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24 October 2016

PSHT - Downtime is Overrated

CB and I had an "off weekend" this weekend, meaning - we have a crap load of trips this fall and we didn't have anywhere to go this weekend. We dreamily talked all week about laying around all weekend, cleaning the house, snuggling, enjoying each other's company, taking the dogs on long walks on the beach and eating pizza delivery more than one time over the course of the two day weekend. 

While we did have Pizza Hut (only once) WE DID ALL OF THE THINGS AND DIDN'T REST FOR ONE SECOND. Sigh. For the record, I'm not complaining. Might be tired, but it was worth it. The whirlwind, event filled weekend started on Wednesday when we met the girls (when I say girls I mean our friends Larissa and Heather who live just down the street from us) for a State Fair run. 

Yes, I already posted fair photos, but you'll just have to suffer some more. 

Here I am with Big Tex in my cup. 

Here I am giving Big Tex some of my beer  

Here I am eating a fried red velvet cupcake 

Here I am eating a Mama's Stuffed wing. 

Then on Thursday night, we went to a Hoedown. Full details on said hoedown over on Dallas Love List's fancy new blog. I wore the cutest little off the shoulder dress... WHICH IS CURRENTLY ON SALE FOR $20.98. I paid more than that, yes I'm a little peeved.

Friday we had every intention of staying in and keeping it low key, but then I saw our neighborhood was having a fall block walk. I also saw a few of my favorite words - free food and free drinks - all lined up next to each other and decided it was a good idea that we go. I am SOOOO glad we did, it ended up being the best time.

I also landed some new sunnies that I got a smoking hot deal on. These sunnies are Krewe, a New Orleans based brand which my girlfriends introduced me to on our trip back in March. I still am not sure why this store was selling Krewe, or why they were so cheap, but I bought them and ran out the door as fast as I could before they had the chance to change their mind on the price.

Here are the sunnies on their website. I paid absolutely nowhere near that price. Sarah- 1, Sunglass Gods- 0.

Saturday morning we decided to go to the fair ----------- AGAIN! 

If you haven't done the math - carry the 7, subtract the 2, divide by 38 - that makes THREEEEEE times at the fair for me. Because, you know, who even really WANTS to be skinny? I only ate stuffed olives though this time, aren't you proud of me? 

On Saturday we went to Park and Palate at Klyde Warren Park. I'm only being slightly dramatic when I scream --- THIS IS THE BEST EVENT I'VE EVER BEEN TO!! The most incredible food, first class vino, rosé to die for and every kind of liquor you could ever need to boot. I'll be doing a full recap on Dallas Love List -- if you're interested -- but here are a few of my favorite snapshots from the event. 

Macaron cupcakes from Bisous Bisous Patisserie 

A little Rosé All Day action 

Streamers from I'm assuming The Color Condition. I pretty much go giddy for everything they touch.

I have sooo many more photos, but I'll save those for the post that goes live on Dallas Love List

I ended the weekend with a runway show for Toni&Guy. I've gotten my hair cut by Sharayah at the Northpark location since I moved to Dallas 4 years ago, and she invited me along as her guest. If you live in the Dallas area, I absolutely swear by Sharayah for cut and Ethan for color. They are both in Northpark, work as a great team and are very reasonably priced. I mean, I trusted them to take me red and they didn't let me down. Highly recommend! I'll be sure to post an event recap on Dallas Love List too! 

Is anyone else exhausted just from reading this. 
I am NOT DOING ANYTHING TONIGHT, so no one even think about asking me. 

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20 October 2016

A Blogger and Her Posse || A Pizza Hut Challenge

The most flattering thing ever is when you guys send me links or funny images of things that made you think of me. These links are always related to one of the following: pizza, sports. It is flattering to me because I'm so so SO touched that when you see a Pizza related meme, your first thought is, "SARAH WOULD LOVE THIS." That touches my heart and soul in ways you will never understand. 

With the amount of pizza related memes and stories you guys tag me in, it should really come as no surprise that my friend Heather immediately thought of yours truly upon hearing about this new Pizza Hut opportunity. Pizza Hut (as you know, Pizza Hut is my favorite pizza) is calling for the ultimate sports fan to attend unlimited NCAA Championships in an official Pizza Hut social media capacity. 


I'll of course have to save up my vacation time at work but these are all details that we can work out at a later date. In the meantime, I'm on a mission to stand out for this opportunity. The position centers around being effective online. 

There is no more effective online team than a blogger and her posse. 

So, I NEED YOUR HELP. I've included my answers to Pizza Hut's questions below. They are pretty good, you should read them. Then, I need a favor from you guys...

I need you (pretty please with pepperonis on top) to TWEET PIZZA HUT,  let them know I'm THE GIRL for this position and link to this blog post. 

Just click to tweet:
You guys read here every day, I don't need to explain how perfect this position is for me to you.
Pizza Hut + Sports + Social Media = Sarah Webb. 

So, here is why Pizza Hut should pick me....... 

