5 Must Haves for Any Bachelorette Pad

Must Haves for Any Bachelorette Pad
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Reflecting tastes, personality and interests, a home is more than just a roof over our heads. It is a sanctuary, a place where we spend our leisure hours, entertain guests and store our belongings. While bachelor pads were once all the rage, an increase in the number of professional, independent women means that feminine, tailored lodgings are fast becoming hot property. Want to transform your bare canvass into an alluring, functional bachelorette pad? Read on to discover what essential ingredients you need.

The best thing about having your own space is that you have full control over everything. Don’t let anyone else sway or shame you; if you have always dreamed of having a completely pink apartment, go for it! Other great colors to play with include pastels, bold blues and white. It’s always best to have a unified color theme for each room, so start by planning in detail what each room will look like.

Fun Accessories
It’s time to bring out your personality and cater to your tastes. What sort of theme or tone do you want for each room? Popular options include vintage, luxury and feminine chic. Use accessories such as candles, flowers, chandeliers, mirrors and artwork to convey your desired ambience. There are hundreds of blogs websites devoted to home decoration and stores such as Super A-Mart (www.superamart.com.au/) stock a wide variety of homewares and accessories. Be creative, be bold and have fun with the process.

Shoe Room
Forget a weights room or bar, a room devoted entirely to shoes is the ultimate feature of a bachelorette pad. Actresses and singers such as Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera and Jessica Alba are all the proud owners of shoe rooms and you can be one too. Even if you don’t have the biggest budget or largest space available, work with what you have to create a special place for your prized possessions. Make use of drawers, storage systems and shelves, and think outside the box.

Walk-in Wardrobe or Closet
Not a fan of shoes? What about clothes? Give your garments the love and attention they deserve with a walk-in wardrobe or closet. Wander through and feel a sense of pride and harmony as you peruse your items, noting how organized and spacious the area is. Not only is a walk-in closet a jaw-dropper for friends, but it can really reduce stress and wasted time. No longer will you be searching for hidden or hard-to-reach apparel; your wardrobe, featuring lighting, mirrors and drawers, will ensure that everything is easily accessible and categorized.

Study or Home Office
Whether you like to write, read or work from home, a dedicated study or office space is a great addition for your home. Style it according to its function; for a creative, productive environment, have white walls adorned with inspirational mood boards, slogans and artwork. For a peaceful, refined library, seek inspiration from classic literary figures such as Sherlock Holmes and Jane Austen.
What do you think? Did you find this article useful? Please share any tips or thoughts in the comments section below.
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Dumb, loser.

There have been several specific incidents I've done lately that make me feel like the dumbest human alive. As I hear the stupid comments fall out of my mouth, unable to stop the personal train wreck that has already commenced, I cringe realizing how dumb I just sounded.

But it got me thinking, what else do I do that makes me feel like a dumb loser?

1. When someone watches me do basic addition: The other day I had to order food for work. The BBQ delivery man handed me my receipt and asked me to sign. Total was $44.81. Left a $9.00 tip. Then it came time to add it all together and I could feel his eyes on me like lazer beams. I started to sweat and second guess my work... $53.81 total. $53.81 right?If I was tipping $10 + $44 would be $54, minus $1 brings it to $53, right? Right? RIGHT? RIGHT? RIGHT? 

Dumb, loser.

2. Multiplication: My Boss: "So we have 7 nights worth of hotel rooms in Miami, and 8 of the guys from Japan flying in on Monday, and 2 more on Friday. Each room is $232 a night. So that brings our total tooooo what? Sarah, just off the top of your head, what's our rough total?"

Um. Um. Uh, carry the 4, add the 9, put the 0 on the second line, add those two lines together, total plus equals times 6... um um um....

I know you aren't going to believe me when I say I was good in math in college..... but I was given a calculator.

Dumb, loser.

3. When I can't tell where a line starts: 
*sees people lined up from all different angles*

Me: "Ma'am are you in line?"
Them: "YEAH"

Walks over to the middle....

Me: "Excuse me, miss, are you in line?"

