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27 June 2014

9 Running Tips from Someone Who Hates Running

I am an athlete. I am a competitor. I am a never-giver-upper. I am driven and focused. But when it comes to running, take everything I just said and throw it in the trash. Running is difficult, it always has been for me. I played travel basketball year-round, and even though I could play an entire game, without needing a sub, for some odd reason, I still couldn't run an 8 minute mile the next Monday in gym class. I've just never been a long distance runner. I've never enjoyed anything about just getting out and running. Yuck. 

I've tried starting Couch25K more times than I care to admit, and I never got past day 3! But guess what day I'm on this time around? Day 9, beeeaaaaches! #getitgurl.

If I made it to day 9, so can you. Just make these changes in your approach! 

1. Run Outside
I always used to think running outside would be the death of any running program. The heat, the hills... but really it made all the difference in the world. Beginner running is such a mind game, when you're outside, you have about a billion other things to look at // think about (like not getting hit by cars, crossing the street, storefronts if you live near a city center, sky scrapers, etc..) other than that 2:34 seconds until you can come to a walk again. So ditch the treadmill and hit the pavement. 

2. Run with Dogs
Again back to that mind game. Running with your dogs gives you about a million other things to think about other than that 2:34 seconds until you can walk again. I.e. does my dog have a live pigeon in his mouth? 

3. Forget what you used to do
Did you used to get out there and run at Olympic speeds? Well, guess what. You aren't at that level anymore, so don't try and start at that level. You'll quit. 

4. Forget what others are doing
This girl was coming up behind me and I could feel myself trying to keep up with her. DUMB. I clearly am much closer to the couch side of things than the 5k side of things, so don't feel you need to compete with those around you. 

5. Forget what you look like
The first day I was totally concerned with what others were thinking when they drove by me. Look at that slow loser, what a dumb workout tank top, she looks like she is gonna pass out, haha she suuuuucks *throws banana peel at my face*... then when I realized that no one was paying any attention to me, like zero, I was able to move on. Forget what others are thinking, just think about the dogs and the music and not getting hit by a car. 

6. Beware of "Workout Playlists"
People are nuts if they think that Royals or Happy is going to keep me going. Don't get me wrong, I like both songs, but pop songs just don't cut it. Ditch the pop songs, which seem to make up the majority of every "workout playlist" and replace them with EDM and hip-hop. I use this playlist from Helene and it has made all the difference in the world.  

7. Use an app
I use couch to 5k, it is proven, the plan clearly works. It is always important to have a game plan to keep you focused and on track. 

8. Use a tracker
I use the fitbit and it has seriously been the coolest, most motivational thing ever. Sitting at a desk for work all day makes it tough to hit that 10,000 step mark. The fitbit keeps me walking with the pups a little bit longer, even after the c25k program is finished! 

9. Get Social
This is hands down the most important one. Some days, the only thing that keeps me going is knowing that when the day's run finishes, I'll get to post to twitter and brag about myself! I also created a hashtag, #vtimc25k, so I can go back and see all my hard work! 

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  1. This is great! I actually am going to start running this weekend because I want to be able to run a 5KM is September. I hate running so this is super helpful!

  2. You go girl!!! I've recently began running again and I'm still having trouble regulating my pace. But your tips are great, especially about the music and tracker. Sometimes I'm like, how am I supposed to run to this! haha and I have a nike watch that I absolutely loveee... I sometimes think I run just so I can look cool with the watch! haha

  3. Hi I'm proud you and that's all.

  4. i'm soooo awful at running but it would be nice to be better at it so i can work out anywhere. my pugs are not great running partners (though i guess if i have to carry them, that's weight training too?) but i need to at least get out more and take them on longer walks. it's a start!

  5. I've finally gotten back into running and those tips are so true. Especially the tip to not worry what other people think about you while you're running. I was always so concerned that people would think something was truly wrong with me lol! Have a good weekend!

  6. Running with a dog and good music always helps get me out the door.

  7. All good tips! I started running 6 months ago and I didn't exactly use the c25k app but I built myself up and away from huffing and puffing and stopping at .10 mile using a similar method. I think music is one of the biggest things, and it's gonna be a different thing for everybody. I have about 10 different running playlists for any kind of mood, but it was definitely my house/EDM playlist that got me a PR in my last race on Sunday :) happy running!

  8. Outside is the best way to run!! I hate the dreadmill, but get me out on the trail and I am moving! I wish my pups would run with me, but they are much closer to couch than 5k!

  9. Hats off to you. I've always hated running. I think my best time was a 13 minute mile. I have just never had the focus to just run.

    <3 Jackie

  10. Girl after my own heart.

    I haven't made it past day 2. And I've started the program more times than I can count.

    The C25K app is awesome though. I love that it lets me play my music while using it.

    And even if you fall off the wagon and have to start again, every day you run is better than one with your ass on the couch. Thats how I make myself feel better anyways.

    You go girl!

  11. great tips, sarah! loved this!!

    also: y'all need to get britney's "WORK BxxCH" on your workout playlists. i'm not just saying this as britney's biggest fan -- the song is pure MOTIVATION.

