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30 April 2013

Best of Blog Land -- All The Details!

Being the uber competitive person I am, I thought it would be fun to host a best of Blog Land awards contest. I love reading blogs, finding new blogs and most importantly, becoming BFFs with other bloggers I meet. I thought this would be a fun way to share the love and feel loved! Oh, and I am quickly realizing I have an obsession with playing games on this blog. I need to be constantly entertained, what can I say?

All award winners will receive a "winner" button to place on their blog, and of course, bragging rights.  Who doesn't want a button on their blog that says, "I'm the best!"? Exactly, everyone wants one. The winner buttons are pictured below, they do not have Venus Trapped in Mars anywhere on the button, in case the winner doesn't follow my blog (GASP!)

Rules: The only rule is that you do not vote for me. I'm going to play referee/score keeper. Have fun. Nominate & vote for your favorites. Nominate & vote for your friends. Nominate & vote for your idols. Grab a "Vote for me" button and CAMPAIGN TO WIN! 

*Button Link / Voting will go live at 7am Central Time on May 1st!*

Campaign to Win It! Grab a Button.

Venus Trapped in Mars

Campaign to Win It! Grab a Button.

Venus Trapped in Mars

Campaign to Win It! Grab a Button

Venus Trapped in Mars

Campaign to Win it! Grab a button.

Venus Trapped in Mars

Campaign to Win It! Grab a Button.

Venus Trapped in Mars

Venus Trapped in Mars

Venus Trapped in Mars

Have a suggestion for a category I left out? Let me know and I will add it. Voting starts tomorrow at 7am Central Time. 

And don't forget to link up with me and Helene on Thursday for your crazy Google Search Words! Details listed here! SO MANY GAMES, I'M IN HEAVEN!!!!! 

Venus Trapped

Summer Jam Series

Let's first talk about Spotify. If you are still using Pandora, well 1999 called and they want their website back. Spotify allows you to grab entire albums and put them in your playlists along with any song that tickles your fancy. It also has the option for radio just like Pandora, if you're into that kind of thing. I personally pay $9.95 a month and I can take my music with me everywhere I go, with or without an internet connection. I have ZERO music in my iTunes. I just use Spotify. 

No Spotify did not pay me to write this post. In case you are wondering, still waiting on that free stuff I talked about here *cough* tickets *cough*. 

I put together some tailgating music if you are grilling out before a baseball game this Summer or need some new tracks for the gym! I have them separated into 4 categories based on personal tastes. Country, Rock, Rap and Pop. 

By the way, when I say workout songs, I mean, WORKOUT songs. It irritates me when I'm looking at playlists deemed "workout" and they have songs like Sheryl Crowe If It Makes You Happy Can't nobody stay motivated to that!!! 


Country // Rock // Rap // Pop

Venus Trapped

29 April 2013

Cool Beans, Yo.

So remember that time I did a post about blog layouts and designing and how easy it is? Oh yeah, so I managed to throw everything out of whack last night trying to update CSS. It is now totally unresponsive. COOL! I have some changes I'm trying to make to the site, so if you come round these parts today or tomorrow, things my look a little cray cray.

So since I actually did stuff this weekend, as opposed to every other weekend where I animorph into a couch, I decided I would do my second link-up, ever, with Sami

So Thursday night (that counts as the weekend right?) I got to meet Helene!! Talk about a match made in heaven! We met for dinner and drinks at a restaurant/bar called Blackfin. We talked and talked and talked for hours. We had so much in common, as I think we both knew we would. Watch out cause this girl is totally going to force ask Helene to go out again sometime sooner rather than later!

I've been lusting after the Drybar curling iron for my entire life. I am not someone that spends $125 on anything other than bar tabs. So when I found this super sleek curling wand at TJ Maxx for $24.99 (retail price marked on the box $150) I snagged it right up. Score! 

I saw this happen at the grocery store. Really person, really? Walk to the other side and put the cart in the opening. You'll make it, I promise. 

I just realized that this post was boring as crap. My weekends suck. I need more blates. Apply online or in person Wednesday from 2pm-4pm at the JCPenny in West Hollywood. 

I'll try and be cooler tomorrow. I won't make any promises though. 

Venus Trapped

27 April 2013

Designing is Easy, I Kid You Font

Ehhh, ok that didn't work.

I have had several people, only my mom, say they love my designs. I just wanted to give you a few quick tips on how to spice up your blog posts. And in true Saturday, no one is out there in blog land, fashion... I'm just talking to my mom. Here is how you can spice up the blog you don't have, Mom! 

1. Size your images.
Find out the total width you have to work with in the body of your blog.
{Layout --> Template Designer --> Adjust Width--->Entire blog pixels minus sidebar pixels --> then take off an additional 200 pixels if a 2 column template}
Or you could always just guess and check. 
I know that my post body can hold 800 pixels, so that is what I size the width of my images to. I use photoshop but a good alternative is Pixlr.

2. Always have a "Post Specific" Image
This way when you Pin It to Pinterest, you won't have to rely on people keeping your  pin description word for word.

Good Pin From Post:
Oh, and while we're at it, follow me on Pinterest and I will follow you back. I think the more people I can follow on Pinterest the better. It provides excellent Graphic Design inspiration.
{although I think you already follow me, don't you Mom?)

Bad Pin From Post:

3. Use Collages. 
I'm sure you guys know this one already. But keep them simple. Here are some of my favorite collage makers on the internet. 



Hi, I'm Sarah and I'm a Fontholic. My friends make fun of me because they say they can instantly recognize something I designed based on the way the fonts are used. Here is my guide to pairing fonts.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13 // 14 // 15

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