Walks over to the other side...

Me: "Sir, are you in line for the register?"

Me: "Hi, are you in line?"
Them: "Line ends back there." Points to a group of 12 people scattered around, lacking any sign, what so ever, of single file formation. 

Dumb, loser.

4. When I push instead of pull. Well, actually, doors in general: The other day I got a spray tan, the girl behind the counter thanked me and smiled, I waved back, then pushed my shoulder into a door that didn't budge. I stumbled back a bit, looked up and noticed a large sign that said USE OTHER DOOR.

I then felt the need to tell the girl behind the counter my reasoning for pushing that door, as if it was something other than I'm a gigantic moron... "Oh this door worked for me just yesterday (I wasn't there yesterday) is this a new thing you're trying out with the door exiting system?! I will remember this next time, for sure!"

Dumb, loser. 

5. Can't figure out the phones At work: I accidentally hangup every time I put someone on hold. I can't transfer calls. I can't figure out how to successfully use the intercom. I somehow manage to get the speaker phone turned on right in the middle of listening to voicemails. Yet everyone else at work has zero problems using the phones...

Dumb, loser.

6. Trying to read a map: I'm a firm believer that north is always straight ahead of you. Always. South is behind you, east is to your right and west is to your left. That is how it works. At all times.

Dumb, loser. 

7. Left on red from a one way to a one way: Ok, I'm on a one way road right now, correct? And I'm trying to go left, correct? And that road I'm trying to go on is one way too, correct? And the light is red, but there is no traffic at all, so I can go now, correct?

*sits with left turn signal on for 5 minutes waiting for light to change to green*

Dumb, loser. 

8. Tripping: The other day I was walking up to a bar, through grass, wearing heels. I twisted my ankle and stumbled when I stepped in a hole in the ground. Immediately turned around, walked right back to my car and left the premises.

Dumb, loser. 

9. Working with tools / building things: 
Dude: "Can you pass me a bolt and also a phillips head screw driver?"
Me: "Ummmmmmm...."

Dumb, loser. 

10. When people talk about scents or taste notes: "What flavor stands out most to you in this pinot noir? Is it the cherry flavor? Or is it the hearty floral tones? Or maybe it is that sweet vanilla with a hint of black pepper that stands out to you?"

Me: "Umm.... the wine flavor?"

Dumb, loser.

11. Crosswalks in big cities: Everyone walks when there is clearly a big red hand telling us to HALT! But I don't walk, and everyone whizzes past me. But guys, there is a big red hand!

Me: "Uhh you guys go ahead I'm just gonna sit this one out. I'll get with you guys next time"

Dumb, loser.

Do you do anything that makes you feel like a total dumb loser? Or is it just me....

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Blogging is fun!

Don't mind me while I become StubHub's number one customer over here in Dallas. The Mavs are in the playoffs, the Stars are in the playoffs, the Rangers' season is in full force.... Must. Buy. All. Of. The. Tickets. 

Good thing I have a 4 day work week followed by 6 days of vacation and my mom flying in on Thursday night! With that said, wouldn't you think Monday would be a little bit easier knowing you only have 4 days this week? Whelp, it isn't. I'm not sure if it is because I'm getting older or what, but it is a mission fit for Dr. House's team to figure out how to open my eyelids when that 6:30am alarm rings on Monday morning. Or perhaps the cause is General getting out of bed and peeing all over the carpet at 3am. So weird, I'm not sure what is up with that poor little boy but I think it deserves some monitoring. 

Any who, my weekend was filled with blogging events and fun! On Friday night I went to my first ever group blogging meet up! 

We seriously had the best convo, it was so fun to make new friends! From left to right is Stephanie from Outgoing Lady, Stephanie from Geek Glam, Lindsay from The Wife in Training, me (hey girl hey!), and Sevi from Ware is the Vodka

And here is a group pic of everyone that came! I didn't realize that the people on the left were with our group until we all got together to take this picture, so unfortunately I don't know their names to tag them. But, maybe I will meet them at a future meet up! Thank you so so so much to Miss Jessica for hosting this event for us at Midnight Rodeo!

