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22 June 2017

On Trying to Change Your Spots

This may sound dumb but I feel like I can treat VTIM like this secret diary that no one from my Dallas Love List world knows about. I feel like I can go to Dallas Love List events, pretend to act like I know what I'm doing, but then come over here and tell you what really went through my mind.

I love DLL, but it is a TOTALLY DIFFERENT WORLD from lifestyle blogging. First of all there are two types of people in the world of foodie/local instagramming. Well, I take that back, let's say three types of people, if you include myself.

Type of Person #1- The Foodie  
These are my favorite people. These are the bloggers/instagrammers who have a love for the ingredients, flavors, spices and the art of cooking. These are the people who can swirl a wine, sniff and remark with, "Ohhhh, this juniper is tickling my 8th ventricle tastebud
Or, you know, something along those lines.

Alternatively, here's me:  

The foodies are the people I gravitate to. Although I don't know nearly as much as they do, I love learning from them. They always have something fascinating to add to the dinner conversation and I consider them to be goals.

They are in it for the love of the food, not for the free stuff.

Type of Person #2- The Socialite   
This is absolutely NOT me. I did not get into this gig to be a Dallas socialite. This person is all about associating themselves with the most popular, fashionable and chicest people in Dallas. Although the events I attend are generally saturated with this type of blogger/instagrammer, I haven't met them yet. Not really my speed, but they are always dressed impeccably and they intimidate the crap out of me. I'm way too shy to ever fall into this category.

Plus, I thoroughly enjoy standing in the corner with CB and I'm totally ok with this.

Type of Person #3- The Instagram Lover 
***note, this is me.  
I love running my Dallas Love List instagram account and I don't care who knows it. I love taking pictures, I love editing the pics, I love interacting with people on insta, I love having events to share. I REALLY love it when someone tags a friend and says, "You should follow this account." It makes me totally giddy.

This person (me) is more concerned with getting great, bright, colorful photos more than anything else.

I personally aspire to be the foodie, but as of last night's event I'm reminded that I'm just not there yet.

Last night I went to an amazing event at a place called Saint Ann's. They were previewing their new wine flights, and they had a sommelier there to answer our questions. I of course had no questions - because, "THIS IS A WHITE."

When I go to wine events, I generally rotate the same adjectives and phrases: delicious, ohh tasty, oh wow that's good. Sometimes, I bust out the word CRISP, but I try to only reserve that big word for special occasions --- aka, when I think the wine is very cold.

(side note to foodie friends I've met along the way: I'm confident you're dying right now. I imagine there have been a few "bless her heart"s that have run through your mind.)

Well, last night I did my best impression of pretending to be in the foodie category. We were trying the last of the three wines. This one was a petite sirah - aka, code for, mmm, that's tasty. They were passing around hors d'oeuvres - one of which was a melon wrapped in prosciutto.  I tried to bust out a foodie phrase and said, "Oh wow, be sure to try the prosciutto then take a sip of the wine. It is clear they go together, the flavor palette of the grape totally shines through when paired with the prosciutto." 


Do you ever have a simple task that everyone else does well but you just do awkwardly so you know to avoid it. For me, that's giving the middle finger. I cannot give the middle finger, it is the most awkward feeling in the world for me and I just look and feel so dumb when I do it. Some people look really cool giving the middle finger - I look like I confused my pointer finger with a different digit.

That's how I felt after talking about the damn prosciutto and grape flavor palette crap. WTF SARAH!?!?!?!?!?! SO AWK.

STOP TALKING, take the damn photo of you holding your drink in the air and just be quiet when the adults are wine tasting. 

So, the moral of the story is that you shouldn't try to spread your wings and become a Hufflepuff if the sorting hat places you in Slytherin.

20 June 2017

Terrified of Happiness

photo cred by my bestie Magen  

I've written multiple posts about having this crazy feeling that I can't embrace. It's the being "terrified of happiness feeling" or better known as that moment in SATC when Charlotte finds out she's finally pregnant.

Why do we women want to sabotage ourselves when we are happy??

I'm terrified to talk about how happy I am, because I somehow feel like I will jinx myself and the flood gates of bad news bears will unleash their wrath.


Then my anxiety kicks in and starts flooding my head with the most terrifying what ifs. What if something happened to CB? is generally the first what if that starts. I then get petrified that something will happen and start stressing myself out to the point of being unable to sleep at night worried about losing my best friend.



Does anyone else do this. I've had some really great news at both work and here on VTIM/Dallas Love List and yet, I'm too scared to get excited because I find something to worry about with it. A lot of times, when someone emails me for a collaboration that sounds too good to be true I just assume I'm being catfished and I'll never see the money.

Which again, is INSANE.Why can't I just be happy when there is cause for happiness. I'm engaged to my favorite person in the whole world - what could be better than that? Why am I so scared that something bad is going to happen?

Does anyone else tip toe around their happiness terrified that if you make too much noise, the bad will be awakened?