I Bet You.... Week 12 NFL Matchup Free Printable + Black (out) Friday Drinking Game

If you've been following along, you will know that my mascot picks sucked. Using actual sports knowledge to make picks sucked. So basically I've come to the conclusion that successfully betting on sports is just nothing but stupid blind luck. So naturally I'm excited to do it again this week and I'm hoping you guys will join me. 

:::Week 12 Matchups::: 

Download FREE week 12 printable betting sheet HERE (sized for 8.5 x 11)

Chalupa Batman and I bet on sports all the time. It makes games that you might not have had a vested interest in, so much more fun to watch. Our wagers are never monetary, so if you want to do this with your man too, you gotta put your thinking cap on and get creative. 

(I feel like I need to periodically explain who Chalupa Batman is and why I call him that so if you are constantly confused when I say "CB" go here.) 

For the record, my proudest bet won to date was when CB had to wear a Tennessee shirt to the Oklahoma vs Tennessee football game back in September. Just take a look at how good he looked that day rooting for Tennessee rather than that other team that likes to call themselves UT too. 

Shirt can be found here

So yeah, betting with your boyfriend is fun. This week, we placed bets on week 12, minus last night's game.
The Terms

If I win... he has to take me on a Christmas light adventure. Said adventure can include one location with a bunch of lights and a picnic. Or it can include a night in the car with hot chocolates and many different stops at houses or venues with pretty twinkling lights that will dazzle my eyeballs. #sobasic #dontcarethough

If CB wins... I have to go fly fishing and camping in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. In the winter. In the cold. 

For those wondering, I'm not an outdoorsy kind of girl. Let's not get sporty and outdoorsy mixed up here. I'm like that Pinterest quote you've probably seen...
So I would prefer to go ahead and win this. And so we are clear, here are our picks for Week 12. 

Tweet at me if you decide to give the betting thing a try this week. I really want to know what your wagers are, so that I can potentially steal them for my own personal use on future bets with CB! 

Before I sign off for the day, I've got my girl Shane from Whispering Sweet Nothings here with a Black (out) Friday drinking game. I'll admit it, I've never been much of a black Friday participant. But heck, with this drinking game in tow, I might just be game for a boozy 5am stroll around Target!

It seems counter intuitive how we spend Thanksgiving gathered around loved ones to talk about all the things we are thankful for, only for all the gratitude and pleasantries to fly out the window 12 hours later to make way for some crazed day of shopping.

My advice for you? Instead of going to an insanely crowded mall at 5am sober, it’s so much better to do so with a little buzz to make fun of the crazies. Bonus: You’ll end up saving $$!

Feel free to start this game promptly at 6pm on Thanksgiving, as we all know that’s when the games begin these days.

Supplies: Some type of seasonal beer or better yet, Rumple Minze or Fireball if you’re feeling festive.

Number of Players: In the spirit of the holidays, the more the merrier!

Objective: Drink so much you forget all the calories you ate today.

The Rules:

Take a shot every time:

1. You enter a store
2. You catch a shopper with a red Starbucks cup attempting to caffeinate
3. You see a man begrudgingly carrying his S/O’s purse

Shotgun a beer every time:

1. Two women fight over the last item on a shelf.
2. You spot a screaming child left alone in a cart.
3. And another when the parents return and scream back at the kid like it’s their fault they are terrible parents.
4. You overhear someone in line bragging about how early they woke up this morning.
5. You witness a brawl in the parking lot.

Chug an entire bottle of wine every time:

1. Your mother-in-law calls you to come home and join the family

Game Over: You’re too sloshed to be seen shopping anymore, so head back to your family. Or on Cyber Monday, whichever comes last.


Keep some love in your heart, folks. It’ll remain long after
the sales have ended.

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Cake Batter Confetti Popcorn Recipe

Yeah. How about all that in your eyeballs this Thursday morning? 

This weekend, CB is having a friendsgiving at his house. It is of course a potluck and I was assigned rolls and non-alcoholic drinks... or what I like to call at an event like this, mixers. I wanted to bring something else, because I didn't exactly feel like a couple cans of pillsbury crescent rolls and some diet coke was my fair share. 

