13 Relationships That Ended On Better Terms Than When Lane Left Tennessee

Sheesh at this rate, Fan Friday is going to have to be renamed Tennessee Friday. Strange, considering one of the teams that I love is being considered one of the best teams in the NFL, yet all I want to do is talk about Tennessee, which some may consider one of the worst teams in the SEC.
Ah well, when in Rome... Agree to disagree... Tomato, tomato (that one doesn't work via type).... Yada yada yada... How bout dem Cowboys doe?

Today I want to talk about 13 relationships that ended on better terms than when Lane Kiffin peaced out of Tennessee. For those of you that don't know, Lane Kiffin left Tennessee faster than you can say Douche Nozzle (Sorry there really is no other term to use there) when he was presented with his quote unquote, dream job. He didn't pass go, he didn't collect $200. After one season, and just days before the most important day of the year in college football, National Signing Day, Kiffin was g-o-n-e gone. 

1. When Berger broke up with Carrie on a Post-It
2. That time Shells broke up with Scott on a light pole

3. When he or she left a pizza parting gift (I wouldn't even be mad, bro) 

4. When the relationship came to a close over the phrase, "Sorry, Matey"
5. I always liked Jared better anyway....

6. When Kit was kind enough to wait for her...

7. When it rains, it pours (hah, see what I did there?)
8. I'm sure she wanted to learn a new language anyway

9. Things always easier to take in when abbreviated. Totes. 

10. Dear Syd_ross, Tennessee fans are, like, way cuter)
11. Personally, I wouldn't date someone who doesn't proofread important documents anyway.

12. Good one. You're way more clever than Andy will ever be.  

13. Now you are single AND have a drawing of a giraffe... winning! 

So this Saturday, Lane will be returning to Knoxville for the first time since his horrid departure, when the Vols take on Bama. Apparently his mom is frightened for her son's safety

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Let's just keep spreading the blog-land love shall we? I've got my girl Rachael back today! Last time she came over for a visit, we did a quick little QandA, but now she is back with a little more info about what it is like being an American in China! Heck, and here I thought I moved far when I left Knoxville for Dallas.....

Hey girl, hey!  It's Rachael here from The Rachael Way.  On my blog you'll find details about my expat adventures, life in China, dating disasters, blogging tips and tricks and those real and authentic posts that (hopefully!) you can relate to.
As mentioned before, I am currently living in Shanghai, China teaching middle schoolers what a noun is and how to read a map (read: English and Geography).  My experience here has been nothing short of amazing, and for the most part, the transition has not been too difficult.  
I want 
| Walmart | 
I mean, it's weird in the US right? You have to check out my post to really see what Walmart in China is like!
| Split Pants |
It's just like what it sounds... instead of wearing diapers, (some)
babies have split pants, which means there is literally just a "split"
down the crack so they can pee in the streets #nojoke
| Traveling |
So far I've only made it to Beijing, but I have plans to visit
Thailand, maybe Tokyo, and other parts of China!  And yes, the
Great Wall rocked.
| Adorable Asian babies |
Hi, my name is Rachael, and I have a problem of taking pictures with adorable Asian children.  It's not seen as creepy to wave to them and say  "Ni Hao!" and take a picture with them.  At least I
haven't gotten in trouble yet.  What can I say, I like to live on the edge. Want more from me? (you know you do!) Come say hi or tweet me!

45 Things To Try this Weekend

Today I've asked my ESPN2 girls to introduce themselves, their blog and give us all some ideas of the perfect weekend plans, for when you have no weekend plans! It is humpday y'all, we are so close to the weekend I can taste it (and I think it tastes like sushi....)

But First, Coffee

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List the 5 Things You Would Do On A Weekend You Didn't Have Any Plans
1. First, coffee, duh.

2. Take my dogs for a long walk somewhere pretty.

3. Visit somewhere new in my home state I've not been before- maybe a brewery, museum, town, vineyard, or park.

4. Invite friends over for cocktails and appetizers (I love hosting little get-togethers)

5. Day trip into the N.Y.C.

 She is Fierce

::Start Here:: What Depression Means to Me // If I Had a Daughter
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List the 5 Things You Would Do On A Weekend You Didn't Have Any Plans
1 // Go for a long walk, just me and my camera, preferably on a trail somewhere

2 // Lie in bed and binge watch Netflix

3 // Hang out in a bookstore

4 // Explore a new city, like Seattle or Chicago

5 // Catch up on my reading list

 A Peek At Karen's World

::Start Here:: I Don't Need Feminism Because... Wait What? // Detour
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List the 5 Things You Would Do On A Weekend You Didn't Have Any Plans
1. Go to an Angels playoff game!

2. Spend time at the beach. This is a year-round activity since I live in Southern California.

3. Use my Disneyland pass and spend a few hours at the Happiest Place on Earth.

4. Go to an NFL game.


 Our Nashville Life

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List the 5 Things You Would Do On A Weekend You Didn't Have Any Plans
I feel like an old lady. I immediately thought go to Costco, paint the spare bedroom...but lets be real. I'd love to... 
Fly to Vegas
Visit the Eiffel Tower in Vegas, take Instagram pics and see how many people I can fool
Go to an epicly amazing restaurant where a meal costs a hundred bucks
And then go see Britney Spears unless Elton John is there.

