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06 June 2014

Opposite of Fan Friday

Here is a fun fact about my work travels. Every time I return home from a work trip, something is wrong with my car. There was the time I had the flat tire, oh and that other time I had the flat tire, and then there was that time I had 2 flat tires! Then there was that fun time when the car wouldn't start, loved that. And yesterday I arrived home to a car that was leaking transmission fluid! Fun! But wait, there's more, after spending the morning at the dealership, they informed me that I had not one... but TWO leaks as well as a crack that has been gradually expanding in the exhaust pipe. Oh and that I needed to replace all 4 tires immediately, change the coolant fluids and there was a dead bird and dead rat that had destroyed the air filters.


You're probably thinking, what kind of POS does this chick drive. Well, let me refresh your memory, go ahead, I'll wait. 

Dooo Dooo Dooooo Do Do Do DO DOOOO. Do Do Dooo Do DO. Do Do Do Do Do. Dooo Dooo Dooooo Do Do Do DO DOOOO. Do...Do Do Do Do Do...Do.....DO.

Ok well it isn't a Mercedes or anything, but it is a very nice car, fully loaded with all the bells and whistles plus was supposed to get great gas mileage (not).

I had planned this great post for today, but now I am in no mood. I wanted to go on a rant about LeBron and his heat issues, pun intended I guess, but now I just want to sit here while I wait for my car for the next 1-7 hours and pout. BAH HUMBUG.

HAPPY FAN FRIDAY y'all! I'm not wasting a fan friday on something I am not a fan of, so I want you guys to meet Lindsay instead. I totally adore this fab and fashionable new momma, who is in fact, approaching her daughter's first birthday! It takes a very special person to get me to collaborate on a fashion post, but she was able to do it! Today we've collaborated again, this time with an interview  style guest post!

Lindsay ::: Pursuit of Pink 

Q1: Tell us about your blog - why the name? When did you start blogging and why? What do you love to blog about?

Pursuit of Pink was created because I wanted to add a little bit of positivity to an internet that can too often be negative and unforgiving. I keep things happy and blog about things that make me smile – personal style, recipes, my 11 month old daughter, my family, fun products, and of course the color pink! My friends were always asking me where I got my accessories and beauty products from so I figured, why not share those finds with other inquiring minds as well.

Q2: As your baby approaches her first birthday, tell us something about motherhood you really weren't expecting over this last year.

A: Wow, there are so many things that caught me off guard or that I wasn’t expecting about motherhood, but the one thing I NEVER expected out of me – an extremely girly girl – was that I would pick my daughter’s nose. Yep, you read that right. I will stick my pinky finger nail into her nose and pull out the good stuff when a tissue won’t do. Motherhood has definitely taught me not to be too scared of the gross things; spit up, dirty diapers, food all over the place, it’s just part of the daily routine around here.

Q3: You probably have approximately 17.3 million photos of sweet Baby K, but show us your favorite.

A: This right here, because my daughter has a better closet than I do! And I just can't get enough of that sweet little face.

Q4: If you could only get one type of candy for the rest of your life, which one would you pick?

A: SweetTarts would be the winner. I often forget how much I love them because they aren’t a candy you frequently find at the grocery store checkout, but every single time I have them I always want more, especially the pink (imagine that!). If we buy a box of SweetTarts there is a high probability that my husband won’t get any.

Q5: Which form of social media do you use the most? (and link us please so we can follow you!)

A: I just can’t quit Instagram.

Q6: Which celebrity's closet would you raid? You post great outfit posts, is there any celeb whose style you mimic or all you all Lindsay all the time?

A: If I could raid Kate Middleton’s closet, I would do so in a heartbeat. The Duchess looks amazing all the freaking time. But I guess I need the stylist, hair and makeup people to come with the closet, huh? Reese Witherspoon is one of my favorite celebs and I simply adore her style. Her dresses for awards shows are always my favorites and I love her simple, classic and chic style. Oh and Cori from Dress Corilynn is another person who’s style I am obsessed with, she's so fab.

Q7: Direct us to a favorite post or two you've written.

A: Surprisingly a post that I wrote during my first few weeks of motherhood is one of my favorites of all time. And this is still one of my favorite outfits. 

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  1. cars suck it's just not fair. mine is showing low tires again. MAKE IT STOP. thank you. and i love Lindsay!

  2. What a nightmare about your car. Nobody needs that kind of grief! I'm going to go check out Lindsay's blog right now!

  3. Please break up with your Hyundai. I want you to be safe.

    <3 Jackie

  4. Hey Sarah!! Omg!! I read the post with your car and cannot believe what happened to it!!! I'm so glad your OK! =-O Sorry about your now car too... it sucks coming home from a travel and then being bombarded with car problems or any problems for that matter!! Hope your current car gets better girl!! Have a great weekend and talk soon!! :) XOXOX


  5. I mean... at least it's a pretty car... right? Right?!

  6. Lebron could have used a fan last night... get it?! get it?!?! ? ok. i am down now.

  7. WTF with the car mayne?!? So sorry you're dealing with this. Add car problems to the list of certainties in life: death, taxes, car problems.

  8. oh nooo!! that's lucky you got a hyundai then if you are an unlucky car person... My dad tried to convince me to get one because they have the best warranty apparently... because I am one of those unlucky car people... lol Also, if you're going to replace all four tires at the same time look around for warranties on those too.... I replaced all four tires with a warranty at Hibdons and when one of them busted a year later it was only $15 to replace the whole thing. I had no idea I had all this car knowledge, but now you have it too.

  9. Booo! I am NOT a fan of cars breaking down. Hopefully it will be a quick and inexpensive fix! Those moments always make me jealous of people who live in cities with great public transportation.

  10. Yuck! Car trouble sucks. If it makes you feel any better, some jack*** decided it would be nice to back into my car today, in line at the drive through. I just got my car back from the shop last week from when a woman rear ended me and I leave for Dallas next Saturday. Kiiinda need my car, ha! I feel your pain. I hope it gets better for you. Enjoy your weekend!

  11. My car is the devil it breaks down on me a lot and right now is being referred to as the giant white cricket because it makes a very annoying sound that can be heard from miles away. I need a new car!

  12. I got back from Memorial Day weekend to find out that I need a new transmission. Which is, like, $4000 dollars or something. So that's not going to happen. And over the winter I had to put a used engine into it and that was a few thousand... so basically I know how much cars suck! I'm on the hunt for a new one right now. So, yeah...

  13. Sorry to hear about your car. I kind of know the feeling. In December my car got hit. In January got the car fit. Well in May my car got hit again in the same spot. Next week it goes in to get fixed.

    I love learning more about Lindsay.

    Have a great weekend

  14. oh no! that's pretty awful, and i'm so glad you were okay after your accident. one of my contenders in my car search (after i was rear ended :/) was a hyundai elantra gt. i think i'm glad i went with my volvo instead after reading this :( hopefully the warranty will cover the majority of the repairs!

  15. Car problems are the worst. I hate them.

    My last car was cursed, I'm convinced. Six weeks after I bought it, I got a flat tire. Then the sun visor fell off a couple of months later. Then it got hit on the side and I fought with the insurance company trying to get it fixed. Then the other side got hit by an unlicensed teenager. Then, one day, I walked out of my friend's apartment and found my car had been crashed into and totaled.

    I have a different car now.


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