Reasons to Love Houston

Happy Friday errrrybody! Although it has nothing to do with today's post, I very much enjoy this picture CB took on the way to the ACM festival last Friday. I'm ridin round and I'm gettin it. 

#DropTheMic .... errrr .... I mean, #DropTheWaterBottle 
Now, on to the post du jour! Mmm that sounds good I'll have that.

 Yup, that's right, I'm doing it again because there might be an important playoff game tonight. Now, I've only been to Houston once, but that is 100% more times than I've been to both Iowa and Detroit combined, and I managed to come up with things to love about both of those places!  


// Reasons Why I like Absolutely Freaking Love Houston and You Should Too //

1. Craig Biggio's helmet
(yeah, something is wrong with me if that is the first thing I thought of
2. Beyonce

3. They help people with problems
(get it get it??? Houston we have a problem????? meh.)

4. The New York Times calls it "One of the Most Exciting Places to Eat"
(BUT -- The NY Times clearly has never been to Medieval Times

5. The Houston Rodeo
(yee haw!)

6.  The Astros often take the last spot in the AL West so the Rangers don't have to

7. Patrick Swayze 

8. Whitney Houston
(she's actually from NJ but she's a reason to love the name "Houston")
(and yes I'm reaching, I don't know much about Houston)

9. Jennifer Garner, my sorority sister, was born there

10. 1/3 of the city is provided 24 hour shade by James Harden's beard

11. You live in constant fear of JJ Watt eating you
(wait, maybe that is a con...)

12. There is a house completely made out of beer cans. “Some people say this is sculpture but I didn't go to no expensive school to get these crazy notions.” –John Milkovisch 
(That is a quote from the beer man house creator, himself. So eloquently put, sir.)

13. One item in one of their museum is a 27-and-a-half foot intestine 
(YuckAnything longer than 27, and I'm grossed out)

14. They have a mascot cemetery
 (   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  )

15. They are home to the National Museum of Funeral History
(wtf Houston?? Side note: I wonder if Phaedra know this info?)

16. They have a 7 mile underground tunnel downtown.
(I really dig that.........)

17. They are the most awarded female artist of all time 
(Oh wait, that's Whitney again, my bad)

18. I went there once, for one night
(was cool)

19. Sir Mix A Lot once spotted two bad ass girls in a tercel, 
then u-turned because they were going to Houston
(really reachin here. reeeeeeeally reachin

There you have it. 19 reasons I love Houston and you should too. That should do the trick. 

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Free Blogger Blog Pre-Made Templates

It appears that I totally suck at pimping out my own services and products. I have a line of t-shirts I've designed on spreadshirt, but do you see a link to that shop anywhere on my blog? Nope. I have my own blog design studio, do I ever really talk about it? Nope. My main goal right now is to sell the pre-made templates I've made, all of which include installation free of charge, but do I even do so much as to alert you guys when I've made a new one? Nope. I want to walk a fine line between gently reminding everyone my services exist, and shoving my services down your throat with every passing blog post. Instead what do I do? I make it totally unaccessible and never talk about any of it, ever. LOLZZZ!

So here is the deal.... I'm going to make this very simple. I want to increase the awareness of my blogger templates, you want a new blog design. You scratch my back, I scratch yours, how does that sound? 

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You Can Sit With Me If You Want To

I'm very sorry, this post is very long.  

You know what I stand for? Kindness, friendship and acceptance. I like to think that I have a personality that meshes with tons of different groups of people. The friends I made over the years are vastly different and I treasure every one of them. I am blissfully happy when I'm surrounded by friends, and am a firm believer you can never have too many. So it may come as no surprise that I'm very against the concept of "you can't sit with us.

My hatred, no that's too harsh, we will say disapproval, of anyone that uses and/or whose actions portray the phrase "you can't sit with us" stems from two specific times in my life: high school and my first two years in Dallas. I attended the cliquiest of cliquey high schools. There were distinct groups, and I didn't belong to a single one of them. Certainly not the popular kids, not the jocks, not the drama people, not the smart people, I didn't fit in anywhere. That messes with a kid when you don't have a group to associate yourself with. I had a long-term boyfriend, and pretty much just put all my eggs in that basket. 

