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25 November 2015

My Heart Can't Take It

I would generally consider myself a very happy person. I love my life and I'm unbelievably grateful to have it..... I'm sure I've said that about a billion times on the blog by now. I sometimes get sad for no reason though. Yesterday was one of those days, I was so very sad for no reason. 

I messaged CB on chat and told him how sad I felt, and that I couldn't shake it. He responded by reminding me that we've got 4 days coming up filled with family and of course each other, and how could I be sad with all of that fun coming my way? I unfortunately didn't have an answer. I don't know. I do not know why I get as sad as I do sometimes. It's honestly quite frustrating, I'm happy overall..... yet sad.

Except, there was a reason this time. It was a subliminal reason that I didn't pick up on until around 4pm that day when someone shared a photography project on "How Dogs Get Older" and it clicked what I was sad about. All day long, without even realizing, my eyeballs had been saturated with stories of dogs, each one making me sadder and sadder.

For some reason, everyone and their brother was sharing dog stories on Facebook yesterday; happy dogs, old dogs, rescued dogs, cartoon dogs, dogs that need saving, dogs that didn't make it. I bet I'd been shown 50 different articles about dogs on Facebook in the span of 8 hours.  

Stories of dogs rarely leave me feeling happy. I can laugh at the articles that show images of pups that don't comprehend personal space, but I can't handle much else. I'm just not able to read about dogs without crying, even the unbelievably happy rescue stories make me feel horribly sad. 

Why is that?

Take that article on "How Dogs Get Older" for example, I saw the first picture and I burst into tears. All I could think about was losing Gee and Veenie and how heartbroken I'd be, and I cried heavily and had to remove myself from my cubicle to dry my eyes.

Then I just cried heavily again typing that out, thinking about it all over again. They are my whole world, and I of course know they will go one day, but nothing makes me sadder than thinking about that day. That whole article was supposed to be a happy article, but all it made me do was cry. 

I genuinely dislike crying, and no matter what story I read about a dog, I cry. In turn, I seem to be left saddened for the rest of the day. It's really awful, because I want to read stories of dogs that have been rescued and are surrounded by nothing but the most incredible love they've ever felt, but I can't. I fear the feeling I know I will get, that feeling of being engulfed in sadness.

Tears of joy are confusing to me, to my body. Growing up, like most kids, being unbelievably happy about something didn't make me cry it only made me smile and giggle. As a kid, aside from tears caused by physical pain, I would cry because something made me sad or upset.

Now that I'm older, my mind can't seem to understand that tears brought on by pure joy shouldn't leave you feeling sad.

I read something that makes me feel overjoyed...
I cry...
Then my mind thinks, "Oh, she's crying, something terrible must be going on. She must be sad"
Then I'm left sad.

I don't have a point to this post, and I certainly don't have a solution yet, but I did feel the need to write about it. If knowing you have a problem is half the battle, then I just identified my problem.

Does anyone else get like this over puppy videos?????

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24 November 2015

The Things I'd Ask A Victoria's Secret Model

The other day, I stumbled on this article that compiled pictures of all of the Victoria's Secret Angels working out. Maybe it's because I'm older, but I find them to be more human than I ever remember. 

Actually no, it's not because I'm older, it's just because we have access to them in ways we never had access before. They have Instagram and Snapchat now, and we are able to see what they're doing at any given moment of any given day. Back in the Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum days, the only time I saw them was on television or in a magazine, all dolled up and totally scripted. 

Back in the day, (I think) they were trained during interviews to recite that they didn't work out and that they ate pizza for every meal. Was that to make them seem more human? If so, I think that was the wrong approach. It just made us resent them. 

Flash forward to today, I can't remember the last time I heard a model say, "I never go to the gym...

Ok, you got me, I don't listen to or watch a lot of model interviews, but I do have Snapchat and Instagram and they're always posting gym pictures. 

After the VS Fashion show was filmed, the internet was swimming in articles claiming they have the secret way to, "Look like a VS Angel with these 7 simple tricks.

Those tricks are highly predictable. Eat greens. Workout. Drink lots of water. Yada yada yada. These are not the things I'd like to hear from the VS model. I know how to eat heathy. I know what to eat. I know that I need to workout. I know what workouts I need to do... I just have a hard time finding the motivation to do so. That's terrible, I know. 

