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30 September 2019

The Best Casino to Visit if You Live In Dallas || Grant, Oklahoma

Thank you to Choctaw Casinos for sponsoring this post, all thoughts and opinions are my own

That casino LOVE is in my DNA! Like mother, like daughter. My entire adult life I've loved to play the slot machines but it wasn't until I met Drew that he helped me learn to love (and win!) blackjack and craps. For those of you who live in Dallas, you know we of course do not have casinos in Texas. We do though have a Casino just two and a half hours away in Grant, Oklahoma though. Allow me to introduce you to your favorite Oklahoma Casino, Choctaw Casinos

To get to Grant, you'll just take I30 East toward Paris, Texas. Bonus, you can stop on the way and see the {Texan} Eiffel Tower. We hopped on the road right after work on Friday and were there by 8pm! Plenty of time to have a full night of dinner, table games and a few cold beers! 
They have a few different dining options at Choctaw's Grant location. They have the Firehouse Buffet (duh, you can't have a casino without a buffet option), the River Bar & Grill, the Cove Cafe for pizza and sandwiches and my personal favorite restaurant of all time Chilis! 

They also have a fabulous pool bar, The Cove Bar, which is where we headed RIGHT after arriving! They even have firepits for when it gets a bit chillier in the short winter season. Choctaw Grant's pool is absolutely stunning, a resort pool I wouldn't be surprised to see featured in Travel and Leisure! 

Their cocktail menu has the classics like a margarita and Pina colada, and all of your favorite beers! 

That night after hitting Chilis for dinner we tried our luck at Craps and I was ROLLING HOT!!!!!

One thing I want to note about the Grant location of Choctaw is that the dealers absolutely made the experience something special. Not just one dealer, every single one of them made us laugh, feel comfortable to ask questions and honestly made the experience way more fun. Our favorite was one of the Craps dealers named Tammy. Goodness gracious she was a gem - CHOCTAW - if you're reading this Tammy needs a raise. She was our favorite and just so lovely!

Ok back to me rolling hot. If you've never played Craps, while it is a somewhat complicated game, don't be afraid to try it. I just attempted to type out a bare bones version and then I was just getting too deep and Drew was very adamant I delete it. LOLS! For craps, Choctaw offers 10 times odds up to table max

I want to REMIND YOU that the dealers will help you. If you've never played, please don't be afraid to get in there and give it a go. CRAPS IS THE MOST FUN and you could win big if you or someone at your table go on a heater. 

It's one of those games where if someone wins, the whole table wins. One of those games where you'll hear roars of cheers from across the casino and gives you that pang of jealousy where you wish you're playing.

After a very successful first evening, we went to bed to get some shuteye. The next morning after some coffee at The Cove, we had an early lunch at The River. The River had American classics like mozzarella sticks and nachos.

After the River, we spent the entire afternoon lounging in our own private cabana at their pool. The cabana even had a TV where we could watch LIVE P.D. (someone else please tell me they're obsessed with this show?!)

Recognize a familiar face who joined us?? My girl Susie Drinks - who I went to Tulum with last year.

Post pool, you KNOW what time it was... time for more food and more casino fun. We checked out the buffet that night before some Slot play and BLACKJACK!

Every month they do so many BONUS promotions too, promotions that extend well past simply flipping 21 or punching the slot machine max play button. Participating in promotions are perks of being a Choctaw Rewards Club member! While we were there they gave away $100k over the course of the weekend, just for gambling. You just have to be a Choctaw Rewards Club member and present to win. OH and they gave away lots of other stuff at the table games like a fancy grill and those awesome Choctaw hats shown above.

Since I'm sure this post will circulate on Pinterest, be sure to check HERE for their latest promotions before you go. I'm sure they're running something EPIC.

To book your next casino getaway to GRANT OKLAHOMA - check their room rates here! What's your favorite Casino game??? Let me know in the comments below.

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