La Tour- Demo}
Social {Tetra} // Umbrella {Treehouse Demo} // USA {Stripes and Stars}

27 June 2014

9 Running Tips from Someone Who Hates Running

I am an athlete. I am a competitor. I am a never-giver-upper. I am driven and focused. But when it comes to running, take everything I just said and throw it in the trash. Running is difficult, it always has been for me. I played travel basketball year-round, and even though I could play an entire game, without needing a sub, for some odd reason, I still couldn't run an 8 minute mile the next Monday in gym class. I've just never been a long distance runner. I've never enjoyed anything about just getting out and running. Yuck. 

I've tried starting Couch25K more times than I care to admit, and I never got past day 3! But guess what day I'm on this time around? Day 9, beeeaaaaches! #getitgurl.

If I made it to day 9, so can you. Just make these changes in your approach! 

1. Run Outside
I always used to think running outside would be the death of any running program. The heat, the hills... but really it made all the difference in the world. Beginner running is such a mind game, when you're outside, you have about a billion other things to look at // think about (like not getting hit by cars, crossing the street, storefronts if you live near a city center, sky scrapers, etc..) other than that 2:34 seconds until you can come to a walk again. So ditch the treadmill and hit the pavement. 

2. Run with Dogs
Again back to that mind game. Running with your dogs gives you about a million other things to think about other than that 2:34 seconds until you can walk again. I.e. does my dog have a live pigeon in his mouth? 

3. Forget what you used to do
Did you used to get out there and run at Olympic speeds? Well, guess what. You aren't at that level anymore, so don't try and start at that level. You'll quit. 

4. Forget what others are doing
This girl was coming up behind me and I could feel myself trying to keep up with her. DUMB. I clearly am much closer to the couch side of things than the 5k side of things, so don't feel you need to compete with those around you. 

5. Forget what you look like
The first day I was totally concerned with what others were thinking when they drove by me. Look at that slow loser, what a dumb workout tank top, she looks like she is gonna pass out, haha she suuuuucks *throws banana peel at my face*... then when I realized that no one was paying any attention to me, like zero, I was able to move on. Forget what others are thinking, just think about the dogs and the music and not getting hit by a car. 

6. Beware of "Workout Playlists"
People are nuts if they think that Royals or Happy is going to keep me going. Don't get me wrong, I like both songs, but pop songs just don't cut it. Ditch the pop songs, which seem to make up the majority of every "workout playlist" and replace them with EDM and hip-hop. I use this playlist from Helene and it has made all the difference in the world.  

7. Use an app
I use couch to 5k, it is proven, the plan clearly works. It is always important to have a game plan to keep you focused and on track. 

8. Use a tracker
I use the fitbit and it has seriously been the coolest, most motivational thing ever. Sitting at a desk for work all day makes it tough to hit that 10,000 step mark. The fitbit keeps me walking with the pups a little bit longer, even after the c25k program is finished! 

9. Get Social
This is hands down the most important one. Some days, the only thing that keeps me going is knowing that when the day's run finishes, I'll get to post to twitter and brag about myself! I also created a hashtag, #vtimc25k, so I can go back and see all my hard work! 

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26 June 2014

Why I've Decided I Like Soccer and You Should Too

I said some things on Social Media last week, and after watching my first World Cup game on Sunday, I'm here to issue a public apology to the sport of soccer. And by sport of soccer, I mean the USMNT. I'm still standing firm on my opinions of all other soccer, for now. But FIFA bandwagon, wait up! This little blogger is hoppin' on, and here's why...

Name one other thing you can watch on television that doesn't have commercials--- don't say Reading Rainbow, because you know you were watching that on VHS, not PBS. Plus it hasn't aired live since 2006, not that I'm keeping track, dammit LeVar we miss you.

Think Red, White and Will Ferrell. 
Thanks to Brooke Lyn for retweeting this and making it fresh in my mind. 

But really, name fan gear better than covering yourself in America from literally head to toe? Here are my suggestions for the best shirts to watch America in. 

I say, if anyone can get this excited over a sport while dressed as Teddy Roosevelt, well then that sport needs to be given a chance.

Although, I thought he was supposed to be the guy from Jumanji. Total lack of American history knowledge, for the win! 

Regardless, as we found out in the final seconds of Sunday's game, literally every last second in soccer has the potential for pee your pants excitement (or poop your pants disappointment as the case may be).

Here is a fun fact, alcohol was banned at stadiums in Brazil eleven years ago to curb game-related violence. Here is the kicker though (hah), Budweiser is a major sponsor of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Guess who won that shootout (hah)? That's right, America did. 

