The Best Songs of 2014 // The Worst Songs of 2014

I actually arrange my Spotify playlists by month, and each month I create a new playlist. Last year, for Helene's linkup I picked the best and worst country songs of the year. This year though, I thought I would just pick one song from each month's playlist that I still love, and one that if I hear one more time I might hurt someone. Why I ever put some of these songs on my playlist, the world may never know! 

Talk Dirty to Me // Jason Derulo
Jason Derulo is hit or miss for me. But this song, yup still dig it today!
Plus, 2 Chaaaaaiiiiiiinz!

Story of My Life // One Direction 
Story of My Life by One Direction on Grooveshark
This was my jam when it first came out. I would basically scream this with all the windows up for fear of being judged. There is a chance I even facebook declared my love for this song. Then I heard it 4 million times and I have since moved on.

Anything // Heldey
I think this song was released in 2013 but that is neither here nor there. Need a song that will make you feel you can take on the world (or the treadmill...)? Well this this is your go to. 
Neon Lights // Demi Lovato
Neon Lights by Demi Lovato on Grooveshark
Loved it until I didn't. Sorry Demi, keep up the good work doe....
Take Me to Church // Hozier
Take Me To Church by Hozier on Grooveshark
I heard it last night... still jammed my face off to it. On an unrelated note, I'd like to see what this guy looks like with a hair cut. Thoughts on that anyone?
All of Me // John Legend
All of Me by John Legend on Grooveshark
Fun fact though, I once hung on his tour bus with my friend Magen
Cool story bro.

Turn Down For What // Lil Jon, DJ Snake
Turn Down for What by Lil Jon & DJ Snake on Grooveshark
You think this wouldn't make the list? Psht.
Yeah right. Lil Jon is my bestie, remember

Rude // Magic!
Rude by Magic on Grooveshark
 Ears are bleeding 

 Eric Church // Cold One
Cold One by Eric Church on Grooveshark
Let's switch it up, and hit my country lovers for the month of May. 
Eric Church is my man and he can do no wrong. 

Brad Paisley // River Bank
River Bank by Brad Paisley on Grooveshark
I don't like anything Brad Paisley does and I plead temporary insanity during May for adding this to my playlist. 

 Miranda Mother Flipping Lambert
This is the month her CD Platinum was released, since I can't link all 16 songs, I'll link my favorite, Holding on To You! 
Can't Get Away From A Good Time // Logan Mize 
Can't Get Away from a Good Time by Logan Mize on Grooveshark

Shut Me Up // Old Dominion 
Can't Get Away from a Good Time by Logan Mize on Grooveshark
 If you are a country music fan, you'll love every song this band releases. They are song writers for some of your favorite artists too like Keith Urban, The Band Perry and Dierks Bentley. Plus, this song came out right around the time when I realized how I sounded talking about CB! 

Hangover // PSY, Snoop Dogg
Hangover (feat. Snoop Dogg) by PSY on Grooveshark
Yeah scream hangover at me 487 times, that'll help. 

Jubel //  Klingande
Jubel by 2014 Master Hit Machine on Grooveshark
 This is one of those songs that you just want to run through a field with a billowy, flowing scarf like a Free People model. 

All About That Bass // Meghan Trainor
I see no reason to link to this. You've heard it.
 Helene, it looks like a lot of our "worsts" are linking up! 

Ok now things are going to get tricky, the Rap game went HAM in September....
Or Nah // Ty Dolla $ign
Ty Dolla Sign - Or Nah (Explicit) ft. Wiz Khalifa & DJ Mustard by Ty Dolla Sign on Grooveshark
I'm a big big rap fan. Sorry mom. 
A couple of months ago, Ty Dolla $ign was doing a show in Deep Ellum, and he came out of his tour bus right as CB and I were walking by. 
He asked us where the courthouse was.... and we said we didn't know!! 
Cool Kids // Echosmith
Cool Kids by Echosmith on Grooveshark
If you wanna be like the cool kids then just do it good god almighty.

0 to 100 // Drake
0 To 100 / The Catch Up by Drake on Grooveshark
Real Quick. Real Quick. 
Drake is my Miranda Lambert of Rap, he can do no wrong.

A Sky Full of Stars // Coldplay
A Sky Full Of Stars by Cold Play on Grooveshark
I'm sorry I've never gotten into Coldplay. 
Nor have I ever liked Dave Matthews Band. Go ahead and get angry, I can take it.
No Flex Zone // Rae Sremmurd
Ok but, they know better.
They. Know. Better.

:::Worst::: Maps // Marron 5
But that way he sings you though....

I Don't F With You // Big Sean
(again, sorry mom)
I Don't F*ck With You feat. E-40 by Big Sean on Grooveshark
I don't pick the titles here mom, I'm really sorry. 
I just enjoy a good jingle, ipso facto, this song made my list
Chandelier // Sia
Chandelier by Sia on Grooveshark
I think my issue with this song is that I get excited when it comes on, because I think it is a song I like, then I listen to 3/4ths of the song only to realize it is the worst song ever made.


Ok too harsh? Do you never want to party with me now? 
Orrrrrrrr... can you not wait to party with me now?

