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23 June 2016

The Story of Elba

Veenie and Sarah's vet adventures, volume 543! 

Veenie and I traveled the 8.7 miles to Hillside Vet Clinic yesterday because she had been projectile vomiting everything she had eaten for the past 24 hours. This post isn't about Veenie's health though, I have a million others of those from the past two months if you'd like to read them instead. 

No, this post is about this little old lady that I met at the vet yesterday. Veenie and I didn't have an appointment, so we had to just go in and sit and wait for an opening. Here lately, there is nothing I cherish more than just sitting with Veenie doing nothing, so I was happy to sit and wait as long as was necessary. Veenie hopped up into my lap and sat down quietly while every other dog in the joint was going nuts. 

I sat down next to this little old lady with a walker and a purple nightgown on. I never got her name but we will call her Elba. (I dunno... Elba seems fitting). 

Elba watches as Veenie hops into my lap and quietly twirls around to get comfortable, then plops down. Elba leans over to me and says, "Wow, she's so calm and quiet. So well trained!

If this were a cartoon, and I had milk in my mouth, I would have spit that milk all over the floor from laughing so hard at the "so well trained" comment. Veenie is the exact opposite of trained, but she wasn't feeling so hot so I guess, to Elba, she seemed like an angel. 

Elba leaned over and told me she used to have a teeny tiny Pomeranian who would snuggle in her lap the way Veenie was snuggling in mine. Elba said she wanted nothing more than to snuggle her Pomeranian in her arms. I of course had already noticed this, but Elba did not have an animal with her. 

As Veenie and I sat waiting, Elba and I chatted about all of the big dogs that were there that day. Elba told me that she was petrified of the large ones and I told her I could certainly understand that, but they're usually sweeter and more snuggly than the small ones! 

A poodle walked out and Elba got a little emotional. 

She told me she also had a tiny poodle pup that was best friends with her Pomeranian. She then said, "I want another dog so bad, but they all die and I cant' take it. I cry every day, I cry so much. I want another one but I can't cry any more. I wish they'd all just live forever, but they don't." 

Man oh man. As someone who has spent the last 2 solid months paranoid and petrified of losing Veenie, that really got me. That was so so terribly sad. 

Elba stretched her hand out to pet Veenie's head, and Veenie offered Elba her paw in the sweetest possible display of affection. Elba then insisted that Veenie come home with her. I giggled, then thought, wait, is Elba here just to watch puppies come and go? 

I asked her where her animal was, and she launched back into the story of her Pomeranian and Poodle. I didn't want to confuse her or anything, so I let it go but felt insanely sad that she came to the vet's office just to watch puppies come and go. I told Elba about a story I had read online where shelter doggies go visit nursing homes, and how beneficial it is for all parties involved. 

She told me how lonely she was without her babies around anymore. 

I heard the name "VENUS" called and I told Elba how much I had enjoyed talking to her, and that she could take Veenie home if she paid the outstanding bill at the end of the visit

Later that night I thought about what she said, about wanting another pup so bad, but not being able to take the grief that will come along with it one day. As much as I adored Elba, that is not how I feel. No matter if I have Veenie for 14 more years, or if it's 14 more hours (lord help me) I would have adopted her again and again and again. That dog brings me pure joy, every single day of my life. I'd take her and General, grief and all, again and again and again. 

When I came out, Elba was gone. I asked the receptionist if the lady with the walker came by everyday. She told me, "Oh, No!! She was with her daughter who had a cat that was getting microchipped!

I left with Veenie, relieved that Elba was loved. 

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22 June 2016

Networking + Oyster Shells (Plus, A Giveaway!)

I have this problem. 
(Well, besides the fact that I start every snapchat with, "Sooooooooooo...")

I'm petrified of networking. It is frustrating because I live for a party. I love to throw a party, I love to attend a party, I just like the word... party! So why am I so terrified to go to networking events, something that is essentially a party? 

In the event that I psych myself up and actually go -- rather than bailing last minute -- I become a total weirdo. Not the cute, "Oh my, I have so many adorable quarks" kind of weird. More like the, stand in the corner with my hair covering my face trying to blend in with the plants lined along the wall so that maybe no one will notice that I'm there and I can make my exit.

Why am I so bad at this? I went to a blogger event a few weeks ago at Lululemon and I could not have been more awkward. First mistake, there was no alcohol at this event. I don't know why I agreed to a booze-free blogger event. When I walked in the door, everyone was already in groups so I acted like the most interested Lululemon shopper of all time. 

I then tried to psych myself up for joining in a group's already-in-progress convo. I swear it looked like I was trying to work myself into double dutch. One step forward, one step back... repeat x12. I eventually grabbed like 8, $70 tank tops and headed to hide out and kill time in the fitting room. 

Do you think I'm ridiculous? Well, I don't blame you. I think I'm ridiculous too. 

It is just so damn frustrating that I'm like this and can't seem to break it. Why can I be the life of any party I go to, but be so cripplingly shy at a blogger or networking event? WHY? 

