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24 April 2013

Graphic Wednesday

I am utterly exhausted from doing guest posts for Pearls&Curls and Life of a Sports Wife 
I need a break. 
There is so much glitter on those darn guest posts to outfit an entire gay rave! 

I hope you will go check out Jessa's Blog: Life of a Sports Wife today
And Sara's blog Pearls&Curls tomorrow
 and read my guest posts! 

I should probably include that I am dunking over at Jessa's blog, just FYI. NBD.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with a shameless plug of graphic designs I have done. 
Email me here or visit Social&Chic to see even more designs if you are thinking about:
 a new blog design
need a blog or link-up button
invitations or stationary
business cards
want some art for your wall
WHATEVS, sky is the limit my friends. 

Gin&Bare It
Parker's Pastimes 

Paws in the City

Young & Entertaining

Sweet Magnolia

Venus Trapped


  1. I'm exhausted by your exhaustion. I think we should both go take a nap.

  2. Those designs are totally worth your exhaustion though - quite the talent ma'am!

  3. shiiiiiit son. look at those hops!

  4. you really are good girl. reallll good.

  5. Those are some awesome designs! :)

  6. Loved your guest post on life of a sports wife. Fans of you both!

  7. So, I was already exhausted... I took a nap... woke up. and of course got on blogger lol... read your post... and am re-exhausted lol... I think we are deserving of a nap. I hope this post allows a reply... if not... how in the world do I become a reply-able comment poster?! :)

  8. Your guest post on Sara's blog? I died laughing. And even sent it to my boyfriend so he could laugh too!

  9. I am so glad that I have found a fellow sports nut. Thank goodness you did a post on Sara's page!

    I feel like I'm somewhere between Angry Beaver and Die Hard. Always Die Hard, but depending on the day, I can be an Angry Beaver.

    Following now!

  10. dying over your post at Pearls & Curls, I am a big tie between Yay Beer & Die Hard, we can't drink in our stadium but a game isn't a game without a beer-filled tailgate before, during half-time, and after!

  11. OHEMGEE that's me.
    you're good girl. so good. too good.
    your sparkly goodness basically blinds me.


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