I don't want to put in the effort, mainly because I don't see that effort as fun. That's a problem. I want them to tell me, in an interview, how fun it is. I'd be more inspired to hear how they make eating healthy and working out fun, more than hearing anything else.

So instead of asking these VS models (over and over and over again) what they eat or what workouts they do or what green juice is their favorite, I just want these reporters to ask these girls real life questions. I'd find them so much more inspirational if they could tell me that their life, mind, body and soul is genuinely full and satisfied. 

Some people might think that's a crazy question I'm asking, "They're the most beautiful people in the world, OF COURSE they're satisfied!!"

Think about the sacrifices they have to make every single day of their lives though. Are those sacrifices worth it to be the sexiest women alive? 

Here are the questions I'd ask if I had the chance:

How do you have fun when you're at the gym? 

Where do you find the motivation to go to the gym? (Particularly at 5am)  

What do you do with your friends on Friday night? Do you party? Are you allowed to party? 

Do you have cheat days? Tell me about those... how do you mentally recover from them? How do you get your mind back right after a cheat day? 

Is beer a 'hell no'? 

When you spend all of this time in the gym, or decline invites to go out, do you feel like you're missing out? Do you have FOMO?

If you did accept an invite for a night out on the town, how are you honestly able to avoid temptation? Do you avoid temptation?

Describe a night out on the town as if I were your doctor and you had to be honest.... 
(side note: has anyone ever seen Amy Schumer's HBO special?)

Do you feel that nothing tastes as good as skinny feels?  

I just have one request for the next person who gets to interview a VS model, please ask real questions. I want to know if they genuinely lead a fulfilled life that they love. I mean, yes, of course it's fun to be smoking hot, but in the words of Sex and the City, are you happy living this lifestyle, making these sacrifices... EVERY DAY? 

If they are, then maybe I could be inspired to be happy and healthy too! 

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23 November 2015

The Best Wines Under $10 To Bring To Thanksgiving or A Holiday Party

It's that time of year when you're constantly needing a wine to bring to a party. This week, you'll need a wine to serve at Thanksgiving. When you're serving a crowd, those really nice $20 bottles may not be an option. Here are my picks for the best wines under $10 to bring to your next party, or to serve with Thanksgiving dinner. 

The Best Wines Under $10 To Bring to Thanksgiving

1. Jacob's Creek ~ $6

Best Wine Under 10

If you come to my home, there's about a 76% chance you'll be handed an Australian wine. Australian wines are absolutely delicious and generally run cheaper than most other wines on the shelf. I've tried nearly every type of Jacob's Creek, and while I like most of them, the Shiraz-Cab blend is my go-to recommendation for Thanksgiving!

Plus, they're all screw caps. This is a plus for hotel rooms, just an item I find important to note.

2.  Penfolds ~ $9

Another Australian wine, Penfolds has a few different collections that vary drastically in price. The Rawson Chardonnay or the Thomas Hyland Cabernet will only set you back about $7-$9. 

3. Mirassou ~ $9
The Best Wines Under $10

Hey look, California.... not Australia! Mirassou Pinot Noir is my absolute favorite wine for the price point. My favorite wine is Estancia Pinot Noir, but it unfortunately misses that under $10 mark, usually costing about $17. If you love pinot noir, you'll love Mirassou's, especially for just $9. 

4. Bogle ~ $8.50

Bogle is a Californian wine that I actually tried for the first time with my mom in Virginia Beach. I couldn't believe how delicious I thought it was, especially for so cheap. I personally really like Bogle's Chardonnay, which receives excellent reviews from wine critics.

5. Estancia (White) ~ $8
The Best Wines Under $10

I mentioned California's Estancia Pinot Noir in reference to Mirassou, and while it is generally in the range of $15-$17, Estancia's white wines fit into that <$10 price point. 

6. Belle Ambiance ~ $9

Ok, OK, ok.... you got me. The first time I bought this wine, I only picked it because of the label. I never said I was some expert wine snob over here. I'm really glad I did though, because this Californian wine is fantastic, and not just because of that pretty blue label.

7.  Dark Horse ~ $7

Their red blend is actually a global wine, made from a variety of grapes from Argentina, California and Australia. The packaging is very sleek, making it look much more expensive than it actually is.

8. House Wine ~ $7.25

I'm embarrassed, this is another one I picked because I loved the label. Just kidding, I'm not embarrassed, packaging is everything right? The packaging might have sold me the first time, but the taste of this Washington wine was so good that I grab this one anytime I see it at the grocery store. Even better, they now package this wine in a box... SCORE!