So I whipped up this mouth watering beauty above! I mayyyyyy have done a quick taste test and holy moly is it good. While I'm not the biggest chocolate lover (gasp I know) I'm a sucker for anything with a vanilla or cake batter taste to it. Add a crunch and some salty goodness and I'll be putty in your hands! 

Plus, it took about 10 minutes to make and just a handful of ingredients. If I say it is easy, it is easy. 

Cake Batter Confetti Popcorn Recipe
Recipe from Erica's Sweet Tooth

::: 2 Bags of 94% Fat Free Popcorn 
(not quite as buttery as regular, and not as sweet as kettle corn would be) 
::: 1-1/2 Cups of White Chocolate Chips 
::: 1/4 cup of Vegetable Oil
::: 1-1/2 cups white cake mix
::: 1/3 cup rainbow sprinkles

::: Pop both bags of popcorn. Open the bags just enough for the unpopped kernels to fall through the opening, and shake out all unpopped kernels. 
::: In a medium microwave safe bowl, melt the white chocolate chips in the microwave in 30 second increments. Stirring in between until chips are fully melted. I believe I went a total of 3 minutes after all was said and done. 
::: Stir in your vegetable oil. Once those two ingredients are smooth, add your cake mix. Stir until all three are fully combined and mixture is thick but smooth. 
::: Slowly pour the batter over your popcorn, along with half of your rainbow sprinkles. Gently toss the popcorn with your hands as you go. 
::: Spread your popcorn out on a sheet of wax paper. Toss the remainder (or even more because YOLO) of your sprinkles all over the popcorn. 
::: Put popcorn in the fridge for about 5 minutes to harden. 

Then eat that beautiful, confetti goodness. May I be so bold as to recommend eating this for dessert while you're watching the Cowboys play the *cough* the eagles *cough*. Sorry, I didn't want that team's name on my blog without hacking sounds added. 

Oh, and it tastes even better if you wear a shirt like this while you're eating it...

Really I just wanted to show off my new gem of a shirt I found the other day.

How About One More Sappy Story About Cooking?


I don't often whoa myself, but whoa Sarah. Get down wit yo bad self! Yup, thank you for asking, I cooked all of those. 
I'm full of stories lately it seems, like the pool toy story. Perhaps it is the time of year, with Christmas and my birthday coming up and all, but here is one more story. 

In my early years of growing up, my mom was the chef of our household. My mom was the bomb. She worked full time, cooked, cleaned, was the best cheerleader ever and never missed a single game of mine, ever. My mom did it all, had it all, was it all.... and I don't feel for one second like she wasn't there for me at anytime I needed her. 
My mom was able to do it all because she had my dad (and vice versa, of course). Teamwork people, teamwork. 

Any who back to the point here... My dad retired when I started 6th grade, so he took over the cooking duties. He had no idea how to cook, he had never cooked a day in his life. He used to get all of the recipes from his homeboy the food network, and take notes during the shows. He would plan his dinner all day long, writing down every ingredient and visiting the grocery store every day. There was no weekly meal planning for him, it was one meal at a time. One grocery store trip per day. 

He would spend hours, take forever and leave my mom and me starving. Dinner finally would hit the table, hours later, and it was delicious. But we never had to tell him that because he would spend the evening exclaiming, "Man Annie (that's my mom) I really outdid myself on this one, I really outdid myself!" He broke his hand once and even dislocated his shoulder a few times from patting himself on the back so hard. 
Now I'm cooking regularly for the first time time in 27 years. I scroll Pinterest all day long, pinning everything that looks doable, taking notes and making lists. I write down each ingredient I need for the recipe of the night, then hit up Kroger just to get the things I need for that night's meal. There is no weekly meal planning for me, it is one meal at a time.  One grocery store trip per day. 

I feel so bad because I'm so slow. I spend hours and take forever and usually leave CB starving. I've got to read my notes, go back and find that recipe I pinned and follow it step-by-step, ounce-by-ounce, tsp-by-tsp! Dinner usually hits the table hours later and I spend the whole night telling CB, "Daaaaaaaang bro, I really outdid myself on this one. I really outdid myself. You. Are. Welcome." 
I even dislocated my shoulder the other day patting myself on the back... 