Tell me how it is, I can take it! 
(unless you have something negative to say about Miranda in which case go away)

Linking up with Helene!  
The Best Songs Of 2014

The 28s

Today is my 28th birthday. 
This is a really long blog post, but in my defense, I've been alive for a really long time....
I bring you... the 28s of Sarah.

1// One Million 
:::December 3, 2014:::
2// My Life Could Not Be More Different 
:::November 12, 2014:::
3// Chalupa Batman
:::September 3, 2014:::
4// The Fixer 
:::August 5, 2014:::
5// 12 Times Gee Wanted to Go Back to the Pound to Try for a Different Owner 
:::June 24, 2014:::
6// Fan Friday One Year Anniversary 
:::May 30, 2014:::
7// Dear Match.Com 
:::May 14, 2014:::
8// Getting Down and Derby 
:::May 9, 2014:::
9// Meet My Boyfriend 
:::May 1, 2014:::
10// Jenny Francis
:::April 30, 2014:::
11// Dumb Loser 
:::April 16, 2014:::
12// 10 Things You Should Go Do Right Now To Help Your Blog 
:::April 12, 2014:::
13// Sarah's Nightlife 
:::April 10, 2014:::
14// Once Upon a Time There Lived a Dallas Blogger 
:::April 2, 2014:::
15// What Does Being Brave Mean To You? 
:::March 25, 2014:::
16// Pinterest is the New Black 
:::January 22, 2014:::
17// Don't Focus on the Negative 
:::December 23, 2013:::
18// Will it Ever Be Enough? 
:::December 4, 2013:::
19// I didn't Eat the Homework 
:::November 7, 2013:::
20// This Post is for Girls Who Think Football is Stupid 
:::September 27, 2013:::
21// Stop it Vogue, Stop it NFL, Just Stop It 
:::September 13, 2013:::
22// The 13 Commandments of Instagram 
:::August 20, 2013:::
23// The Devil Wears Ziplock 
:::August 16, 2013:::
24// 8 Reasons It Would Suck To Have a Blogger for a Daughter 
:::August 14, 2013:::
25// LOL 
:::June 26, 2013:::
26// Life is Hard 
:::June 18, 2013:::
27// How To be Awesome at the Gym 
:::April 19, 2013:::
28// Things Not To Factor When Filling Out Your March Madness brackets 
:::March 13, 2013:::

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A photo posted by Sarah Webb (@iamsarahwebb) on

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A photo posted by Sarah Webb (@iamsarahwebb) on

A photo posted by Sarah Webb (@iamsarahwebb) on

A photo posted by Sarah Webb (@iamsarahwebb) on

1// My Mom
2// My Family in Virginia
3// Chalupa Batman
4// General
5// Venus
6// My Job
7// Close friendships particularly this chick and this chick that just so happen to have blogs too
8// Love
9// Humor
10// The Vols
11// Moving to Dallas
12// The opportunity to earn a degree
13// This Blog
14// New Friends that have given me a new outlook on life in Texas 
15// Tennessee
16// Texas
17// Wine
18// Coffee (note the order here between wine and coffee please)
19// The year 2014. It was without a doubt one for the books 
20// Bravery 
21// Game Changers
22// Rainy Sundays
23// The Internet
24// The Colors in the world (honorable mention to the saturation setting in Afterlight)
25//  For the men and women who fight for our freedom. Always honor them, always clap for them, shake their hands whenever possible
26// Afternoons spent at the dog park
27// Stubhub
28// Cameras

1// Washing my face at night... you're 28 now Sarah. Face the music.
2// Get a thicker skin... constructive criticism really isn't that bad
3// Have more confidence... I can really be my own worst critic
4// Be more creative... It gives an excuse for a messy apartment. Creative minds are rarely tidy
5// Attempt to be more tidy... But really, you're really messy, Sar.
6// Have a greater attention to detail... write things down, stay organized and prompt
7// Give more compliments... you never know what a small compliment can really do
8// Take the dang stairs... You're so lazy sometimes, Sar. Just take the stairs, ditch the elevator
9// Don't let the good ones get away... they are few and far between. Cherish them. 
10// Dream big... and then actually follow through
11// Smile more... I think this one will be easy and fun
12// Be a better listener... don't just sit ready to pounce on your next opportunity to speak
13// Remember people's names... dear lawwwwd I don't know how I'll do this
14// Pet the pups more... Don't just feed and walk them, give all of the pets to those fur babies
15// Watch more of the boyfriend's crappy dude movies, it'll make him happy to share that with you
16// Stop being so compulsive... with literally everything
17// Stop obsessing over things out of your control... because, hello, they are out of your control
18// Stay more up to date on current events... and not just what you learn from Facebook
19// Win final Jeopardy more often... Ok but I never ever win final Jeopardy
20// Stop obsessing over grammar...  If someone uses me when they should've used I, it'll be ok, Sar 
21// Spend more weekends on the couch... you've made up for lost time by now, stay in and cuddle
22// Start Saturday Sessions again... You used to enjoy it ya know!
23// Don't stop blogging... You love it, but take a break if you need to! Quality over quantity 
24// Buy less... invest more
25// Remember, you don't even like Fireball... pick something else
26// Work smarter... not harder. Well how about smarter and harder! You can rule the world!
27// Always be grateful for what you have... life is good. Don't ever forget that. 
28// Stay true to who you are... remember why you started in the first place
Ok 28. Bring it.