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12 June 2014

The Importance of Being Thorough + #9to5TotalSocial

Before I get into the big announcement du jour, (that's the announcement of the day-- ahhh that sounds good I'll have that) I wanted to discuss the importance of being a good note taker.

We have been trained to take thorough notes since we learned cursive in second grade. That brings me to a side point, does anyone use cursive, ever? Rurruto?

Ok, well try buzz. 

I'm full of the movie references today, huh? Ok so we are told to take very thorough notes since second grade, right? Then in high school and college the more detailed your notes are, the better you will do on the tests right? I used to take such detailed notes that I left class looking like the butler in Scary Movie (movie ref 3). 

But nowadays, I take notes just so I won't forget my own thoughts. Horribly depressing, really. Yesterday I did day two of couch to 5k and as I headed downstairs, realized I forgot to put the fitbit I got from Staples on. So I went back up four flights of stairs with both dogs, fed the dogs, gave them both water, messed with my Spotify playlist, then grabbed the dogs and headed back outside. I then realized I forgot the fitbit again, so I headed back up 4 flights of stairs.... 27 going on 90. 

When I have a blog post idea, if I'm near a computer I'll usually make a draft post in blogger, or if I'm not near a computer I'll email myself with the subject line "new post" so I can easily find it again. A couple of days ago I was searching my inbox when I came across this email I sent myself...

If you are having a hard time reading that, it says, 
"How to inevitably destroy your blog in one easy step." 

WTF is the step, Sarah!!?!?!?! You idiot!!!!!!!!!! You blew it!!
(movie ref 4)

So I have been racking my brain trying to remember this "easy step" that will destroy your blog, for about 48 hours straight now, and I have no idea what the step was. So the lesson today, my friends, is to take thorough notes. Who knows, this could have been a game changer for Saturday Sessions. This could have made my Pinterest Famous dreams come true. But alas, we will never know what the ONE STEP is that will DESTROY YOUR BLOG. Dumb, loser.


On another, much more positive and descriptive note (pun intended), guess what next week is?!
Venus Trapped in Mars

It is time for the second installment of #totalsocial!

Helene and I are announcing the next Total Social linkup! Here are June's details:

Date: Wednesday, June 18th
Topic: "My 9 to 5"!

We want to know what do you do for work, or during the day, what's your role? We are always astonished how people can blog and work or have kids etc. So, we want the details- What's your 9 to 5? Or feel free to get creative, maybe discuss what your dream 9-5 would be! 

Tell us using the hashtag: #9to5TotalSocial
Via blog, insta, facebook, pinterest and twitter!

For more details on exactly what #totalsocial is go here
Or for my first total social post (#firststotalsocial) go here



  1. omg, that's the worstttt! I always write notes on my phone's notepad.
    I hope that ONE STEP comes back to you.

  2. This was hilarious. I can always count on you for a good laugh Sarah. "YOU BLEW IT!" lol

  3. Is it Wednesday or Tuesday. I think Wednesday is the 19th

    1. haha ok I dont know what calendar my head is using but Wednesday is the 18th. My bad.

  4. Is it a code word? What is the secret?? What if I accidentally type 'bullwinkle' and my blog explodes?

  5. Rizzuto isn't even a word, I hate cursive and I hate all of you!!!!! Ugh, most favorite movie, of all time.

    I hope the step comes back to you - I do this a lot, email myself ideas for blog posts and as you can tell my my frequency of posting (which doesn't exist)... I don't seem to recall what my brilliant ideas are... maybe I should drink less, it might improve my memory... but what fun would that be?

  6. so last night i got a blog idea but i was tired so i thought- I'll remember it tomorrow. Then I remembered our discussion and quickly woke myself up and wrote it down. so good lookin out homie.

    can't wait for total social!

  7. Hahaha I am the same way I swear I'd lose my head if it wasn't already attached. My calender at work is full of little notes I've written myself!

