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16 April 2013

H is for Hockey!

So I won't even pretend to act like I know everything about sports.
Readers in unison: "But Venus, YES YOU DO!!!"
Ok ok ok, yes you all flatter me, but I really don't know ANYTHING at all about hockey other than I can buy a puck for a buck at the Knoxville Ice Bears game and chuck it into the center of the ice to try and win a prize.

Cue Kailyn who so generously offered to give us the full run down on Hockey!!! 
Pictures + detailed examples = smarter Venus and smarter YOU!


Hello lovely Venus Trapped readers. I'm Kailyn, over at SMALLS. I'd give you the run down on my life, but that's not why I'm here. You see, my boyfriend of 5 years plays hockey. Before I met him, I would go to as many San Diego Gulls games as I could, because my mom's work had season tickets, until they ceased operations and we were left with no semi-pro hockey in San Diego. If you can see where I'm going with this, today, we're going to talk about hockey, which will include some insight on, rules, fighting, what to wear to a game, and game etiquette.

Offside: offensive player is completely over the blue line before the puck crosses.

Icing: a player shoots the puck across at least two red lines, the opposing team's goal line being the last, and the puck remains untouched.

High Sticking: pretty basic, player brings stick above the shoulders or goal crossbar

Hooking: the act of using the stick in a manner that enables a player or goalkeeper to restrain an opponent

Tripping: pretty basic, tripping another player with your stick or skate.

Slashing: offending player swings their hockey stick at an opposing player

Goalie Interference: physically impeding or checking the goalie

Cross CheckHitting an opponent with the stick when it is held with two hands and no part of the stick is on the ice


My favorite parts of the game. Watching a legit hit, is like seeing a home run in baseball, that's how exciting it is, for me at least. But they good thing about hockey, is that hits come along throughout the game. Excitement. All. Game. Long.  If you're really lucky, you'll get maybe 2-3 legit fights a game. Meaning, both players agree to fight. They'll give each other the nod, toss their stick and gloves and just go at it.


Be comfortable, but stylish. I always rock a jersey or tee and I never bring a big purse. It just gets in the way.

Let's face it. If you've ever been to a professional sporting event, you hear a lot of people yelling at the players/game/refs, but half these people have no idea what they are talking about. Let's go through some etiquette rules.

ONE // do not start yelling at the players to shoot the puck when there is no open shot. That's just straight up retarded and you don't know what your talking about.

TWO // don't try to explain to your neighbors what a penalty is, if you don't know the definition yourself. You just sound dumb.

THREE // don't get up 3 or 4 times a period for bathroom/beer/food run. It's annoying to those that sit around you. If you absolutely have to get up, do it all at once.

FOUR // do not talk shit to away fans. It's rude and childish. Yippee your team won, don't go around rubbing it in their faces, chances are, you'll get punch. Hockey fans are not afraid to fight. Also, if your team lost, don't go shouting to the winning teams fans that their team still sucks, you'll get another punch in the face.

FIVE // as with any sport..DON'T BE A BANDWAGON FAN! Nobody likes a bandwagon fan.

SIX // enjoy the game. [I honestly can't think of any thing else to put]


So whatcha think, kids?? You get hockey a bit more now?

Venus Trapped


  1. When I was in New York last January my boyfriend and I went to see the Rangers vs the penguins. it was honestly the strangest sport we have ever watched lol every 5 minutes the game stopped and something else was happening on the ice. we never really knew tbh what the heck was going on, but it was awesome!! There was a huge fight to that was very amusing lol the referees just stood and watched!! hehe the UK dont let things like that happen. Thank you for the learning curve i think if i went again i would understand it more lol.

    Loving the blog chick :)

    Jen xxx

  2. I've recently gotten into Hockey, and it's AWESOME! as much as I love football, baseball, volleyball, basketball, I have to say that hockey is one of the best sports there is. The games are so much more intense than any other sport- football included. I absolutely love it, and this post was spot on!! Go Flyers, Go Blue Jackets, and Go Monsters!!

  3. I LOVE ME SOME HOCKEY!!!! It's my favorite sport, hands down. Even though this season was a half season because of the lockout, I've still gone to like 7 games haha. And I'm going to the last game of the season. I could talk hockey all day :)

  4. One point to add - if you're new to hockey, DO NOT watch it on TV. I live in Minnesota and have been a fan of the sport (and a player/coach) for almost my whole time on the planet. Watching hockey on TV is stupid and lame. Going to an actual game - I recommend College hockey (it's my favorite) - is WAY BETTER. You can experience the yelling at refs, the air horns, the atmosphere. Hockey fans are as crazy as football fans. That's all.

  5. I have never been really all that into hockey. My brother is sort of into it, but honestly, I never got into it. baseball and football are where it's at. But, this was entertaining and informative :)

  6. My dad and brother played hockey all their life, so we were a hockey family. I don't watch it on TV, and Blackhawks games are too expensive to go to, but when the Red Wings come into down I for sure drop a hundred dolla dolla bills to cheer them on! Even though my dad and brother played and were referees, I still couldn't tell you when they should call icing or offsides :) Love seeing games in person and I hope others will give it a shot!

  7. i am ALL about the fights! there was a time a few years ago when they really stopped fights from happening but i think this year they just let them go at it (at least that's what it seems).

  8. This is awesome!! I am constantly getting stuck watching Hockey and I never know what is happening.
    This actually helps a lot!


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