I had deemed myself a guy's girl, until I moved to another state for college, joined a sorority and my whole life changed. People can hate on the greek system all they want,  I will always come to its rescue. The girl that never felt part of a group, never felt like she was a part of anything or felt important to any of her peers, immediately, and I do mean immediately felt accepted, wanted, welcomed and appreciated in Pi Beta Phi. Heck, even people who weren't part of our sorority were embraced with open arms, and dubbed honorary Pi Phis. Everyone totally got that sorority life wasn't for everyone, but meaningful, important friendships were. We accepted and befriended anyone who we enjoyed being around, and who enjoyed being around us, greek or non-greek. It was simple, it was lovely, it was shockingly mature. I'm still proud to have my name associated with this organization. 

This three paragraph rant is leading up to something not totally unrelated, but unrelated. I was having a difficult time writing this post without the backstory of why I'm so irritated. Ok pretend you read those first three paragraphs in yesterday's post. Let's start fresh. *you're killing me over here, Sarah* I know, I know I'm sorry. 

I have 3 specific issues with this Reward Style, Like To Know It, and their conference. Reward Style is an affiliate link system for fashion bloggers to make money off items they recommend to their readers. The Reward Style Conference is taking place right now, just a few blocks from my hood, in Downtown Dallas. You can follow on insta using #RSthecon. 

Issue #1- The reason for my first three paragraphs, is the insane level of "You Can't Sit With Us" associated with this conference. I'm not talking about the girls in attendance, but rather the conference specifically. Please tell me why anyone that has been approved for Reward Style, and wants to pay for it, can't attend? I'm trying to think of another blogger conference out there that accepts/rejects bloggers from attending, and I can't think of one. A conference is to improve your craft, by learning from peers that have been successful. Who better to attend a fashion blogging conference, than an eager, smaller fashion blogger, looking to grow?

If they only accept the top 200 earners, and please correct me if I'm wrong which I very well could be misinformed, what do the best of the best get out of a conference, exactly? 

Why can't anyone attend? I have deep seeded issues with a You Can't Sit With Us vibe, and I do not like it at all. 

Issue #2- Like To Know It. 

        Issue #2 Part A: When I "like to know it" on an image, with hopes of learning where I can purchase the one glaringly obvious item that is the focal point of the image. But then I get the email and said item isn't included. 

That would be like me posting this picture, and not linking to my boots in the email!!

        Issue #2 Part B: When you ask a question about where someone got something and you get an answer back about signing up for like to know it. Now I will say, I don't do this. I just watch and observe.

Maybe it's just me, but "don't bite the hand that feeds you" comes into my mind here.

        Issue #2 Part C: Suggested items for people on a budget. Helene brought this up to me this morning and I couldn't agree more. I will gladly follow my friends who have like to know it, and will like their image if they are linking to things I can afford. But when someone deems something as "suitable for those on a budget", I click like and it turns out to be a $150 top, I get angry all over again.

        Issue #2 Part D: It's rare that stuff I can afford is showcased, because that doesn't bring in the money.

Issue #3- First, why do lifestyle bloggers get berated for doing sponsored posts and trying to make a buck? I put more effort into some of my sponsored posts, and even have more fun writing them than I do regular posts, yet I still find myself feeling like I'm doing something wrong. Secondly, why do I have to disclose at the very tippy top, before I can even say hello, that this post is sponsored by X company, and then include in every social share the word #ad?

How come Reward Style doesn't require disclosure on every post, and the word #ad in every social share? That honestly bothers me.

It bothers me because every time I insta something that requires the hashtag #ad, I feel like a giant sellout. But I shouldn't, you know why? Because the MLB campaign, I just got to do, for example, was THE BOMB. I couldn't get over how perfect that campaign opportunity was for my blog. I was beyond excited about it, then found myself feeling sheepish as I typed #ad into my Instagram caption, and mentally calculated the readers I lost as I put a disclosure at the very top of my post.

I love clothes, like I love them, and I very much support the fashion blogger. I just don't support the way Reward Style goes about doing things, particularly this conference, and I wanted to get it all off my chest.  I'm not always right, and sometimes I let my issues from my past interfere with my feelings on certain topics, so I also want to open a discussion, for those that disagree or agree with me. If you feel I'm way off, educate me, seeing as I'm not a fashion blogger! This is officially an open forum!

And for those that do have RS, but weren't invited to the conference, you have an open invitation to come party with me in Deep Ellum. It's way more fun than Downtown Dallas, and that I know is for certain.


OMG That's Literally So Basic Team Trivia

A few months ago, right after I had returned from getting punched in the face in Virginia, a group of us went to play trivia at an Arlington bar. Now, I'm no stranger to team trivia. It is one of my favorite weekday pastimes, seeing as it very much beats coming home and sitting on the couch. Plus, I love a good competition in a bar --- clearly, based on my VA Beach Story!