Things to do in Dallas, Texas :: The Guide to Deep Ellum

Today I thought I'd talk about some things you must do if you visit or live in Dallas, and that is to adventure over to the place I'm proud to call my hood: Deep Ellum. Things to Do In Dallas Texas // A Guide of things to do in Deep Ellum!
Fact: I live in the best neighborhood in Dallas... Deep Ellum.

Why I don't live somewhere other than Deep Ellum: Uptown is too expensive. Way too expensive. And the vibe is very You Can't Sit with Us. Which is fine, I'd rather sit amidst the graffiti in Deep Ellum any day. Other neighborhoods like Addison and Knox/Henderson I totally dig visiting for the night, but still don't have the bang for your buck Deep Ellum packs. 

Why I live in Deep Ellum: Because the image below shows my view from my living room, kitchen and bedroom. Plus it is a beautiful apartment. My apartment, with that view in uptown would easily be DOUBLE what I pay. Not in Deep Ellum, though! Also, I step outside and have access to some of the areas coolest bars, best restaurants and if I ever wanted a tattoo, well, I could throw a rock and hit 783 tattoo studios. 

I'm a city girl. I'd rather have a skyline view than an ocean view any day. I want to walk to everything. I hate driving, because cocktailing is one of my favorite hobbies! But guess what, all of these places are in walking distance of each other! Therefore, living in Deep Ellum has my heart. 

Things You Must Do :: Eat :: See :: Shop in Deep Ellum:

::: Go Vintage Antiquing at Lula B's

::: Grab some treats for your pup at The Upper Paw

:::Vintage shop at Elluments and ask to check out the vault (pssst... there's vintage Chanel, Valentino, Gucci in there!)

::: Get your photog on! Take pictures with the traveling man and the orange ombre wall on Good-Latimer, or any of the graffiti which is painted in abundance all over the neighborhood bars. 

::: Take a class at Get Reel Goods. They have everything from hard cider making to yoga to guitar lessons! 

::: Put in WORK at The Common Desk which has everything you need to be productive from Wifi, to Whiteboards, to Conference Rooms! Oh and did I mention there is bottomless coffee???

::: Darts at The Elbow Room

::: Shuffleboard at Adairs

::: With the pups at The Bark Park

::: Outdoor billiards on the rooftop pool tables at The Green Room 

::: Volleyball at The Sandbar Cantina and Grill

::: Late Night Pizza at Serious Pizza (see me eat it here)

::: Stand in Line (for hours) at Pecan Lodge ---- It'll be worth it! (see me eat it here)

::: Mac and Cheese Hot Dog at Cold Beer Co. (see me eat it here)

::: Happy Hour Sushi at Deep Sushi (5pm-7pm Mon-Thurs)

::: Dine out on the patio on gourmet pizza at Cane Rosso

::: Late Night Donut at Glazed Donut Works (Fri //Sat: 10:30pm-2am... be ready to stand in line!) 

::: Crawfish boil and Live Music at The Free Man

::: Rooftop Noodles at The Monkey King Noodle Co. (beware, limited hours... see me eat it here)

::: Iced Coffee (watch yoself it is STRONG!) and French Toast at Buzzbrews

::: Burgers + Skyline Views at Stackhouse Burgers

::: Nawlins Creole at The Alligator Cafe 

::: Handcrafted Cocktails at Black Swan (if you can find it, there's no sign!) 

::: Frozen Jack and Coke on a First Date at Twilight Lounge
        (and now you know where CB and I first went out for drinks!) 

::: Give a Secret Password and get an Old Fashioned at Truth and Alibi 

::: Deep Ellum IPA at the Deep Ellum Brewing Company (see me drink it here

::: The World's Biggest Bloody Mary at Anvil Pub (see me drink it here

::: Old Fashioned and Local Beers at Off The Record (see me drink it here

::: At a concert at Trees (see me jamming here

::: To a DJ at Lizard Lounge (see me jamming here with Helene!! The best to jam with IMO!)

::: Dance the night away at Red Light Lounge 

::: At people funnier than you at the Dallas Comedy House

Is there anywhere you've been in Deep Ellum that isn't on this list? 
Leave me a comment so I can go visit, and update the guide as I go!

Want to see more fun things I've done since moving to Dallas - Fort Worth? 
Check out my Dallas Staycation Post for recommendations of things to do all over the Metroplex!