Why are you interested in the Pizza Hut All-American opportunity?

My Instagram bio reads as follows: Insta life with my boyfriend, Pete! Well, it's actually Pete Za. Ok, my boyfriend is Pizza🍕 and this is our journey in Dallas.

I have been a sports and lifestyle blogger based in Dallas for the past 3 years, and have embraced my love affair for exactly two things: pizza and sports.

1. You are looking for someone social media savvy: I started a local instagram account (@dallaslovelist) just 4 months ago and I've already amassed over 5,300 followers.

2. You are looking for a sports nut: I firmly believe that my sports knowledge and competitive passion for every game from football to monopoly has help me achieve the career success I've built since college. (That was really just an excuse to bring up college and my alma matter, The University of Tennessee #GBO!)

3. You are looking for an established online expert: Since starting my blog (Venus Trapped in Mars) 3 years ago I've collaborated with some of the biggest sports brands and names in the country: Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, Kentucky Derby, Texas Motor Speedway, Fanatics and NFL Fan Style. Check out my media kit, filled with even more social stats and details - here

4. Ask any one of my readers what my favorite pizza is and they will tell you without hesitation: Pizza Hut Thin Crust Extra Cheese Extra Sauce.

What’s your favorite Pizza Hut pizza? Describe it in delicious, mouth-watering detail.

I love pizza, I love it so much, but I DO have a favorite kind of pizza and in my 29 years on this planet no pizza has ever compared. I've had pizza in Chicago, I've had pizza in New York. I've had pizza for breakfast and pizza late at night after the bars have long closed down. I've had paper thin crust, I've had the deepest of dishes. I've had gourmet pizza that costs as much as a bottle of Patron for a single slice, and I've had 3 for 1 pizza out of the 7/11 spinning heater that sits next to the cash register.

None compare. I'm a self-professed pizza addict, I desperately want to love some really hipster pizza place, or only eat pizza that is shipped directly to me by carrier pigeon right from the streets of NYC. But those are NOT my favorite.

Every pizza is a very good pizza. It's a known fact that there is no such thing as bad pizza.

But to this day, only one kind of pizza is my favorite.

Only one kind of pizza never lets me down.

Only one pizza is the best pizza I've ever had.

Doorbell ringing, dogs going bonkers, $12 cash handed over, brown box, red logo, paper plate, paper towel, Pizza Hut Cheese Pizza Thin Crust Extra Sauce Extra Cheese.

What was the last NCAA event you attended or watched? Who won?

This is kind of an unfair answer to everyone else applying....
But I just exited the most beautiful, intoxicating, heavenly, dreamy stadium on earth - Neyland Stadium in Knoxville, Tennessee.

My Tennessee Vols, or "Cardiac Kids" as all of us now high-blood pressured Vol fans so fondly call them (did you see that hail mary??) played the University of Alabama.

We lost. By a point or two or thirty nine. Still won't waiver my spirits or my cheers.

What is your favorite sports movie?

Remember the Titans.

Write a suggested social media post (any channel) for Pizza Hut.

I like to yell to an empty apartment "Pizza Is Here" because you never want your bestie (the Pizza Hut delivery guy) to think you're just sitting around alone, waiting on his arrival. #playhardtoget #pizzaisBAE #PizzaParty #ForOne

What would your first social media post be as the Pizza Hut All-American?

You know when people post photos of snow angels? I'd do a photo of me and my favorite mascots, on the court, making pizza angels out of dozens and dozens of boxes of pizza hut with the biggest grin on our faces.

Which 3 NCAA championships are you most interested in attending?

Women's Basketball
Men's Basketball

Who are your 5 must-follow accounts on social media?
Bleacher Report (Facebook is my preference)
@mikeandmike (Twitter is my preference)
@BigHeadSports (Twitter - formerly @Peytonshead, I miss those days)

Describe your favorite Pizza Hut memory or moment.

I peaked at age 8 when I had my birthday party (COMPLETE WITH BUFFET) at our local Pizza Hut. We all had our Pizza Hut Book It! Buttons (remember those?!) and we really knew how to turn it up at the hut. I turn 30 this year and I have not ruled out another Pizza Hut Party.

What was the last song you sang while sitting alone in your car?

Wipe Me Down - Lil Boosie

If you could invite 3 other people to dinner (dead or alive), who would you invite? (While eating Pizza Hut of course.)

Pat Summitt
My Dad (incredible basketball player, passed away when I was 19)
Icebox from Little Giants

If you were given $10,000 to activate at the NCAA Women’s Bowling Championship, what would you do to drive attention and awareness?

I would use the money to invite instagrammers with a high reach (150k+ AND high interaction at least 3k+ likes per photo) out to a kickoff event. I'd send them each the jersey of a specific women's bowler, and a ticket in that bowler's section and on that bowler's team. 

I'd take a page from Texas A&M and host a "cheer practice" the night before the Championship. Teams could meet one another, develop cheers and prepare for the big day the next day. There would be prizes for best team cheer, best team style and best team signs -- think College Gameday. 