My issue with team trivia is deep seeded. I don't think I'm dumb. I mean, I do medium at Jeopardy when I watch and can easily figure out public transportation routes when in a new city, both of which to me scream, 20-something genius. So if I'm not dumb, why am I so terrible at team trivia? Oh, that's right, because it is completely targeted at men. Nerdy men. Men that may or may not have spent 1+ years in their parent's basement, playing battle galactic warcraft (or whatever it's called), and without a doubt have a mustard stain on their shirt right this very minute. Actually, scratch that last comment, I believe I have a mustard stain on the pants I'm wearing. You win some you lose some.

Bar trivia these days is tailored to men who watch way too many movies, play way too many video games, listen to way too much indy rock music and, for some insane reason that I can attribute to nothing other than they clearly made flashcards to practice for team bar trivia, can tell you every single president, by year, in order, as well as their gardner, in order by most daffodils planted.

With all that said, I'll be the first to suggest, "Hey! Let's go play team trivia tonight!" Maybe it's because I enjoy White House daffodils, maybe it's because I like beer. I'm not really sure. (SpoilerIt's beer.)

This last round of trivia was hands down the worst though. For example, here is, verbatim, the first question asked, "What 1972 cyborg novel did something by something else written by this guy?"

The answer?
6 million dollar man

Me: "Yeahhhh, can I get another IPA?"

You get my point here? This trivia is impossible. So I would like to introduce my newest venture that, as of April 22nd,  I'm accepting very wealthy investors to back my company. I'll accept opening bids of $10,000. Please leave your bid, account and routing numbers in the comments and I'll be in touch.

OMG That's Literally SO BASIC Team Trivia

OMG That's Literally SO BASIC Team Trivia will take place in bars across the country. By bars, I mean wine rooms, martini bars, craft cocktail speakeasies, champagne lounges and dance clubs where Taylor Swift dominates the DJ's playlist.

You may have as many ladies in your wolf pack team as you like. You must pick a team name. Team name examples include: 
"We literally do not care"  
"But first, trivia"
"We woke up like this"
"Monday is a basic bitch" (encouraged for trivia that meets on Mondays)
 "Starbs&Kate Spade&Lululemon&Champagne"
"Sorry Not Sorry for Winning"
"Dead. Death. Dying"
"Where do all the bobby pins go" 
"Insert Heart Eyed Emoji Here As Our Team Name" 

Now on to the important part. A sampling of questions and answers you may hear at an OMG That's Literally SO BASIC Team Trivia night....

(Answers listed below. I would have listed them upside down like in Cosmo, but turning a magazine upside down is much easier than turning a laptop upside down)

Q1. Are you familiar with the exhcange policy at Forever 21

Q2. Which is quite literally the best phone like, ever.

jk lol lylas those were just warm up freebies...

Q3 . What type of scarf swept Instagram in 2014

Q4. What is Carrie Bradshaw's real name

Q5. Who does Carrie Bradshaw get proposed to, but eventually turn down

Q6 What is Taylor Swift's Instagram handle?

Q7. What are the two main colors featured on the seasonal cups at Starbs?

Q8. What does #MCM stand for?

Q9. In what city does this show take place?

Q10. On what day did Aaron Samuels ask Cady Heron what day it was?

Q11. What does ANTM stand for?

Q12. Who is this person?

Q13. Who was Gossip Girl?

Q14. Name this brand
Q15. What is the name of Mindy Kaling's book?

Q16. Who is this man?

Q17.  Finish this chorus, "Ladies leave your man at home. The club is full of ballas and they pockets full grown.... "

The following questions will all be scenes from movies. You must name the movie




Don't forget, now accepting investors. $10,000 minimum buy in. 
K thx. BYE.

A1. Yes A2. iPhone6 A3. Blanket Scarf A4. SJP A5. Aidan Shaw A6. @taylorswift A7. Red and white A8. Man Crush Monday A9. Miami A10. October 3 A11. America's Next Top Model A12. Kim Richards A13. Dan Humphrey (we will also accept Lonely Boy) A14. Lululemon A15. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) A16. Chris Harrison A17. And all you fellas leave yo girl With her friends Cause its 11:30 and the club is Jumpin, jumpin  A18. 10 Things I Hate About You A19. Devil Wears Prada A20.