9. Apothic ~ $9

I honestly don't think this wine needs a description, as I'm sure you've heard of it. This Californian wine is wildly popular, and quite frankly the perfect wine to bring to Thanksgiving!

10. A Good Trick

For number 10 I'm going to give you a trick that I do at the grocery store. I'll look for the biggest discounts. Sometimes there will be a big cart filled with closeout wines, don't ignore that cart. I'll also check out the shelves and find new wines to try based on the deepest sales. For example, that Seven Daughters wine shown above, was a fantastic $19 bottle of wine that I got for just $9. When I'm needing a wine to bring to a party, this is the approach I'll take!

So that's my list of suggestions, what do you think? Have you tried any of these wines?
What is your favorite inexpensive wine?

Oh, and get some goat cheese while you're at it.
Every wine goes with goat cheese.
Everything goes with goat cheese.

Goat cheese for president 2016. Gouda for VP.

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20 November 2015

A Fantasy Football Warning From Me To You

By now, it's possible that you might have heard of this crazy little game called Fantasy Football. Fantasy football comes in all shapes and sizes, and is played on a variety of websites like Yahoo, ESPN and Draft Kings. I've been playing Fantasy Football for about 10 years and I'm here to issue a warning if you're thinking about joining a league for the first time. 

Be sure that if you're planning on playing with people you know, like friends or family or boyfriends or husbands, that your relationship with those you are competing against is strong. I'm talking Arnold Schwarzenegger circa 1984 strong. 

If it isn't Arnold strong, you better be ok to kiss those relationships goodbye. 

Let me explain. 

CB and I really don't argue very often. I'm not saying arguing is a bad thing, I've been in relationships where we did nothing but argue, and relationships where an argument never once arose. My relationship with CB in particular though, we just don't argue very often and that works for us. In fact, the one topic that I consistently fly off the handle on is SO RIDICULOUSLY SILLY; What time we are going to eat dinner at night. 

I'm not joking. This is the single culprit for the majority of our arguments. He wants to eat at early bird pricing times, like 5:45pm. I want to eat at 7 or 8, like a normal human. There is a reason they give a discount to people who want to eat at 5:45, because NO ONE wants to eat at 5:45.

So true life, this is what we argue about. Yes I know, ridiculous first world problem.

Well, that was all we argued about, up until Fantasy Football started and I campaigned to join his all guys league. He was my biggest supporter and convinced his friends that I needed IN that league. Half of the friends were good with it -- probably thought I'd leave guys on bye week and keep someone like Jamaal Charles in at running back even though he's on IR -- the other half were simply overruled since CB was the commissioner. I liked his style on that one.

Flash forward to week 11, and I'm in 2nd place. CB's team isn't doing great. I'm not sure what the problem is, and I'll be nice about this because I really think his team is incredible. Oh and the other reason I'll be nice....

He's been super supportive, saying multiple times how badly he wants me to win the whole thing. I thought that was actually really sweet. 

THAT WAS UNTIL WEEK 11. Week 11, this week, Sarah vs. CB. I swear y'all it was like someone flipped a switch and this monster took over CB's body. 

The kindness and supportive cheers transformed into recruiting his friends to block my waiver wire picks so that I couldn't get the players I wanted. 

I'm not joking, this kid called up his BROS and formed an alliance, circa 2001 Survivor on CBS. 

The Bro tribe has spoken. 

When I learned that he did this, I flew off the handle and starting saying mean things about his now 2-8 team that he got highly offended at (not sure why, that's literally his record, I had already complimented his lineup) and we spent the rest of the car ride not speaking. 

I was hurt that he would enlist the bro tribe.

He was hurt because he felt like that was a low blow to bring up his record. He was probably right, it was. 


Fantasy Football brings out the worst in people, so beware of participating. Have you ever played the game Sorry! and a significant other intentionally targeted you over everyone else in the game? It's just like that, personal unfavorable targeting from those you love the most. 

This is your official warning, from me to you, sistah
It's fun, I recommend it, but just be careful who you play with. 

Please say a little prayer or wish up into that big blue sky today that CB and I make it through the weekend matchup against each other. I really like this kid and I'm hoping I come to you on Monday Tuesday with the same sentiment. 

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