I mean, Budweiser. I mean, America. I mean, FIFA. Beer.

No for real, nothing. Because it is at 11 flipping AM. Well, other than Reading Rainbow VHS tapes, but I haven't watched those in like, weeks. 

But really, it's a slow time in the sports world right now, might as well tune in. Not like you have football to watch... #sad

And always want to support the US in everything we do!

Did it go in? Yes? We scored. Hoorah. -- Soccer, as explained by Sarah. 

Sooo, yeah. May I have Tim Howard, orrrrrr???

And just because I'm a know-it-all-my-sports-are-better-than-yours brat, here are the things I would change if I were in charge of soccer:

1. Get the acting in check
Dude sneezes from 30 feet away, opposing dude falls down. Foul called.

2. Make the clock count down, not up.
Math is hard.

3. Stop the clock throughout the game. 
So that 5 more minutes don't appear out of thin air for the other team to score. I realize that would lead to commercials, but still, no commercials, thanks.

4. Amendment to change #3:
If US is losing at the end of the game, give them 5 more minutes to score. But no one else, just them.

5. Give Sarah Tim Howard
At the end of regulation. Or after another 5 minutes. Or whenever is fine, I can wait.

(Isn't it funny how everything revolves around hashtags these days?! #deepthoughtswithSarah) 


25 June 2014

Jobs Fit for a King

In case you haven't heard, the L man is now a free agent. He still COULD stay with Miami, but he has the option to leave. He could go do anything! The sky is the limit! Here are some things, outside of the NBA, that I think LeBron would be great at! 
1. King James, the Pro Ballerina
2. King James, The Pro Opera Singer
3. King James, The Pro Super Hero
4. King James the Queen B Pro Backup Dancer
5. King James, The Pro Bull Rider
6. King James, The Pro Fashion Designer
7. King James, The Pro Dog Walker 
8. King James, The Pro Nurse 
9. King James, The Pro Blogger
So what do you think? Which profession should he choose next? 
Poor LeBron, he is always the butt of all my jokes...

Before we pack up for the day, I want you to meet a very inspirational blogger, The Alisha Nicole. Alisha is driven, career oriented and needless to say, a girl after my own heart! Oh, and of course, meet Porkchop too! 

1. Tell us about your blog - When did you start blogging and why? What do you love to blog about?
I started The Alisha Nicole in June 2013. At the time I was in a really weird place in life (insert very confused adult here) and I basically just needed somewhere to vent, share my journey and share a little inspiration. I guess you could say I have found my "thing" over the past year because now I love blogging about business tips and trying my best to talk everyone into following their dreams!

2. What are your favorite and least favorite parts about running a blog?
My favorite part by far has to be all of the people I have met through blogging (I have so many blog besties in my head it's ridiculous!) and my least favorite would be how hard I am on myself. I want my blog to be perfect and I have to keep remembering that there is no such thing as a perfect blog.

3. Tell us about Porkchop! And pretty please share a photo. Or 500, that's fine, we're dog lovers here
Ahh Porkchop (the Beagle) is my 25 pound of HOT MESS! She can be feisty as hell l but I can't imagine life without her! She's been begging me to let her take over my blog for a while but I told her she has to get her attitude in check first. She also told me to tell Gee #HEYBOO with the winking face emoji.

4. Which form of social media do you use the most?
It would definitely be Instagram! I'm usually on it all day everyday and ignore all the rules that tell me I shouldn't be.

5. And you have a shop as well, what do you sell? What's your favorite piece currently listed?
Yeap! I create dainty handmade jewelry made with gemstone beads, genuine leather and an assortment of different metals. I'm working on eventually offering other products like small home decor items and paper products. My current favorite piece has to be the "Carolina Girl" pendant necklace. I give my home state a lot of crap sometimes but it really is an amazing place to live!

6. What's your favorite holiday to celebrate?
My birthday! It has all the perks of all the major holidays and its the only day I can get away with doing almost anything.

7. You can only pick one band/singer to listen to for... okay, not forever, but for 1 month. Who would it be?
Kanye West hands down! The man has a bad reputation but you can't deny he's a great artist!

8. Direct us to a favorite post or two you've written.
My favorites would have to be the one where I vlogged and talked about what led me quitting my last job, here, and then this one about 10 Useless facts about me, here!

Be sure to check out Alisha on her Blog // Insta // Twitter // Pinterest // Facebook