Those influencers would of course be required to post to their hundreds of thousands of followers, showing them "OMGGGG HOW AMAZING the NCAA Women's Bowling Championship" is! Followers would then automatically have a bowler to watch and follow -- whoever their favorite instagrammer was rooting for -- and voila, something invested in the Championships.

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18 October 2016

The Dark Side of Dallas

You know in the cartoons when the character gets so mad that their head turns blood red and then just pops off and explodes like a balloon, or steam streams out of their ears? As of late, maybe the last year or so, that has been me. Every little thing makes me so angry and I'm not sure where all of this is coming from. I'm either just a total grouch or a total bitch, and these feelings will blindside me like a ton of bricks.

It is odd, I've never had any kind of anger management problems before. People don't make me mad, I don't usually care about most things that anger most people. Lately though, lately I've just been losing my cool. 

Recently, I had a revelation as to where all of this has stemmed from. 

As boring as this is talking about traffic patterns, I'm going to do it anyway.......

There is this lane in our neighborhood that is more than wide enough for a car to drive down, but technically it is not a through turning lane. EVERYONE attempting to get on the highway though, uses it as a turning lane during rush hour. 

In fact, it is so widely used as a turning lane that if I DID NOT use it, I would probably get hit trying to merge over last minute. So down that lane I go this morning and this mini cooper darts halfway in my lane and stops. I slam on my breaks. Thinking they didn't see me, I simply pause to let them get on over. 

Mini cooper then gets back in her lane. 

Umm... ok. I attempt to go down the lane to the highway again. 

Mini cooper does it again, blocking me and everyone behind from traveling down the lane. It then occurs to me, this girl is doing this for sport. She is keeping me from traveling down this lane because she has nothing better to do with her time. 

Cars behind me start laying on the horn because NOW I AM THE BAD GUY blocking traffic. Much to CB's dismay (we carpool, thank god), I take the tiny sliver of lane left and squeeze by her. 

I look over and she is giving me the middle finger. Now, everyone has a line that they'll draw, something that they'll never do, a cuss word they'll never say. Mine is giving someone the middle finger. I would never do that, mostly because I am fond of not getting shot by another driver. 

Well she made me so mad that I gave her the middle finger back and it was that very moment I realized where my new found anger problems are coming from. 

This mini cooper.  This mini cooper metaphor for Dallas traffic. 

Dallas traffic changes a person, it hardens them. It gives you turrets. It puts you in such a horrific mood that you're unable to shake it for the rest of the day.

What causes someone to be so angry and aggressive that you need to block people going down a turning lane that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the direction you're going? 

If you think I'm making a big joke with this post, I'm not. I'm honestly worried that this anger that I build up every morning after facing both aggressive and non-aggressive drivers alike, is changing me for the worse. 

Similar to allergies, I never had road rage before arriving in Dallas. I'm sure October is too early to make New Year's Resolutions, but let this be the day that I admit I have an anger problem and I'm going to change. 

Maybe I leave for work earlier. Maybe I start listening to soothing jazz rather than Ludacris Move Bitch Get Out the Way. Maybe I keep a paper bag in the car and breathe slowly in and out of it whenever a Mini Cooper blocks a lane that has nothing to do with her.

I'm not sure yet, but I'll have you know that I sure as heck am going to be working on this. If you have any tips (again, I'm really not joking here) on working through anger management, I'm all ears! 
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13 October 2016

The Best Jeans for a Big Booty

Mostly because of one of my best friends and Amy Schumer's book I'm starting to reconsider the term medium - sizes 8-12. I've been working on a post digging deeper into that thought process, but I'm not quite done with it yet. I'm not sure if I'm digging or hating putting a label like medium on my size. More on that at a later date. 

What I do still want to do is fashion posts for sizes 8-12. Is my style groundbreaking? No. Will I ever be invited to NYFW? No. What I can say for myself though is that I feel like I know how to dress my body type, and the inspiration behind these posts will be just that, flattering your figure.

My figure happens to have a big butt, big thighs but a small waist. For as long as I continue clothing posts (I feel weird saying fashion posts, I'm not sure why) you'll notice a ton of fit and flare dresses and tunic length shirts. They suit me well and if it ain't broke, don't fix it! 

Speaking of tunic, how about an olive sleeveless tunic for today's post? 

As soon as you're done with this post you better go play the lottery or at the very least, the ring toss down at the Texas State Fair Midway.

Like the last clothing post I hope you enjoy multiple backdrops. 

Oh, and my camera didn't want to play nice this day, let's just go with it, shall we? 
Ok, I'll stop with the blurry photo excuses now.... 

I found these jeans on my lunch break and they are perfect if you have a big butt like I do. When I buy jeans, if they fit my butt, they'll gape open at the waist. These jeans fit perfectly around the waist, hips and butt. I think I'm going to go back and grab them in a lighter color too. 

So, for all my big booty beaches, buy these, they're a great, classic jean for fall.

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