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Today I present to you...
The facts (that I can think of at this current moment in time) of Sarah: an Autobiography. 

Now many of these things you will already know if you read the blog everyday, so that just leaves my mom. For everyone else... legggo!  

1. Places I've Lived
When I meet new people, and they ask where I'm from, I get really anxious having to answer that question. Virginia is where I was born, but Tennessee will always be home sweet home to me. And then there was that time I lived in Kentucky.... Screw it, here is a map:

2. My Dad passed away when I was 19
Dealing with a loss is different for everyone. I had a really hard time for a couple of years. But now, I look at losing my dad as knowing that I've got someone watching over me, guiding me in the right direction and bringing certain people into my life, at the very moment I need them most. Pretty cool, huh? 

3. I have a Public Relations degree with a business minor from THE University of Tennessee 
I have no desire to do anything in the Public Relations field. That was a mistake. I don't like handling crisis, like, at all. And as much as I support volunteering and donating to charities, I don't want to work in non-profit again (did that once). All that said, I learned so much about the communications field, and I'm a firm believer that anything you need to know, can be found at the University of Google. 

4. FACT: I currently reside in the greatest little town in America: Deep Ellum
Rent in Deep Ellum is such a fantastic value for what you're getting in return. Plus, I can walk to anything, from food to bars to shopping, and new restaurants, breweries and bars pop up literally overnight.

From what people have told me, Deep Ellum used to be THE place to be in Dallas back in the 90s, but then it took a big hit and went down hill. The early 2000s left it filled with abandoned buildings and a high crime rate. Just recently, the area has been given new life, thanks to some of Dallas' most popular restaurants (Pecan Lodge) and unique bars (Truth and Alibi) moving in the hood. If you are looking to buy property, snag it now in Deep Ellum, because damn is it making a comeback! 

5. I have two boyfriends 
This guy. And this guy. One I've been with for years and years and years, the other just for about 5 months. One doesn't mind having his picture on the blog, while the other prefers to be incognito. I know what you're thinking, and to go ahead and answer your question.... yes, they each know about the other, and yes they are ok (tickled even) when we all hang out together. 

6. I am an only child 
Which leads me to my next point...

7. I'm a sore loser 
You really don't want to play me (and beat me) in any sport or game that doesn't involve being on a team. So that includes but is not limited to: Tennis, Sorry, Monopoly, Golf, Horse, 21, 500. I also get very angry when my team is losing. I am the reason there could potentially be a fight at sporting event. When someone is rooting for the other team... right in front of me? Awww nah, hold my bag.... 
8. Although I played basketball my whole life, my dad would have told you that I should have been a golfer. 
But golf was boring. Basketball was fun (when we were winning, of course). And think, if I hadn't played basketball, then I wouldn't have a picture of me holding a bball on fire.

 9. I require constant entertainment
I am the exact opposite of a homebody. I love being out, having plans, doing stuff. Even if it is just being out roaming around aimlessly. I'll try anything once, and I can probably thank having this blog for that. Because, like I said yesterday, "Attitude is the Difference between an Ordeal and an Adventure!" 

10. Miranda Lambert is my favorite person on this planet
I cried when I went to visit her hometown. And also when I saw her in concert for the first time last year. Because that's normal. 

I'm sure I have about a billion more facts that could fill up volume 2, 3, 4, 5 etc.... but this post is really long already, and 10 is a round number, so we will stop there! 

Helene in Between Blogtober


Be The Adventurous Type // iPhone + Desktop Background Freebie //

I stumbled on this quote earlier and it really resonated with me. You can go through life being pessimistic, or you can go through life saying, "Heck, sure I'll try that, why not!" I sure had a really rough time for the first year and a half after moving from Knoxville to Dallas. I looked at going out solo and being social in a city where I knew no one, as an ordeal rather than an adventure. Once I was brave and finally put the adventure mindset in place, life changed. 

In Sex and the City, Charlotte tells Carrie she is terrified of being so happy, because no one gets everything they want. Maybe this quote is actually the key to getting everything you want. When you turn things into an adventure, you suddenly realize the things you want start to appear in places you never expected or even knew about. 

Be brave, have an adventure, not an ordeal. 

If you download this for your phone or desktop, 
I would be your best friend forever and ever if you would pin that image above! 

