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31 January 2019

My Five Favorite Things To Get Delivered That Will Make Your Life Easier

Thank you to Gillette Venus Razors for sponsoring this post, and to all of the brands that support Venus Trapped in Mars! All thoughts and opinions are my own!

How lucky are we to live in a time when literally anything can be delivered to your door? You can have groceries, beer, prescriptions, clothes and of course, pizza. There are a few delivery services for me though that are more valuable than anything else. Things that I HATE going out and buying, don't have time to buy, or always forget to purchase then realize it's too late. Today, I thought I'd talk about the magic of getting your favorite, most necessary purchases delivered right to your door.

I'm picturing you with a cup of coffee rolling your eyes at me not even wanting to read because you think it's just going to be me listing pizza over and over and over again. While, yes, you're right, I have listed pizza below (it's me, after all) there are some pretty valuable services on this list!

Side note: before I met Drew I used to yell PIZZA IS HERE to an empty apartment so the driver wouldn't think it was ALL FOR ME. And by "before I met Drew" I mean that was last weekend when he was out of town skiing. WHATEVER IT IS FINE.

Let's hop to it, here are FIVE of my favorite things that I have delivered right to my door.... you know, because being out in public is VERY HARD.

1. Gillette Venus Razor Subscription

As if a blogger with the name VENUS Trapped in Mars and a dog named Venus would use any razor other than a Venus Razor! I was so excited to partner with Venus Razors today because - not a lie - I've been using this particular razor for nearly a decade! I'm SO BAD about using my Venus Razor for far too long because I keep forgetting to replace it. It'll slip my mind to pick it up at the grocery store, then I'm back in the shower again needing a fresh razor and I'm too late!

This is not a problem any longer though, because Gillette has just launched Venus Direct where you can customize a three step process of selecting a custom handle, razor heads and extra features that are uniquely designed for and by you! I've been hearing about men's razor subscription services, so I'm THRILLED to learn about this for us ladies now!

Plus, get this... all of our Venus handles fit all of our blade refills! For blades, you have your choice between original, white tea, extra smooth and Olay moisture. With one simple shave plan, you get your choice of stylish, high quality razors delivered to your door when you want them! The delivery is also free, and plans start at as little as $10 a month. It's so convenient, and even allows you to cancel at any time.

2. Dog Food Delivery 
I work downtown, which is really not near a convenient pet store. Finding a store that carries Veenie and Gee's particular dog food is SO DIFFICULT. Not to mention their bags of food are massive and it's a workout to lug around two giant bags.

I put buying their food off for so long that I end up with major dog mom guilt when I feed them treats for dinner because they're out of food. Pass on the dog mom guilt and sign up for automatic dog food delivery from a site like Petco!

3. Rent The Runway
I've been the biggest fan of Rent the Runway now for well over a year and a half. It has changed the shopping game for me. I almost never shop, I just rent. My closet is full of basics like jeans, solid color tops and then the occasional graphic tee.

I take chances on styles I would never drop a load of cash on, I wear dresses that are worth thousands of dollars and I have name brand fashion like Kate Spade and Tory Burch at my fingertips. I literally shop every day, but I never have to spend my lifesavings to do it!

I feel like I'm the poster child for Rent The Runway, I worship that brand. If you ever have any questions on their unlimited program, holler at your girl!

4. Pizza Hut
You knew I wouldn't miss this on my list of the best delivery services. If I could put Pizza Hut on automatic delivery for Sunday around 12:30pm, I would. Forget brunch, I'd take Pizza Hut in bed all day every day.

Thin crust, pepperoni, extra sauce. Breadsticks if I'm feeling extra sassy.

5. Prescriptions  
Much like dog food, prescriptions are so annoying to get filled and picked up. It's never quick, you're usually standing in line behind ole Aunt Ella Mae who doesn't understand which of her 48 prescriptions is leaving this weird bubbly rash on her right buttocks, and then all of a sudden you've been in CVS for an hour and a half.

I have a heart medicine that I need filled once a month and getting it delivered straight to the door is so easy. I never go without a pill, and I don't have to see Ella Mae. Win win!

I hope this post helped you rethink some of your daily needs, and how much easier it would be to just add it as a subscription service!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Gillette Venus. The opinions and text are all mine.

Super Bowl Squares 2019 || LA Rams vs New England Patriots

Every year I do Super Bowl Squares here on VTIM and the time has finally come for Super Bowl Squares 2019 for Super Bowl 53, New England Patriots vs the LA Rams! This year's Super Bowl Squares post is sponsored by one of MY FAVORITE snacks of all time, popchips!

