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11 April 2013

What to wear to a...

I did a post here about what to wear to a Basketball Game (NBA // NCAA)
Let's talk baseball! 

{baseball edition}

When at a baseball game, dress the part. You gotta have SOMETHING on that shows you are root root rootin for the HOME TEAM! Gone are the days of boxey t-shirts and here are the days of vintage graphic t's, feminine and fitted baseball tops and super cute (and comfy) tank tops.
And spoiler alert, guys dig a girl in their team's baseball tank or hat. 

Ok, so where to get it?

1. 5th & Ocean: (Clickable)

 photo 5thocean.jpg

 2. Victoria's Secret 2013: 
BOMBED. You will not find much in this year's VS Pink MLB collection. 
SAY NO TO THEIR: T's (ill fitting), sequined hats, tank tops, fringe shirts, crop tops, sequined tanks...
SAY YES TO: Their hoodies. They are spot on if you live in a town that is chilly enough to get enough use out of these, buy buy buy. (P.S. That grey hoodie is so comfy, you may never take it off)

 photo pink.jpg

3. Buy Local
TJ Maxx, Forever 21, Old Navy, Khols, Target all have your local team's gear.
Check out these awesome shirts I found at TJ Maxx in Dallas (Each was only $12.99!)

You definitely don't have to wear a Logo Tshirt.
 A light summery dress or jeans and a great tank are fine too. Sometimes it get's so dang hot (Texas Summer 107 degrees) a dress is necessary to keep from DYING. 
Show your team some love with a baseball hat.

Nothin screams sunshine, summertime, peanuts and cracker jacks like aviator sunglasses. 
Ditch the oversized and fashion shades and pick up some cheap (or expensive) aviators! 

So follow my tips and have some dang fun! 

Venus Trapped


  1. absolutely LOVE this article. At the dbacks I saw a girl in 8" heels. It was crazy!!

  2. why women wear hells to sporting events boggles my mind. I gotta admit though I love pretty much all the VS stuff. There is a sparkly Tigers tank I have my eyes on.

  3. SO incredibly true on some level. And VS has definitely made it just that bad. Also- not a massive fan of the pink jerseys instead of the team's colors. You don't have to wear an oversize jersey anymore, they sell fitted ones, so why must your forgo the colors to prove you are a woman? Not a fan. And heels to a sporting event is crazy, but, I've seen it. A lot. Mostly at Yankees games.

  4. Atlanta Braves heels? Oh hell no.

    My fave sports fan is obviously one Ashley Judd.

  5. Loved this so very much! I'm with Erin and you girls should not wear itty bitty dresses with heels to games! Just DON"T DO IT!!

  6. yes yes yes!!! i love this post and you are so cute. let's go on a rangers blate!

    cept i'm not kidding ok?

  7. I honestly don't know why girls insist on wearing heels to games...

  8. I am really happy that women's wear has been created for sports recently. I love the bears and cutler commercials that they have made.
    Thanks for this!

  9. You are so right about VS this year. It's not okay!

    I love all the cute stuff they have been having for women lately! It's so fun.

  10. I just found you from another blog and I love this! I'm a huge Dallas sports fan and I was so excited to find another one in the blog world!

  11. girl, i think its so funny that you put "invited to my birthday party" above the GFC list.

  12. I couldn't imagine going to a sporting event in heels! I have some super cute Cubs shirts, and I'm always a fan of making my own. I'm never too old for hilarious sayings in puffy paint.
    I admit, I have an Iowa Hawkeye's dress. Don't hate me!

  13. You have no idea what trashy outfits I saw this weekend. It was scary how some of these people were dressed and the weather was NOT warm enough for that much skin anywhere.

  14. best ever. love love love. i wish it was chilly enough to wear a hoodie to the games in socal, haha. however, i did buy one of the jersey tanks from PINK, i wear it under my jersey otherwise a tee makes my sleeves bulky, don't hate me.

  15. Cute! Girl, I could give you a ton of don't pictures from LSU sporting events. Better yet from all the Alabama games I attended as an LSU fan. Man they do some terrible things to hounds-tooth!

  16. but for reals, why is it a thing in the south to wear dresses to sporting events? i just don't get it. maybe the rain in the northwest just doesn't give us the option to do that, but you wont catch me in a dress even if it is 'team colors'

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