  12. these tips are really really good. especially the playlist one (well maybe that's bc you gave me a shout out!) but seriously, i have to have good tunes!

  13. Love this link-up. Finally one dedicated to sports!

  14. My playlist is always super pumped up dance music, or death metal. Both are amazingly wonderful at making me run faster.

  15. I use a playlist on spotify called 180bpm or something like that if I want a fast 5k. Keeps me moving! I added the playlist you recommended though. Since I'm a cheapskate and weary of where my money goes, I only use the free Spotify on my phone so good playlists are essential during my run. I also love the Nike+ running app. They have free training programs (under the Coach tab) that I'm using for my half marathon training (Plano Balloon Half) come Monday. Your tips are all great! I have a love/hate relationship with running as well. Hate to do it but love how I feel after it.

  16. I agree, the right play list makes a world of difference! My fave is my AC/DC or Metallica Pandora stations. And EDM always gets me pumped up too!

  17. I recently (in the last couple of months) started running, after always HATING it, and have started to fall in love with it. Couch to 5k plans are the way forward! It has to be outside though - I can't imagine ever wanting to put all that effort in to just run on the spot.

  18. Good tips - starting to run is not easy. I've been running for a few years and it's gotten easier but I also don't do it as much as I should. After you run your first race though you'll be addicted. I know I'll never win or even come close but I set my own goal and I try to make it happen. Keep it up and thanks for the inspiration to go for a run later.

  19. "Forget what others are doing" and "forget what you look like" we're culprits that kept me out of the gym for years. I didn't want to be embarrassed as "wow look at that fat girl who really needs to be here" or not being able to keep up with the gym rats who are clearly miles ahead of me in a routine.

    I still get self-conscious sometimes, but I still go and take care of my business! I haven't progressed to running yet (weak knees) but I'll get there. This post was very relatable and inspiring like yeah I can do this!! Thank you!!

  20. Excellent list, I hate when the crossfitters are behind me I feel like I have to keep up and clearly I cannot LOL

    Im on day 12 of C25K haha now I count in my head how many seconds I have and I dont even realize it. It makes it easier for me Im counting rather than thinking about falling over and dying.

  21. Hey, I am in the middle of writing a nearly identical post! I just posted about the C25K app a week ago (I'm on W4D3 and have been for, oh, a month) and love it. So glad to hear it's working for you too! I always swore I wasn't a runner and this has totally changed that.


  22. omg yes. i HATE running inside once i got the taste of running outside. so much so i basically stop running once it starts snowing, oops. oh i want a fitbit or a garmin so bad, boo for expensive shit my husband wont let me buy! i will say with the music, i'm in the minority. i like no music, sometimes pop or an audio book. i tried to listen to dance and all that fast paced stuff but its just not me and i think thats the most important. doing you, and screwing everyone else (not literally, unless you want to).

  23. You go girl!! Running is really dumb....until you cross the mountain of loving it and then it's awesome. Day 9- you'll be there in no time ;)

  24. You go girl. I need to get back in to my running. I was up to running 5 mile. I was so close to 6 mile. Then I stop to do insanity workout and haven't got back in to it.

  25. I like the idea of creating your own fitness hashtag! I've been using #Workingonmyafter, but I might use one to incoporate my "Brand"

  26. I love all these tips! We are doing a marathin in November. We need to focus on the right now & not the past.

  27. Yes to all of these.
    I hate running, but I love the end results.
    There has to be a more simple way :)

  28. I often forget what I look like until I see myself in a mirror and then I get a shock because of how I look

  29. Ugh, I have failed at the couch to 5 so many times. I used to play soccer 7 days a weekid, I played midfield and could play the whole game but when we had to just run I felt like it was an impossible task. I get so in my head while I run because I don't have something else to keep my focus like a ball at my feet or an opponent.

  30. I agree with all of this! However, I listen to my espn podcasts when I run - it keeps my mind from wandering and focusing on how much running sucks. I'm still trying to figure out how to listen to baseball games (now that I finally have a smart phone, I think I can, but there are so many commercials....)

  31. I ran last year and I loved it. I mean, I didn't really, I've never been into sports, and all I could have focused was "don't die, don't die, one more minute, yeah, there you go, good girl", but the feeling AFTERWARDS was amazing! And now I'm trying to persuade myself to run again. Trying to tell myself "remember that great feeling". But, um, it's not working. :(

    Wandering Polka Dot

  32. Girl, I'm a runner and you nailed it with this blog post! Seriously! My biggest motivator was getting a girls group together and meeting up 3 times a week. Most with small kids couldn't meet up until 8pm, but it was fine and freaking awesome! We huffed and puffed and cussed every step of the way sometimes, but doing it together was great therapy!

  33. These are great tips. Especially the one about not worrying what you look like. Because seriously, that used to get me bogged down. But I really don't care anymore. If you don't like what you see, don't look at me.

  34. Ugh I am exactly the same, I even played on a traveling bball team as a kid too. Day 9 is the furthest I ever made it. I need to pick it up again. I don't know why I ever quit because it's SO hard to get started again.


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