The best part about meetups like this, is that you get invited to other events too! Cris, pictured in the front row just to my right, was kind enough to invite me to Nordstrom on Sunday afternoon to learn all about the French candle and fragrance company Diptyque! I currently only have one of these candles that my best gal pal Magen gave me, but I'm officially ready to grow my collection, starting with this one. 

And finally, what would a weekend be without these two?

In other news, 6 days until I can have Starbucks again. Not that I'm counting or anything.
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Saturday Sessions: 10 Things You Should Go Do Right Now To Help Your Blog

These are things I personally feel will help your blog. You may disagree with some, and if you do feel free to leave a comment with your feedback! The more people that weigh in on these topics, the more information we will all have to help make decisions on which of these 10 things to use/not use!


1. Turn off Captcha / Word Verification: 
It's annoying. We all hate it. I can't read the numbers. Is that an H or an 8? My guess is you have no idea you have it on.... Here's how to fix:

2. Turn off Mobile:
A big reason mobile sites were developed was for flash, which was heavily used on many websites and not supported by iPhone. It is rare to see a website that requires flash player anymore. I personally hate all mobile sites, from businesses to blogs. I have the most difficult time getting all of the information I need when using a mobile site.

If your blog has a custom design, I especially recommend turning OFF mobile because your design will be lost in mobile format. Keep in mind, iPads are considered "mobile devices" so anyone reading your blog on the iPad will get the mobile version. This is one I think many may disagree with me on, so feel free to weigh in if you do, in fact, prefer mobile to be turned on.

How to turn mobile off:

3. Confirm you aren't a no-reply blogger. 
Use this tutorial. Note: If you have Wordpress, there are a couple of other ideas you can use...

Wordpress Users:
1. Create a gmail account if you don't already have one, and login through Blogger.com. Then start at step 4 of this tutorial to be sure your email address is connected when you leave comments. 

2. When you leave a comment, include your email address. I know lots of people include their URL anytime they leave a comment, well, why not leave your email address too!

If you aren't sure if you are no-reply or not, feel free to leave me a comment with your email address written in the comment. I'll email you back and let you know yes or no. 

4. Take something off before you leave.
"Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory." -- Coco Chanel

I was a PR major, if there is one thing I learned that was valuable it is to shorten everything. If you think it is short, go back and make it shorter. Being concise is key. So before you hit publish, remove one sentence, or one paragraph or one word. Remove something that isn't necessary for that post to make sense.

5. Remove the Nav Bar at the top of the screen
Tiny little change that opens your blog up and makes all the difference in the world.

How To Remove Nav Bar:

6. Get rid of "Read More" 
If you are a blogger that uses "read more" I would love for you to stop doing that. Some of my favorite blogs utilize "read more" and I'll still click and deal with it but only because I'm totally 100% addicted to their blog and content (i.e. The Londoner). But I hate it.

I realize it skyrockets page views, but I just feel there is more to blogging than page views, such as keeping loyal readers happy and coming back!

7. Make sure your links are a different color than your post text
This may be silly to some people, but I prefer to have links stand out, otherwise your readers may not realize you're even linking to something. If your text is black, make your links orange (or any color other than black).

8. Personalize your blog
Show your face. I've noticed that personalized blogs do much better than anonymous blogs. It is hard to form a connection with a blogger when you have no idea what they look like. Again, personal preference here.

9. Smaller is better
Massive fonts, gigantic header, column widths that don't fit on a standard screen size causing your reader to scroll back and forth while reading.... Smaller is better. When in doubt, pick the smaller size.

10. Get your posts organized and categorized
I suuuuuuuuuck at this. I am terrible. I never label my posts. I never categorize things. I always forget to update my Saturday Sessions tab. If you aren't sure how to label your posts, I have a tutorial on it! Your readers that are looking for something specific won't jump through hoops to find it, so make it easy for them. Don't be like me, get to labeling! 

So, what is something simple you would recommend that everyone go do right now to improve their blog?

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