Point here is that I have another event to attend tonight. Tonight's event is at my favorite Dallas hotel, The Joule, and more in my comfort zone -- but not just because there will be booze. Ok, wait, yes, that's exactly why it's more in my comfort zone. 

Tonight's event will be my first official event representing @dallaslovelist which gets me super excited. Attending events, parties, sporting events, festivals and new restaurant openings is the exact reason I started this new account, so here's hoping my excitement will out-weigh my nerves. I guess I was just hoping to get to attend these events with CB, not solo! Ah well, baby steps right?

Plus, I'm much more comfortable jumping into a convo about cool things to do in Dallas (the theme of tonight's event) than I am jumping into a convo about fitness. FITNESS WHOLE PIZZA IN MY MOUTH, AMMMIRITE? 

But Dallas.... Dallas I can always talk about! 


Before I sign off today I'm super excited to introduce you to a new jewelry boutique that you're going to be OBSESSED WITH. Angie, who has been a blogging friend of mine for as long as I can remember, started a new, beautiful collection of oyster shell necklaces called Sweet Bay Society. Every oyster is locally harvested from the Apalachicola Bay region in Florida, cleaned and artfully hand painted by Angie! Plus, 5% of every sale is donated to Friends of the Reserve, a non-profit organization whose members provide assistance and support to the Apalachicola National Estuarine Research Reserve’s goals and programs. 

Angie is offering everyone an additional 10% off through the month of June by using the code "summertime"! 

I've got my eye on this one which would be AHHHMAZING for the 4th... and you know anything yellow is my kryptonite. 

Now, how about you win one for you and a friend??!!
Just enter below to win two necklaces, one for you and one to give to a buddy! Plus you'll have the chance to earn another entry via Instagram later today! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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20 June 2016

Huge Blogger Template + Custom Design Sale

Seeing as you have the internet, you'll know that today is the first day of SUMMER! This Summer I have a ton of trips planned, which is the biggest reason I'm not skipping out on Summer fun this year. CB and I leave for Virginia Beach next Wednesday night, and will be planning on staying in and taking it easy until then to save up some extra money. 

With that said, I've found myself with some extra time on my hands at night and on the weekend! I want to HAVE A FULL CUSTOM BLOG DESIGN + TEMPLATE SALE! I almost never do this, but for the next 48 hours, all of my templates and custom blog designs will be 40% off!!!!! 

At this very moment, I don't have a waiting list for custom blog designs or for templates!! First come, first serve. My templates all include FREE INSTALLATION as well!! The colors can also be changed on MOST of my templates. I've listed them all below, and denoted those that have customizable colors! 


Use Code VTIMSALE at checkout to take 40% off everything in my shop
*offer expires June 22 at 10am CST

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The Girl Who Loved to Write
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If you have any questions at all on the process or whatever, don't hesitate to leave a comment below or shoot me an email! Sale prices will END Wednesday at 10am!! 

16 June 2016

15 Items You Need In Your Life for July 4th

Anytime there is a major holiday coming up that requires a specialty outfit, I always forget to order what I need until the very last minute. By that time it's too late to order online, and I'm left shopping at Party City, scraping through what crap has been picked over by the rest of Dallas. This happened to me on St. Patrick's day and I ended up spending 3x as much to get it shipped to me overnight. 

This year, CB and I are going to VA Beach to see my mom for the July 4th week. Since I'll have CB to act and dress totally ridiculous with me, I thought I'd start my holiday shopping now, rather than waiting until there is nothing cool left over. 

I started browsing Amazon and quickly realized how awesome everything I saw was, and how you guys must have it too or you will die. I've rounded up my favorites for your July 4th 2k16 BASH! Order now, while everything is on prime, while everything is cheap and before it's too late! 

Just a little reminder- if you wait too long, those items that have free prime shipping go *poof* and disappears. Happened to me on St. Pats. 

Shut up and take my money. 

2. American Flag Scarf || $13.99
Well that's just a lovely scarf...

3. Beer Holding Fanny Pack || $16.95
Own it. Love it. Recommend it. 

Hair of the dog.

General rule of thumb, your dog should always look cooler than you. 

A throwback. Bonus points if you weren't born yet. 

Winners get to do what they want. 

Stop it right now. I can't deal. Nothing screams I LOVE AMERICA! like a flamingo. Right?

9. Swan Float || $19.99
 Stop looking at me. 

10. One Dozen Patriotic Rubber Duckys || $7.59
Make it two dozen and you've got yourself a deal. 

 11. Ahhqua Bar || $39.99
How have I made it to year 29 without ever experiencing an Ahhhqua Bar? 

 12. Emoji Poop Raft || $29.95
Please CB, please buy me this.

 13. Emoji Beach Balls || $11.11

 14. Waterproof iPhone Case || $8.99
DO IT FOR THE GRAM. (I assume actual dolphin results may vary) 

15. Slush Mug || $14.45
Turns any sweetened drink into a SLUSHIE!!! HOOOOO LEEEEEE CRAP. 

Is there anything you've been eyeing that you can't live without this July 4th??!?!?
Any fun plans?

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