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27 April 2017

The Girls' Guide to the 2017 NFL Draft

Official guest NFL Draft 2017 analyst for the Cowboys πŸ˜‚ 
These pictures make me laugh.  

Although the NFL draft is no Super Bowl and it certainly isn't as exciting as the first game of the season when your hopes are high and your dreams haven't been crushed yet (oh hey, Tennessee, how ya doin?!), it is still pretty special. 

As a Tennessee fan, it is hands down the most excited I've been for the draft in many years. Several of my boys are up for grabs and could go round one. I've had some cash burning a hole in my pocket to the NFL Shop for quite some time, but I've been waiting to see if the Cowboys take one of my players. 

I'll lose it. Those of you reading out in Cali will hear my squeals all the way from Texas. 

As much as it pains me, the vast majority of you guys reading do not specifically care about former Tennessee players, so I'll spare you all of those details. 

I will though, bring you, the 5 Things You Need to Know Before you watch the NFL DRAFT.

The First Thing You Need to Know
--- theDETAILS ---

Location: Philadelphia 
(Does anyone else sound out Philadelphia like the kid from Big Daddy - Philly-del-phia - just me?)
Time: 8pm EST
Network: ESPN and NFL Network. 
Stream Online: HERE

Another really cool thing is that they've built a TEMPORARY theatre by the Art Museum (aka Rocky's) steps. Take a look at it here, it is insane.

The Second Thing You Need to Know
--- theDRUGS ---

You're going to be hearing a lot about the drug tests from some of the biggest names in the draft. Reuben Foster from Alabama and Jabrill Peppers from Michigan both tested positive for diluted urine sample.

I PERSONALLY want to note that this does not mean that they straight up tested positive. It means that the urine was diluted and they were unable to get a reading. To the NFL, a diluted sample equals positive. 

I had to drug test for my current job before I started. I was obviously clean, but at the time I was tested I had a UTI. If you've ever had a UTI, you know that you CHUG water like you've been living in the Serengeti for a decade. Well, my sample was diluted and I had to test again. I was mortified when my boss told me it came back diluted and I needed to test again, but I also had a doctors note, an antibiotic and instructions to hydrate. 

Do I think that either of them had a UTI. LOLS, no. But just thought I'd clear the "diluted positive test" up for ya. There's a good chance both of them will drop way down in the draft because of this. 

The Third Thing You Need to Know

No one learns. Why does no one learn? 

Joe Mixon from Oklahoma will be a total wild card. The majority of teams have removed him from their draft board due to a domestic violence altercation that was all on video in 2014. The video is on the internet if you want to find it, I won't be including it here. Mixon punched a girl so hard that it knocked her off her feet, and she fell and hit her head on a table. She was in surgery for 8 hours having 4 fractures repaired in her face.  

I really don't want to get into all of the details, but there is more than just Mixon on the draft board tonight that has been accused of domestic violence or rape. 

The Fourth Thing You Need to Know
--- theBEST ---

It is almost certain that the Cleveland Browns will take Myles Garret a defensive end from Texas A&M. After that, although everyone has an opinion, no one has any real clue what is going down.

Need a refresher on what a defensive end does on the field?
Check out this post: What Is Your Favorite Defender's Role on the Football Field.

 The Fifth Thing You Need to Know
---followTWITTER ---

This is bad, but I just don't check twitter very often anymore. Certainly not as much as I used to. When it comes to the NFL Draft though, Twitter is king. 

Here are some accounts I recommend you follow for hilarious, up to the minute tweets on the 2017 NFL Draft...

I'll be multi tasking tonight (headed to New Orleans tomorrow, whoop!) but I'll most certainly be on twitter as much as I can be throughout the draft! Every year, we've done an NFL Draft twitter party, and this year is no different! 

Let's link up our tweets during the draft. 
Use hashtag: #GirlsGoneDraft

Raise your hand if you're excited

25 April 2017

Date Night Ideas For When You're Trying to Save Money

I'm sure you've picked up on this (ahem - Drink on Fleek) but I LOVE making cocktails. CB and I have been trying to save money - you know, that whole wedding thing we gotta do - so we're always on the lookout for something inexpensive we can do together at home for date night. When I found out there was a date night idea that would allow me to share my love of cocktail making and hanging out with CB, I was pumped. 

When we eat out for date night, we always end up spending upwards of $75 after drinks and tip. We needed something cheaper, but still just as fun. Enter: Datebox! You guys are going to totally dig this.

Datebox sends you a package each month, full of everything you will need for a festive themed date night! For example, our cocktail kit had a jigger, shaker, strainer, stirring spoon, bottle opener and complete recipes for both cocktails and mocktails. Plus, it had all of the instructions to learning a new game (cribbage) and coasters that doubled as conversation starters! 

Themes could include a sushi rolling class, paint and cake pop kit, indoor camping or a coffee roasting kit. A new Datebox, with a totally new theme, arrives on your doorstep each month. 

They seriously thought of everything you'll need. I mean, it comes with a Spotify playlist specifically designed for each individual Datebox. Tell me that isn't adorable?

I connected my phone into our bluetooth speaker and cranked up the curated Spoitfy playlist. We prepped for our cocktail and laughed at each other's answers as we asked the "get to know you" questions. I mean, we've been together for almost 3 years, but it's still fun to ask each other random questions we never knew!

You know, had I asked more random questions in the early stages of our relationship, perhaps bagel-gate might not have been so traumatic for me.

So what are we waiting for here, let's bust out the cocktails.
I made the blueberry mojito recipe that was included in the kit.
Yes, it tasted as good as it looks!

Staying in doesn't have to be boring, and you certainly don't have to limit yourself to Netflix and Chill. Check out a Datebox subscription instead! It is just the cutest thing and you and your S.O. will have a blast learning something new together.


I definitely want to try their sushi making class next! 
What do you guys like to do for date night? Do you ever make cocktails together? Or even better, make sushi together?? 

MMMM, sushi 🀀