 The Laurel Gazette

::Start Here:: Cruisin': The Good, The Bad and The Ugly // What Facebook Taught Me About Waving My Freak Flag
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List the 5 Things You Would Do On A Weekend You Didn't Have Any Plans
lie in bed watching all five seasons of Friday Night Lights
go to the dog beach
rent paddle boats on the Tidal Basin
go wine tasting in Virginia
go to the top of the Washington Monument

 Eat Drink and Be Mary

::Start Here:: 22 Things Girls Can't Say No To // Fall Date Night Ideas
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List the 5 Things You Would Do On A Weekend You Didn't Have Any Plans
Indulge in a little retail therapy

Binge watch Netflix

Eat my weight in pretzels

Relax with a bubble bath and a book

Play games with my grandparents

Elizabeth Loves

::Start Here::  Happy October, Gilmore Girl // What I've Learned About Marriage
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List the 5 Things You Would Do On A Weekend You Didn't Have Any Plans
First on the list, the beach! 


Watching football, 

Writing blog posts, 


Perpetually Caroline

::Start Here:: On Studying Abroad, Traveling and Acting on Wanderlust // When People IRL Tell Me They Read My Blog 

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List the 5 Things You Would Do On A Weekend You Didn't Have Any Plans
Sleep in until right before bottomless mimosa specials end.
Go get brunch and fill up on bottomless mimosas.
Watch a few hours of Gilmore Girls to avoid exercise and errands.
Grab a really scrumptious dinner with friends.
Not shower.

 The Southern Thing

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List the 5 Things You Would Do On A Weekend You Didn't Have Any Plans
On a weekend I didn't have any plans, I would fill it quickly and make plans to do the following:
1. Spend the day in the French Quarter
2. Find live music and beer
3. Tailgate and watch an LSU game
4. Get lost in Ikea and Hobby Lobby
5. Drive an hour just for all you can eat crab legs


C'mooooon man! (+ A Starbucks and Ad Space Giveaway!!)

With all the absurd things I've seen lately, I'm contemplating writing a weekly post inspired by my main man (I think he is my main man, I realize he has no idea I exist) Chris Carter called, "C'mooooon man!"

It would feature stories riddled with absurdity, like how that cruise ship wasn't allowed to dock anywhere because one person on board had a 1% chance of having Ebola. Or how the entire city of San Francisco is banning the song Royals by Lorde for the duration of the World Series. Or how we were watching MNF last night and flipped it to shark tank with three minutes left in the second quarter... only to return at halftime to hear Chris Berman tell us, "Man, if you flipped the channel to Shark Tank with 3 minutes to go in the second quarter you are a raging idiot, you missed the best 90 seconds in football history" (I paraphrased there). 

C'mooooon man!
Ok, I kind of don't mind San Fran banning Royals, that is pretty funny. I'll remove my c'mooooon man for that one. 

So any who, that is just a little segment I'm kicking around in the ole noggin. While I'm doing that (and patiently waiting until Christmas when I can torture the dogs with the reindeer hat again) I've got a special guest for you today. Karli, the prettiest mama (almost, any minute, could be right this second... x2) I know was kind enough to take over VTIM today and even host a giveaway for you guys! 

Take it away, girlfriend (before you pop, preferably!!) 


here's the thing.

i started this guest post as a confessional. it was a confessional all about how when i was dating my now husband i broke up with him on the phone. drove an hour to his house in the middle of the night. broke into his house in the middle of the night. crept into his room and stood over his sleeping body and said, "hi. it's me. karli." 

that gave him a good scare. i like to keep things spicy in a relationship. and what better way to do that  than to show your 17 sides of crazy?

so like i said...that's what i was going to write about.

but then i thought...why not really spill it and just share little samples of what you get when you read September FARM on the semi-regular.

we could start our blogger/reader relationship off with a post about what really happened on our wedding night.
and when you finish up with that you can snag a blast from the past from my college days when i decided it was a great idea to compete in a local beauty pageant.
that really happened.

or why not fast forward to just a few months ago when i revealed what our second babe is going to be in a gender reveal photo shesh. spoiler - i'm the most awkward person in front of the camera.
double spoiler...i'm going to have a baby any day. this is happening.
and i already play mom to the wildest animal that ever was...we call her kaye.

then, maybe at this point you've decided...this karli gal...she's not so bad. and if that's the case, i strongly encourage you to participate in a friday weekly link-up i co-host for 150+ gals. it's called oh hey, friday! i'm into it...you should be too. these are the facts.
now you have a snippet of this...a touch of that, allow me to woo you further. 
if you're looking for a new gal to sponsor...well let that be me. i'm offering 30% OFF all ad spaces for VTIM readers. just use the code VTIM30 and you're in bizz. check out my available spots here.
or maybe you're just not ready to make that kind of commitment. i get it. let me just entice you with the chance to WIN a Saturday Confessional ad spot + a $25 starbucks gift card. mmm...that sounds nice.