I've seen so many bloggers on instagram doing the "empty bottle challenge" where they prove to you that they actually use the products they endorse. Last year, I worked with the popchips team and it was the first time I had ever heard of the company. Last year they sent me about 15 bags of popchips and I thought, good lord I'll never eat all of these.

I did, though.
I ate them all.

Over the last year I'd pack a small ziplock bag of popchips and have them on hand, in the right serving size, in case I got hungry at work. When they asked to work together again, I was giddy. YES SEND ME MORE popchips I NEED MY FIX!

I love having better-for-you snacks on hand at work for when I get hungry, so that I don't make poor decisions. By poor decisions - I mean the constant, never ending supply of sweets in the office. I work in a hotel for goodness sakes, there is ALWAYS extra food floating around. Extra delicious food that is very hard to turn down if I don't have something else to turn to.

It's such a great option to have out as a Super Bowl snack because it balances out some of those unhealthier options you have at your fingertips. Read also: queso, seven layer dip, ranch, pizza, burgers, junk, junk and more junk. For the record, I do love junk. But it's nice to know that I am walking in to this year's party knowing there's a more sensible option available. Hey, I do have a Mexico trip coming up after all!

I'm not suggesting to ditch the queso - hell no, this is TEXAS! Queso is LYFE during the game, but maybe instead of tortilla chips, try switching it out for new ridges popchips. Just in time for Sunday's game, they just launched new ridges packaging (available in Buffalo Ranch, Cheddar and Sour Cream and Tangy Barbecue) and they're a sturdier chip that's perfect for dipping. You'll legit enjoy it just as much, and save a ton of calories along the way. They are available in ten flavors, and are never fried - containing only real ingredients. The best part, less than 130 calories per serving!

ORDER popchips HERE

Ok, now that you're all snacked-up, let's get started with the one game you MUST HAVE at your Super Bowl party... Super Bowl Squares 2019 for Super Bowl 53 || New England Patriots vs. LA Rams. This post includes the free blank printable version of Super Bowl Squares 2019 as well as instructions on how to play Super Bowl Squares. 

|| Official Super Bowl Squares 2019 board ||

For Free Super Bowl Squares Printable Version || Click Here

How To Play Super Bowl Squares 2016

 Step 1 || Determine the cost of each square. To keep things simple, I'd recommend just $1 per square. 

 Step 2 || Those participating purchase desired number of squares 
(Only purchase white squares, leave the shaded squares blank for now) 

 Step 3 || After all of the white squares are purchased, the host will write the numbers 0-9 in random order in the shaded squares across the top of the board. The host will then write 0-9 again in the shaded squares vertically down the page. 

 Step 4 || You'll have 4 total winners throughout the game, so divide your money 4 ways.

Step 5 || Find your winners. At the end of each quarter, half and finish of the game, match the last digit of the Patriots score, and the last digit of the Rams score to find your winner. 

So if these instructions are a bit confusing, and you are more of a hands on learner, like I am, here is an example:

Let's say I'm having a party and I ask my party guests if they would like to buy squares. The squares cost just $1 a piece. Here are what my party guests buy...

Oscar the Grouch (OTG) - Asks for 10 squares - puts in $10

Miley Cyrus (MC) - Asks for 5 squares - puts in $5 (cheap ass)

Peter Griffin (PG)-Asks for 10 squares and a Pawtucket Patriot- puts in $10 but no money for the beer

General Neyland (GN)- asks for 5 squares - but just gives me a high 5. So, I go ahead and cover his $5

You know I wouldn't skip a gambling opportunity. Sarah buys 10 squares - $10 (SRW)

Terrell Owens (TO) - tries to buy just 5 squares, I tell him if he buys more I'll be his Facebook friend, so he buys 20 - $20 (He ended up having to take out a loan for the $20)

Buggs Bunny (BB) - comes in and scoops up the rest ($40)

With $100 in the pot. We will have 4 winners, each winner gets $25! Our board now looks like this...

Our next step is to randomly list our numbers across the top and down the side. 

We sit down and start shoveling cheese dip and popchips into our belly, while watching the game.

The first quarter ends, and the score is Rams 7 - Patriots 3. Find 7 on Rams' side, and 3 on Patriots' side, then you find your winner!

And Buggs is your first quarter winner! Yay Buggs, get it! Any questions??! I'm here to help! 

*Warning* Always play with ice cold (Miller light) beer! And of course drink responsibly and junk.  

Thank you to popchips for sponsoring this post, and to all of the brands the support Venus Trapped in Mars! All thoughts and opinions are my own!