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***Note** Remember that with the iPhone5, your wallpaper will get distorted if you don't have "reduce motion" turned on. To turn "reduce motion" on:
Settings --- General --- Accessibility --- Scroll down and click "Reduce Motion"--- turn that ON

If you want to Instagram this (psshht, who wouldn't?!)... 
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Creative Ways to Make Money + A Tory Burch Flats Giveaway

When I was working back in Tennessee as the Marketing Director for a chain of salons, my job focused around coming up with unique, original and creative promotions to drive sales and make money. Original being the key word here. There are a lot of copy cats in this world, I see them every day in blog land, and they also exist in business. Drawing inspiration and copying are two very different things. 

.... aaaaand tangent has commenced.... 

But anyways, back to money making. If you are creative enough to come up with an idea for your company to make more money, I can pretty much guarantee you will have job security. I'm not as involved in sales in my current position, but in the past I used to have a blast brainstorming new promotions to get clients in the door and take all of their money! I'm a hustler babyyy, I just want you to know.... 

For example, I recently found out that AT&T now offers what is essentially a lease for a new iPhone. Talk about genius. They no longer are only getting your money every two years, they are getting your money every single month by charging you a premium to basically rent an iPhone from them. You're happy because you have that pretty iPhone 6, they are happy because they have more money from you than ever before. Better get you a sturdy case... (shameless plug) 

I'm not hating right now. It is ideas like that that separate the men from the boys, as my dad used to say. You may not be in marketing or advertising professionally, but as a blogger you 100% are. You should always be thinking about new ways to make money from your blog. New sponsor opportunities. New Etsy ventures. Heck, even tiny ideas can make a huge impact, like utilizing the bloglovin like button for giveaways!

This whole ramble thus far is basically to tell you I have a great idea for Facebook. (I know, I know, I know... horrific irrelevant ramble leading up to my point, my bad!

If you could pay a fee to see private profiles on Facebook (or insta or twitter), would you do it? 

I realize this idea breaches every single privacy law every created for social media. But would you? Would you pay to see your ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend's Facebook page? Or what about her Insta profile? Accounts that were previously on lock down, now open for a flat monthly fee to Facebook. 

I'll go ahead and start the discussion with no shame... YUP! A whole lotta YUP! 

I feel like I've hit the jackpot when people don't realize their Mobile Upload Album is public (surprisingly a lot of people don't catch this), I would be filled with days upon weeks of entertainment if I had access to everything, at anytime. 

So, what about you? Would you pay for that privilege if it was say.... $14.99/mo? Leave me a comment, I'm curious! 

I also have teamed up with a great group of girls for a a fab giveaway today! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway



I have a lot of superstitions. I'm clearly a nutcase sports fan, so yeah, naturally I do. I've written about them here and here and here. But thanks to Taylor and Helene, I'm here to tell you more crazy things I do in the name of superstition. 

I constantly feel the need to knock on wood after saying anything even remotely positive about my teams. 

Oh that was a great pass... knocks on wood 

Offensive Line is killing it... knocks on wood (also, never said that last night)

What a great job by the water boy... knocks on wood

Basically my dogs think there is someone at the door at all times during a sporting event. 
There is not a second that goes by in a game that I don't think that my actions directly impact what is happening on the field or court. Last night I sat up, laid down, sat back up, stood up, moved around, sat back down again... just trying to find some position that seemed to send the Cowboys good vibes. I obviously didn't find one. 

But how about in everyday, non-sports life? Yeah, I've got them there too. 

1. If I see a stuffed animal of some sort sitting by himself in a store, I have to buy him. Or at the very least, find him another stuffed animal friend to go sit with. What can I say, I've seen the Velveteen Rabbit one too many times. 

2. I have a little lucky bear in my car. I got my driver's license on St. Patricks Day and my parents left a bear in my new car with a "lots of luck" shamrock tied around his neck. I've never gotten a speeding ticket when I've been in the car with that bear (knocks on wood) and I walked away, relatively unharmed when this happened

So yeah, that bear will forever have a seat reserved for him in every car I own from here on out. He was the very first thing I grabbed out of that mangled little light blue car you see up there. He now wears a beautiful vintage handkerchief, that my dear friend Lisa gave me on her wedding day, which she had embroidered with my initials. Making him feel even more special, and like he is keeping me that much safer! 

3. And now, I have a new favorite superstition....
Chalupa Batman and I always kiss at least twice. Before you vom on me, let me explain. 

We were hanging out one day, and he kissed me and I joked... "Nooooo I want another one! I could never just have one of those! They are like potato chips!" So from there on out, we always kiss twice. Maybe it is for good luck, or maybe it is just because, well, kissing is fun... but either way! I think it is a pretty cute superstition to have. 

Yeah yeah yeah yeah.. go ahead and judge. 

Hiiii everyone. I'm Sarah and I'm smitten with a boy...
Hiiiiii Sarah! 

Helene in Between Blogtober