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08 April 2013

NCAA National Championship Drinking Game: 2013 Louisville vs. Michigan

Pick your team, Louisville or Michigan
Mark items off your BINGO card, for each item you mark off, your opponent has to drink one.
First person to get BINGO, wins. 
Loser buys next round.

Drink next round, 
repeat BINGO drinking game.

Are you rooting for Louisville? Here is your BINGO card

Rooting for Michigan? Here is your BINGO card...

Sick of these cards?
More than just two people playing?

I have extra Louisville cards here // here // here // here
I have extra Michigan cards here // here // here // here 

Sorry for Typos. 
Nobody is perfect.... I'm as close as it gets though. You're welcome. 

Venus Trapped


  1. you my friend, are pure genius.

  2. I agree with Helene! You are one smart cookie!

  3. Love this! Go Louisville!

    As a UK fan, I'm supposed to hate them. And I do for the most part, but I love Pitino.

  4. This. I think I'd wallpaper my room in this if Cuse won. But I'll just go kill myself instead now.

  5. My bracket is one long drinking game.

    I will be playing this!!

  6. This is incredible. You're awesome. Happy hangover Tuesday!

  7. I LOVE this. Wish I had friends who cared at all about sorts to do this, but still awesome regardless?


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