  8. Cursive, is that still a thing ;) I hate when I have a brilliant idea and I'm too lazy to write it down, then its lost...

  9. Oh my god, now I'll never know if I'm going to destroy my blog! I do this all the time though. I have a ton of drafts with titles and no recollection of what those posts were actually going to contain. #fail

  10. Hey Sarah!! Oh my gosh I am the worrrst with note taking, then I always kick myself afterwards!! All so true and that stinks that you cant remember.. :-/ I must practice this more lol!! Great post girl!!


  11. If i dont write notes down for myself i would never remember anything. My planner is my lifesaver

  12. Oh I write notes to myself all the time, and keep my time and then can't read my own darn handwriting... i coulda ruled the world by now. sad day indeed.

  13. My best ideas come while I'm driving in the car and can't actually write them down. I've tried using Siri but I talk to quickly for her to keep up !

  14. Now I HAVE TO KNOW THE STEP! What if I already did it and I don't know!!

    Also, I love the topic this month!

  15. Hahah this is hilarious! I have the same problem--if it's not written down it is not getting remembered. Maybe it'll come back to you one day--don't give up on your dreams of pinterest fame just yet ;)

  16. I have to make notes to otherwise I forget things. Maybe you had step on your mind do to your fitbit.

  17. I am completely the same way!! I keep literally five calendars to remind myself of all the stuff I have to do (including one that is technically a mother's planner (I'm ashamed - I swear)), and I still do things like show up to my waitressing job at the wrong time on the wrong day. It's a serious problem I have! Maybe if you retrace your steps it'll come back to you!! hahaha I did that a couple of times today in the office just to remember things like "Kiersten, you have to get a new file folder" Oiii, the pains of getting old!

  18. I do the same with start a draft post or send myself an email or add pics to a post, currently I have 12 draft posts all non outfit related so you would think I would branch out a bit wouldn't you. I am betting all those stairs would have given you your steps if you had the fitbit on.... mine stays on my arm, I am thinking of blinging it out as a fashion statement.

  19. Yes. I use Siri on my Iphone all of the time. I ask her to remind me to do this or that. But a lot of the time she misunderstands me. I'll say- Set a reminder to get the baby at 2. She'll repeat back; Setting a reminder to hit the baby at 2. Funny stuff like that. But sometimes what she tells me has nothing even close to do with what I actually wanted.. so a week will go by and I'll get crazy reminders and I'll try to remember what it's supposed to really mean!

  20. I do this ALL the time! I wake up at night with an absolutely brilliant idea, write down one word, and go to blog the next day, only to find that the only word I wrote down to remind me of my brilliant idea was "Frisbee." Or something equally ridiculous.

  21. I come up with good post ideas when I'm in the shower. Let me tell you how annoying THAT is! Now I'm all, BABE!!! WRITE THIS DOWN!!

  22. haha!
    My day is full of to-do lists, and my mind is constantly racing of things that I have to do. I carry around a notepad, and have started to write myself notes like: "***Important: Do....."
    and then someone will ask me a question, or my mind drifts and I don't finish the sentence, and two hours later cannot remember what the imperative task was. Story of my life.

    P.S. I write in cursive. The lost language that is not included in the Common Core, so most kids aren't even learning it anymore.

  23. Ok I write in cursive all the time, even when I am told that my handwriting is unreadable I still do it I like it so deal other people, at least I know other people will not be able to read my

  24. I think that's pretty accurate! Sucks that you can't remember what your idea was. Do you have the Blogger app on your phone? I have it and although I haven't used it, it sounds like I should especially if I come up with ideas.

    Can't wait to link up for Total Social again!

  25. I am completely lost if I don't take notes!!! As far as cursive, I actually prefer to write in cursive. Its way faster for me and ive become quite good at it!

    I'll be linking up for my first Total Social tomorrow! I can't wait!

    - Jordan from Lashes, Lace, and Lipstick


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