How About A Little Home Help?

One thing blogs are not usually used for is asking for help. We all use our blogs to give 7 tips about X, or 10 ways to improve X. It's weird to me that it isn't a reverse outlet as well. Some of my most commented posts have been those when I asked for help.... and voila, I get the answer! 

I'm not an expert on most things. Topics I feel I have a good handle on, or if I have some tip that I've figured out by sheer luck, I'll share it. Do you remember that episode of Sex and the City where Carrie starts writing for Vogue? Now shoes, shoes I know. That would be the way I feel about sports. Now sports, sports I know.  So many other topics, I simply have no clue.

Now this brings me to the point of this post. CB and I moved in together! Yayyyy! To go ahead and take the elephant out of the room, I'll answer the questions you are probably thinking, so that everything is out in the open. No we are not engaged. No, I did not purchase this house. Yes, I helped pick it out. Yes, I think it is cool as shit that I get to live with my best friend, 24/7. Yes, rent will be paid in actual dollars, not kisses. Yes, kisses are welcome but will not cut down on the cost of rent. Yes, Veenie and Gee will be paying in kisses, they are dogs therefore do not have a steady source of income, and we were aware of their complete lack of financial stability going into this agreement. 

I can't think of any other questions you might be thinking. My point here is that I am not dumb/clueless/unrealistic, nor is CB. Now let's get down to the fun stuff and talk about our new place. 

Man, I love everything about this house. Although it was built in the 40s, a developer took it down to the studs and flipped it. It was like CB and I were in the design meetings, because every last detail they chose, we love. 

Here is the deal, neither of us are organized people, nor are we exceptionally talented at interior design. So I'm here asking for your help. I am going to show y'all the different rooms, and list our dilemmas, and hope you guys might have some ideas or suggestions. 

|| Kitchen ||
Sorry I am incapable of  properly executing the pano setting on the iPhone
Hey look, it's CB's back. Kewl. 

:: Issues ::
There's nowhere designated for a microwave to go 
 y'all I can't live without Lean Cuisines

Anyone have any good blogs/pins/tips on organizing kitchen drawers? 

CB wants a kitchen island, or eat in kitchen somehow. 
Any suggestions? Know any good websites to find a small island or small table?

|| Dining Room // Living Room ||

:: Issues ::
They have this room designated as the dining room, but it makes a helluva lot more sense as a living room. We really don't have much use for a formal dining room. There is also another area in the front of the house (shown below) that they have intended to be a living room. 

Anyone have suggestions on two living rooms? 
Do you guys have an actual dining room in your homes? Do you use it? 

|| Guest Bathroom || 

:: Issues :: 
This is something we didn't catch at the walk through. That shower was clearly designed for a glass door, right? Water will spill everywhere if you showered in there with a shower curtain. 

Anyone have a standup shower like this? Any solutions? 
Also, any pins/websites with inspiration for glass shower doors that won't cost an absolute fortune?

|| Master Bathroom || 

:: Issues ::
As you can see, very little storage.  

Anyone have any great websites/blogs/pins with bathroom storage solutions? 

|| Sarah's Office || 
I have an office. With lots of windows. 
And a ceiling fan. I'm always a sweaty hot mess, this gives me pure joy. 
I'm so excited, I might just explode. 

 :: Issues ::

No issues. Insert too-many-teeth-showing emoji here. 
Also, all the issues.  Help a sister out with all your favorite office inspo. 

|| Deck || 

 :: Issues ::
The cost of patio furniture. 
Like, is that a joke?

Spill your outdoor decor secrets. 
Tell me you didn't pay $1,000+ for a love seat that stays OUTSIDE, in the rain, wind, heat, cold.
Tell me you didn't do that. Or tell me why you did, I'm good with that too. 

|| General's Question || 
Gee asked if I would share one of his issues. 
I said no problem, I'm sure y'all would be happy to help. 

 :: Issues ::

"How do you get the squirrels down from the tree?"
-- General.  
So that's what I've got for now! Please give me all of your organizational expertise, pin boards, blog suggestions, instagram accounts (the more the merrier), home furnishing stores and websites... we need it all! If anyone wants, I'd be happy to do a big compilation post of everyone's suggestions and recommendations too. 

YAY, time to cheat on fashion with furniture! By fashion I mean Forever 21 and by furniture I mean Ikea. Sorry, I'm cheap. 

Summer To Do List: Watch All of the Sunsets

This year for the 4th, CB and I headed out to his parent's house on Lake Granbury. What started as just a few of us heading to the lake to celebrate, somehow turned into a group of about 15! I've got to say, I did feel a little guilty being there seeing as we had about a trillion other things we should have been doing. If you follow me on Instagram, you will know what I'm talking about. I sure am glad we went though, it was an absolute blast. Literally, (I think I'm going to use that word correctly in 3...2...1...) a blast complete with fireworks galore. 

Lake Granbury, about an hour and a half from Dallas, had been in a multi-year draught. Each time I had visited, the water was so low that it didn't even come within 100 yards of the retaining wall that lines the property. After the Texas flooding in the month of May though, Lake Granbury was full and glistening with beauty! 

I could be found enjoying the sunset in the hammock. Because, Summer.

The award for cutest ever goes to Will, CB's nephew, who helped deliver all of the essentials from the car to the dock. Now that's what I call service with a smile! 

Oh, and this happened. 

BRB, we'll talk more on that tomorrow.